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I'm just now watching RAW and have gotten to the part of Otunga talking with Nexus in the back.
Their acting is so weak and to me it's just making them seem weak with all this exposure of what's happening on the inside.
I don't know. I don't think we should see Otunga asking Nexus for help. I understand it's part of this story.

Before, we didn't know much about them and they were these guys dominating people.
We would get a little inside, but not as much as we are getting now.
It really doesn't make them look strong.

Am I making sense? Haha. Do you guys agree?

EDIT: :fpalm please tell me I'm not watching Otunga come out with a glittery 'N' on his sweater! :eek:
Talk about making the group look weak. A sweater is a cool idea, but to have the 'N' sparkle definitely isn't.
Not for NeXus.
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