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In 2002, after the demise of World Championship Wrestling and Extreme Championship Wrestling. One company stood tall, the true giant of mainstream professional wrestling; the World Wrestling Federation. Vince McMahon, had taken it all. Jerry Jarrett and his son, world famous professional wrestler Jeff Jarrett saw that there were die hard wrestling fans out there that didn't want to give into the the McMahon wrestling giant. Fans that desperately seeked for an alternative, this formed the foundations of Total Nonstop Action. Desperate to make this dream a reality, Jeff and Jerry Jarrett signed an agreement with the National Wrestling Alliance, and so began the birth of NWATNA. On June 19th 2002, a historic PPV event took place. The first ever NWATNA event aired, instantly gaining popularity in momentum.

But by the end of 2002, Jeff and Jerry Jarrett found that it wasn't enough to run a professional wrestling company on the support of diehard wrestling fans. NWATNA, like many mainstream wrestling promotion dreams was seemingly coming to a halt financially. Until in a shock movement, Dixie Carter and her father Robert Carter; owner of Panda Energy International, purchased the controlling share of the company. Securing TNA financially for the foreseeable future.

In 2004, TNA broke free from the reigns of the National Wrestling Alliance. But secured an agreement to allow TNA to continue to use the two most prestigious championships in wrestling history. Another breakthrough for TNA came when they began airing their first unrestricted cable and satellite programme; TNA iMPACT!. TNA iMPACT was then extended as TNA signed with Spike TV, the former host of Monday Night RAW. With the addition of primtetime television, TNA's superstar roster expanded to new heights, when TNA signed such world reknowned superstars as; "The Icon" Sting, "The Olympic Gold Medalist" Kurt Angle, Christian Cage, Scott Steiner and many more. Alongside original homegrown talent such as; "The Phenominal" AJ Styles, "The Samoan Submission Machine" Samoa Joe, Jay Lethal, Kazarian, Chris Sabin and many more. The TNA superstar roster makes an iMPACT with athletism and raw ability that you can't find anywhere else.

Now in 2010, Total Nonstop Action has reached an almighty high in an era simply known as the Hogan/Bischoff regime. With the "Immortal" Hulk Hogan signing with TNA Wrestling, not only is Hulkamania alive once more, but the level of professionalism within TNA has risen to a level not seen since WCW. Allowing TNA to sign such famous superstars as; "The Whole F'n Show" Rob Van Dam, "The Charismatic Enigma" Jeff Hardy, Mr. Anderson and "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair. TNA is rising fast and gaining popularity by the day.

This is Total Nonstop Action, this is wrestling and this is A New Regime!


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Looks interesting, good to see some more TNA threads around here and I hope yours succeeds. Best of luck, and BTW, when is this thread starting from?
This is starting from the aftermath of last weeks iMPACT, with the Victory Road card saying the same as it remains today. Just writing this week's TNA iMPACT Preview.

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I usually don't like TNA threads but I'm interested this one. Best of luck and I hope you don't copy the current feuds too much.

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Preview Thursday Night's TNA iMPACT!:

On an all new episode of Thursday night iMPACT, TNA is rocked by a blockbuster main event. In a tag team match, the self-proclaimed Enigmatic Assholes; Mr. Anderson and Jeff Hardy do battle with an unlikely pairing of "The Monster" Abyss and "The Icon" Sting. With only two weeks until Victory Road, will the chance at the TNA World Heavyweight championship come between the newly alligned friends or will the pair be able to put their ambitions aside to stop a rampaging "Monster" Abyss on their way to Victory Road.

Don't miss this week's "iMPACT!" as the countdown continues to the July 11 "Victory Road" Pay-Per-View event!

The Pope makes his TNA return after months of injury

Jay Lethal is out for the revenge of his family following Ric Flair's assault on his brother last week

WIll Sting finally reveal the reasons behind turning his back on TNA Wrestling?

Also in action; Brian Kendrick, The Motor City Machine Guns and Desmond Wolfe. Be sure not to miss an all new edition of TNA Thursday Night iMPACT! only on Spike TV​

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Quick question, what are you going to do when you want to change the roster up a bit and fire someone, or hire another. Or if you change title holders?

I just realized your roster images are all in one, same with the champions.

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Quick question, what are you going to do when you want to change the roster up a bit and fire someone, or hire another. Or if you change title holders?

I just realized your roster images are all in one, same with the champions.
I have templates for all of them, so if there are title changes and roster additions then I will be updating the templates and reuploading the images.

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Good preview, main event looks very good on paper so hopefully it delivers and I'm definitely looking forward to seeing Pope back which should be awesome. I'll check out the show once it's up.

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I love the format and everything you're using for this, it looks really nice. Your preview looks good and I'm interested to see what you plan to do with Sting and what his reasoning will be. Anyway, good luck with this, I'll try and keep up as best I can.

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07/01/2010 - Orlando, FL

~The TNA iMPACT Opening Video plays~

Then a replay video of recent events is shown. It shows footage of Abyss' constant beatdowns on both Hardy and Anderson. Then finally a freeze frame on Abyss choking Hogan, with a look of fear in Hogan's eyes.

~Pyros blast through the red-hot iMPACT zone, full to the brim with screaming fans~

Mike Tenay: We are just ten days away from TNA's Victory Road Pay-Per-View event, where Rob Van Dam will defend his TNA Wolrd Championship against not one but three contenders in a Fatal Four Way Match

~Camera cuts over to the commentary table~

Mike Tenay: It's Mike Tenay here alongside Taz welcoming you to another broadcast of Total Non-Stop Action iMPACT. Taz what a blockbuster main event we have tonight

Mike Tenay: Taz tonight we witness the newly alligned team of the self-proclaimed asshole Mr. Anderson and the "Charismatic Enigma" take on the unlikely duo of "The Montser" Abyss and "The Icon" Sting
Taz: Well Tenay, months have passed and still nobody in TNA knows the reasons behind Sting's mind games. When you include the possessed "Monster" Abyss, who has completely turned to the tables and gone one a rampage. Hardy and Anderson have one hell of a battle on their hands.
Mike Tenay: Taz you have to think as well, with us being only 10 days away from Victory Road, how will Jeff Hardy and Mr. Anderson work together. In 10 days both men will be against eachother in a fatal fourway for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. Will ambitions come between the new friendship or will the two be able to co-operate in order to tame a raging Monster. We will find out tonight, on iMPACT!

~White Train remix begins playing througout the iMPACT zone~

Eric Bischoff enters the iMPACT Zone and stands on the stage. He is met with a mixed reaction from the iMPACT zone crowd

Jeremy Borash: Ladies and Gentleman, please welcome to the iMPACT zone. The exectuive producer of Total Non-Stop Action. Eriiiiiicc Bischooooooooffffff!!!

~Crowd both boos and cheers Eric Bischoff~

Eric Biscoff makes his way to the ring. Bischoff then stops on the way to ring and looks over into the crowd where sat there are Tommy Dreamer, Raven, Stevie Richards and the returning Rhino. Bischoff continues and get's in the ring and is given a microphone

Eric Bischoff: It's a good thing you guys are enjoying the show up there, because I am here to put a stop to that. Dreamer I don't know what you are doing, but you are not on official TNA contract, and you can't keep showing up to TNA events and distracting my talent.

~The iMPACT Zone crowd are chanting "Dreamer... Dreamer... Dreamer~

Eric Bischoff: So as of now Tommy Dreamer, you are banned from the iMPACT Zone. Security get him out of here.

Security surround Dreamer as he, Raven, Rhino and Richards prepare to fight

Eric Bischoff: Whoa, guys before you start fighting. Just remember you still have jobs here and if you lay a hand on my security team then I have the right mind to fire you right here and right now.

~A boo airs through the iMPACT zone~

Eric Bischoff: But you know, I didn't want any of you ten years ago, and I sure as hell don't want you now. So if you want jobs here at Total Nonstop Action, you will have to fight for them. Tonight Rhino, Raven and Richards, your careers are on the line. I have made a tag team match with another group that has been a thorn in my side. The Band. Kev, you and your buddy Eric Young better lace up your boots because you are fighting for your careers tonight.

~The crowd is cheering Bischoff's decision~

Eric Bischoff: Nash, you gotta realise that the hostile takeover was fourteen years ago. Times change and you and your "Bandmates" are in your fourties, you are grown men for god sake and you better start acting like them. After Scott Hall's actions in the past month, he has crossed the line and he has crossed me. This isn't WCW, this is professional wrestling. This is Total Nonstop Action.

~The crowd are cheering for Bischoff's fiery promo~

Eric Bischoff: So tonight, you've got to prove your worth. You you will find your asses unemployed

~White train remix begins to play through the iMPACT Zone. Eric Bischoff leaves to cheers from the iMPACT zone. The camera cuts to Rhino, Raven and Richards~

They are all looking pissed as they follow behind the security team leading Tommy Dreamer out of the iMPACT zone

--- Commercial Break ---

~As iMPACT returns, we are taken to Bischoff and Hogan's office where the pair are having a conversation~

Eric Bischoff: Hulk, have you heard from Dixie lately?
Hulk Hogan: Brother, I haven't heard a peep. She hasn't called me and I can't get through to her. She's just gone off the radar. It's crazy
Eric Bischoff: It is crazy, we may have power here but we do need her say so to make any real decisions.
Hulk Hogan: Have you tried calling her?
Eric Bischoff: I have, it just continues to ring.

Bischoff get's out his cellphone, and rings Dixie on loud speaker. The phone rings and rings until finally they get the message of "Hi, this is Dixie Carter, sorry I can't take your call at the moment, please leave a message after the beep"

Eric Bischoff: Damn, this is frustrating. We have too much on our plate at the moment and not enough power to make major decisions. We've got a ten days till Victory Road, and half a card. We don't even have the TNA World Heavyweight Champion here with us tonight. We have Sting on our case every single week and now we've got Abyss running wild.
Hulk Hogan: Brother, chill out. You worry about Sting, because I've got my own bone to pick with Abyss.
Eric Bischoff: Hulk be careful, he's a lunatic and he is stopping at nothing. He posessed by something but we don't even know what "They" are.
Hulk Hogan: This isn't exactly my first encounter with a monster jack, you remember Andre. Abyss may be crazy but he's 5 inches short and 200lbs lighter.

Hulk Hogan get's up to leave the office

Eric Bischoff: Just watch yourself Hulkster

~The camera cuts back to the iMPACT zone, where "British Invasion" begins to play throughout the iMPACT zone~

Jeremy Borash: At this time, please welcome to the iMPACT zone, the current reigning and defending TNA X Division champion of the world. Douglas Williams!

~A huge boo roars through the iMPACT zone~

Douglas Williams: If you idiots could shut up for a minute, I just want to say that I am not afraid about the Ultimate X match at Victory Road. It doesn't stop me wrestling my way and showing you all how the X Division should be; ground and pound, catch as catch can, technical wrestling. Just because you put some stupid wires up, and call it a match. It doesn't affect me winning and retaining my X Division championship.

~The boos continue~

Douglas Williams continues over to the announcer's table and takes a seat

Mike Tenay: Glad to have you here Douglas Williams, are you ready for some X Division action?
Douglas Williams: Watching two skinny runts, do flips from the top rope and shorten their careers. It's car crash television, this isn't wrestling
Taz: Douglas how can you not like the X Division, it's a showcase of some of the finest talents in this industry. These guys are insane.
Douglas Williams: Talent is going hold for hold with another wrestler, not jumping off of ropes onto eachother

~Amazing Red's entrance music begins to play across the iMPACT zone~

Jeremy Borash: The following contest is scheduled for one-fall with a twenty minute time limit. Introducing first, making his way to the ring. The Amazing Red!

~A huge cheer for The Amazing Red~

Red continues to walk to the ring, where he gets on the second rope and does his signature poses

~Then Brian Kendrick's music hits. The crowd is making a huge reaction. Kendrick is clearly over~

Jeremy Borash: Introducing his opponent, the current number one contender to the X Division Championship of the World. Brian Kendrick!

Kendrick stops on the ramp and points over at Douglas Williams. Williams then stands up and holds the X Division Championship up

Douglas Williams: You will never get this championship boy

Kendrick continues to the ring, and is in his corner being checked by Slick Johnson

~Bell Rings~

Mike Tenay: The bell has run and we have our opening contest on iMPACT underway.

Brian Kendrick and The Amazing Red circle the ring, then shake hands in the middle

Taz: Great sign of respect from two great X Division competitors, that's what it's all about.
Douglas Williams: Respect has to be earnt, and that's what this championship I hold means. Respect.

The action begins as Kendrick and Red lock up, Kendrick goes straight to the waistlock. Red then counters into a wristlock. Kendrick rolls through and counters into a wristlock of his own. Amazing Red then rolls through the wristlock, and then connects with a headlock. Kendrick backs Red into the ropes, Kendrick then pushes him off the ropes. Red comes back and hits a shoulder tackle on Kendrick knocking him down to the mat. Red hits the adjacent ropes, Kendrick slides underneath his feet. Red comes back, leapfrog from Kendrick. Red goes under and get's Kendrick into a waistlock. Kendrick counters the waistlock into his own, and pushes Red to the ropes. Red holds on and pushes back, Kendrick rolls backwards to the middle of the ring. Red comes charging at Kendrick, and connects with a flying headscissors. Kendrick hits the mat hard and rolls to the outside of the ring. Red runs the ropes and goes for a baseball slide on Kendrick, but Kendrick moves and pulls Red out of the ring. Kendrick connects with a kick to Red's gut. Kendrick then whips Red into the barricade, but Red put's his foot up to stop him from crashing into the barricade. KEndrick charges after him with a foreram to the back. Kendrick goes for a back suplex on the outside, but Red backflips out of it. Kendrick turns around and is caught with a no hands hurricanrana on the outside floor. Kendrick is dazed. The crowd is going wild chanting "TNA, TNA, TNA". Red then points up and he climbs upto the apron. Then onto the top rope. Brian Kendrick slowly rises up, and then Amazing Red hits a huge swanton plancha to the outside right on top of Brian Kendrick. The crowd is going wild.

Douglas Williams: Pointless and utterly stupid risks, that kid has probably taken five years of his own career for the sake of a non-title match.

Red rolls Kendrick back in the ring and goes for a cover. 1...2.. Kick Out from Brian Kendrick. Kendrick slowly rises in the corner. Red whips Kendrick off to the other corner. Red runs at him, but Kendrick hits Red with an elbow, knocking him backa few paces. Red comes flying in again with another attack but Kendrick connects with a boot. Kendrick then turns and springs of the second rope and into a suneset flip on red. 1..2.. Kickout from Red. Kendrick now with the momentum. Whips Red off the ropes, Red counters. Red throws a clothesline but Kendrick ducks, Red then throws a high jumping roundhouse kick, Kendrick ducks again. Kendrick then comes off the ropes with a huge jumping calf kick. Kendrick goes for the cover 1..2.. kick out from Red. Kendrick whips Red into the corner but Red counters. Red runs at Kendrick, who vaults Red over the ropes onto the apron. Kendrick throws a forearm at Red but Red coutners and throws one of his own. Kendrick flips over the ropes and over Kendricks back. He hits the ropes on the other side of the ring and then baseball slides through Kendrick's legs. Then he hits a basement dropkick on Kendrick. Red hits the ropes again, he steps off of Kendrick's knee and connects with a hurricanrana driving Kendrick head first into the ground. Red goes for the pin; 1...2.. kick out, so close. Red whips Kendrick into the corner, runs at him but is caught by an elbow. Kendrick goes up for a tornado DDT, but as Kendrick swings round Red throws him out. Red throws a toe kick at Kendrick, Kendrick catches it and swings his leg around. Red goes in a full 360 and throws a roundhouse kick, Kendrick ducks, Red does another 360 turn and tries to connect with a jumping enziguri but Kendrick manages to block. Kendrick gets Red in a three quarter facelook, he points up. He runs to the corner look to hit the Sliced Bred #2 but Red pushes him front first into the turnbuckle. Red then runs up Kendrick's back and turns and rolls out. Red then hits a toe kick to Kendrick's mid-section. Red signals for The Code Red. He jumps on Kendrick's back, Red pushes down to the floor and comes back up but Kendrick pushes Red over and Red backflips out and onto his feet. Red goes for a clothesline, but Kendrick grabs his arm and twists behind Red, and captures him in a crossface chickenwing. Red is fighting and trying to get to the ropes. But Kendrick jumps onto his back and scissors his legs. Red is stuck in the submission hold, Red has no choice but to submitt to the submission. Slick Johnson calls it​

~The bell rings~

Jeremy Borash: Here is your winner by submission, Brian Kendrick!!!

Brian Kendrick celebrates his victory, and then looks over to the stage where Douglas Williams is standing there holding up his X Division Championship. Kendrick points over at him.

~The Camera goes over to the announcer table~

Mike Tenay: Taz, what a match, what a great way to open this week's edition of Thursday Night iMPACT
Taz: Mike, I just can't get enough of the X Division. Unbelievable action and every week they throw out stuff I have never seen in all my years in the business. Douglas Williams is definately going have his hands full going into Victory Road. Especially now that Brian Kendrick has some serious momentum with a win over a former X Division champion.
Mike Tenay: Talk about having your hands full Taz, you heard Bischoff's announcement at the start of tonight. The Band; Kevin Nash and Eric Young will take on a pairing we haven't seen in TNA for a very long time Rhino and Raven. The loser of this match, will have their TNA contract terminated. Taz I know your feelings on this match and who you're rooting for.
Taz: Personal feelings aside, this is going to a hard-fought match. Both teams are fighting for their careers for reasons that are beyond their ressposnibility. Rave and Rhino are fighting due to an uncontracted Tommy Dreamer's recent appearances. Kevin Nash and Eric Young, not only were they stripped of their tag team title but now are fighting for their career down to the actions of Scott Hall outside of TNA.
Mike Tenay: Taz I agree, tonight is going to a emotional rollercoaster for both teams.

~The camera's cut to Eric Bischoff's office in the back~

Jeff Jarrett burst through the door straigh to Bischoff's desk

Jeff Jarrett: Eric, I cannot take this anymore. Ever since January 4th, Sting has been parading around doing whatever he likes at the expense of everybody in TNA. He's not respecting me or any other workers, he's not respecting you, Hogan or any other management. Worst of all, he is disrespecting Dixie Carter. Eric, it get's worse by the day and something has to be done

Jeff Jarrett slams his fists on the table

Eric Bischoff: Now just who the hell do you think you are. Jeff this isn't you daddy's company anymore and you have no power here, so get in the line with the rest of them.

Eric Bischoff stands up

Eric Bischoff: As far as serious decisions go, I am not at a position to do anything because I can't get a hold of Dixie Carter. So if you want to deal with Sting, you're going to have to do it by yourself

Jeff Jarrett leaves Bischoff's office looking irritaed

Bischoff sits down with his head in his hands

Eric Bischoff: God, this is getting tough

--- Comercial Break ---

~iMPACT returns to a shot inside the locker room of The Band~

Eric Young: Kev, what are we going to do. The band is falling apart week by week. Ever since Scott got arrested, our careers have been hell.

Kevin Nash goes from having his head down in his hands to alert and angry

Kevin Nash: Listen kid, I am going to let you off because you're young and naive. But Scott Hall has his problems, you know it, I know it and so does everybody else. But Scott Hall is like a brother to me.
Eric Young: Would a brother cost you your career, would a brother cost you your tag titles, would a brother abbandon you when everything is heavy on your back

Kevin Nash continues to look down and shake his head

Eric Young: Well Kev?
Kevin Nash: Listen kid, you are stepping on a thin line now. Scott has his ways and yeah he gets me in trouble. But when the weight is on our backs, he is always there.
Eric Young: Well Kevin, I don't know how long I can keep my faith in a man with so many demons

Young goes to door to leave

Eric Young: Maybe Bischoff is right, we're grown men Kevin. I am a married man, we have families to provide for. This isn't WCW anymore, the fun and games at everyone else's expense is over. The only person's expense it's at now, is our own.

Young leaves the locker room. Kevin Nash sits back in his chair and looks to the sky, he lets off a huge sigh

~The camera returns to a shot hovering over the crowd~

Mike Tenay: Welcome back to Thursday's Night iMPACT. What a show we have for you tonight, packed full of action.

Mike Tenay: The beautiful women of the knockout division are in action six women tag next, as The Beautiful People and their mystery partner take on the team of Angelina Love, Taylor Wilde and Sarita.

Mike Tenay: Also tonight, two wrestlers in the Tag Team match at Victory Road for the Vacant Tag Team Championships face off in singles action. As Alex Shelley of the Motor City Machine Guns takes on Robert Roode of Beer Money Incoporated.

Mike Tenay: Oh and Taz I know you'll love this. After nearly three months on the shelf with a shoulder injruy. The Pope D'Angelo Dinero makes his return to the iMPACT zone, tonight
Taz: Oh baby, it's going to be big. THe iMPACT zone will be pimpin' tonight.
Mike Tenay: Taz you are right indeed. All that to come and more only on Thursday Night iMPACT!

~Camera goes to back in the Beautiful People's locker room, where Velvet Sky and Madison Rayne are talking~

Velvet Sky: Madison, what are we to do. We have a six woman's tag next and Lacey is still injured. We are too pretty to get our cute little butts kicked by Angelina again tonight. What will we do

Velvet shakes Madison, but then Madison pushes Velvet against the wall

Madison Rayne: Listen, I have it covered. Lacey may be out but I got us a partner for tonight

Velvet eases up a bit

Madison Rayne: She may be a little rough around the edges but she's going to help. Now let's go, and cleanse the Knockout's Division some more

The Beautiful People leave their dressing room.

~The camera goes back to the iMPACT zone~

Jeremy Borash: The following contest is a six Knockout's tag team match, it is scheudled for one-fall with a 20 minute time limit.

~Angelina Loves music plays, and the crowd cheer~

Jeremy Borash: Introducing first, they are the team of Sarita, Taylor Wilde and Angelina Love

Angelina Love, Sarita and Taylor Wilde make their way to the ring. They all get in the ring, where Wilde and Sarita pose on both turnbuckles with Angelina posing in the middle

~"Angel on my shoulder" begins to play, the crowd both boos and cheers. The cheers most being from the male audience.~

The pair come out holding their titles, and pose on the ramp

Jeremy Borash: And introducing their opponents, they are the team of Madison Rayne and Velvet Sky; The Beautiful People.

Madison Rayne then grabs a microphone

Madison Rayne: Well as you can see, we are one person short. So for one-night only, the newest member of the Beautiful People... Rosie Lottalove!

Lottalove makes here way to the ring with The Beautiful People. Velvet Sky looks at Madison Rayne as if she is joking. Then walks of in a tantrum at Madison Raye

The trio enter the ring and instantly begin brawling, the bell rings and the match is under way. Angelina, Sarita and Wilde hit an irish whip to each of the other time at the same time. Their opponents come back off the ropes and are met by dropkicks. Rosie and Velvet roll to the outside, as Velvet stays in the ring. Wilde and Sarita, go up to the top rope in alternate corners. Huge crossbody planchas from from the top rope on Velvet and Rosie on the outside. Meanwhile in the ring, Angelina Love has Madison Rayne on her knees in the ring. Angelina Love is shouting at her "I am going to end your career just like you did all of my friends", there seems to be no mercy in Angelina Love. She picks Rayne up and looks to be going for a DDT, but Rayne manages to roll into a small package. 1...2.. Kick out from Love. Straight from the kickout, Love attacks Rayne with a double axe hand to her back. Angelina Love irish whips Madison Rayne to the ropes, but she counters and Angelina Love is sent flying into the ropes. Where she is met with a knee to the back from Velvet. Madison Rayne tags in Velvet Sky. They both whip Angelina to the ropes, she comes back and is hit with a double hiptoss. Velvet Sky stands over Angelina Love screaming; "That's what you get!" constantly. She then begins to choke her and bang her head on the mat. Referee Rudy Charles begins the DQ count; 1...2...3...4.. Finally Velvet releases the choke. She then get's up and begins to argue with Rudy Charles. Velvet drags Angelina Love and tags Madison Rayne back in. Velvet holds Angelina's arm up and Madison hits a huge toe kick to Angelina's gut. Madison then begins to shout at Angelina. She then grabs her leg, but Angelina raises up. Hits a huge enzi-guri. Both women are down, referee Rudy Charles begins a ten-count. 1...2...3...4... Both women are raising...5...6... Angelina starts crawling to her corner...7...8 Both women make the tag. Angelina tags in Sarita and Rayne tags in Rosie. Sarita hopes over the rope and is on the offense instantly. She runs and hits a clothesline bare knocking Rosie back, she then hits a second. Sarita hits the rope for the third, but Rosie throws a clotheslin. Sarita rolls underneath. She hits the ropes and goes for a cross body, but she is caugh by Rosie and then slammed down to the mat. 1...2.. kick out by Sarita. Rosie tries to whip Sarita off the ropes but Sarita counters. As Rosie hits the ropes, she is hit from behind by Taylor Wide. Rosie turns to attack Wilde, but Wilde slides under the ropes and through Rosie's legs. As Rosie turns, she is met by a doube toe kick from Sarita and Taylor Wilde. They then whip Rosie off and hit a double drop toe hold on her. Then they hit opposite ropes and connect a sandwhich dropkick to Rosie's head. Sarita makes the cover, 1...2... kick out by Rosie. Sarita goes to whip Rosie to the corner but it is countered. Rosie then runs and charges into the corner, but Sarita conncets with a boot to the face. Sarita gets on the second rope, sunset flip. But Rosie doesn't go down. All of a sudden Taylor Wilde climbs on the top rope. Missile dropkick, Rosie goes down for the count, Angelina Love runs in and knocks both Madison Rayne and Velvet Sky off the apron. Referee makes the count, 1...2...3!*

Jeremy Borash: Here are your winners; Taylor Wilde, Sarita and Angelina Love!

After the match Velvet Sky is arguing and blaming Madison Rayne for the loss tonight. Angelina Love enters the ring with a steel chair. She kicks Velvet Sky aside and raises the chair to hit Madison Rayne but Velvet Sky grabs the chair from Angelina. Madison Rayne flees the scene up the ramp with her tite belt. Velvet goes to hit Angelina with the steel chair, but Angelina connects with a toe kick to the gut, the chair drops to florr. Angelina then hits Velvet Sky with a huge DDT on the chair

Mike Tenay: Oh god!
Taz: Tenay, I think Velvet is knocked out cold!

Angelina Love just stares down the ramp at Madison Rayne who has a look of fear frozen on her face.

~The camera zooms into Angelina Loves face to show absolutely no compassion on her face~

Taz: She is absolutely out of her mind
Mike Tenay: This knockouts situation is getting heavily out of hand
Taz: I just can't believe what we've just witnessed.

~Camera's cut to the back in Ric Flair's locker room~

Beer Money are in the far corner seemingly discussing Robert Roode's match with Alex Shelley. AJ Styles and Kaz are arguing face to face

AJ Styles: Listen, buddy. I still don't know why you are here. News flash, Fortune doesn't want you. You can't even beat Jay Lethal. Ha.
Kaz: Last I checked AJ, it was you who lost to Lethal first, twice, in a row
AJ Styles: That doesn't count! Lethal was cheating.
Kaz: Yeah right AJ, you are a loser. No wonder Ric Flair dropped you as his prized poodle
AJ Styles: You take that back, I am nobody's poodle!

Ric Flair bursts into the locker room, irate

Ric Flair: Damn it, damn it, damn it, damn it damn it.

Flair is going red working up a sweat. He whips his jacket off and throws it on the bench

Ric Flair: Tonight we should be partyin' hard and lvin' it up. But isntead, I am stuck here babysitting a couple of kiddergarten kids

AJ and Kaz look at eachother

Ric Flair: That's right, I said it. Kindergarten kids. Last week, AJ, me and you beat Jay Lethal's brother to a bloody pulp on the floor. I was proud, we had Lethal right where we wanted him. Then I find out, you Kazarian, you lost again. Now neither of you can stop one man. Damn it, this isn't Kamala, this isn't Vader. This is Jay freaking Lethal. There's more muscle on my god damn jwatch than on Jay Lethal. Yet neither of you can get the job done. Fortune is a group built on the foundation of prestiege, the foundation of men that got the job done. Not only did they know how to style and profile with 16 time world champion, but they could take it to the ring and kick some serious ass. I'm talking Arn Anderson, Barry Windham and Lex Luger. Men who got the job done. But damn it I can't trust the either of you to do anything.

AJ and Kaz look down at the floor

AJ Styles: Ric, come on, you know me. I am your boy. Remember all those time we were stylin' and prof....

Ric Flair cuts him short, as Kaz smugly smiles

Ric Flair: Damn it AJ, I don't need your excuses. I need you to work your damn ass off and finish Jay Lethal. That's why for tonight's match. This man is a carved staute you, he is a masterpiece, a masterpeice damn it. He is a giant and he will get the job done. Your tag team partner for tonight, is Matt Morgan.

AJ and Kaz look stunned, as Matt Morgan enters the locker room barely mananging to duck under the door

Matt Morgan: Listen guys, I know what you're thinking. I am no X Division wrestling but man I am a genetic jackhammer, I am a freak baby. We are perfect togheter, ha. Ric thank you for the oppurtunity, I will not let you down. I cannot wait for my hands Hernandez and squash that huge square head of his.
Ric Flair: Boys get yourselfs ready, make me proud

Matt Morgan leaves the locker room with Ric Flair following.

~The camera focuses on AJ and Kaz~

AJ gives a dirty look to Kaz and turns his back and who goes to his bag

---Commercial Break---

~iMPACT returns backstage with Christy Hemme~

Christy Hemme: I am here with Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle. Kurt last week, you defeated the number nine ranking in the top ten contender's list; Desmond Wolfe. You have now successfully taken his spot and moved further up the list. How do you feel
Kurt Angle: Christy, Desmond was a hard fight. Like always, I am no stranger to Desmond Wolfe. Everytime I wrestle Desmond Wolfe, he takes me to my limit. Not only does he hit hard like a true british street fighter, but the man is a technical genius. He takes me to the limit with counters and holds that I have never seen in my life. He is truly a thinking mans wrestler.
Christy Hemme: Well now that Desmond Wolfe is out of the way. Your next challenges is the Samoan Submissions Machine, Samoa Joe.
Kurt Angle: Well Samoa Joe is no walk in the park, another man I have had famous battes with. The thing about Samoa Joe is....

Desmond Wolfe storms the set, dragging along Chelsea by her wrist

Desmond: Sweetheart, all you need to do is keep your mouth shut and hold the microphone to my mouth. Kurt Angle, you got lucky last week. If it wasn't for this dosey cow stood next to me, I would have had you knocked out in the ring cold just like I did when I first came to TNA.

Kurt Angle looks at Desmond anrgily

Desmond Wolfe: Kurt you know as well as I do, and all these mugs in the iMPACT zone know. That you won by a fluke and I deserve to be higher than you on the TNA rankings. That's why tonight, I am going out there to show to you and everyone, why Desmond Wolfe is not a force to be messed with

Desmond Wolfe walks out dragging Chelsea along again, much to her dismay.

~The camera focuses back to Christy Hemme, who is stood with an angry Kurt Angle~

Kurt Angle storms off the set

Christy Hemme: Back to you Mike Tenay.

~The camera goes back to iMPACT zone where Max Buck is stood already in the ring~

Jeremy Borash: The next contest is scheduled for one fall, with a twenty minute time limit. Stood in the ring at the moment, he is one half of Generation Me; Max Buck!

~The crowd cheers, then suddenly Desmond Wolfe's music. The crowd boos him heavily~

Desmond Wolfe walks to the ring with Chelsea following far behind him

Desmond Wolfe: Come on you dosey cow!

Mike Tenay: Look at the way he treats her, she's a human being for god's sake
Taz: Tenay, that just ain't right. No man should ever treat a women like that.

Desmond Wolfe enters the ring and Max Buck wastes no time getting on the offence, attacking Wolfe from behind

~The bell rings~

Max Buck whips Desmond into the corner, he comes charging in. Desmond hits a huge big boot sending Max back, Desmond comes running with a lariat but Buck ducks and catches Desmond with a backslide pin. Referee counts 1...2.. Desmond kicks out. Max Buck hits a kick to Wolfe's gut. He sends Wolfe of the ropes, Desmond holds onto the ropes. Max Buck runs at Desmond, he is vaulted over the ropes onto the apron. Desmond goes for a lariat again but Max Buck ducks. Max Buck hits a headbutt to the mid section. He then slingshots in and hits a facebuster on Wolfe. Chelsea's face lights up on the outside. He goes for a pin, Desmond is in trouble; 1...2... Kick outs. Max Buck can't beieve his luck. Desmond Wolfe is slowly getting up in the corner. Max Buck comes charging in, but Desmond connects with a huge boot. He then connects with a european uppercut and a cross chop to the chest. He goes to whip Max Buck off the ropes but Max Buck counters, but Desmond counters that, he twists under his arm and around it, then pulls down and Buck goes shoulder first into the mat. Desmond Wolfe then turns and gives a dirty look to Chelsea who is looking angrily back. Desmond then turns to the audience and holds two fingers up and shouts out "Wankers!" at the audience. Desmond picks Max Buck up in the corner and sets him up on the top rope for the London Bridge. Desmond Wolfe has him set up, but Max Buck fights it off and hits Desmond with a forearm, knocking him into the center of the ring. Max Buck then stands up and hits a huge missile dropkick to the back of Desmond's head. The momentum sends Desmond into the ropes, but he turns around and falls back into the ropes, rebounding back out. Desmond comes flying out, Max Buck is just getting up and Desmond knocks his head off with a huge jawbreaker lariat.*

Taz: Gaaaawwd! He just knocked Max Buck's brains out

Desmond Wolfe isn't finished there, he turns to Chelsea and tells her to watch this. Desmond Wolfe locks on the London Dungeon on Max Buck. Max Buck is tapping for his life. The referee calls that match

~The bell rings~

Jeremy Borash: The winner of this match by submission, Desmond Wolfe

Mike Tenay: Taz, Desmond Wolfe isn't letting go of that hold.

Desmond continues to sinch in the London Dungeon, fully extending Max Buck's arm right back. Max Buck is tapping away and screaming in pain. The bell continues to ring

Taz: Desmond is going rip that kid's arm out of it's socket

Referee Andrew Thomas finally managed to get Desmond to let go of the hold. Desmond Wolfe gets up and faces the crowd to a sea of boos. He then calls over Chelsea to get in the ring. Once he get's in the ring. He grabs her bag and starts yelling

Desmond Wolfe: Give me the brass knuckles!

Chelsea refuses and Desmond continues to try and take the handbag off of Chelsea

Desmond Wolfe: Give me the bloody brass knuckles

Desmond finally grabs the handg bag and knocks her to the floor in the process. Desmond reaches into the bag and picks out the brass knuckles. He throws the handbag back down at her. Desmond Wolfe slowly puts the brass knuckles up, he raises his arm up and waits for Max Buck to rises up. All of a sudden, Kurt Angle comes running out from the back. Kurt Angle hits the ring, and Desmond charges at him throwing a punch. Angle ducks and grabs Wolfe, he hits a huge release german suplex. Kurt Angle screams with intensity as he takes his shirt off, Kurt Angle stalks Desmond Wolfe as he gets up, he grabs Kurt Angle and lifts him for the Olympic Slam but Wolfe manages to escape as he flies the ring. Desmond Wolfe storms off up the ramp dragging Chelsea along with him. Kurt Angle is stood by the ropes yelling at Desmond Wolfe to come back and fight him

Mike Tenay: He's running like a scared mutt.

Desmond Wolfe turns at the stage and points back at Angle and begins to yell

Desmond Wolfe: You a deadman Angle, a deadman.

~The camera turns back to the announcers table~

Mike Tenay: Well Taz what a turn of events
Taz: Mike, Desmond Wolfe is pee-o'd man. I mean Desmond is always grumpy but I have never seen him this way. He absolutely destroyed Max Buck.
Mike Tenay: But what about the way he treats Chelsea, it's just sick.
Taz: No man should ever treat a woman that way, Desmond is out of order. I am just glad that Kurt Angle was there to put Wolfe in line.
Mike Tenay: Well Taz, up next we have something special that I know will make you happy. After the comercial break we will see the return to the iMPACT zone of The Pope, D'Angelo Dinero. After 3 months on the shelf with a shoulder injury at the hands of AJ Styles, finally the Pope will return to adress the TNA fans.
Taz: Mike you know I'm pumped baby, the iMPACT zone will be pimpin' baby, I can't wait.
Mike Tenay: Join us after the comercial break when we return to TNA Thursday Night iMPACT!

--- Commercial Break ---

~iMPACT returns to different shots of the crowd, screaming ine excitement. Then suddenly the Pope's music plays throughout the iMPACT zone~

Jeremy Borash: Please welcome, making his return to TNA wrestling. The Pope... D'Angelo... Dinero!!!

~The crowd gives a huge ovation and chants of "Pope is Pimpin'~

The Pope walks out onto the ramp to the surprised of many, still wearing a sling for his arm

Mike Tenay: There he is, the man these TNA fans have been dying to see for months.
Taz: The Pope is back baby

The Pope walks to the ring, as the money poors from the ceiling. The Pope get's in the ring and grabs a microphone

D'Angelo Dinero: Orlando, Florida BABY!... Oh baby am I glad to be back

~The crowd cheers~

D'Angelo Dinero: But guess what baby, Popey has been yanking y'alls chain. Because the Pope has a little secret for you cats.

~The crowd cheers again~

Then suddenly The Pope whips of his sling and throws it into the iMPACT zone crowd

~The crowd cheers even louder~

D'Angelo Dinero: Not only is the Pope's shoulder fully recovered, the Pope is back better than ever; one-hundreed and ten percent, better than ever baby. The Pope is back in TNA and the Pope is back and ready for action.

~The iMPACT zone crowd cheers~

D'Angelo Dinero: But let's take it back to April. Pope takes on AJ baby, in the biggest match of his life. TNA World Heavyweight championship in his grasp, the Pope woulda been pimpin' more gold that Mr. T. But worse came for worse and came for even more worse. Not only did the Pope pull out his shoulder. That ratboy AJ Styles drove a pen, right in the Pope's eye.

~The crowd Boos~

D'Angelo Dinero: But baby, the Pope is a warrior, the Pope is a fighter. The Pope didn't let that set him back and stop his dreams on grabbing that gold, oh no. But when the Pope came to iMPACT the next night, he was attacked by a man who rightfully calls himself an asshole. The Pope was attacked by Mr. Anderson.

~The crowd boos~

D'Angelo Dinero: And Kenny baby, I know you're watching the Pope, hating in the back on his pimpin' style. But just remember baby, Popey ain't forgot about good ol' Kenny.

~The crowd pops~

D'Angelo Dinero: But Pope ain't a hater, Pope has higher aspirations and his sights are set. Just before I came out, the Pope recieved some great news from the man above. Baby the Pope ain't talking about god, I am just talking about Mister Hulkamania.

~The crowd begins to chant "Hogan"~

D'Angelo Dinero: People the Pope will be back in actions sooner than you think and sooner than you coud wish. Mr. Hulkster told the Pope, that next week he is in action and not only as he getting a chance to wrestle. But the Pope get's a chance to add more gold to his collection. Because next week baby, The Pope is getting a TNA Global Championship match against Freaky Rob Terry.

~The crowd cheers~

D'Angelo Dinero: Robby, the Pope just said he ain't a hater, so nothing personal player but the Pope is on the hunt and his eyes on the prize baby. Next week, when the dust has settled and the shoulders are on the mat, you will be looking at a new TNA Global Champion. And from then on with the gold around his waste, all of you players in the iMPACT Zone will be reassured onced again; that THE POPE... IS... PIMPIN'

~The Pope's music hits the iMPACT zone~

The Pope leaves the iMPACT zone to loud chants of "Pope is Pimpin"

~The camera's the turn to Mike Tenay and Taz at the announcers booth~

Mike Tenay: Taz you just heard, next week on iMPACT. Rob Terry defends his TNA Global Championship against none other than The Pope D'Angelo Dinero.
Taz: Oh man am I stoked. As much as I love the Pope, The Freak Rob Terry is no walk in the park. The man's a freak.
Mike Tenay: That indeed Taz, Dinero is going to have his hands full in his comeback match next week on Thursday Night iMPACT.

~Orlando Jordan's music hits, creating a creepy and eery atmosphere throughout the iMPACT Zone~

~The Camera's go to the ring~

Orlando Jordan is being lower from the rafter in police "Do Not Cross the Line" tape

Jeremy Borash: The following contest, is scheduled for one-fall with a twenty minute time limit. Introducing first; Orlando Jordan!

Taz: Man Orlando Jordan creeps the hell out of me.
Mike Tenay: He is one unorthadox character Taz

~The nation of violence music hits the iMPACT zone, as the cameras focus on the entrance way~

Then an intense Samoa Joe steps onto the stage, he cuts his throat and charges to the ring

Jeremy Borash: And his opponent, from the Isle of Samoa. He is the Samoan Submission Machine; Samoa Joe.

Mike Tenay: Ever since being kidnapped from TNA, Samoa Joe has returned more violent and more brutal than ever.
Taz: The man is on a mission, but nobody knows where this mission ends.

Samoa Joe and Orlando Jordan stand across the ring from eachother

~The bell rings~

Samoa Joe and Orlando Jordan walk to the center and face off. The look of intensity is drilled onto Samoa Joe's face. Orland Jordan then proceeds to lick his two fingers and rub them down his chest and into his trunks. But Samoa Joe slaps Orlando Jordan across the face, he continues with left and right slaps. Knocking Orlando into the ropes. He then whips Orlando off, but Jordan counters. Samao Joe comes flying off, Jordan throws a clothesline but Joe ducks. Joe hits a snapmare on Jordan. Joe kicks Jordan in the back, then folows with a chop to the chest. Joe then hits the ropes and comes back with a huge knee drop. Samoa Joe jumps up and cuts his throat and punches the floor, yelling into the iMPACT zone crowd. Orlando Jordan shakily rises up in the corner, Samoa Joe runs in at his but is met with an elbow to the face from Jordan. Orlando Jordan comes flying out with an STO on Joe. He goes for the pinfall; 1... Joe kicks out with a force. Orlado Jordan locks frustrated. Joe gets up, and is instantly hit by a flurry of punches from the former boxer Orlando Jordan, but Joe counters with Misawa style elbow strikes of his own. Joe then throws a kick but it is caugh by Jordan. Jordan then drops to his knees, he throws a punch that at first looks like a low blow. But in actual fact, Orlando Jordan has grabbed Samoa Joe's crotch

Taz: Mike for as long as I've known Samoa Joe, that is the most shocked I have ever seen him.

Samoa Joe has none of it, he grabs the back of Orlando Jordan's head and hits him with a huge knee strike to the back of the head. Sending Jordan rolling into the corner. Joe then follows up with a running elbow, sandwiching Jordan in the corner. Joe turns out and then hits Jordan with a jumping enziguri. Joe then lifts Jordan up and sits him on the top rope. Joe signals out for the muscle buster. Joe lifts Jordan up and walks to the center of the ring. Joe signals out to the crowd and drives Jordan into the mat. Joe makes the cover; 1...2...3!*

Jeremy Borash: Here is your winner by pinfall, the Samoan Submission Machine; Samoa Joe!

Samoa Joe pulls his arm away from being raised by referee Brian Hebner. Joe then points out to the crowd and cuts his throat and signals his arms at his waist to represent a title

Mike Tenay: Taz, it looks like Samoa Joe's mission is clear. He is looking for TNA Wrestling gold
Taz: Mike, I don't think there is a champion on this roster that is going to have an easy time stopping this man. He is just intense to the edge.

~Camera's cut to the back~

Hulk Hogan is seen walking through the backstage area. He stops and talks to a group of referees

Hulk Hogan: Guys, have you seen Abyss?
Slick Johnson: No, sorry Mr. Hogan.

Hogan shakes his head worringly, he walks on and stops sees Pat Kenney talking to a staff member

Hulk Hogan: Brother have you seen Abyss around here?
Pat Kenney: Sorry Hulk, I haven't seen him around anywhere

Hogan continues to walk on, he stops and puts his hands on his waist

Hulk Hogan: Where could he be...

--- Comercial Break ---

We return to iMPACT with a scene of Raven and Rhino walking backstage to the ring, with Stevie Richards behind them, weilding a kendo stick The scene then cuts to Eric Young angrily walking to the ring with Kevin Nash trailing behind with a look of sorrow on his face

Mike Tenay: Welcome back to Thursday Night iMPACT, if you missed it earlier on. Eric Bischoff announced that tonight we will see THe Band of; "Big Sexy" Kevin Nash and "EY" Eric Young take on the returning Raven and Rhino in a loser leaves TNA Tag Team match. Taz it looks like the tension is heavy on both teams.
Taz: Who can blame them, two teams of hard working teams and four or should I say five guys that I have had the privelage of working with throughout my career. Tonight could be the end to a career for one of these teams.
Mike Tenay: When you weigh in the factor that Eric Young and Kevin Nash seem not to be on the same page, but Raven and Rhino are. It makes things a hell of a lot harder the Band to survive here tonight.

~Rhino's music hits the iMPACT zone~

Rhino, Raven and Stevie Richards enter the iMPACT zone

Jeremy Borash: The following contest is a loser leaves TNA tag team match, it is scheduled for one-fall and has a twnety minute time limit. Introducing first, they are accompanied by Stevie Richards. THey are the team of Raven and "The War Machine" Rhino!

The three make their way into the ring, they look intense and ready for battle.

The cameras then turn to the stage as the Band's music plays throughout the iMPACT zone

Jeremy Borash: Introducing their opponents, representing The Band. Eric Young and "Big Sexy" Kevin Nash!

*As Young and Nash makes their way to the ring, clearly on a different page, Rhino and Raven charge up the ramp wasting now time. They four begin brawling on the ramp. They continue brawling but Eric Young manages to drag Rhino and throw him into the ring. The bell rings and the match is officially underway. Eric Young throws a punch at Rhino but it is countered and met with a knee to the gut by Rhino. Rhino backs Young into the corner and unloads toe kicks into the gut of Eric Young. Rhino makes the tag to Raven, Raven comes in and unloads a flurry of punches. Raven pulls Eric Young out and hits a scoop slam. Raven goes for the cover; 1..2.. kick out by Eric Young. Raven picks Eric Young up and goes to whip him off to the ropes. Eric Young counters and follows up with a clothesline, Raven gets up and Erich Young hits him with a slam. Eric Young drags Raven over to his corner, and heistanty tags in Kevin Nash. Nash unloads on Raven with a flurry of picture perfect elbows. You can tell Kevin Nash isn't messing around, he is hitting strikes with a purpose. Kevin Nash tags back out to Eric Young, As Young get's in the ring, Kevin Nash looks at him with a stressed look on his face. Eric Young goes to whip Raven off the ropes, but Raven counters. As Eric Young hits the rope, Stevie Richards grabs hold of his legs. Eric Young is distracted enough that Raven manages to attack Young from behind. Kevin Nash looks worried on the apron. The referee is distracted by talking to Stevie Richards, Slick Johnson tells him if there is anymore trouble he will kick Richards out. Meanwhile Raven and Rhino hit a double suplex on Eric Young. Referee Slick Johnson assumes that Rhino was tagged in whilst his back was turned. Rhino goes for the pin, referee counts; 1...2... kickout! Rhino goes to a chinlock. Eric Young is steadily working out of the chin lock. The crowd is behind him, he works his way to his feet. He begins to unload elbows to the midsection Rhino. Eric Young hits the ropes but Rhino catches him with a running knee to the mid section. Then followed by a gutbuster. Rhino goes straight back to the work with a seated abdominal stretch on the floor. Again a resilliant Eric Young works his way up to his feet, with the crowd behind him he manages to hiptoss Rhino off. He follows by hitting one clothesline, followed by another. Then he catches Rhino with a back suplex. Both men are down crawling to their corner. Rhino manages to tag in Raven, and Raven runs across the ring and grabs Eric Young's foot and stops him from making the tag to Kevin Nash. Raven begins to pick Eric Young up. He throws a few punches and whips Eric Young to the ropes, Eric Young counters and comes back with a powerslam. Raven is down, Eric Young is getting closer and closer to tagging in Kevin Nash. All of a sudden, Stevie Richards get's up on the apron swinging around his kendo stick. The referee misses Eric Young's tag to Kevin Nash. Kevin Nash get's in the ring about to unleash when he is stopped by Slick Johnson who didn't seen the tag. Meanwhile Raven throws Eric Young to the outside, where Stevie Richards begins to choke Eric Young on the outside with his kendo stick. Stevie Richards let's go as soon as Slick Johnson is wise to Richards. Raven goes on the outside and begins to stomp Eric Young, he then picks him up and hits his signature russian leg sweep into the guard rail. He then throws Eric Young into the ring. Raven goes for the cover; 1..2... Eric Young just makes the kick out, Kevin Nash was close to being in the ring to save Eric Young. Raven tag in to Rhino, who goes straight back to work on the ribs, with another seated abdominal stretch with an elbow into the midsection of Young. Young again is building momentum, Young manages to hiptoss Rhino off. Eric Young is firing up. Irish whip from Young, but Rhino hits the ropes and holds on. Young runs at Rhino, Rhino vaults Young over and out onto the apron. Eric Young slides under the bottom rope and through Rhino's legs. Rhino turns and get's caught with a huge belly-to-belly suplex from Young. Both men are down and hurt on the mat. Eric Young slowly crawls over and makes the tag to Kevin Nash. Kevin Nash is on fire in the ring, huge clothesline to Rhino. Raven get's in the ring, recives a huge clothesline. Nash then turns to Rhino, huge big boot, must of knocked Rhino's teeth out. Raven comes charging in and recieves a huge big boot too. Nash is on fire. Rhino comes running into Kevin Nash, he is caught with a huge sidewalk slam. Kevin Nash tags Eric Young in, Young goes to the top rope. Huge elbow drop from the top by Eric Young. He goes for the cover; 1...2... Raven just makes the save. Kevin Nash takes Raven and throws him out onto the ramp. Nash then follows and they start fighting on the ramp. Eric Young comes charging out of the corner at Rhino, but he is caught by a huge spinebuster. Rhino is now in the corner, signalling that it's time for the Gore. But then, all of a sudden Scott Hall appears from the crowd, he creeps up behind Stevie Richards. He turns Richards around and nails him with a huge right hand to the face. Scott Hall picks up the Kendo stick. Meanwhile referee Slick Johnson is distracted on the stage trying to stop Kevin Nash from powerbombing Raven off of the ramp. Eric Young is getting up by the ropes, Rhino re-positions himsef. He charges forward for the gore. But Young moves, and Rhino's head go through the ropes where he is met by a huge kendo stick shot to the head from Scott Hall. Rhino is busted wide open, he turns around and Eric Young nails him with the old-school piledriver. He goes for the cover, referee Slick Johnson runs into the ring. He counts; 1...2...3!*

Jeremy Boarsh: Here are you winners via pinfall, Eric Young and Kevin Nash... The Band!

Scott Hall get's in the ring and raises both Kevin Nash and Eric Young's hand as Rhino, Raven and Stevie Richards leave the iMPACT zone with their heads down, bruised and battered

Taz: Wow, just wow. Mike that's the last time we are going to see Rhino, Raven and Stevie. Huge upset
Tenay: Taz, as sad as it is. They knew the odds. It looks like Scott Hall came through for the band.
Taz: Yep, when it seemed like Scott Hall couldn't be relied on. He came out to even the score and help the Band win the match and save their careers.

In the ring, Eric Young yanks his arm away from Scott Hall and just shakes his head. Eric
Young walks off without looking back. Kevin Nash and Scott Hall look on confused

Mike Tenay: Right now we are going to go to a commercial back, but when we return we will have more Total Nonstop Action when Alex Shelley of the Motor City Machine Guns takes on Robert Roode of Beer Money Incoporated. All that and more on Thursday Night iMPACT>

--- Commercial Break ---

~iMPACT returns to a shot of the crowd, then the camera moves to the announcers booth~

Mike Tenay: Welcome back to Thursday Night iMPACT. Up next we have a singles match involving two participants of the Tag Team match at Victory road for the Vacant TNA tag team titles.

~This is followed by a video package, highlight how both The Motor City Machine Guns won their tag title shot. Then showing Beer Money win the tournement to become The Gun's opponents~

Taz: Mike I cannot wait for the match at Victory Road, two of the greatest tag teams in the business face-off for the ultimate goal for tag teams in this business; the TNA World Tage Team Titles.
Mike Tenay: Well Taz why wait, we get a preview of this match here tonight on iMPACT. Now let's go to the ring with Jeremy Borash.

~Motor City Machine Guns music starts playing, the crowd a cheering loudly for the crowd favourites~

Jeremy Borash: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, with a twenty minute time limit.

Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin appear on the stage, and do their trademark Motor City Machine Guns pose on the stage

Jeremy Borash: Introducing first; accompany by Chris Sabin, from the Motor City, Detroit. Representing the Motor City Machine Guns. Alex Shelley!!!

~The crowd cheers loudly~

The Motor City Machine Guns make their way to the ring. They get into the ring and do their trademark poses on the second ropes

Beer Money's music begins to the play, and the crowd boo loudly.

The pair appear on the stage, as usual James Storm is drinking from a beer bottle

Jeremy Borash: And their opponents; accompanied by "Cowboy" James Storm, representing Beer Money Incorporated. Robert Roode!!!

~The crowd continues to boo as Beer Money make their way to the ring~

Mike Tenay: Taz, you can tell who are the favourites here.
Taz: Can you blame then, the Guns are awesome.

Alex Shelley and Robert Roode are in their respective corners with their partners phsycing them up. The bell rings and both of their partners leave the ring. Alex Shelley and Robert Roode cirlce the ring. Alex Shelley then stops and begins to clap his hands, the iMPACT zone begins to clap along fully supporting the Guns. The crowd reaction is winding Robert Roode up and iritating him. The two meet in the center of the ring and Robert Roode begins to shout at Alex Shelley, Shelley just smiles smugly. Alex Shelley hits Robert Roode with a huge slap around the face, setting Roode back. Roode angry snack back with a clothesline but Shelley ducks under. Roode turns around and Alex Shelley stomps on his foot. Shelley then whips off Roode into the corner, but it is countered and Shelley goes into the corner. Shelley puts his foot up on the second rope. Roode comes charging in at Shelley but is caught by the back of Shelley's elbow. Shelley hits a second rope springboard cross body, he rolls through. Robert Roode gets up and is met by a huge enziguri from Shelley, sending Roode through a full 360 flip. Roode evades to the outside to James Storm. Shelley jumps up and poses to the iMPACT zone crowd. Referee Brian Hebner begins to count Roode out. After getting to five, Roode begins to slowly get in the ring. He is at the other side and points at Shelley and starts yelling again. The two circle the ring, Roode goes to lock-up but Alex Shelley rolls underneath, and hits a spinning back kick on Roode. He then whips Roode of the ropes, but it is countered. As Shelley hits the other side. His leg is pulled by James Storm, Shelley turs to face Storm, and Roode takes advantage by hitting a huge double axe handle followed by a back suplex on Shelley. Roode goes for the pinfall, referee counts; 1...2.. kick out by Alex Shelley. Robert Roode goes straight to a sleeper hold. When the referre isn't looking, Robert Roode hangs his legs on the ropes for extra leverage. The crowd boo, and Brian Hebner turns but Roode aready has his feet off of the ropes. Roode does it again and Hebner once again misses it. On the third turn, Brian Hebner notices it begins the qisqualification count; 1...2...3...4... Roode let's go of the hold. He lifts Alex Shelley up in the corner and begins to unleased kicks to the mid section. He then goes to whip Shelley off to the oppisito corner. But Shelley counters, Shelley runs in to Roode but Roode vaults him over to the apron. Alex Shelley fires back with an enziguri from the apron. Shelley climbs to the top rope. Huge crossbody from the tope, he get's the pin 1...2... kick out by Roode. Alex Shelley charges at Roode, but Roode grabs him and hits him with an Arn Anderson style spinebuster. He slowly goes for the pin; 1...2... kickout by Shelley. Roode is arguing with the referee which is actual fact distracting him from James Storm choking Alex Shelley on the bottom rope. Chris Sabin gets on the apron and begins arguing with Brian Hebner. Meanwhile James Storm gets in the ring, Roode holds Shelley in a waistlock. Storm is setting up for a superkick, he goes for it, but Alex Shelley switches the waistlock and Storm ends out hitting Roode with the superkick. Alex Shelley grabs Roodes arm, and rolls through. He's got the Border City Stretch locked in, Roode is screaming in pain. Is Roode going to submit here. Roode is struggling and struggling but he justs makes it to the ropes. Alex Shelley is stalking Roode now, looks like he is going to go for the WA4. Shelley lifts Roode up, but Roode rolls throw in to a sunset flip. Shelley rolls backwards out and goes for a kick, but Roode falls back and then pulls Shelley down into a school boy, he's got the tights;
1...2... Shelley just about kicks out. Robert Roode has Alex Shelley in a waist lock and is calling for Storm to spit the beet at Shelley. But Alex Shelley counters the waistlock again and spits beer in Rodert Roode's eyes. The referee goes over to argue with James Storm, meanwhile Chris Sabin gets in the ring. They hit the ASCS Rush, Chris Sabin get's out of the ring just before Brian Hebner notices him. Alex Shelley hits the WA4. He's got the cover; 1...2...3!!

Jeremy Borash: Here is your winner by pinfall; Alex Shelley!

The Guns celebrate in the ring, laughing at Beer Money as they walk out of the iMPACT zone arguing with eachother.

Taz: Looks like the Guns just outsmarted Beer Money Mike
Mike Tenay: You are right there Taz, I can't imagine Ric Flair is at all happy with that result. The road to Victory Road is going to be a tought one for Beer Money.

~The camera's then go to the back~

Jeff Hardy is warming up for his match in the main event tonight. Then the Pope walks onto the scene and begins talking to Jeff Hardy

D'Angelo Dinero: Jeff Hardy, Hardy, Hardy. Player, how goes it?
Jeff Hardy: Pope, dude it's been a while. I'm good man, just fighting my way man
D'Angelo Dinero: Good player, but the Pope is not here for small talk and to exchange recipes. The Pope is here to talk to you, better yet player, give you some advise.

Jeff Hardy looks intruiged

Jeff Hardy: Oh, what's up man?
D'Angelo Dinero: I need to talk to you about that asshole you call your tag team partner.
Jeff Hardy: What, Ken?
D'Angelo Dinero: Player, you know I am talking about Kenny boy.
Jeff Hardy: What's your problem him man
D'Angelo Dinero: Well you know player, it may be his style, it may be his hair, or it may just be the way he dressed in a roman catholic uniform and attacked The Pope's injured shoulder.

Jeff Hardy stands up with an angry body language

Jeff Hardy: Whoa, Dude this is getting a bit heavy. Ken's changed man, he's not like that anymore
D'Angelo Dinero: Player they don't call him an asshole for nothing. You need to watch yourself player, especially now that the world championship is in the picture. Because I know sure as hell Kenny boy would sell a friendship for a World tilte any day

Jeff Hardy starts to get iritated

Jeff Hardy: Listen dude, I know you have your personal problems with Ken. But I know I can trust him come rain or shine. I know it, he knows it and the creatures of the night stand by me because they know it

D'Angelo Dinero shakes his head. Mr. Anderson appears on the scene and D'Angelo Dinero gives him an evil stare and just walks off

Mr. Anderson: What was that about, Jeff?

--- Commercial Break ---

~iMPACT returns to backstage with Christy Hemme~

Christy Hemme: Christy Hemme here, and stood by at this time is Jay Lethal, Homicide and Hernandez.

Jay Lethal is looking angry

Christy Hemme: Jay Lethal, last week you were surprised by your brother arriving to visit you at the iMPACT zone. Little did you know that whilst you were wrestling Kazarian, Ric Flair and AJ Styles were brutally attacking your brother. What are your thoughts at this time.
Jay Lethal: Christy as you can tell I am not happy and not myself tonight. Usually I would be strutting around here, impersonating a man who I thought was my hero. Ric Flair when I was a little boy, I grew up admiring Ric Flair, I grew up and I wanted to become a wrestling because of you. Like you always said; "To be the man, you gotta beat the man". Well I dreamed and dreamed of the day where I would be able to wrestle you and prove that I am the man.

Jay Lethal shakes his head

Jay Lethal: But Ric, after what you did last week, you aren't the man. You're a coward. A real man doesn't cheap shot another and sure as hell doesn't involve peoples innocent families. Come Victory Road, you are going to have to prove yourself as the man, by beating me.

Hernandez and Homicide take over

Hernandez: Last week, Matt Morgan you took it one step further again holmes. When you attacked my brother Homicde, you cross another line with me holmes. You tried to end Homicide's career the same way you tried with me. But luckily my LAX brother has a head made of steel, and he is here tonight to fight the war. Tonight Matt Morgan you are going to learn the meaning to the saying; Vivir y morir por nuestros hermanos!

Hernandez, Homicide and Lethal walk off, but Homicide walks back


Christy Hemme looks amused

Christy Hemme: Back to you Mike Tenay

~The camera's go back to the stage as Matt Morgan's music hits the iMPACT zone~

Jeremy Borash: The following contest is a six man tag team match and it is scheduled for one-fall with a twenty minute time limit.

Matt Morgan enters the iMPACT zone, followed by AJ and Kaz who are pickering down the ramp ike children.

~They recieve boos and laughs from the audience~

Jeremy Borash: Introducing first; they are the team of "The Blueprint" Matt Morgan, "The Phenominal" AJ Styles and Kazarian.

~Then Jay Lethal's music plays, and the crowd cheer heavily~

Jay Lethal comes out with a really serious look on his face, followed by Hernandez and Homicide

Jeremy Borash: Their opponents, they are the team of Jay Lethal, Homicide and Hernandez.

The three get in the ring and the bell rings. AJ Styles and Kazarian are arguing over who starts the match first. But Kazarian ends out going first, he faces off against Homicide. Homicide locksup with Kazarian, and goes straight to the headlock takedown. Kazarian counters to head scissors, but Homicide nips up. Homicide hits another headlock takedown, and Kazarian again counters to the headscissors. Homcide nips out, and Kazarian sweeps his legs out. Covers but doesn't even get a one count. Homicide then sweeps Kazarians feet and covers him, again barely getting a one count. They both roll through and nip up and face off. The iMPACT zone is going wild chanting TNA. Both wrestlers tag out; in comes Lethal and AJ Styles. AJ Styles flamboyantly taunts at Jay Lethal as if he is better. But Lethal connects with a toe kick to AJ Styles, then straight into a headlock. AJ Styles instantly pushes Lethal off to the rope, leap frogs over him, slides underneath him. He goes for his patented dropkick, but Lehtal steps back and AJ goes flat on his face. Lethal then goes down to a ground headlock. AJ works Lethal up to a standing position and throws him to the ropes again. AJ Styles throws a clothesline, Lethal ducks, LEthal comes back off the ropes and ducks the back elbow. He then hits a slingshot back elbow to AJ Styles knocking him off his feet. AJ angrily rolls over to his corner and tags in Matt Morgan. Jay Lethal then tags in Hernandez. The two big men stand off in the middle of the ring and talk trash to one another. Matt Morgan shoves Hernandez, Hernandez begins to unleash right hands to Matt Morgan's face. He whips Morgan off the ropes but Morgan counters. Hernandez comes flying in with a huge shoulder tackle but it doesn't knock Morgan off his feet. Morgan runs to the ropes and comes back with his own shoulder tackle but it doesn't knock Hernandez over. Hernandez then hits the ropes again going for another shoulder tackle, but Matt Morgan throws up a big boot and catches Hernandez in the head. This knocks Hernandez through the second rope and onto the apron. Matt Morgan turns and taunts the audience, but as soon as he turns around he is hit with a huge slingshot clothesline. Hernandez is on fire, Matt Morgan is up and dazed. Hernandez comes flying in with a huge jumping shoulder tackle, followed by a huge shoulder tackle knocking Morgan nearly out of the ring. Morgan rolls to the outside where he is seen to by AJ and Kaz. Homicide suddenly get's in the ring, he hits the rope and then goes flying to the outside with a huge topé con hilo. He throws Morgan back in the ring and Hernandez get's the pin, referee counts 1..2.. kick out!. Hernandez tags in Homicide . Hernandez sets up for a sling shot for an old LAX tag team manuever, but Matt Morgan kicks Hernandez back kncoking Homicide over in the process. Matt Morgan has Hernandez on the ropes and hits him with a huge clothesline knocking him onto the outside. Matt Morgan is then attacked from behind by Homicide but seems barely phased. Matt Morgan hits a huge push on Homicide knocking him rolling backwards into the corner. Matt Morgan runs at him, he is met by a huge kick from Homicide. Homicide then gets on the second rope and grabs Matt Morgan's head for a tornado DDT. But as he spins Morgan throws him out, Homicide lands on his feet but Morgan runs at him and nails a huge big boot, knocking Homicide down the the mat. Morgan goes for the cover; 1...2... just about kicked out. Matt Morgan tags in Kazarian. Kazarian get's to work on Homicide, he puts him in a rear chinlock. Homicide begins to work up to his feet, he whips Kazarian off but Kazarian hits Homicide with a springboard back elbow. He then places Homicide in position and hits a huge springboard back leg drop. He goes for the cover; 1...2... kick out. Kazarian is leaning back against the ropes, just about to attack but he is blind tagged by AJ Styles. AJ Styles gets in the ring and he begins to argue with Kazarian. Homcide runs and grabs AJ in a waistlock, the sandwhich him on to Kazarian in the corner and rolls back for a japanese rolling clutch pin. Referee counts; 1...2.. kick out by AJ. Homicide then picks AJ up, he irish whips him off to the ropes, but AJ counters. He then leapfrogs Homicide, then slides underneath him finishing with his patented dropkick. AJ get's up and poses hugely much to the boos of the iMPACT crowd. But suddenly AJ is tagged by Kazarian, who gets in the ring and steals his pin; 1...2.. Homicide kicks out. Kazarian then begins to work Homicide over in the corner, he begins to choke Homicide and the referee begins the DQ count; 1...2...3...4.. Kazarian breaks the hold. Kazarian drags Homicide over to the center of the ring, he hooks him up for a suplex, but as he lifts. Homicide vaults over and gets behind him. Kazarian turns around and goes for a clothesline but Homicide ducks and connects with a T Bone suplex. Homicide slowly crawls over to his corner, attempting to get a pin. But AJ get's in the ring, drags Kazarian over to the corner and tags himself in. He then gets in the ring and runs over and stops Homicide from tagging out. AJ then whips Homicide off, Homicide comes back with the West Brooklyn Lariat but AJ ducks, and follows through to the ropes. Where Springboards off the ropes with a backflip DDT and catches Homicide. AJ goes for the pin; 1...2... kickout from Homicide. AJ is irate and begins ranting on at referee offical Mike Posey. AJ then drags Homicide over to the corner and tags in Morgan. A cocky Matt Morgan drags Homicide over to his corner and puts him in a camel clutch facing Hernandez, just to agrovate him. Morgan then put's Homicide in the corner, and connects with a running body splash. He then points at Hernandez and says "Watch this". Morgan throws off his elbow pads and begins unleashing back elbows into the head of Homicide. Hernandez get's in the ring in an enraged mess, but the referee stops him. Meanwhile behind his back, Homicide is attacked by all three opponents. AJ remains in the ring and the referee assumes he was tagged in. AJ Styles picks Homicide up and poses for the Styles Clash. AJ lifts him up but Homicide flips through onto his feet, AJ throws a clothesline. Homicide duck and then conncets with a gringo cutter. Both men are down for the ten count. Referee counts; 1...2...3...4...5... Homcide is up and he dives over and get's the tag to Jay Lethal, AJ also gets the tag to Kaz. Lethal comes flying in, clothesline for AJ, dropkick for Kaz. Body Slam on AJ, then he body slams Kaz on top of AJ. Then Matt Morgan gets in the ring and squares up with Lethal. Jay Lethal throws punches at Morgan but Morgan seems unaffected. Jay Lethal then hits the ropes. Morgan throws Lethal up in the arms and Lethal lands in a hurricanrana. Morgan get's up and is met by slingshot clothesline from Hernadez. Morgan rolls to the outside. Hernandez runs and hits a flying dive over the top rope onto Morgan and AJ Styles. Back in the ring, Jay Lethal looks to be going for Lethal Consequences but Kaz elbows him off. Kaz has him up for the inverse tombstone, but Lethal flips out onto his feet. He ducks a clothesline and hits the backdrop neckbreaker combo. He has the pin 1...2...3!

Jeremy Borash: Here are your winners; Homicide, Hernandez and Jay Lethal!

Mike Tenay: Taz what a match
Taz: Jay Lethal is on fire, with another win over Kazarian he's on a hot streak.
Mike Tenay: But you gotta ask yourself Taz, does Jay Lethal have what it takes to beat the Nature Boy Ric Flair at Victory Road
Taz: Mike I honestly can't tell you, the dirtiest player in the game will definately have a few tricks up his sleeve come Victory Road
Mike Tenay: That indeed Taz. Fans stay with us, we will return after a short commercial break with your TNA main event of the evening. Stay Tuned.

--- Commercial Break ---

~iMPACT returns to backstage in Ric Flair's locker room.~

An anrgy Ric Flair is letting of steam on AJ Styles and Kaz

Ric Flair: Damn it... Damn it... Damn it, Damn it, Damn it, Damn it, Damn it!

AJ Styles and Kazarian look down to the floor

Ric Flair: Damn it, look at me, look at me

AJ Styles and Kazarian look at Ric Flair

Ric Flair: You boys are a disgrace, damn it. You guys are meant to be winning world championships not losing to nobodies. Damn it. I can't take this anymore, you boys need to get along or neither of you will be in fortune damn it.

AJ Styles jumps at Flair

AJ Styles: But Ric...

Ric Flair snaps back

Ric Flair: But nothing AJ, but nothing. Damn it, now you listen to me AJ. You went from being TNA World champion, to losing to kids like Jay Lethal. You are better than that, damn it, better than that.

Ric Flair angrily leaves the locker room, as AJ and Kazarian look at eachother.

~The camera's then cut to Sting in the rafters~

Sting: Ha Jarrett, you want something done hey? well Jeff, you know where I am. Deception is still the name, but this is no longer a game. Jeff you wanna know about deception, well Jeff you know full well about deception Jeff. How about the way you have decieved your father. Jeff you're just like them, you preach your morales and pour your do-good heart out. But your a hypercrit just like them Jeff. They say I am a cancer on TNA, ha. I'm just the cure. Jeff you want to deal with me, then come get me. But for now... it's SHOWTIME!

~Then a video package plays, showing the events in recent weeks involving Mr. Anderson, Jeff Hardy and Abyss~

Mike Tenay: Taz, up next is our main event of the evening. The team of Mr. Anderson and Jeff Hardy take on Abyss and Sting.
Taz: Mike this is one hell of a mismatched team. Both Abyss and Sting have different agenda's here in TNA.
Mike Tenay: Taz, you've also got to weigh in the fact that we are only ten days away from Victory Road. Where Mr. Anderson and Jeff Hardy will be opponents. How will those two work together, will there ambitions get in the way?

~Camera cuts to the ring~

Jeremy Borash: The following contest is you TNA iMPACT main event of the evening. It is a tag team match schedule for one fall, with a thirty minute time limit.

~Jeff Hardy's music hits, the iMPACT zone comes alive with cheers~

Jeremy Board: Introducing first, he is the Charismatic Enigma... Jeff Hardy!!!

Jeff Hardy makes his famous ring entrance. Posing on both turnbuckles

~Then Mr. Anderson's music hits the iMPACT zone. The cheers get even louder~

Mr. Anderson makes his way down to the ring and poses, calling for the microphone to come down from the ceiling

Mr. Anderson: Ladies and Gentleman, Boys and Girls. On behalf of Enigmatic Asshole entertainment limited... please welcome Jeff Hardy's tag team partner... MIIIIIIIIIIIIISSSSSSSSTTTTTTTTEEEEEEEEEERRRRRR.... AAAANNNDDDDEEERRRSSSSSSOOOOOON!!!... ANNNNNDDDERRSOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNN!!

~The crowds cheers get louder~

Mr. Anderson looks over at Jeff Hardy who seems more trusting in Mr. Anderson.

~The music stops and the iMPACT zone crowd begin to chant "Assholes"~

~Then Abyss' music its the iMPACT zone. He is greeted by boo's from the iMPACT fans~

Jeremy Borash: And the opponents, entering first. He is "The Monster" Abyss!

Abyss makes his way to the ring but stops before getting in.

~Finally Sting's music hits the iMPACT zone. But he doesn't appear, suddenly the lights go out. Then when the lights go back on~

Sting appears behind Hardy and Anderson in the ring. He begins to attack them, Abyss joins him in the ring. But Hardy and Anderson feet back, unleashing punches to Abyss and Sting. Anderson and Hardy have them against the ropes, they both then run and hit a clothesline knocking Abyss and Sting over the top rope. Anderson then get's down on all fours and tells Hardy to run at him. Hardy runs and jumps off Anderson's back and over to the outside landing on Sting and Abyss. Hardy throws Sting back in the ring and Anderson makes the cover. Referee Earl Hebner makes the pin; 1...2... kick out. Anderson goes to the sleephold on Sting. Sting fights back to his feet, and hits some elbow's the gut backing Anderson into the corner. Abyss tags himself in, and unleashes kicks into the midsection of Anderson and begins to choke him in the corner. Earl Hebner begins the DQ count; 1...2...3...4... and then Hebner just about manages to tear Abyss away. Abyss then begins to pose and yell. Abyss drags Anderson to the center of the ring and makes the pin. Referee counts; 1...2... kickout. Abyss is getting frustrated. Abyss picks Anderson up and whips him off into the corner. He charges at Anderson but Anderson sticks a boot up in the face of Abyss. Anderson runs out of the corner and hits a neckbreaker on Abyss. Anderson makes the tag to Jeff Hardy, who enters the ring on fire. Jeff Hardy hits a few forerarm shots on Abyss, not managing to knock him down. Jeff Hardy then throws a toe kick, but Abyss catches his foot. Jeff Hardy jumps and flips inside out, back kicking Abyss in the process. Jeff Hardy then runs and knocks Sting off of the apron. Jeff Hardy turns around, and Abyss has caught him in a chokeslam. Abyss lifts him up, but Jeff hops out over his shoulder. Kick to the midsection. Now he's setting up for the twist of fate, but Abyss pushes him to the ropes. Abyss hits him with a huge big boot. Abyss makes the cover; 1...2... kickout. Abyss locks on a tendon hold to Jeff Hardy. Jeff Hardy is stomping his feet on the mat to get the iMPACT zone crowd cheering for him. He get's up, he is throwing left and rights into the midsection of Abyss. Hardy hits the ropes. He ducks the clothesline, ducks the back elbow. Flying foreram strike to Abyss, followed by another. Then a jawbreaker to the monster. Abyss is out on the floor, Hardy grabs his feet, leg drop to the groin. Both men are now worn out and down. Hardy is crawling over to make the tag to Anderson. But Abyss already makes the tag to Sting. Sting grabs Hardy's leg and stops him making the tag. Sting begins to stomp the back of the leg of Hardy. He picks him up and hit's a suplex on Hardy. He makes the cover; 1...2... kick out by Hardy. Sting is stalking Jeff Hardy who is slowly rising in the corner. Sting whips Jeff Hardy across into the other corner. He is setting up for the Stinger Splash. Sting begins to run, he jumps up but Hardy moves. Sting hits the corner with full force, Hardy then passes by him and runs up the top rope. He hits Sting with the whisper in the wind. Both men are down. Mr. Anderson is desperately calling for the tag on the apron. Hardy is slowly crawling to the corner he is almost there. But Sting grabs his leg, Hardy slowly gets to his feet. Sting is still holding onto his leg. Spinning enziguri knocks Sting down. Hardy jumps and he makes the tag to Anderson. Anderson burst into the ring on fire. Clothesline to Sting, followed by another. He picks up Sting, Green bay plunge. Abyss charges into the ring, but Hardy stops him with a kick to the mid section, twist of fate. Hardy is climbing to the top rope, and so is Mr. Anderson on the otherside. They both hit swanton bombs at the same time, but Sting put his knees up into Anderson's back. Sting rolls him outside the ring. Hardy is looking on to the outside, he is about to jump onto Sting but Abyss picks him up from behind. He hits him with the Shock treatment. Earl Hebner is trying to settle the chaos and get the legal men; Sting and Mr. Anderson back in the ring. AByss has gone to the outside now, he grabs a mysterious bag from the outside. He get's in the ring but Earl Hebner grabs the bag from his hand. Abyss pushes Earl Hebner over and Earl Hebner disquaifies him.*

Jeremy Borash: Here are your winners of the match by disqualification; Mr. Anderson and Jeff Hardy.

Mike Tenay: Taz, all hell is breaking loose here. It's absolute chaos in the iMPACT zone.

Now that the match is over, Sting has grabbed his trademark baseball bat and attacked Mr. Anderson on the outside. He now makes his way into the ring, where Hardy is throwing punches at Abyss. Sting clubs Hardy in the back with the baseball bat. Abyss is stomping away at Hardy whilst Sting is choking him with the baseball bat. Suddenly Jeff Jarrett's music hits the iMPACT zone. Jeff Jarrett is walking down to the ring with a purpose with his trademark guitar in hand. Sting goes out to meet him on the ramp. Jarrett strikes with his guitar but Sting meets it with his bat, both men's weapons fly from their hands. They begin to trade punches, as they work up the ramp and out of the arena. Meanwhile in the ring, Jeff Hardy is down in the corner. Mr Anderson makes his way back to the ring and begins trading punches with Abyss. But Abyss gets the upper hand and nails Anderson with a big boot. Abyss grabs the bag that was taken away from him. He opens it up and poors the contents onto the floor scattering it with his feet

Taz: That's broken freaking glass, that's insane!

Abyss stalks Anderson as he gets up onto his feet. Abyss grabs him by the throat. He is about to chokeslame Anderson onto the broken glass. But Hardy runs at Abyss, who drops Anderson and then catches Hardy. He then hits a black whole slam on Hardy straight onto the broken glass

Mike Tenay: Oh man, Hardy is out
Taz: Abyss is on a freaking rampage Mike

Anderson begins to cower out of the ring, and back up the ramp and out of the iMPACT zone, instead of helping Jeff Hardy

Mike Tenay: Where's Anderson going?
Taz: I don't know Mike, but I can tell you this. Hardy just saved his ass.

~Suddenly Hulk Hogan's music blasts through the iMPACT zone~

He comes out weilding a steel chair. Shaking his head

Hulk Hogan: Big Brother what has happened to you, you've lost your freaking mind. I can't have you walking around TNA destroying my top stars brother. So it's time to put an end to this once and for all

Hogan charges to the ring with a steel chair. He get's in the ring, and hits a huge strike with the chair to the gut of Abyss. Abyss is now bent over and Hulk Hogan hits him across the back with the steel chair. But Abyss doesn't seem to move. Hulk Hogan hits him again. But Abyss just rises up. Hulk Hogan hits him with a huge chair shot to the head. But Abyss just points at Hulk Hogan and shouts "Yooou!". Hogan goes for another chair shot, but Abyss punches the chair straight into Hulk Hogan's face. Now Abyss has mounted Hulk Hogan drilling shot after shot in to Hulk Hogan's face. Security and EMT's come rushing down

Mike Tenay: Taz, this is just pure brutaility.
Taz: Yeah, I mean love him or hate him. You can't wish this on anybody.

The security finally seem to break Abyss off of Hogan and he just stands over him. EMT's tend to a heavily bleeding Hulk Hogan. We are just left with a low angle camera shot of Hulk Hogan surrounded by seven EMT's and security restraining "The Monster" Abyss, who is just stoof there laughing as iMPACT goes off the air.

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Ok I have decided to reboot this. At first I took time away from it because I had some University resit work to do and this was taking up too much time, so I ordered my priorities. I also was a little disheartened at how I got no replies for my iMPACT which took hours to write and format. But I am now done with that and have time for this. So I am rebooting this from where I left. Here is the preview for the next TNA iMPACT.

Preview Thursday Night's TNA iMPACT!:

Don't miss an all new edition of Thursday Night iMPACT where we embark on the road to Victory Road. Following the actions of Mr. Anderson last week, at the request of his former ally Jeff Hardy; TNA Management has booked a huge main event. Where "The Charismatic Enigma" Jeff Hardy will face the self-proclaimed asshole Mr. Anderson. With only days until the Victory Road Pay-Per-View, how will this bout effect the main event and how will TNA World Heavyweight Champion Rob Van Dam react to his two friends being at eachothers necks.

Also this week, Eric Bischoff plans to confront Abyss on his actions last week where he assaulted the "Immortal" Hulk Hogan. Also scheduled for iMPACT:

- Kurt Angle plans to confront Desmond Wolfe
- "The Pope" D' Angelo Dinero makes his TNA iMPACT return when he takes on the TNA Global Champion Rob Terry with the championship on the line
- Also Chris Sabin will take on James Storm in a preview match before their tag team encounter at Victory Road.

All that and more on the hottest television show on Thursday Nights. TNA iMPACT on Spike TV.​
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