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OK all, it seems that the same people reply to my graphic requests for Wrestling-Edge.com all the time, so I expect a lot more of you to reply and help out W-E.

Requests: Top story image caption for superstars with size 80 pixels (width) x 100 pixels (height). Examples of some we have already, and the type of things I'm looking for:


The following are who I need images for, and some of these will be replacements for current images:

RAW ::
- Candice Michelle
- Chris Masters
- Eric Bischoff
- Muhammad Hassan

SmackDown! ::
- Paul London
- Melina
- Carlito
- John Cena
- Undertaker
- Booker T

- Kid Kash
- Abyss
- AJ Styles
- America's Most Wanted
- TNA PPV Image (An image I can use to promote any TNA PPV's)
- Sonjay Dutt
- The Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels
- Cool TNA Logo

If you guys can split it out or work something out to do it. I DO need those, so please don't disregard the message.

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t3h 1337 Oz said:
EDIT: Too slow

perhaps the wallpaper post was worded wrong :) but what gives? post that shat
You post it please. Tell people what we need and what kind of stuff we're looking for.

Thank guys.

P.S. I'd hit Amerie too. <3 her.

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made an atempt at a few TNA ones

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