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Top 5 Most UnderBooked Talents

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Which guys do you think are the most poorly booked relative to their all around talent?

Here's my starting list, subject to change. There's so many guys aren't getting what they deserve in this biz. I considered Harper, Ambrose, and Rollins who I think are future super stars being held back in their factions, but they're in the 2 biggest story lines in wrestling at least we can see they're likely on the right long term career arc, so I went with guys that are languishing.

1. Dolph Zigler
2. Ryback
3. Cody Rhodes
4. Xavier Woods
5. Jack Swagger
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Sandow, bar none. One of the best talents in WWE all around getting the worst treatment on the roster. A good distance after him, Ziggler, Ryback, Titus, and Barrett (even though he's getting some good booking recently, he deserves to be in the main event).
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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