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Should WWE deviate away from the face vs heel formula for main events more than they currently do?
Has the internet had a negative impact on the wrestling industry?
Should WWE give wrestlers more time off over the course of a year?
Who was to blame most for the Montreal Screwjob?
Which WWE/WWF decade was the most significant to the position where they are now?
Should WWE allow blading again?
With the current roster available to them including NXT talent, would WWE be better having 3-5 "faces of the company" rather than one?
Which rivalry was better, Punk vs Cena or Rock vs Austin?
If Steve Austin is available to wrestle at Wrestlemania 32, what match should he be in?
Do WWE need to protect kayfabe better than they currently do?
Is the concept of the heel authority figure bad for business in modern day WWE?

If Daniel Bryan was inactive during Batista's 2014 WWE return would Batista have worked in the babyface role he was intended to be in?
Who had a bigger impact on the wrestling industry/career, Daniel Bryan or CM Punk?
Is Kevin Owens' look a detriment to how well he can be received by WWE audiences and how valuable an asset he can be to WWE as a company?
Were the crowd for NXT Takeover London detrimental to the quality of the show?
Did WWE make a mistake re-debuting Alberto Del Rio as a heel?
Are Gimmick Matches more of a hinderence or a benefit to match quality in modern WWE?
Who was a better wrestler, Owen Hart or Bret Hart?
Was it the right decision for WWE not to transition Shawn Michaels into a feud with Owen Hart after the Montreal Screwjob?
Are fans currently over exposed to wrestling matches in WWE?
Do WWE need to do more clean finishes?
Did WWE ruin the supposed rub of breaking The Streak?
Which was the better period of Shawn Michaels' career, pre or post back injury?
Did WWE book Daniel Bryan's WWE World Heavyweight Championship run well up until and including Payback?
Can a wrestler be a regular WWE main eventer in the modern era without good promo skills?
Did ECW have a positive or negative impact on the wrestling industry?
Who had a bigger impact on the wrestling industry, ECW or X?
Which Diva made the biggest impact on the Wrestling Industry since 1990 (excluding any McMahons)?
Are WWE wrong to try to make NXT a show which can be an attraction and more than just a developmental show?
If Kurt Angle doesn't re-sign with TNA should WWE have him wrestle another match and if so who against?
Who would have had more success in the 70s-80s Territories era, John Cena, Cesaro or Dean Ambrose?
Did Curtis Axel & Ryback flopping under Paul Heyman reflect badly on Heyman?
Is Daniel Bryan's current look improving his chances of being a regular main eventer?
Could WWE placing a female on commentary for Raw and/or PPVs work?
Is Kofi Kingston a viable main event wrestler for the WWE?
Do WWE push new acts too much too soon?
WWE promoting crowds hijacking their show is stupid? Agree or Disagree?
Should WWE become seasonal and have 2-3 months of no shows per year?
Was Rey Mysterio's 1st World Heavyweight Championship Reign booked well?
Should WWE reintroduce the Hardcore Championship?
Is online piracy in the wrestling industry something that is helping the industry more than it is hurting it?
Is WWE's charity work really charity work if they use it to put themselves over? (Could use for non-wrestling too and make it less WWE specific)
Out of King Kong Bundy, Ultimate Warrior, Yokozuna, Psycho Sid and The Miz, who is the worst wrestler to main event a Wrestlemania?
Should professional wrestlers be considered athletes despite its scripted nature?
Is professional wrestling more dangerous than MMA & Boxing?
Imagine that Ric Flair signed for WWF in 1987 at the same time as Ted DiBiase. Who would you have given the Million Dollar Man gimmick to?
Was Ron Simmons' World Title reign in 1992 the right move for the company at the time?
What is more important to a wrestler's potential for success in the WWE: Wrestling Skills or Promo Skills?
In the next 20 years will the WWE style of professional wrestling become the industry standard across all wrestling markets (Japan/Mexico/Europe/etc) or will alternative styles of professional wrestling continue to remain in the mainstream?
How will Jerry Lawler's legacy be defined: Memphis Wrestling Legend or Comedy WWE Announcer?
Should Curt Hennig have been a WWF Champion?
Should WWE reduce the number of house shows that they run?
Who had more of an impact on the wrestling industry; Ric Flair or Dusty Rhodes?
What is more important of a drawing aspect to Wrestlemania: The Brand Name or The Card?
Should Sting vs Undertaker happen at Wrestlemania 31?
Was JBL's WWE Championship Reign a success?
Was Shawn Michaels a better worker as a babyface or as a heel?
Is Daniel Bryan a better worker as a babyface or as a heel?
Was The Rock a better worker as a babyface or as a heel?

Which was more damaging to WCW, the ending to Starrcade 1997 or 1998?
Was the World War 3 concept a good gimmick match?
Did Eric Bischoff do more good than bad for WCW?
War Games not being an elimination match hurt the concept. Agree or disagree?
If you had to pick one moment which swung the tide of the Monday Night Wars what would it be?
If WWE induct the NWO into the Hall of Fame, should Eric Bischoff be apart of the inducted group?
Did Sting need to win clean at Starrcade 1997?
Did Bret Hart's WCW run hurt his reputation as a pro wrestler?
If ROH opened a Hall of Fame, who should be the first inductee?
Would ROH had achieved more success than TNA did if they got to air on Spike TV starting in October 2005 rather than TNA?
Which company reached the lowest lows, TNA or WCW?
If a new owner brought TNA should they carry on with the same name or start again under a new name?
Did TNA make a good job of booking the Joe vs Angle feud?
Could TNA have competed at a similar level to WCW if it had been under competent management since it's inception?

Which is more important to title winning success in sports in general, great offence or great defence?
How important are championships in defining a players legacy?
Has gambling had a positive or negative impact on Sports?
Has the increase in the amount of money in professional sport had a positive or negative influence on the culture of athletes and organisations?
Should the Paralympics and the Special Olympics happen in conjunction with the 'regular' Olympics?
Should a player's personal life and off the court actions influence how many minutes he plays her game?
Should more be done to promote Womens Sports?
Do Womens Sports deserve more media coverage?
Which is a more viable contender: a team with a poor offense but a great defense, or a team with a great offense but a poor defense? (another hybrid topic)
The best way to rebuild in American sports: through free agency or through the draft?
Should the 'Most Valuable Player' award go to the best player on the best team or the best player in the entire league?
Do Sports need more heated rivalries, even if it means coming at the expense of unsporting like behaviour?
Should Sportsmen/Sportswomen be sanctioned by their Sport for actions away from their Sport?

Who is the better manager right now, Diego Simeone or Jurgen Klopp?
Is it fair to call Zlatan Ibrahimovic a truly great Striker or is he just a flat track bully?
Who had the worse season for transfers, Tottenham in 2013/14 or Liverpool in 2014/15?
What was the biggest reason for Kevin Keegan's failure at Euro 2000 with England, poor tactics or poor player selections?
Was Sven-Goran Eriksson really a good England manager?
Maradona vs Messi. Who's the better player?
Do good results justify a boring uncultured style of football?
What's the most important quality in a modern top class keeper? The ability to play high off the line while intercepting attacks and crosses, or the ability to stay on the line and make world class saves?
Is the Europa league worth qualifying for if a club has a squad that lacks depth?
Who was the best Goalkeeper in the Premier League last season?
Who has been more important to Man City's rise, Vincent Kompany or Yaya Toure?
Should the Rooney Rule be introduced in English Football?
Do Arsenal need a new manager if they want to win the Premier League in the next 3 years?
Even when Man City have won the League they've underachieved in each of the last 4 seasons. Agree or Disagree?
Premier League Ultimate XI Topics
Should the winner of the FA Cup be rewarded with a spot in the Champions League instead of 4th place in the league?
Should a player be given a mandatory straight red card for a challenge that is deemed dangerous and reckless even if he wins the ball cleanly?
Which league is more entertaining, La Liga or the Premier League?
Are Televised Premier League games on Mondays and now Fridays good for English Football?
Is John Carver the worst Premier League Manager ever?
Who has had a better season, Alexis Sanchez or Sergio Aguero?
Who was a better player, Frank Lampard or Steven Gerrard?
Were Chelsea right to sack Jose Mourinho?

Can Tiger Woods be considered the greatest golfer to ever play if he doesn't at least match Jack Nicklaus' 16 majors?
Does Tiger Woods' sex scandal tarnish his legacy?
Should Hawkeye be used at Roland Garros?
Should kicks to the front of the knee-cap in MMA be banned?
Is F1 too much about who has the best equipment rather than the greater skill?
Is Don Bradman the greatest Cricket player of all time?
Who has had the greater career, Serena Williams or Roger Federer?

NBA debate: The false assumption that being a big market translates to success
Who should rank higher on a list of Greatest NBA Players of All Time, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar or Michael Jordan?
Who is more important to OKC Thunder, Durant or Westbrook?
Is X deserving of being a 2014 All Star?
Is there anything that can be done to help the WNBA grow?
Should fan voting be removed from the All Star voting process for American Sports?
Should the NBA All Star Game adopt the same approach the NFL All Star Game has and attribute All Star players to a team based on a draft rather than which conference they play in?
Which team would win a 7 game series with the rosters they had at the end of this seasons' NBA regular season and free of injuries, Kentucky's College Basketball Team or the New York Knicks?
Who is more important to their respective team, Chris Paul or Lebron James?
Do OKC Thunder have more chance of winning an NBA Championship with Billy Donovan than Scott Brooks?
Were the New Orleans Pelicans right to fire Monty Williams?
Did Milwaukee Bucks fuck up trading Brandon Knight away for what they got in return?

Should baseball players from the steroid era be admitted into the MLB Hall of Fame?
Who is currently the best Wide Receiver in the NFL?
Are the changes to the extra point rule in the NFL good for the game?
Who holds the claim to the "Quarterback of this generation": Tom Brady or Peyton Manning? (side note: Magic vs. Notorious would be GOAT for this topic)
Is the criteria for the Basketball Hall of Fame too low?
Should the NFL revise their draft eligibility rule for collegiate athletes?
Should the Pro Bowl concept be dropped?
Should the NFL change their stance on "judgement calls"?

Is using Tinder while being in a committed relationship considered cheating?
Should university education be free, or in other words, paid for by tax payers and government funded?
Should evolution and creationism be taught side by side in schools?
Gay marriage - a civil rights issue that should be decided federally or by each state separately?
Are ratings systems necessary for films released in theaters, music albums or video games in stores?
Should celebrities and athletes be held to a standard of being a role model?
Agree or disagree - Toys should be gender specific? Boys (wrestlers, soldiers, guns, etc.) and Girls (Barbie dolls and accessories, ballerina costumes, makeup, jewelry, etc.)
Should humans eat to live or live to eat?
Are Giant Pandas worth saving as a species?
Should the BBC be privatised?
Are humans capable of living peacefully without government?
Should we ban censorship?
Argue for or against the existence of a collective human consciousness, incorporating and commenting on the ‘multiples effect’ where there are many instances of geographically isolated people coming up with the same idea at the same time.
Can a man be a feminist?
Does humour have boundaries it should never cross?
Is the cost of constantly policing the Ecuadorean embassy in an attempt to arrest and extradite Julian Assange to either Sweden or the USA should he leave justifiable? From either an American or British point of view.
Should the monarchy be abolished?
Should parents use bad language in front of their children?
Since 18-year-olds can enlist, should the legal drinking age be lowered in the United States?
Should the Electoral College be eliminated?
Should a TV series' legacy be defined by the show's conclusion?
National Security Ought to be Valued Above Freedom of Press
Should religious symbols be banned in non religious institutions? (i.e. bibles in courtrooms and libraries, the pledge of allegiance)
Is it moral to kill animals for humans to eat?
Is downloading music equivalent to theft?
Should all soon to be parents attend mandatory parenting classes?
If science ever allowed, should parents be allowed to choose the sex of their child?
Is it selfish to be purposely childless?
Should firearms be allowed on college campuses for people who are valid concealed carry weapons permit holders?
Will the Republican-controlled Congress be a positive or a negative for the United States?
Should people be fined and jailed for "hate speech" for online activity, as is the law in many countries?
Are city and state ordinances that ban the ownership of certain dog breeds like pit bulls good policies?
Is there reasonable doubt to suggest that the American Government knew that 9/11 was coming before it happened?
Should parents circumcise their sons?
What should be the legal age of consent for sex?
Should recreational marijuana usage be legal or not?
Are/Were the citizens of Ferguson right to riot in the wake of the Michael Brown Grand Jury Hearing?
Is the concept of "swearing" stupid in modern society?
Should every Country begin working towards implementing a global language that is the primary language of every Country?
Are the American Police above the law?
Would the UK Six Week School Summer Holidays be better running through the end of the year rather in the middle of Summer?
Should condoms be distributed in High Schools in the UK?
Is it moral to use torture techniques to obtain information from suspected terrorists?
Should polygamy be legalised?
There should be no censorship of any kind pertaining to music lyrics. Agree or Disagree?
Should prisoners who are due to be released during the next reign of Government be allowed to vote in deciding which party wins that election?
Has gambling had a positive or negative effect on society?
If human cloning becomes scientifically possible, should it be legal?
Has Reality TV had a positive or negative effect on society?

Is Madonna the true "Queen of Pop"?
Has Simon Cowell's net impact on the music industry been positive or negative?
Were The Beatles as good as the hype of their legacy would suggest?
Which is the more important aspect to a modern day music act, how they sound on a record or how they look on stage/in a video/etc?
Is Skrillex really a good music act?
Take That are a better music act than Coldplay. Agree or Disagree?
Who has the been the biggest music act of the 2010s out of Taylor Swift, Beyonce and Adele?
Nickelback make good music. Agree or disagree?
Is Jay-Z overrated?
Would Beyonce have been as successful as she has been if Aailyah was still alive to this day?
Agree or Disagree? DMX was a better rapper than Notorious B.I.G.
Nicki Minaj. Better singer or rapper?
Which was the better record, Nas' Ether or Jay-Z's The Takeover?
Should The Simpsons call it a day?
Was the ending to Battlestar Galactica a satisfying conclusion to the series?
Should Game of Thrones have a prequel season?
Which show was better, The Wire or Breaking Bad?
Best Always Sunny Character
Who had a better career: Tom Cruise or Tom Hanks?
More career defining role for Patrick Stewart: Captain Picard or Professor X?
Whose performance is more impressive, Tatiana Maslany in Orphan Black or Peter Dinklage in Game of Thrones?
Who was the better Doctor in Doctor Who, Matt Smith or David Tennant?
Can Nintendo ever recover from the Wii U's failure?
Is the increasing popularity of high-budget television series ultimately good or bad for the film industry?
Who contributed more to the success of The Beatles, John Lennon or Paul McCartney?
You are casting director for a new Star Wars film featuring a young Han Solo, set either immediately before or immediately after the original trilogy. Which modern actor do you choose to play Han?
Does violence on TV and in video games translate to an increase in violent crime?
When, if ever, did video games become "art"?
Who has had a better acting career, Sylvester Stallone or Arnold Schwarzenegger?
Best Bond
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