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Just my opinion but I wanted to get a rundown of the current roster and give my general thoughts on who's topping the ranks for me. I'm excluding guys who aren't active on the roster right now like DB, Lesnar, Reigns cause this is a review of the current product overall.

1. Dean Ambrose - To me this guy has "got it." While some aspects of his actual wrestling needs to be worked on like his offense, he's pretty much pulled off everything WWE has given him in spades without looking disgruntled or bored. Ambrose is fantastic on the mic, is very over with the crowd, and has put on some of the better matches of post-WM30 WWE this year.

2. Seth Rollins - He's been absolutely killing it as a heel. If the recent segment on RAW didn't solidify himself as THE top heel in the company, I don't know what will. Such a great segment and both of his feuds thus-far have been nothing but gold. Rollins is a guy who can perform on that level. He needs to work on his mic skills, but aside from that he's killing it.

3. Randy Orton - I dunno if someone lit a spark under his ass, but he's been doing some really good work lately. Maybe he's pissed off due to backstage shit or something. I dunno, but I'm loving it and I hope WWE makes something out of it so Orton can get a proper top guy run again.

4. Bray Wyatt - Still one of the best promo cutters in the business and will carry that niche for a supernatural character for years to come. Bray Wyatt is still a major rookie in this business, so in time his wrestling ability will shape up and become more refined as well as expanding his promo work outside of his regular message of wanting to bring people into his cult family. I love the gimmick and the dude is cool in real life as well.

5. Cesaro - In terms of pure wrestling, this guy has got it. He does some of the most impressive feats of strength and moves in the business and no one takes notice. People talk about guys like Ryder and Sandow being underused or misused, but to me Cesaro is that guy. Easily the most underlooked and underrated talent in WWE today. His promo is abyssmal and I ain't going to argue otherwise, however.

6. Adrian Neville - This guy I feel out of all the NXT guys is on the cusp of being the complete package. He's in a similar position Rollins was when he was NXT champion, and no one ever thought Rollins could be a top guy. This guy's in-ring work balanced with his ability to get the crowd behind him is beautifully done and smooth. A real pro who even though uses a lot of high flying spots, does stuff like sleeper holds and basic selling just as well as any main eventer has in the past. I see a bright future for him.

7. Rusev - I've been very impressed with Rusev lately. Not necessarily his wins, but in the ring and how he's able to draw heat with Lana just on his presence alone. But onto the in-ring part, I feel he's even more underlooked and underrated than Cesaro is. He isn't as good of a worker, but considering how long Rusev has been in the business he's still a rookie to this business and has a lot to improve on.

8. Dolph Ziggler - Still the best all around midcard guy in the business, and I say that with a lot of love. He's this generations version of Mr. Perfect. Well respected in the lockeroom, works very hard, has a good sense of humor, and pretty much has a good match with anyone on the roster. I just wish he'd lighten up on the selling so he didn't get concussed so much.

9. Sami Zayn - I've been following this guy for years as El Generico and always been a huge fan. My only problem with him is that right now I'm feeling he's getting a big stagnant, which Kassius Ohno was like for quite a bit even before he was taken off NXT tapings for several months. Regardless, he's still the most over guy in NXT and continues to impress me with his workrate and ability in the ring. He does some of the best spots in this business.

10. The Ascension - Neither of these guys are the greatest workers ever by any mean, but something about their presence, theme song, and how the crowd reacts to them just works. I really wish WWE would call these guys up already to do a number on The Usos and other tag teams.

Honorable mention: Hideo Itami - Finally a Japanese guy who's wrestling in a style that can appeal to American fans in WWE...aside from that, KENTA is a fantastic talent. There's a reason why guys like Punk and Bryan took so much of him in their own repertoire. In ring the dude's got it and I hope WWE does him right by putting him up there on the midcard as a viable talent. WWE has never had a Japanese IC champion before, so why not?

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If injured + part time guys do not count, here's the list imo:
1. Sami Zayn
2. Cesaro
3. Seth Rollins
4. Finn Balor
5. Randy Orton
6. Tyson Kidd
7. Sheamus
8. Adrian Neville
9. Luke Harper
10. Dolph Ziggler

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Injured and Part Timers count:
1. Brock Lesnar
2. Dean Ambrose
3. Seth Rollins
4. Bray Wyatt
5. Enzo Amore
6. Cesaro
7. Big Cass
8. Ryback
9. Rusev
10. Randy Orton
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