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What would peoples thoughts be on something like this happening?

It's not like there is a tag division anyways so having 2 guys dominate the tag scene isn't really gonna hurt anyone, if anything it'll help ratings cause of two top guys holding the tag belts and working together for along time.

It was supposed to happen with Jericho-Edge last year but Edge got injured and they turned it into an Edge-Jericho feud when Edge came back.

It does seem random pairing guys up on a team just to dominate the division, but based on WWE now, people shouldn't complain if something random happens that will lead to something good.

Imagine if a team like Edge-Christian reunited and had the belts for a few months or if WWE paired up two guys like Cena-Mysterio(greatest merchandising tag team in history lol).
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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