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Too many guys at the top?

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Looking at the Raw Roster it just seems like the WWE is pushing way too many guys on the ME scene. Cena, Punk, Miz, Orton, Morison , Shemus, HHH, then you get sporadic appearences every other week by ADR and and Zigler, Now there all this build up around Mason Ryan just jumping right in.

This just seems like way to many people to be pushing at the top at once especially w.o a mega stable (not nexus)

maybe Morison should go battle Daniel Bryan for the US title for a month or something.
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I do kind of agree. The problem is that unless someone's a main eventer, Creative won't really do anything with them. Imagine if Miz had (instead of cashing in money in the bank) found a dirty way to win the IC or US Title from Morrison (Who would've had to have the title for this feud to happen) and got the same kind of spotlight and storyline attention? People might actually care about the midcard title because the people competing for it care about it.
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