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Current favorites

1. Bully Ray
2. Bobby Roode
3. Joey Ryan

Current dislikes

1. Crimson - only because his booking is terrible which isn't his fault.
2. Garrett Bischoff - only because he isn't ready and needs a year or two in OVW first.
3. Taz - has been half assing his duties for too long.

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Top 3 I like is very hard. I'd ray right now, Roode, Ray, & Aries, based on both the strength of their characters & their performances of late. AJ is high up there, but i hate the angle he's in at the moment (he's the heel! I don't care what anyone says!), and I would say Storm, but he's been off TV.

Top 3 Disliked: Crimson, Garrett, & Gunner. They suck.

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1. AJ Styles
2. Jeff Hardy
3. Chris Sabin

1. Gunner
2. Robbie E
3. Robbie T

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Bobby Roode
Austin Aries
Bully Ray

Robbie T

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Top 3 like

1- Mickie James
2- AJ Styles
3- Austin Aries tied with Bobby Roode

Top3 Dislikes

1- Crimson
2- Gail Kim (dont mind her abilities just not liking her push)
3- Garrett Bischoff
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