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live on pay per view

WWE heavyweight championship No1 contenders fatal 4 way elimination match
Jeff Jarrett vs JBL vs Raven vs Shawn Michaels

The match starts off with jarrett and jbl working together to get rid of Raven and hbk. Jbl gets raven in a headlock. Hbk clotheslines jbl and covers. 1..kick. Jarret runs in the ring and hits shawn michaels with his guitar. Hbk is bleeding. Raven throws Jbl out the ring he turns round and hbk sweet chin musics Raven. Cover . 1.....2....3.
- Raven eliminated 1st

Jarrett elbows hbk in his back. Raven is knocked out and is not moving and hbk is bleed furiously. Jarrett picks up hbk and powerbombs him. cover. 1...2...kick. Jbl gets in and rolls up jarrett using the ropes. 1..2...3
- jarrett has been eliminated 2nd

JBL stands in the middle of the ring laughing. Hbk is using the ropes to get up. Jbl smirks and runs for the clothesline but hbk turns round and sweet chin musics Jbl. Hbk slowly drags himself to he cover. 1...2..3
- HBK wins

WWE heavyweight championship elimination chamber, special guest referee : LITA
Batista (c) vs undertaker vs shawn michaels vs Kane vs HHH vs Edge

The match starts off with an injured hbk vs edge. Edge goes for a suplex but hbk counters with a suplex. Lita stands looking worried. Hbk picks up edge and takes him to the top rope and suplexes him off the top rope. cover. 1.....(long count)...2......kick. Hbk picks up edge and tries to powerbomb him but edge counters with a backdrop onto the steel. Edge then irish whips hbk into through a chamber. Hbk's bandage breaks and his bleeding starts violently.Edge dominates the match and rubs hbk's face in the chains.

Batista enters the match

Batista runs in and clothelines edge on the steel. He drags him to the centre of the ring and goes for a batista bomb but edge counters with a low blow. Edge gets batista in a sleeper hold. But batista's long time friend hbk drop kicks edge. Hbk goes to the corner and taunts for the sweet chin music. Hbk runs for the sweet chin music and edge counters with a electric chair onto the steel. Batista quickly backdrops edge. Then batista climbs one of the chambers and drags edge to the top and gets him in position for the batista bomb.

HHH enters the match

HHH runs straight towards batista so batista pushes edge off the chamber. Batista calls up HHH to the chamber. HHH climbs the chamber and starts a brawl with batista. HHH pedigrees batista on the chamber. Batista s bleeding. HHH picks up batista but batista quickly batista bombs HHH off the chamber. cover.
1...2...3 - HHH is eliminate

Kane enters the match

Kane runs in and big boots batista. Edge turns round and Kane chokeslams edge. cover. Lita doesnt count. Kane gets up and stares at Lita. Edge takes this to his advantage and gives kane the edge o matic. cover. 1...2...kick. Kane rises and stares at edge angrily. Hbk gets up and starts staring at edge. Then batista starts staring at edge. They all attack edge with kicks to the ribs. Batista , batista bombs edge. cover. 1...2..( lita says kickout even though edge is unconsious). Batista looks angrily at Lita. But then he turns round and batista bombs kane. cover. 1..2..3
- kane is eliminated.

Undertaker enters the match

Undertaker comes in and gives a diving shoulder block to batista. He picks up shawn michaels and gives him the snake eyes. Hbk turns round and undertaker tombstones him. Cover. 1..2..(batista pulls undertaker off. Undertaker stares at batista then they both start brawling and punching each other. Undertaker quickly gets a clothesline on batista. Then leg drops Batista. Batista makes his way up then undertaker gets a tombstone on batista. Hbk is standing there watching all of this happen. cover...1..2..3
- batista is eliminated
HBK runs a sweet chin music's the undertaker. cover 1...2...3
- undertaker is eliminated
Batista stand up and stares at hbk and says " i had your back and risked myn and when i was getting attacked because i saved your ass you stood there watching it". Hbk looks sadly into batista's eyes and says " you have what i want and its every man for himself." Then hbk sweet chin music's batista. Batista is instantly knocked out. Hbk walks toward a unconsious edge and laughs. Hbk then climbs the top turnbuckle and gives an elbow to the heart on edge. He picks edge up and flapjacks him onto the steel. Edge is bleeding. He picks up edge again and irish whips him through a chamber. Then irish whips him through another chamber. Then he drag him into the the centre of the ring and powerbombs him. He then drags edge to the top of a chamber and electric chairs him off the top. Hbk starts taunting for the sweet chin music till batista runs out of nowhere and batista bombs hbk. Lita quickly drags edge ontop of hbk. cover.1..2..3
- winner and new heavyweight champion- EDGE

No 1 contender at off the chain triple threat Ladder match
Aj styles vs John cena vs Alpha male Monty Brown

All superstars look at the briefcase at the top which holds the off the chain contract. All three men run for ladders and set them up in middle of the ring. All climb the ladders and start brawling. Cena hits monty the brass knuks at he drops to the ground then Aj suplexes cena off the ladder. All men are on the floor.
Aj gets up and lionsaults onto cena. Then goes to the top rope and frogsplashes monty. Cena gets up and gives aj a reverse ddt. Monty gets up and suplexes cena. Then monty goes for the breifcase but aj runsame ladder and trys to grab the briefcase. Its in aj's hands but cena pushes the ladder over. Cena starts pumping up. He picks up monty and goes for the FU but monty counters and low blows cena. He then gives cena a military slam. Monty smirks and sets up a ladder then climbs it. Aj runs up and styles clash's monty off the ladder. Aj starts to stand up but cena FU's aj. Then cena climbs the ladder and pulls off the briefcase. Aj and Monty look in shock.
- winner John Cena

Tag team championship tables match.
AMW (C) vs Rey Mysterio / Rob Van Damn

AMW runs for the tables first and they bring in two. Rey baseball slides harris before he reaches the ring. Rvd dropkicks storm. then sets up the table. Storm gets up and Rvd backdrops storm on the table but storm lands on his feet on the table and he hurricanas rvd. Rey drags Harris into the ring and hes about to drop off the top rope with a cross body but storm picks up rey and throws him onto the ground. Harris gets a steel chair and hits rvd over the head with it. RVD is bleeding. Rey sets up a table then he dropkicks harris and the steel chair smacks harris in his face. Harris drops out the ring. Storm runs towards rey and he trips him putting him in position for the 619. Then he connects with the 619. Rey jumps for the west coast pop but Storm catches him on his shoulders and turns round and powerbombs rey through the table.
- winners and still champions- AMW

X- division championship Ambulance match
Paul London (c) vs Shane 'o' mac

The match starts with shane trying to clothesline london but london moves out the way and drop kicks shane. London rolls to the outside and gets a steel chair. He places it in the centre of the ring. London takes shane to the top turnbuckle and DDT 's shane on the chair. Shane is bleeding. Shane gets adrenaline and handsprings back up and stares at london. He suddenly gets london in a sleeper. London elbows shane in the stomach but shane spinebusters london on the chair. Shane runs out the ring and gets a table and places it on the outside. London rolls to the outside ring to. Shane DDT's london again on the concrete. He rolls london onto the table , then goes to the top turnbuckle and attempts a 450 but london rolls out the way and shane goes through the table. London runs backstage and he brings out a strecher. He puts shane on it then rolls it up to the ambulance and puts shane inside. London is about to close the ambulance door but shane kicks it and it hits london in the face. Shane climbs out and brings out a shovel he hid in the ambulance. When london turns round shane hits london in the face with a shovel. London is bleeding.

Shane gets london in a full boston crab. London moans in pain. Shane lets go and goes inside the abulance again. This time he brings out a fire extinguisher and he hits london in the face again. London is bleeding badly. Shane gets londons head and puts it bewteen the ambulance door and smacks shut the door. Shane gets london and body slams him on the bonnet of the ambulance. Shane throws the fire extinguisher on the roof. Then he drags london to the roof. London quickly picks up the fire extinguisher and sprays it in shanes eyes the spinebusters him on the ambulance roof. London climbs off the ambulance and climbs the arena set. He stands above the ' TOTAL CHAOS' sign and 450's off the top putting shane and himself through the ambulance. There is silence for 5minutes and the referee says the 1st one out will win. Then londons hand pops out the hole and he climbs out.
-winner and still champion - Paul London

United States championship
Booker T (c) vs Shelton Benjamin

Booker starts off quick and nearly gets a book end on shelton but shelton counters with a spinebuster. Shelton takes advantage and gets Booker in a camel clutch . But booker counters with an electric chair. Booker is going for a scissors kick but shelton moves out the way and quickly gets a T-bone. cover. 1..2...3
- winner and new u.s champion - Shelton Benjamin

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