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RAW (Heat)

Dark Red:Heels
Orange: Tweener

Main Eventers:
The Rock


High Midcarders:


Low Midcarders:

Sylviain Green
Robert Conway

Steven Richards
Lance Storm


Val Venis

Women's Division:


Tajiri & Regal
La Resistance
Super Heros
Hardy Boyz

Lillian Garcia


Todd Grisham

World Heavy Weight Title
IC Title
Women's Title
Hardcore Title
World Tag Team Titles

Backlash PPV Card *So far


Backlash (RAW)
Bad Blood (SD)
Vengeance (RAW)
Great American Bash (SD)
Summer Slam (Both)
No Mercy (RAW)
Halloween Havoc (SD)
Survival Series (Both)
Armageddon (RAW)
Royal Rumble (Both)
No Way Out (SD)
Wrestle mania (Both)

Maybe PPV's
Divas Uncut (WWE Divas)
Taboo Tuesday (Brand unknown)
ECW One Night Stand

SD (Velocity)

Blue: Face
Navy: Heel
Tweener: Green

Main Eventers:
Kurt Angle

Big Show
Booker T

High Midcarders:

Luther Reigns
Orlando Jordan
Kenzo Suzuki


Spike Dudley
Paul London
Shannon Moore
Billy Kidman

Rey Mysterio
Scotty 2 Hotty

Mid Carders:
Danny Basham
Doug Basham
Devon Dudley
Buh Buh Ray
Mark Jindrak

Charlie Haas
Hardcore Holly

Torrie Wilson

Dawn Marie
Miss Jackie
Hiroko Suzuki

Joy Giovonni
Amy Webber

Tag Teams:
Los Guerreros
Basham Bros
Luther & Mark

Rey & RVD
Dudley Boys

Shane O " Mac (GM)
Josh Matthews
Terri Runnels
Teddy Long


WWE Title
US title
Cruiser Title
WWE Tag Team Titles

Bad Blood PPV *So Far

13 Posts
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Don't worry, I'm going to now log on as my real friends user name. Big T. He's actually my real friend, with a real user name. I had to make that clear so you won't I made the name up.

So Toine's (Whole) WWE will start up again on PW

I'm going to start from were I left of at PW. I will just give you links to the forums from which they are.

Here are the previous shows. Read those or atleast simmer through, that way you can keep up with the show. I just didn't want to start over and then catch up to where I am in like two more months.

Here's the link

We come back

Howard: This match is scheduled for one fall and is a six-man tag.

Howard: Making their way to the ring….The Bashams

*Basham’s Music*

Both men come walking down toward the ring, skipping all the fans that extend their hands. They jump on the apron and get into the ring. Then they taunt the crowd in a bad way before they get into their corners and await their partner as well as opponents.

*Japanese music*

Howard: Making their way to the ring, from Japan, Kenzo and Hiroko

Kenzo walks down to the ring followed by Hiroko with a Japanese flag. They get into the ring and they stand in the ring waving the flag and bowing to the crowd.

*Viva La Rasa*

Howard: Making their way to the ring, from El Paso, Texas….Los Guerreros

Eddie and Chavo both come cruising out to the ring in a black and red convertible, with painted fire shapes on the side of the car and the front hood. Both men get out and they slowly walk to the ring, clapping the hands of the fans. Eddie and Chavo get into the ring and they taunt the crowd, dancing and climbing on the turnbuckles.

*Word Life*

Howard: Making is way to the ring, weighing in at 248 pounds, from West Newbury, Massachusetts….John Cena.

Cena comes rushing to the ring, Kenzo then attacks Cena as he gets inside (Bell Rings), but Cena fights back with a kick to the gut and then a clotheslines. Cena picks Kenzo up by the hair and drags him over to the corner making the tag to Eddie. Eddie locks onto Kenzo and then gives him a suplex, Eddie twist his legs and again gives Kenzo a suplex, Eddie once again twist his legs giving Kenzo the last suplex, completing the 3 amigos.
Eddie goes for the pin, but Kenzo kicks out at two. Eddie goes to pick up Kenzo, but Kenzo punchs Eddie in the stomach and then gives him a fireman carry. Kenzo gets up and makes the tag to Danny Basham. Danny gets into the ring and he puts the boot to the back of the head of Eddie. Danny begins hammering away onto Eddie’s back and neck area. Danny whips Eddie into the ropes and when Eddie comes back Danny takes Eddie down with a shoulder block. Danny runs to the ropes and when he comes back, Eddie hit’s the ground causing Danny to jump over him. Danny rebounds back from the ropes once more, and Eddie jumps on to Danny and gives him a monkey flip. Eddie kicks Danny in the back and he sees Doug on the outside. Eddie runs to the opposite ropes, when he rebounds back, Eddie baseball slides Doug Basham causing him to fall into the guard rail. When Eddie turns around, Danny Basham goes for a clothesline, but Eddie ducks and comes back with a Big Drop kick. Eddie walks over to Cena and he makes the tag.
Tazz: Making the um tag to Cena!!!

Cena gets into the ring throwing up the word life sign, and he yells at Danny saying “Tag him in, Tag him in”. Danny gets up and tags Kenzo in. Kenzo gets into the ring and he and Cena sizes each other up. Kenzo makes the first move, but Cena reverses the attempt by punching Kenzo and following it up with more punches. Cena kicks Kenzo in the gut and he lifts Kenzo up for the F-U. Cena taunts the crowd for a little while and he goes to do the F-U, but Danny runs into the ring. Cena throws Kenzo down and he goes to fight off Danny and then Doug gets into the ring. That’s When Eddie gets into the ring and so does Chavo. An all out brawl breaks out in the ring. The Basham’s begin fighting Los Guerreros. And their fight leads to the outside of the ring. All four men begin brawling, throwing bodies from left to right. That’s when the four tag teams members take their fight into the crowd, leaving Kenzo and Hiroko to do the bad deeds on John Cena. Cena runs at Kenzo, but Kenzo quickly hits Cena with a karate chop, right into the neck. The ref signals for DQ, because a karate chop to the neck is not a proper move for the match.
Howard: By DQ, The winner of this match, John Cena!!!!!!! (Word Life)

Cena’s theme music fades away as Hiroko gets into the ring and Kenzo begin stomping away at Cena, while Hiroko does a good job, by taunting him. Kenzo and Hiroko begin stomping away at Cena, when Michelle begin running down toward the ring. Michelle gets into the ring and chases Hiroko who let’s out a big scream. Michelle catches Hiroko and tackles her to the ground. Michelle begins hammering away at Hiroko, until Kenzo grabs her by the hair. Kenzo then begins to smile at her and tells her to dance for him, Michelle then refuses by kicking Kenzo right into the groin area. Cena gets up and catches Kenzo and lifts him up onto his shoulders. Hiroko sees this and tires to rescue her man, but Michelle grabs her by the hair again and hoist her onto her shoulders

Cole: Are they going to do it again.

Cena signals Michelle to do it, and they both hit the FU on both Kenzo and Hiroko.

Cole: She hit it again in two weeks. I can’t wait until next week.

We cut backstage and their we see The Basham’s and Los Guerreros.

Chavo is taking on Doug, while Eddie takes it to Danny. All men are fighting and fighting until they end up in the women’s locker room. All the women in the room, scream and rush to the other side of the room. All men begin knocking down all the beauty supplies until the Referee’s come and break up the fight. As the ref pull all for men off of each other, Eddie yells “Bad Blood puntha” “Get off me essa”

Cole: We’ll be back after these messages and when we do come back, we will finally get to see the Beauty at the Beach Bikini Contest.

Commercial Break
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