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To add more HYPE for WM main event with Cole they should reveal the GM of raw

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This is looking to be an epic main event here.

Michael Cole making his long awaited debut with fallen Former American American World Champion vs wrestling legend Jerry Lawler.

Stone Cold Steve Austin special guest referee. Perhaps JR coming down to announce the match. 4 hall of famers involved here with Cole - he will be inducted.

Finally the last piece the puzzle the Anonymous GM is revealed in the grand daddy of wrestling WM.

I feel something big going down in this match, this could be the key.
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I can see why you may think this maybe your right but i just dont see it i mean after wrestlemainia they both wont be back announcing together and be all like shake hands lets be friends again, so if Cole is the GM that means that no more anouncing so that could be a possibility. However i dont think they would cut down Coles air time as he draws ratings. so fuck knows maybe he is maybe he isnt.

but i do think we will find out at Mania
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