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Who in your opinion do you think are the top 30 Wrestlers of 2010. Dosen't have to be from WWE either, could be from TNA. List should only be based on this year 2010, and not any following years, so it's really down to how a wrestler has being doing this year, regardless of he he might have done last year, or even next year.

Also Tag teams and Stables can be as one, but if a specific superstar from said tag team/sable has impressed you then by all means, you can seperate them.

Here's mine
(1)Nexus- Basically the best storyline of the year, although the departure of many of the orignals was a bit of a let down as they just ain't the same anymore, but atleast they were better booked then Legacy and Straight-Edge Society. As well as that they're the biggest threat in WWE right now

(2)Wade Barrett- Breakout star of the year, as well as the focal point of Nexus, although that dosen't mean WWE dosen't put emphasis on the others. Plays the role of heel very well and has great mic skills and presence in the ring. Athough i'm kind've iffy about his wrestling ability

(3)Chris Jericho- The man was the best thing going in WWE for a long time this year. Truly amazing

(4)Mr Anderson- Since his debut in TNA the guy has been on fire, albeit a tad bit remincient of Steve Austin's character but he get's by on his own skills and chracater

(5)Shawn Micheals- Despite being only around for a short time this year, I think it's enough to rank him here. His match at Wresltmania as well as the build up to the match was done perfectly

(6)Matt Morgan- I've really been enjoying Matt's work over the last year. His mic skills and size really give him a lot of potential to make him the next Goldberg if booked right, and I like the fact that he's been pushed now. I just wish he'd stop being booked as a jobber

(7)Sheamus- The first 8 months of his debut this are enough to put him here, becoming a two time world champion, his fued with Triple H. As well as his matches with Christian, John Morrison, Daniel Bryan and Triple H have really upped his status in my book

(8)The Miz- Very consistant this year, although I have mixed feeling about the guy, I still think he deserves a mention

(9)Kurt Angle-His matches, as well as the fueds he's been in this year have all been good. The storyline he's in now is still in question but I think he's been pretty consistant this year

(10)Batista- I loved his heel run this year. Was the most entertaining thing leading up to Wresltmania, and gave me some memorable moment

(11)John Cena- Very consistanct this year, and despite my personal feeling towards the guy I think he deserves a spot on the top 10. Not to mention being involved in the biggest storyline this year, I.E Nexus

(12)Undertaker- Great match at Wresltmania, and i liked his fued with Kane, although his absence this year has brought him down a little bit

(13)Dolph Ziggler- Has really impressed me this year, best Intercontental Champion in a while IMO, and has had some pretty good matches. Deffinately think he would work well as a face

(14)The Pope- I think he has been one of the stand outs this year in TNA. Next to Anderson and Morgan, Pope is really impressing me

(15)Ric Flair- I think he's one of the best things going in TNA. He's still got it

(16)Jay Lethal- Has been pretty impressive this year and his fued with Ric Flair has raised his popularity in my book

(17)Daniel Bryan- His matches as well as his fued with The Miz have all been good, happy to see he returned to WWE after the mishap with the tie

(18)Dashing Cody Rhodes- Unlike Dibiase who's basically a copy of his father, Cody has branched out and is making a name for himself and not to be compared to his his father or step brother

(19)CM Punk- He plays a heel very well, and has also been pretty consistant. Again, not really a fan myself but I think he deserves to be on the list

(20)Jeff Hardy- I like his heel run thus far. A lot of people will criticise him but I think he's still one of the more watchable guys on TNA

(21)Aj Styles- I wish I could put him a little higher tbh, he's been consistant all year long, having great matches and a like his heel run despite the critism he recieves

(22)Edge- I think he's dropped a little this year, but that might be because Raw was overpacked with so much main event talent that he got a little tied up

(23)Motor City Machine Guns- Their matches as well as their fueds have been great this year. Thank good TNA cares about tag wrestling, as opposed to WWE

(23)Alberto Del Rio- Had a good debut and has been pretty good, but despite the praise he get's I still think he needs to do a little more before I can rate him a little higher

(25)Beer Money- Always impressive, always consistant. i enjoy their work, and like their work with Fortune, as well as their matches with MCMG this year

(26)Sting- I liked the storyline he's been involved with, and I kind've had an idea about why Sting was acting the way he was. I just hope he returns to finish the story out

(27)Kane- What can I say, I'm showing favortism here, but I still think Kane deserves a spot. His promos, as well as work this year have been good. His ring work is averge but i'm not going to begrude him because he's getting on in years

(28)Abyss- Some people don't like him, but I do. I think his work this year has been pretty good, and at least he's been booked better then last year. Also I think him building the Fortune storyline was pretty well done

(29)Kofi Kingston- I think he deserves a spot. Although he hans't managed to get back his momentum that he had last year, i think he's still doing well enough

(30)Team 3D- I love these guys, and I think all those championship reigns trully show us just how great they are/were. I loved their so called retirement match, as well as their work this year

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1. Why is the Nexus #1?
2. Why is Wade Barrett #2?
3. Why would you put Nexus and Wade Barrett as separate superstars
4. Why is Shawn Michaels #5 when he only wrestled in 2010 for 3 months?

I didn't even make it past the top 5, no offense but your list is pretty bad.

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1. Why is the Nexus #1?
2. Why is Wade Barrett #2?
3. Why would you put Nexus and Wade Barrett as separate superstars
4. Why is Shawn Michaels #5 when he only wrestled in 2010 for 3 months?

I didn't even make it past the top 5, no offense but your list is pretty bad.
I agree with all of this. List makes no sense because of the reasons that were pointed out.

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2.Doug Williams
3.Macarita Dorada
7. Pope
8. Johnny Moss
9. Bubblegum
10.Alex Shane
11. Michaels
12. Undertaker
13. Aerostar
15. Austin Ares
16. Mark Haskins
17. BxB Hulk
18. Mike Quackenbush
19. Rockstar Spud
20. Daniel Bryan
21. Kenny Omega
22. James Storm
23. Cutler Brothers
24. Delerious
25. Mistico
26. Marty Scrull
27. Little Legs
28. Alex Kozlov
29. Zack Sabre Jr
30. Rhett Titus
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Not counting anything outside of WWE/TNA because I don't have the time to watch wrestling that much.Based on inspired ring performances - not talking,character or charisma.

1) Kurt Angle
2) Daniel Bryan
3) Chris Jericho
4) Rey Mysterio
5) CM Punk
6) AJ Styles
7) Chris Sabin
8) Alex Shelley
9) Randy Orton
10) John Morrison
11) Christian
12) Dolph Ziggler
13) Doug Williams
14) Jay Lethal
15) Evan Bourne
16) Jack Swagger
17) Edge
18) John Cena
19) Jeff Hardy
20) Rob Van Dam
21) Kaval
22) Alberto Del Rio
23) Shawn Michaels
24) Triple H
25) Tyson Kidd
25) The Undertaker
26) Desmond Wolfe
27) Samoa Joe
28) Mr Anderson
29) Kofi Kingston
30) Kazarian
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