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I'm not sure how often this has been discussed, but does anyone else on here think the WWE should stress a bit more on trades? For example right now I think trading Del Rio from Smackdown to RAW for DiBiase, Ryder, and Big Zeke? I wouldn't mind seeing a real feud between Ted, and possibly Cody. Neither have done much, and I wouldn't mind seeing them reunite, and going for the new Undisputed titles.

Then, Ryder can start over on the show that gave him his shot, Smackdown. Meanwhile there is his former tag team partner Hawkins whom he could reunite with as well. ( Smackdown could be known as the brand with reunited tag teams because we could possibly throw E & C in there as well once Christian is 100%.) Then again we could see these two men turn to Baretta, and reunite an old kliq from FCW.

Jackson doesn't belong on RAW, and I think he would do more for Smackdown than RAW. At best I could see him being some mid card heel's backup. Then again he could go singles as a feared heel who destroys lower card types, and occasionally decent mid card types, but ultimately puts over top talents, or about to be top talents. Should MVP ever turn heel, I would imagine Zeke would be his right hand man.

Del Rio is on fire, and I think if he went to RAW an immediate feud with Daniel Bryan would be awesome. Two savoy technical wrestlers with excellent ring presence. Bryan needs someone of his level to compete with, and I think the show itself needs this type of wrestling, and entertainment. Both are solid on the mic, and their characters just clash from culture, to class, to looks, and most of all title holder.
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