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TNA's top 5 guys right now.

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I'd say after all the gutting and reshuffling their top five guys for the intermeddiate term stands at -

1. Jeff Hardy
2. Austin Aries
3. AJ Styles
4. Bully Ray
5. Kurt Angle
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AJ Styles
Mr. Anderson
Kurt Angle
Bobby Roode
Bully Ray

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you have to have AJ Styles in there, because he is the champion.

I think you have to have Bully in there, the most recent former champion.

Jeff Hardy should be in there.

Bobby Roode should be in there.

I also think Austin Aries should be in there.

who's missing?

Kurt Angle. had time off while in rehab, and since returning hasn't done much. he's been "injured" and not the same. he could be considered borderline, but more so on the outide of the top 5 for now.

Sting. just not the same anymore. doesn't wrestle as often. not what I would consider as top tier anymore.

Magnus. potential is there, but he's not main event yet.
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