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Top 10 Independent Wrestlers WWE Should Sign?

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For me it would be

Kevin Steen, Adam Cole, AJ Styles, John Morrison, La Sombre, Micheal Elgin, Prince Devitt, Briscoe Brothers, and Austin Aries.
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Austin Aries is TECHNICALLY not an independent wrestler

Random Order:

Hero (second chance)
Young Bucks
Cliff Compton (second chance)
Johnny Gargano
Joey Ryan (TNA dropped the ball with him big time)
Colt Motherfucking Cabana (second chance)

Honorable Mentions: Alex Shelley, Michael Bennett, Tim Donst, Eddie Fucking Kingston


The Canadian NINJAS (although I'd settle for just Portia :) )
Melanie Cruise (with her size, strength, and height she would have the potential to be the next Beth Phoenix)
Cheerleader Melissa (wishful thinking) (she deserves at least one WrestleMania moment)
Jordynne Grace (relative unknown, but has a lot of potential, she's been wrestling for about 4 years now, and is ONLY 18 years old)
Jessie McKay (decent talent that could go far in the WWE, doesn't hurt that she's also very easy on the eyes either)
LuFisto (while I admit, she does not look like the traditional "diva" her unique look would stand out in the WWE)
Ivelisse (second chance)
Athena (one of my new favorites)
Madison Eagles (more wishful thinking)
Saraya Knight (Imagine both Paige and her mother reeking havoc in the Divas division)
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