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How do you guys open a file/songs via a torrent? I mean theres alot of files that is linked to a torrent file in the File Exchange Forum. How do you open it?

Be more specific.

For downloading .torrent files, you'll need a BitTorrent client such as BitComet, Azureus, ABC, BitTornado, the official client, etc.

Once you have one of those, download the torrent (to hard drive or temporary Internet folder) and open it. Then, your torrent should open.

I think you have done the above (couldn't be sure with your question), so...

If there are lots of files like r00 or whatever, find the filesize that is different from the other WinRAR files.

If the extension is .rar, download www.win-rar.com

Be more specific in the file you downloaded.
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