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WWE heavyweight championship casket match
Batista(C) vs Kane

The match starts off with a staredown in middle of the ring kane slaps batista , suddenly batista flips in anger and clotheslines kane. kane stands up and grabs batista's throat. Batista kicks kane in the chest and suplexes him. Batista walks out the ring and gets a steel chair , but when he turns round kane big boots him. Kane opens the casket and trys to get batista up but batista slaps kane.

Kane stands there stilled, he then chokeslams batista . Kane goes under the ring and brings out kerosone and a lighter . He pours it on a unconsious Batista , batista is dripping in kerosene . Batista quickly trips up kane making him drop face first into the steel steps. Kane is busted open. Batista rolls Kane into the ring.

Suddenly HHH comes in the ring and pedigrees batista on a steel chair . Batista is busted open. HHH stands in the corner laughing. Kane gets up and HHH shouts "kill him kane" . Suddenly Edge appears and spears Kane. HHH and edge have a staredown. The casket opens and Undertaker Pops out. He double chokeslams HHH and edge. Undertaker helps kane up. Suddenly Lita appears and low blows Undertaker.
Batista stands up and Batista bombs Kane then rolls him into the casket and shuts it. Lita and edge raise Batista arms. But then Edge hits Batista with his breifcase in the head. Batista Drops on the floor. Undertaker stands up . Kane gets out the casket. HHH rises , and Batista stands up, all 5men staredown and then the gm walks in and announces a elimination chamber match . The 6th man will be the winner of a fatal-4-way next pay per view called Total Chaos.
winner and still champion - Batista

United States Championship match
Booker T (c) vs Bobby Roode

Match starts off by booker T dominating with suplexes and leg drops till bobby grabs booker T 's leg and turns it into a ankle lock. Booker manages to grab the rope but Booker is hurt. Bobby uses the ankle to his advantage by sweeping bookers ankle. Bobby powerbombs booker. The ref counts 1....2.... kick. Bobby gets frustrated and goes under the ring and gets a hockey stick. The ref grabs the stick off him and as he is distracted Coach D'amore beats booker with another hockey stick, then dissapears. Bobby goes to the top rope and goes for the elbow drop but booker moves out the way. Booker stands up and picks up Bobby. He sets him for the book end, and Bang he connects. 1...2...3.
winner and still the champ- Booker T

Street Fight match
Chris Benoit vs Abyss

Match starts off by benoit trying to grapple Abyss but abyss powers benoit away. Abyss picks up a trash can and smacks benoit in the spine with it. Benoit drops to the floor . Abyss trys to pick up benoit but abyss gets low-blowed and abyss gets powerbombed. Benoit takes this moment to his advantage and hits the sharpshooter. Abyss moans in pain but there is no rope break. so he drags himself towards a hammer and hits benoit in the arm. Benoit lets go and both opponents are on the floor. Abyss gets up and sets up a table.

Chris Benoit hits abyss with a steel chair and rolls him onto the table and goes to the toprope and taunts with a cut throat then .....diving headbutts onto abyss. The table breaks. Benoit stands up and rabid wolverine taunts. He picks up abyss and gives him 3 german suplexes. Benoit lifts up abyss and trys to get the cross face but abyss elbows Benoit in the face , then clothelines him. Abyss goes out the ring and brings in a ladder and climbs to the top.

Benoit in lightning speed runs to the top of the ladder and hits abyss with some brass knucks. Abyss drops to the floor busted open. Benoit taunts cut throat again and diving head butts off the top of the ladder. connects the goes for the cover 1...2...3.
Winner is - Chris Benoit

Triple threat elimination clockwork orange house of fun match
Raven vs Undertaker vs Aj styles

The match starts off by undertaker getting a quick snake eyes on Aj. but after raven gets undertaker in a dragon sleeper. Aj jumps off the top rope and drop kicks raven. Aj picks up undertaker and suplexes him ontop of raven. Aj climbs up the steel cage and grabs a barb-wired bat. He then jumps down but gets booted by undertaker. Raven gets up and irish whips undertaker then undertaker runs in with a clothesline. Aj gets up and hits undertaker in the back with the barbed wire bat. Undertaker drops to the floor and aj hits the styles clash on the undertaker. 1....2....kick. The undertaker kicks out. Aj screams in fustration and stands up staring at undertaker on the mat. But then Raven comes and Bulldogs aj.

Raven sets up undertaker up for a ddt onto the bat but undertaker powers off and tomestones raven. Then gives raven the r.i.p 1...2...3
- raven eliminated
Undertaker leg drops aj then climbs the top off the cage and grabs a sledge hammer. Suddenly Aj climbs to the top of the cage too and Undertaker hits aj in the ribs with a hammer aj drops onto the outside cage but grabs undertakers foot and they both grab the cage before they drop. Raven appears and pulls down both undertaker and AJ. - resulting in a draw bewteen Aj and Undertaker

Tag team championship match turmoil match
MATCH 1 Rey mysterio / rob van damn(c) vs Eddie / benoit

The match starts off with rey and eddie. Eddie goes for a quick 3 amigoes but rey counters with a suplex. Rey bounces off the rope and cross bodies eddie.(cover) 1....2.. kick . Eddie stands looking frightened at reys anger. Rey goes for a irish whip but eddie counters into a arm drag . Eddie tags Benoit. Benoit picks up rey and goes for a backdrop but rey counters with a push into a 619 position. Rey hits the 619 and then a west coast pop. Rey quickly tags in RVD. Rey runs up to eddie and cross bodies him out the ring. Rvd hits the frogsplash. (cover)1...2..3
- winners rey mysterio/rob van damn

MATCH 2 rey mysterio/ rvd (C) vs AMW

The match starts off with rvd and chris harris . Rvd gives harris a varatie of kicks. But harris grabs rvds leg and elbows his thigh. Harris gets a side walk slam on rvd then gets angry and clothelines him. Harris tags Storm in the match. Storm raids in a elbows rvd , rey comes in and storm back drops rey. Rey lands on harris's shoulder then harris powerbombs rey onto the outside. Benoit comes out of nowhere and distracts the referee. Harris runs into the ring and amw give rvd the death sense while the referee is distracted. Benoit runs backstage. Storm goes for the cover, 1...2...3
winners- AMW

FINAL MATCH AMW vs Jbl / kurt angle

The match starts with harris and JBL in the ring chris benoit/ eddie / rey / rvd surround the ring. JBL grapplers onto harris and gets him in a headlock but harris counters with a headlock. Rvd starts distracting the referee and jbl comes in and hits the clothesline from hell on harris. Storm runs in but angle gives him the angle slam. Angle gets harris in a ankle lock the referee turns round and sees the ankle lock on harris. Harris counters with a enzirguri. Angle is knocked out. Suddenly a fight breaks out between eddie and rey. While the referee is distracted Storm hits Jbl with a chair. Jbl is bleeding. They lift up angle and they give angle a death sense. Goes for the cover. 1....2....3
winner and new tag team champions - AMW

X-division championship Falls count anywhere match
Christopher Daniels (c) vs Paul London

The match starts off by Daniels getting London in an armbar. London counters with an armbar on Daniels. Daniels manages to roll out. They stare at eachother. They lock hands and Daniels gets a irish whip by london, then london backdrops Daniels. cover. 1...2..kick. Daniels gets up but london does a diving clothesline onto the outside. Daniels recovers and gets up before london. Daniels runs for the clothes line but london counters with a leg sweep. Daniels drops into the steps. Daniels is bleeding. London picks up Daniels and rolls him on the announcers table. London climbs to the top turnbuckle and does a 450 off the top and lands straight on daniels. The table breaks. London covers. 1...2...3
winner and new x-division champion - paul london
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The ppv need's to been improved here are some of the way's to do this as i got this from more experinced booker's as i am just learning just like you oh buy the way if you want some advise on how to improve then here are some pointer's i got from other booker's.You need to add more then 1 colour,make it longer,make the matches longer,add some comentree to your show's and add some different font's to make it realistic and the ppv was good but as said before need's improving.I'll give 5 and half out of 10.
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