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Total Nonstop Action: 2011

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Results from TNA's Against All Odds PPV:

Kazarian defeated Max Buck, Jeremy Buck, and Robbie E in a fourway to retain his X division championship.

Beer Money & Scott Steiner defeated Rob Terry, Gunner & Murphy

Mickie James defeated Madison Rayne for the Knockout's Championship.

"The Pope" D'Angelo Dinero defeated Samoa Joe.

Rob Van Dam defeated Matt Hardy

Brother Devon defeated Bully Ray in a street fight.

Kurt Angle defeated Jeff Jarrett

Mr. Anderson defeated Jeff Hardy in a ladder match to retain his TNA World Championship.


* AJ Styles
* Alex Shelley
* Amazing Red
* Angelina Love
* Brian Kendrick
* Chris Sabin
* Crimson
* D'Angelo Dinero
* Desmond Wolfe
* Douglas Williams
* Eric Young
* Hernandez
* James Storm
* Jay Lethal
* Jeff Hardy
* Jeff Jarrett
* Jesse Neal
* Kazarian
* Kurt Angle
* Madison Rayne
* Magnus
* Matt Hardy
* Matt Morgan
* Mickie James
* Mr. Anderson
* Ric Flair
* Rob Terry
* Rob Van Dam
* Robert Roode
* Samoa Joe
* Sarita
* Scott Steiner
* Shannon Moore
* Suicide
* Tara
* Velvet Sky
* Winter

Tag Teams:

Beer Money - James Storm and Robert Roode
Generation Me - Max and Jeremy Buck
Motor City Machine Guns - Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin
Wrestling's Greatest Tag Team - Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Hass
The Hardy's - Jeff and Matt Hardy
Ink Inc - Jesse Neal and Shannon Moore


Fortune - AJ Styles, Kazarian, and Beer Money
Immortal - Eric Bischoff, Hulk Hogan, Rob Terry, Hernandez, Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy, and Jeff Jarrett


1. Tommy Dreamer
2. Abyss
3. Brother Devon
4. Bully Ray
5. Robbie E
6. Cookie
7. Orlando Jordan


1. Davey Richards
2. Shelton Benjamin
3. Charlie Hass

TNA World Champion - Mr. Anderson

TNA United States Champion - Vacant

TNA Tag Team Champions - Beer Money

TNA Knockout Champion - Mickie James

TNA officials has decided to scrap the Knockout Tag Team titles as well as the Television Championship.

To make up for the void of a midcard title, they plan on holding a tournament to determine the first ever TNA United States Champion.

On another note TNA Impact starts going live this thursday and they are hyping the debut of new wrestlers and new additions to Immortal.
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Episode One: New Arrivals

We see Flair getting out of a limousine alone, and he starts walking toward the ring, with his anger rising. The camera cuts to Taz and Mike Tenay.

Mike: Ladies and Gentlemen, we’re hot off the heels of Against All Odds. Where we saw Mr. Anderson successfully defend his TNA Heavyweight Championship against Jeff Hardy.

Taz: You said it Mike. Somehow Anderson was able to beat Jeff Hardy in his own match. He picked up a huge upset in my book.

*Dawn* begins to play as “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair makes his way to the ring.

Mike: This is the first time we’ve seen Ric Flair in quite a while. We haven’t seen him since Fortune turned on Immortal. And all of our questions about whose side he will take will be answered.

Ric: AJ Styles! You get your ass out here right now! You and the rest of those ungrateful sons of bitches!

*Get Ready to Fly* plays and Fortune makes their way to the top of the ramp. AJ leads the way in T-shirt and jeans followed by, Beer Money and Kazarian. They all have big smiles on their faces.

Ric: You all better wipe those smiles of your faces right now! Who the hell do you think you are? Huh? Do you know what you did? You turned your back on Immortal! You turned your back on God! Who the hell do you think you are?

AJ: Let me tell you something Flair! What you’re looking at right now, these four guys standing before you. We are TNA.

(Big pop from the crow)

AJ: We’ve been here since day one, building this company up. We put this company on the map. And people like you, Hulk, and Bischoff come here and you ruin everything that we worked so hard far. Well not anymore. Like we told Bischoff, we will never ever take a back seat to you guys.

Ric: Look here. Hey, you look at God when he’s speaking to you! I made you! I made Fortune! You guys were nothing before me! And now you’re nothing without me! You are going to regret this AJ! You hear me?! You are going to regret this! Now get the hell out of my sight!

Impact cuts to the theme song.

Tenay: Well, I guess all of our questions are answered. It seems like Ric Flair had no idea of what Fortune was up to. And he’s obviously siding with Immortal.

Taz: Well Mike can you blame him? You heard the man. He’s the reason Fortune was brought together, and the reason for all their success.

Tenay: How can you say that? Do you know how many tag team championships Beer Money won before Flair? How many world titles AJ won?

Taz: Whoa, calm down Mike. All I’m saying is there’s a reason why Beer Money and Kazarian are champions at the moment that’s all.

Mike: If you say so Taz. Anyway Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a huge show for you tonight. We are going to hear from the World Heavyweight Champion, Mr. Anderson and The man he defeated At Against All Odds, Jeff Hardy. Tonight we will also begin the tournament to crown the first ever TNA United States Champion

(Commercial Break!)

Mike: Welcome back to TNA Impact. We thank you for joining us again as we get ready for our first match of the evening.

Taz: Yes, this match features the debut of a very special wrestler.

*Red Remix* plays and out comes The Amazing Red to a nice warm welcome. He stands in the ring as he waits for his opponent.

A remixed version of *That Girl* by Iron Maiden plays and out comes The American Wolf, Davey Richards.

Match One: The Amazing Red Vs Davey Richards

The match starts off at a pretty good pace. It begins with chain wrestling, with Richards eventually getting the upper hand. He begins to dominate Red with a series of kicks, and eventually hits a German Suplex for a near fall. Red begins to fight his way back into the match and grabs the upper hand. He throws Davey off the ropes, but Davey counters with the Damage Reflex. Davey hits Red with the DR Driver ll for a near fall. With Red still unable to move he ends the match with a Shooting Star Press for the 3 count.

Winner via Pinfall: Davey Richards.

Davey grabs a microphone and begins to speak.

Davey: To all the wrestlers in the back I want you to listen up! I am the American Wolf, Davey Richards. And no matter who you are or who you think you are, no matter if you’re a good guy or a bad guy, it doesn’t matter! Because I will step on anyone who gets in my way.

Davey throws the microphone down and heads to the back.

Mike: What an impressive debut from Davey Richards.

Taz: I have a feeling we’re going to see that kid do some wonderful things in TNA.

Mike: That we agree on partner. Let’s head to the back where Eric Bischoff and Ric Flair are meeting with the rest of Immortal.

Eric: Gentlemen, I called this meeting to address a number of things. Over the last few weeks Immortal has taken a couple of hits. We lost a number of guys, and we lost the World Championship. Last Sunday, Rob Terry, Gunner and Murphy, lost to Beer Money and Scott Steiner. As a result Gunner and Murphy have been fired.

Immortal starts to talk amongst themselves.

Eric: Which goes to show that no one is expendable. Jeff Hardy failed to regain his World Championship. Gentlemen tonight we begin the resurgence of Immortal. The first step in the resurgence is becoming stronger, as we start by inducting new members into our brotherhood. Then, Jeff Hardy will be one step closer to regaining his world championship. Because at our next pay per view, Victory Road March 13, it will be Jeff Hardy vs. Mr. Anderson, yet again, for the world championship.

He turns to Flair.

Eric: Is everything set for later tonight?

Ric: You know it.

Eric: Gentlemen tonight we get revenge, on Fortune by taking out there leader, AJ Styles. As a favor to Jeff Jarrett he will team up with Kurt Angle in a handicap match. It will be Rob Terry, Hernandez, and The Hardy’s vs. AJ Styles and Kurt Angle. And boys do we have a surprise for those two.

Immortal begins cheering and celebrating.

(Commercial Break.)

Mike: Folks, thanks again for joining us. Prior to the break we found out that our main event of the evening will be a handicap match pitting Rob Terry, Hernandez, and The Hardy’s vs. AJ Styles and Kurt Angle.

Taz: Yeah! And not only that, but we learned that Immortal will induct new members here tonight! Who do you think it’ll be Mike?

Mike: I have no idea, partner, but I guess we’ll find out a later on tonight. Because now, it’s time to gear up for the first match in the tournament for the new TNA United States Championship.

*Superhero* begins playing and out comes Eric Young to a favorable reaction. He’s out high-fiving fans and doing his usual comedy stuff.

*Catholi-Funk* plays and out comes “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero to his signature money falling from the ceiling.

Match Two: Eric Young vs. “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero

An entertaining match, where “The Pope” beats down Eric Young for the majority of it. Eric Young got in a few “lucky” moves, but that only fueled Pope even more and led to the vicious beat down. Pope ended the match with the DDE, for the 1, 2, 3. After the match, Pope threw Eric Young over the rope where he landed on his hand, and was knocked unconscious. The medics arrived and took Eric Young out on a stretcher.

Winner via pinfall: “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero

Mike: The Pope will move on to the final round in the United States Championship tournament.

Taz: Mike, I’ve been informed that the tournament will conclude at the next pay per view, Victory Road, in a four way bout.

Mike: Well we then, it’ll be The Pope vs. three other unnamed competitors. Let’s take it to the back where Jeremy Borash is with AJ Styles and Kurt Angle.

JB: AJ Styles, Kurt Angle you just found out that later tonight you will have to face Hernandez, Rob Terry and the Hardy’s in a handicap match. How do you feel?

AJ: Not to good about it obviously. But, let’s face the facts. This is not the first time myself and Kurt Angle have had the deck stacked against us, and it probably won’t be the last time. And, when you think about it, did you really expect anything less from Immortal? It’s what they do. Bischoff and Flair sit back there in their little office and they think of ways to stack the deck against us. But, we’re not going to worry, because this is what we do for a living. AJ Styles and Kurt Angle love a challenge, because I’m “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles, and he’s “The Olympic Gold Medalist” Kurt Angle.

AJ Styles walks off, and Kurt Angle walks up to the microphone.

Kurt: Oh it’s real. It’s Damn Real!

(Commercial Break)

*Angel on My Shoulder* plays and out comes Madison Rayne on the back of Tara’s bike, but she doesn’t have the Knockout’s championship with her, as she lost it to Mickie James at Against All Odds. She seems to be all business tonight. Her opponent, Rosita is already in the ring waiting for the match to begin.

Match Number Three: Madison Rayne vs. Rosita

Madison Rayne starts this match on an obvious rampage dominating Rosita. She clearly has the experience advantage over the much younger Rosita. Rosita begins a comeback, and puts up a fight. But, Rayne ends the match with the Rayne Drop for the win.

Winner via pinfall: Madison Rayne.

Madison kicks Rosita out of the ring and grabs a microphone.

Madison: Mickie James! You have something of mine and I want it back! At Victory Road I’m revoking my rematch clause for my Knockout’s title. And when I win, I won’t have to ever worry about you again, because you will never ever get another shot!

The camera cuts to a darkened set backstage. Jeff Hardy looks up with his face covered in Green and Black face paint.

Jeff: Mistakes are a part of life, they happen all the time, except when you’re Immortal. When I made a deal with Hulk Hogan, I became Immortal. Therefore I become mistake free. What happened at Against All Odds was a fluke. Mr. Anderson got lucky that is it! It won’t happen again, not with my brother’s in my corner. You see when I hit that asshole, Mr. Anderson with a Twist of Hate! I win back my World Championship. And then the whole world’s going to see the Anti-Christ of professional wrestling in a way they’ve never seen him before.

Mike: Jeff Hardy seems to be motivated for his World Championship match at Victory Road.

Taz: Why wouldn’t he be Mike? The man is trying to get back his world title. The world title that has his face on it by the way.

Mike: That’s true. Well moving on to the second match in the TNA United States Championship tournament.

*LethalX* plays and out comes Jay Lethal to a huge pop. He is clearly the fan favorite.

*Nation of Violence* plays and Samoa Joe makes his way to the ring, to the same amount of cheers as Jay Lethal.

Match Number Four: Samoa Joe vs. Jay Lethal

The match starts with a lock up, and then moves into a series of grapples and reversals. The crowd cheers as they both get to their feet. Separate chants of Lethal and Joe’s going to kill you starts. Joe and Lethal go back and forth throughout the match neither of them can seem to get the best of each other. The match continues for a long time throughout a couple of commercial breaks. The end of the match comes when Lethal attempts the Lethal Combination on Joe, but Joe reverses it into The Coquina Clutch, where Jay Lethal taps out.

Winner via submission: Samoa Joe

Samoa Joe walks to the back in the ring, as we go to commercial break.

*Feedback* plays and out comes Mr. Anderson to a warm welcome. He’s wearing blue jeans with a shirt on that reads “Nice guys finish last” on the front, and on the back “Thank God, I’m an asshole.” He makes his way down to the ring with his usual swagger. His microphone falls from the ceiling and Mr. Anderson grabs it and prepares to talk.

Mr. Anderson: Ladies and Gentlemen, I hail from Green bay, Wisconsin! I am you reigning TNA World Champion, Mr. Anderson! (He pauses for a second) Anderson!!! I heard a little rumor that, Jeff Hardy wants to lose to me again, at Victory Road. Listen, I got no problem whipping his ass over and over again. (Mr. Anderson gets serious) Let’s face it. The man hit me in the back of the head; he split me open, and gave me a concussion. So Jeff, March 13 at Victory Road there will be no more jokes. There will be no more chances. But, there will be Total Nonstop Ass-Kicking, which will be handed out by Mr. Anderson! Anderson!

Mr. Anderson is interrupted when *Running with the Bulls* begins playing. Eric Bischoff stands at the top of the ramp. He is clapping, mocking Mr. Anderson.

Eric: Well I’m truly touched. I can tell that came from the heart. Anyway, to insure that you’re in condition to compete, I decided to give you a little warm up match, against this man.

*My World* plays and “The King of The Mountain” Jeff Jarrett makes his way down the ramp and into the ring.

Match Number Five: Jeff Jarrett vs. Mr. Anderson

The match starts with Jarrett poking Anderson in his eye and going on the offensive. You can clearly tell that Jarrett is not trying to win the match, but trying to inflict as much punishment on Anderson as possible to soften him up for Jeff Hardy. Jeff dominates Anderson throughout the match. But, Anderson makes his comeback. At the end of the match, Mr. Anderson goes for the Mic Check, but Jeff Hardy runs down and hits him with a low blow ending the match in a DQ. Jeff Hardy hits Mr. Anderson with a Twist of Hate, and follows it with a Swanton Bomb.

Winner via DQ: Mr. Anderson

Hardy and Jarrett celebrate as we go to commercial.

Immortal’s theme song plays and out comes, Hernandez, Rob Terry, and Jeff and Matt Hardy. They’re full of smiles and are having a great time.

*Gold Medal* plays and out comes Kurt Angle with an intense look of determination on his face. He gets in the ring with all four opponents, showing that he’s not afraid.

*Get Ready to Fly* plays and AJ Styles makes his usual entrance. He throws up the Fortune hand symbol and enters the ring ready to fight. Before the match Taz and Mike Tenay take us backstage, where we see Jarrett blocking Fortune’s locker room, keeping them from opening it.

Match Number 6: Immortal vs. AJ Styles and Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle starts the match against Hernandez. Kurt starts off hot dominating Hernandez and forcing him to tag out to Rob Terry. Kurt quickly gains the advantage over Rob Terry as well, forcing him to tag out to Matt Hardy. After a few German Suplexes, Matt has to tag out to Jeff. The crowd is on their feet, going crazy for Kurt Angle. Jeff teases a lock up with Kurt, and then pokes him in the eye. Jeff goes on the offensive, beating Kurt down. Quick tags between the four members of Immortal keep Angle down, on the defense. After a while, Kurt is able to get the hot tag to AJ, and he comes in and cleans house. At the end of the match, we find Kurt has the Angle lock locked in on Matt Hardy, and AJ is teasing the Styles Clash on Jeff. Flair and Bischoff come out, distracting AJ and Angle, causing them to let go of the Hardys’.

Then Angle is attacked from the behind by none other than, Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Hass. They begin stomping him. AJ tries to help, but then he’s attacked. Ric Flair gives the attacker the thumbs down signal. So, AJ’s attacker, Batista picks him up and hits the Batista Bomb on him. The rest of Immortal enters the ring, where they pose as Impact goes off the air.

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Hey Guys,I could really use some feedback on this thread and my first show, so any comments would be greatly apperciated.

TNA Wrestling has confirmed that the nasty bump Eric Young took during his match with "The Pope" was done to write him off of television. TNA hopes to bring Young back as a serious character sometime in the next few weeks stay tuned for an update.

Preview for Next Thursday's Impact:

Immortal will officialy induct Batista, Shelton Benjamin, and Charlie Hass into their ranks.

See what Kurt Angle has to say about Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Hass's controversial arrival in TNA.

Also confirmed for impact are the final two qualifying matches for the United States Championship. The two matches will include: Douglas Williams vs Brian Kendrick and Crimson vs Matt Hardy.
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