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Hey all...working on a side article about WWE's best 100 matches. The criteria is broad; matches must be either GOOD or IMPORTANT or both; that is, this list could include, say, Hogan/Andre (for its story and historical importance) as well as Aleister Black/Buddy Murphy (for the in-ring product).

To make things a bit more manageable, I'm breaking it into sections. I'll be firing out the other sections (non-big 4 PPV matches, free TV matches, NXT matches, and WrestleManias) soon.

Here are the biggest and best matches I came up with for SummerSlam, Survivor Series, and Royal Rumble as those I think should be in the running for the top 100 list. Tell me what you think, particularly the best matches that I left out or matches that you think I've overrated. I'm early on in this process and want to get the list completely polished before I begin writing, so any help you can offer would be appreciated.

  • Bret Hart v. Mr. Perfect, SummerSlam 1991
  • Bret Hart v. British Bulldog, SummerSlam 1992
  • Bret Hart v. Owen Hart, SummerSlam 1994
  • Razor Ramon v. Shawn Michaels, Summerslam 1995
  • The Rock v. Triple H, SummerSlam 1998
  • Triple H v. Shawn Michaels, SummerSlam 2002
  • Undertaker v. Edge, SummerSlam 2007
  • D-Generation X v. Legacy, SummerSlam 2009

  • Diesel v. Bret Hart, Survivor Series 1995
  • Steve Austin v. Bret Hart, Survivor Series 1996
  • Team Cena v. Team Authority, Survivor Series 2014
  • Brock Lesnar v. AJ Styles, Survivor Series 2017
  • Brock Lesnar v. Daniel Bryan, Survivor Series 2018

  • Royal Rumble Match, Royal Rumble 1992
  • Triple H v. Cactus Jack, Royal Rumble 2000
  • Kurt Angle v. Chris Benoit, Royal Rumble 2003
  • John Cena v. Umaga, Royal Rumble 2007
  • Daniel Bryan v. Bray Wyatt, Royal Rumble 2014

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Edge vs Taker was Summerslam 2008

Bryan vs Cena and Punk vs Brock at Summerslam 13 would be on my list

Cena vs Rollins vs Lesnar at 2015 Rumble

Charlotte vs Rousey at Survivor Series 2018

Biggest is a different list, Austin vs Taker, Shawn vs Hogan at Summerslam 2005, Orton vs Hogan at Summerslam 2006, Brock vs HHH at Summerslam 12, Punk vs Rock at Rumble 13 were big drawing important matches at those events but not particularly great in-ring.

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1st TLC match 2000
Cena vs. Rollins ‘15
Brock vs. Punk ‘13
Styles vs Cena ‘16

Jericho vs. Benoit ‘01
Rock vs. Mankind probably deserves consideration based on how gruesome it got
Cena/Rollins/Brock ‘15
This year’s Rumble match

Survivor Series:
Bret vs. Shawn ‘92
Hart vs. Austin & Sid vs. HBK ‘96
Batista vs. Taker ‘07
Triple Threat Tag title match ‘02 - Edge & Mysterio vs. Angle & Benoit vs. Guerreros
Elimination Match 2016
1st Elimination Chamber match 2002

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Royal Rumble

The Rock Vs Mankind I Quit - Rumble 1999
John Cena Vs Umaga - Rumble 2007
Angle vs Benoit - Rumble 2003
Jericho Vs Benoit Ladder Match - Rumble 2001
HHH Vs Cactus Jack - Rumble 2000

TLC - Summerslam 2000
Hart Vs Bulldog - Summerslam 1992
HBK VS HHH - Summerslam 2002
Bret Hart Vs Mr. Perfect - Summerslam 1991
Michaels Vs Razor Ramon - Ladder Summerslam 1995

Survivor Series
Team Austin Vs Team Bischoff - Survivor Series 2003
Elimination Chamber - Survivor Series 2002
Triple H Vs Ric Flair - Last Man Standing Survivor Series 2005
Austin Vs Bret Hart - Survivor Series 1996
Lesnar Vs AJ Styles
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