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Welcome, everyone, to yet another edition of TOE TO TOE. TLK here, as always, to talk a bunch of nonsense with people I've never met before. In tonight's installment of T2T, we focus on two young debaters who have made quite an impact in their respective divisions.

Despite each guest suffering their first loss at the last show, one remains a household name and the other looks to sink his teeth into the main event very soon. Both steadfastly believe they are FUTURE LEGENDS. Let's find out why as T2T rolls on. :tlk



First up, a man who needs no introduction (but I'm going to give him one anyway). He's the only man in TDL history to win two debates on consecutive shows. He's the last recognized champion of the now-defunct Social Division. He's everyone's black best friend, CLIQUE~!

*Crowd pops huge.*

TLK: Welcome to T2T, Champ.

Clique: My pleasure, Champ. Thrilled to be here.

TLK: I realize it took a long time for me to fit you into my schedule, but hopefully it ends up being worth your wait. Plus, now that TDL VIII is over, it appears we have a little more to discuss, eh? :hb

Clique: :mad:

TLK: Right. Well, let's get started, shall we?

Clique: I've waited long enough.

TLK: :eek:

Okay then. Let's jump right into the PRESSING QUESTIONS.

At TDL VIII, you suffered your first loss against the returning legend, DDMac. Care to comment at all on this?

Clique: It was a damn good feeling when DDMac chose to face me in his return, and an even better feeling knowing we gave one of the best debate matches this league have ever seen. Mac wanted to stare face to face with greatness and we more than achieved that. I can't be mad at taking the 'L' because I know the worth of my performance. No disappointments. Every competitor in this league will experience defeat, including the seemingly unbeatable. YOU know that better than anyone. WOOLCOCK knows it. SPCDRI found out, Evolution too, and my day arrived. I'm having fun with it.

TLK: Yeah, there's no need to dredge up the past. :side:

Clique: :StephenA2

TLK: :jose

With the Social Division now defunct, and your record finally tainted, what is next for Clique? Have we seen the last of the future TDL legend?

Clique: If we are talking numbers and statistics, I guess you can say I have a "tainted record" now. I see myself as a battle tested debater and writer. As long as my entry is of a quality standard I am doing what I set out to do in this league. I have beaten some of the best in one of the fastest climbs to the top in TDL history. People have obviously noticed the effort I have given thus far and any time I compete TRUST I am going to bring it.

What is next for Clique is a break from the league due to real life stuff I am working on at the moment. This is not the last TDL has seen of me, and thank you for still considering me a future legend. Is there a farewell match in store for TDL X? I don't know. You know the LEGENDS NEVER DIE title I came up with has become my mindset with every debate entry since the supercard show. Not only the champions or the impressive win/loss records will be revered but the quality debates they leave. adrian_zombo is always producing one of my favorite debates to read with his entries. Him losing to great competition does not change my opinion of him as a future TDL legend. He should continue to have fun with the topics and do his thing as a writer. Having fun is exactly what I do with my social topic debates. Any acknowledgment of its quality is a flattering bonus.

TLK: There is no doubt that despite only appearing on a handful of shows, you have made a lasting impression on the League. Your legacy continues to grow, even if you take a bit of time off.

As for zombo, the only legacy he'll leave behind is one of a fucking TURNCOAT. :mad:

Moving on, what is to be done about Anark? On the last edition of T2T, he ran you down and hasn't shut his mouth since. Clearly, he's trying to awaken the bear and prove his worth by picking up where Mac left off. Do you have any words for Anark?

Clique: Nothing is to be done about Anark, quite frankly. Seabs and I have gone back and forth with him long enough. It's pretty clear now it was all for shits & giggles. Nothing to be taken seriously about em at all. I said what I meant to Anark already and I will restate it here - the root of his problem is not with TDL staff. He's running toward "inferior" level results with his frenemy BULLY. I'm finished with it.

TLK: Ouch. It seems Anark just can't get any love around here as of late. I wouldn't mind seeing a LOSER LEAVES TOWN affair involving you both at some point, to settle this once and for all.

Clique: Didn't I already beat him? :bosh

TLK: :side:

Let's talk more about the defunct Social Division. With the return of Destros and ANDRE, the fate of the Social Division could be revisited in the near future. As the division's last recognized champ, is this something you'd like to see happen?

Clique: The social division is TDL division I have the most invested interest in whether the card has my name on it or whether a forum championship is attached to it. There was a time I had a lot of passion to debate wrestling but in the last year that passion has faded. I find the social topics much more intellectually stimulating and more open to delve into the issues the questions pose. I do not know much about Destros but ANDRE is an excellent addition to the League with his debates and judging. I most certainly would like the Social Division to return but as long as social topics or social challenges are taking place we have a more intriguing show to look forward to.

TLK: Can't argue with you there. I'm very excited about the future of our social matches.

How about some more general questions now. What has been your favorite TDL debate thus far? What has been the biggest surprise/upset?

Clique: Personally, my favorite debate has been DDMac vs. Clique. I mean it does not get any better than that. We tore TDL house down. Outside fave would have to be the tag team main event from the STREAKS ARE MADE TO BE BROKEN card. The war has epic written all over it. Also, you know there is something extra special when something has to give in the match. DDMac/Clique led to 5-1, the tag war led to your first loss in years. However, it was the fight put into those debates even before the judging cards were revealed that made them special. TLK losing in a unanimous defeat? I have to say that is a huge surprise.

TLK: DID I NOT SAY TO QUIT BRINGING UP THE PAST?!? :angry: I blame that TURNCOAT zombo for my loss. I proved he was the weak link when I obliterated :woolcock in a straight up battle.

I must admit that Clique/Mac is probably my favorite debate thus far. LEGEND vs FUTURE LEGEND. Really can't top that.

Who has been TDL's MVP? Why?

Clique: Seabs is TDL MVP. If you think that comment is sucking up you can go kiss the whole asshole of a the fat bitch down the street. Seabs has been nothing but stellar in his role in organizing and reviving this section. I thank him for always responding to my questions or concerns with the league. You too TLK have been amazing as a competitor and a judge too. I also want to shout out the overlords for their contributions and very special gratitude to CHAMPViaDQ. He is the best at what he does and never ceases to amaze.

TLK: I like the "thinking outside the box" answer in Seabs. No doubt he is the glue that keeps TDL running smoothly. CHAMP and i$e have produced some amazing banners, and we can't thank them enough for their contributions.

Appreciate the kind words as well. :eek: There are a lot of people who make TDL the success it is. As a pristine debater, you're one of them.

Last but not least, if you could book your dream TDL matchup, what would it be?

Clique: For myself, a special attraction tag team match. Evolution early on in the league talked about possibly forming a Powertrip alliance and I am still up for the idea. The debate would be a social topic, of course. Evolution & Clique vs. Seabs & Headliner (can they co-exist?) staff war would be epic. As far as the rest of the competition is concerned, Mac/ANDRE is happening already and I am super hyped for it. Idk, I want to see TehJerichoFan in another arts & entertainment debate. More of those topics on music, film, TV, etc. should be in this league.

TLK: You know, there was a tandem that went by the name of THE TWO MAN POWERTRIP back in the original incarnation of TDL. You might know them individually as i$e and DDMac. Could Clique/Evo be the new-age Powertrip? Staff tag battle is very intriguing. I do wonder how well K and Seabs could coexist.

Mac/ANDRE should definitely be a treat, and I agree that more music/entertainment/pop culture topics need to be featured on future cards. I'll work with Seabs on developing some potential battles.

Well, Clique, I'm afraid that's all the time we have. Enjoy your time off and we hope to see you back amongst the TDL elite where you belong very soon.

Clique: Thanks for having me, TLK. I'll be back at some point.


*During the commercial break, TLK finds adrian_zombo walking into SI's dressing room.*

TLK: When the fuck did SI get a dressing room on my show?!? :confused:

*zombo quickly slams the door and TLK can only imagine what the two are conspiring. :)woolcock)*

TLK: Fuckin' turncoat. Can't wait until my LEGENDS bury those GEEKS.



Please welcome my next guest, THE WILDCARD, Crusade!

*Loud initial pop that dies out quickly*

TLK: Welcome, teammate.

Crusade: Hey, Captain. Thanks for having me on the show. I've only been waiting for about...2 months. :rolleyes:

TLK: That kind of insubordination will have you replaced by CGS faster than he can misspell soldier. :mad:

Crusade: :argh:

TLK: Let's just get to the fuckin' questions.

At TDL VIII, you suffered your first loss at the hands of that TURNCOAT, adrian_zombo. What are your thoughts on this? How do you expect to bounce back?

Crusade: Well putting yours and zombo's mini feud aside with the fact I'm on your team for the next special show, I'm not upset that I lost to zombo because the guy is a top competitor going toe to toe (no pun intended) with the likes of yourself, WOOLCOCK and Evo and coming so close on each and every one of those matches. I respect zombo's debating abilities so losing to someone like him is not something to be ashamed of.

What I am upset about is my performance at the event. After reading my debate again and the feedback I got I realized I could have done a lot better than I submitted and that's what has lit a fire under my ass for the next show. No offense to zombo but I could have and should have won the debate I had with him. I under performed and I'm gonna do my damndest to make sure that doesn't happen again :angry:.

TLK: Well, I appreciate your passion and dedication to bouncing back with a vengeance. No better way than to take it out on TEAM :woolcock.

Despite that loss, you were recently recruited to be a member of Team TLK for TDL IX's main event: CAPTAIN WARS~! What is your strategy going into the match against a currently unknown opponent?

Crusade: Well the fact that at this moment I don't know who my opponent is for my match means that for now I can't center my debate around my opponents strengths and weaknesses and strategically tear them apart that way. So at this point, I'm not even concerned who the opponent is. Right now all I'm doing is focusing on making my debate the strongest and most convincing debate it can be and making it the best I've ever written. If I can do that and live up to the potential I know I have within me then the rest will take care of itself. Regardless of who my opponent is.

*(offline)TLK: Wait a minute. What's that? SWAG? The fuck you talking about? Oh.*

Well, Crusade, it appears we've just caught word that your opponent at CAPTAIN WARS is TONY MONTANA aka STEVIE SWAG.

Crusade: Yeah, we can just reshoot the last question, then, and I'll just state that I'm gonna bury the jobber worse than his captain did.

TLK: :hb

Well, surely, you have something to prove, not only because you've tasted defeat for the first time, but also because you have the current CHAMP depending on you. How will you cope with the pressure?

Crusade: Obviously I know why you included this question for the interview. You have a lot riding on me because every other person you've picked is a proven legend of the TDL whereas my rise to stardom has only just started. I'm the wild card of your team and I'm more than happy being just that. As far as coping with pressure goes, it is the fact that I have something to prove which is why I am going to deliver the ass kicking of a lifetime to whoever my opponent is at TDL IX. Losing to zombo is exactly what I needed because it brought me back down to reality. I was riding high after defeating SHG and now I realize that in order to get the level I want to be that I have to deliver top quality debates one after the other and I can't let up. You got to understand TLK with all due respect, yeah there is representing you but the biggest pressure is on myself to deliver. I know and I believe that I can compete with the best TDL has to offer and whilst I've proven that I'm no slouch at debating I've yet to prove that I can compete with and even beat the very best.

So coping with pressure is not something I'm worried about, because I know exactly what I have to prove to myself and everyone associated with TDL.

TLK: Brilliant response. I am now even more confident in my decision to draft you to Team TLK.

Now for some more general questions. After your victory at TDL IX, where does Crusade go from there? What are your TDL aspirations?

Crusade: My aspirations are the same as what I hope everyone else's is associated with the wrestling division and that's to be the absolute BEST there is. My long term aspiration is simple and that's to become the wrestling division champion. I realize I'm dreaming big, I realize there are some reading this right now who are laughing at the notion of Crusade ever beating the likes of WOOLCOCK or yourself. But the truth is if you aren't here to be the champion of the division you signed up for in the first place then you shouldn't even be here. And that's the truth.

As far as short term aspirations, I just want to face the best there is and get bigger and better matches. Zombo was a big match for me, but it still wasn't one of the three main events. That's where I want to be. The fact is I was going to call out Seabs because of his arrogance debating in every single division as one of the overlords just because he thinks he's hot shit and anywhere near the actual true BEST in TDL but Tater stole my idea and essentially buried himself......So I don't want to be an imitator.

TLK: Yeah, please don't imitate Tater.

What has been your favorite TDL feud so far?

Crusade: Honestly I'm not saying it just because you are here but the current TLK vs WOOLCOCK feud because whilst I do love the drama and the trash talking of other feuds have brought out this feud had one of the best match ups I've read in the current incarnation of TDL + it bringing about this new concept show for IX which is awesome and unique and the fact we're getting a REMATCH for the wrestling title has me very hyped.

But I also loved mine and SHG's feud because I served him humble pie on a plate :mangane

TLK: SHG hasn't really been the same since. And I plan on finishing SI off once and for all at TDL X.

Who has been the TDL MVP through the first 8 shows? Why?

Crusade: You're gonna hate me for saying this but I got to go with the sheep shagger himself WOOLCOCK. The guy has been in and around the top of the card and wrestling division for the majority of the time and has pulled off top notch debates one after the one. Guy totally deserves the recognition and respect he gets. Fact of the matter is we all knew how good you were TLK before coming but WOOLCOCK has in my mind been the best debater out of the competitors who didn't compete in the first incarnation of TDL. Either him or Andre anyway.

TLK: The fuck? Yeah, you're off the fuckin' team. Turncoats left and right, I swear.

Crusade: :eek:

TLK: That's my fuckin' smiley. You can apologize by burying STEVIE at Captain Wars.

If you could book a dream match, what would it be?

Crusade: Damn that's tough, so many I could think of right now. DDmac made such a huge impression on me that I'd love to see TLK vs DDmac at some point, I think that would be a clash for the ages for sure. Any match with Andre or WOOLCOCK that hasn't been done would be great too. Maybe against each other? Who knows.

As far as dream matches that would involve myself, if I were going on pure respect I'd say I'd love to face either you or WOOLCOCK but if it were a match me going in wanting to prove something and outright beat them I'd say either Seabs or Evo. I already said my reasons for Seabs but as far as Evo goes in my match against SHG he gave the absolute stupidest reasons to not vote for me despite him knowing deep down my debate was the better one. If you've seen how I react to feedback I'm genuinely grateful for most that come through because they make me better. Seabs, WOOLCOCK and yourself have all given great feedback which I've tried to implement in future debates. The best Evo could come up with was that one of my arguments was "lol worthy" and that he "felt SGH's debate more". Come on, this ain't fucking acting a part out for a movie, this is real time debating and if you can't handle it when it comes to judging, you shouldn't be there.

Add in the fact that he's backed out from the league after losing one match like a BITCH and there's all my reasons for wanting to face Evo. I at least respect Seabs match making and his judging, same can't be said for Evo :eek:.

TLK: Okay, now you're just taking shots at your teammates. The fuck is going on with you?

That being said, DDMac/TLK did happen in the past and it ended the way all my other matches end. TLK victorious. :hb

But still, Evo won't be taking kindly to these comments, I can assure you. Perhaps he'll deal with you at a later date.

Any last words for your opponent at Captain Wars?

Crusade: You better be prepared because NXT is one of my bread and butter topics as far as wrestling is concerned along with NJPW, another company which I had a question about and owned.

Other than that, good luck and if you beat me hopefully it's because you deserved to win like zombo and not because of Evo's dodgy judging.

TLK: Time to kick some sheep-shagging ass. :woolcock

Crusade: :hb

TLK: The fuck did I just say about using my smilies?!? :tlk

Crusade: :eek:

TLK: Christ. Get out and don't come back until you secure a victory for Teak TLK.


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· Zombo
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I'd say this was a good job, if you weren't a TALENTLESS HACK of a talk show host.

No, but seriously, an enjoyable edition. Getting a shout-out from my Black Best Friend Clique felt good, and Crusade's PASSION really came through. 9/10, WOULD READ AGAIN.

· Ben Wyatt's Low Cal Calzone Zone
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Christ, I've not been relentlessly mocked and derided like that since the girls at High School.

Always look forward to these write ups though. Crusade one was very humorous with the banter and Clique's was fittingly articulate.

Debating ANDRE and Clique is definitely on my TDL Bucket List (maybe even vs Mac if he sticks around) at some point. Would relish the challenge those chaps represent.

I think maybe we might need another T2T with myself prior to TDL X btw, especially with the fallout of TDL IX.
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