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Please pick films where the wrestler actually did something, not just a cameo or worthless scene like Big Show in Waterboy or Kevin Nash in the Punisher

Top 5 = No particular order

The Longest Yard (remake) = Adam Sandler, Chris Rock, Goldberg, Steve Austin, Kevin Nash
Roadhouse = Patrick Swayze, Terry Funk
Predator = Arnold Schwartzenegger, Jesse Ventura
The Princess Bride = Andre the Giant
Pain & Gain = The Rock, Mark Walberg

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Paul Levesque and Stephanie McMahon in Scooby Doo Wrestlemania Mystery

Boy, Steph sure does love Scooby! :)
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Urban Commando
They Live
The Princess Bride
Road House

I did enjoy Pain & Gain. The Rock had some great moments in it. Also back when it came, I liked The Mummy 2 alot too.

btw, do anyone remember the awesome tv show Thunder in Paradise with Hogan?

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They Live starring Rowdy Roddy Piper is one of the greatest movies of all time.
Hell Comes to Frogtown, not so much, but I still love it.
Predator with Jesse Ventura. Running Man was pretty good to.
The Princess Bride with Andre was awesome.

I kind of want to say Spider-Man with the late, great 'Macho Man' Randy Savage...But that was a cameo....
As was Major Payne with Bam Bam Bigelow...

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The Rock was good in the remake of "Walking Tall." But, Rowdy Roddy Piper was GREAT in "They Live."

In my opinion, "They Live" was one of the best Sci-Fi movies, and Rowdy Roddy was perfect in the lead role. He is a damn good actor.

Stone Cold in "The Condemned" gets third place.

1. THEY LIVE starring Rowdy Roddy Piper
2. WALKING TALL starring Dwayne Johnson
3. THE CONDEMNED starring Stone Cold Steve Austin
4. REQUIEM FOR A HEAVYWEIGHT with a cameo by Haystacks Calhoun.
5. ALIAS THE CHAMP with Gorgeous George

On the television side of acting, I think EDGE is great as a regular in the supernatural series "HAVEN."

- Mike

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Shout out to The Wrestler starring Mickey Rourke. That movie received universal critical acclaim and Rourke was even nominated for an Oscar.

It had appearances by wrestlers like Cesaro, R-Truth, Jay Lethal, Nigel McGuiness, and a bunch of other indy stars.

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The Godfather (apparently Luca Brasi was a wrestler in the 60's), therefore it is the greatest movie ever involving a wrestler

The Rundown, Fast 6, The Longest Yard (Nash killed it), Rocky 3, and I'll add in 3 Ninjas just for the lols

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3 Ninjas high no..... Na I can't bring myself to say it.

5. Ready to rumble (my opinion would of changed now but I was a kid at the time)
4. Little nicky (fun film if you can include Zeus)
3.Fast 5
2.The longest yard
1.Cradle to the Grave

I know cradle to the grave will never can't as you said no cameos and tito ortiz was in tna for a minute but I've gotta include it.

Also I just recently found out that apparently John Cena was in ready to rumble somewhere but I have never actually went back and checked to confirm
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