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top 10 best tna entrance songs

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inspired by the same one on the WWE board

Even though most of his work is generic, just like Jim Johnston, Dale Oliver had his fair share of good 'uns

I AM i Am
Abyss theme
Marvelous Me
Sorry bout your damn luck
Robert roode/Beer money
My World
The Diciples of the New church
AMW theme
MCMG's first
Ravens theme was rather strangley indulgent
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No order

AJ Styles Current(old theme too)
Beer Money
Kurt Angle
Another Me is what there will never be, Jeff Hardy
My World, JJ
Taylor Wilde
RVD >_> what?
Christian Cage

HM: Desmond Wolfe, Pope, Anderson, Beautiful People.

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RVD's is obviously one that sticks in your head. Any theme song to where you can participate in is a good theme. Always liked RVD's.

I always dug the Beautiful People's theme. They seriously seem very important with a kind of very serious themes song. I dig theirs.

Both of Jeff Hardy's were unique in their own way.

The rest of them sound like they came out of the carnival ice-cream truck.

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Best them of all time right there.

Get Ready to Fly (Aj Styles)
Take the Fall (Beer Money)
Medal (Kurt Angle)
Killer Queen (Rayne--finally she has a good theme)
Another Me (Hardy)
Blue Print (Morgan)
Samoa Joe's theme because it sound similar to Godzilla's theme, though they should mimic King Ghidorah's theme for Joe, honestly.

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It might just be because I associate the theme with the wrestler or if its just coincidence. But I like all the wrestlers who I like the music of. That said:

AJ Styles(Gritz: get ready to fly;I am I am!)
Kurt Angle

That's all.

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Top 10 TNA Wrestlers theme

1.AJ Styles
4.Jeff Hardy
5.Beer Money Inc.
6.The Beautiful People
7.The Pope
8.Motorcity Machine Guns (Current is great but their first sucked donkey dick)
9.Kurt Angle
10.Somoa Joe

Honorable mentions: Awesome Kong, Main Event Mafia, Team Canada, Christian Cage, Chis Sabin (HAIL SABIN!)

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