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1. CM Punk (in-ring)
2. Eddie Kingston
3. Kevin Steen as ROH champ
4. Sheamus
5. Johnny Gargano

I'm not watching NJ, AJ and Noah enough to choose one of their champions. Austin Aries isn't here because he did pretty nothing so far.

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Yep. He had a lot of great defences and non-title matches.
Well they would mean pretty much nothing in regards to what we're talking about right here.

So many champions have lost the belt recently that would be on the list nd so many have just got the belt that will probably be on the list, that said....

1. Jun Akiyama - Triple Crown (AJPW)
2. Abdullah Kobayashi - Deathmatch Heavyweight Championship (BJW)
3. CM Punk - WWE Championship (WWE)
4. Johnny Gargano - Open The Freedom Gate Championship (DGUSA)
5. Eddie Kingston - Grand Championship (Chikara)

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Punk and then it's close between Sheamus and Kingston. The great thing is all three have had absolute quality in terms of performance and opponents all the way through their reigns. That's the most important thing.

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Do you mean actual reigns, or wrestlers' qualities? I'm gonna talk about reigns. Btw, I don't really like all this "World Champion" gaga/gimmick, I prefer the term "major champion".

Anyway, Top 5:

1. Johnny Gargano (Open the Freedom Gate Champion of DGUSA)

Great reign as the DGUSA Champion, he's won it in November 2011 and has defended it succesfully 5 times. His first defense against Ricochet (Evolve 10) makes his reign epic alone, after all the shit he had to fight through in that match. The Yoshino V2 defense from Miami was excellent, and so was the Fox V3 defense. The Taylor defense was good enough, and the latest Tozawa V5 defense was bloody awesome. Johnny Gargano made aleready the title even more relevant.

2. Eddie Kingston (Grand Champion of CHIKARA)

An awesome reign by CHIKARA's Kobashi, he's the top dog who holds the major title, very simple and effective booking. This lineage speaks for itself:http://www.chikarapro.com
The Jigsaw defense was bloody great, and I can't wait to see the Sara Del Rey defense./titlesGRAND.shtml

3. CM Punk (WWE Champion)

Somehow irrelevant until the recent heel turn, but the matches produced by this reign were usually good/great. Ziggler, Henry, Bryan, Jericho, a ton of ***+ defenses. Sure, Punk's character fucking sucks, but you can't deny the in-ring work in his reign.

4. Jun Akiyama (Triple Crown Champion of All Japan)

This bald motherfucker won the title on October 23rd in the epic clash against Suwama, and has successfuly defended it 4 times (Kea x2, Omori, Mutoh). His next defense si against legendary Pancrase founder Masakatsu Funaki, somewhere in August.

5. CIMA (Open the Dream Gate Champion of Dragon Gate)

Dragon Gate's icon has a pretty good and believable reign. I didn't see his latest Tozawa defense, but the two awesome bouts against Jimmy Susumu and PAC make this reign Top 5 worthy alone.
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