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TNA's Moments of Chaos

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TNA was supposed to be starting off this year with a lot of momentum after Bound For Glory's big change. They had a dominate heel stable in the Immortals, with Jeff Hardy as the champion and the figure head. They had control of Fourtune with a mix of veteran leadership and young talent, both underutilized and up-and-coming. And their mid-card feuds were building up relatively well to keep the excitement up. Now, I ask what the hell happened?

Dixie Carter promises the biggest surprise of the year, which ends up being Sting coming back, which surprised absolutely no one. Meanwhile the "court case" storyline came and went without even a whimper, and Hogan has barely used his 100% power.

The Immortals storyline has fallen completely apart. The group went from a dominating 10 wrestler group to a barely having 4 active members.

Abyss and the TV title have completely disappeared, with no update on his condition whatsoever. And Crimson has said nothing about it, either.

Fourtune turned face because of the loss of the Main Event Mafia storyline for whatever reason, and now are facing weaker competition.

We haven't seen Jay Lethal, the Motor City Machine Guns, Douglas Williams, Magnus, or Amazing Red in months, except for the occasional squash.

We've only seen Scott Steiner once or twice in a blue moon.

Madison Rayne is reduced to fighting former Knockouts in 3 minute matches for the title.

We've seen the Knockouts invite TWO Jersey Shore girls in, all while releasing Lacey Von Erich, Miss Teshmacher and Daffney.

We've seen Velvet Sky fight for her career and after winning the match and finally getting over the hurdle of a losing streak, no one acknowledged or cared.

We've seen Eric Young go from dodging Orlando Jordan's sexual advances to finding the old World Heavyweight Title in the trash and wearing it like a *******'s belt buckle and looping his way around nearly every other wrestler's backstage segments.

We've seen The Pope whine, cry and give up a feud with Abyss out of nowhere to turn heel and feud with two faces in Samoa Joe and his sidekick Okada.

We've seen Bully Ray turn on his long-time tag team partner D-Von again, and Tommy Dreamer pops up out of nowhere and gets a PPV match with him.

We've seen Matt Morgan feud with Hernandez because of their actions last year, which makes sense except that Morgan is the good guy and Hernandez is the evil heel now.

We've seen the Kurt Angle\Jeff Jarrett go from a deadly serious, near worked shoot angle to an absurdist comedy angle that has plagued us with incessant videos about honeymoons, vacations and family outings, which have NOTHING to do with wrestling.

We've seen Rob Van Dam accuse and feud with nearly every face while not actively going after the belt, and since losing the World Title, only got one tainted title shot.

We've seen Jeff Hardy at first as a dominant champion, only to lose the belt to Mr. Anderson in a month, only to gain it back a month later in a ladder match, in which the clean win pissed off Mr. Anderson enough to turn quasi-heel by whining and crying about his misfortune.

We've seen Sting win the World Heavyweight Title on his first night back after Jeff only had it for another few weeks, which led to the Victory Road debacle.

As much as I try to find positive moments in everything, and it's not like I haven't enjoyed watching separate moments, the fact is that TNA seems like everything is in chaos. So far the only storyline that have been cohesive from beginning to end is Bully Ray vs. D-Von, because it's actualy shown growth and depth, and even that is getting muddled by adding Dreamer into the mix.

Therefore, my question is this: do you think TNA is too chaotic right now? Are the storylines going too far out of sync? Or do you think things, despite the Victory Road main event, are going in a good direction? Any storyline that you think is cohesive and interesting to follow?

I didnt write this..
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well at least it's not pg and has hardcore blood LOL

ok seriously... tna is a mess right now, even more than it was during the monday night squash... i can only wonder how are they going to get out of this hole... even tony316 and cubby stopped defending tna for a while to admit that they messed up, and these guys are the biggest tna fans/defenders i've seen so far...

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After last year i thought TNA couldn't get any worse as 2010 was horrible outside of a few things but then i thought the same in 2009 going into 2010 and before that i though the same in 2008 going into 2009 so i am not really surprised at the debacle that is TNA in 2011 as they have somehow managed to top how bad they were the previous year on a regular basis since 2006 ended. For the life of me i just can not understand why and how TNA management doesn't see what almost everyone else in the world does, is it sheer ignorance or a complete lack of understanding how to run a wrestling company that people enjoy watching.

As i said in a different couple of threads what TNA desperately needs to do is have a reboot of sorts after Lockdown and start all over with different feuds but keep more or less everyone with the same character. The only changes i would make on the TNA roster in regards to characters would be by turning Ken Anderson heel and pushing him as the top heel in TNA as well as turning Matt Morgan and having both men in Immortal, other than that i would turn Doug Williams heel because the X Division has no heels since Frankie Kazarian turned face when Fortune did.

I did say originally that Sting/Anderson should main event Lockdown but after thinking about it TNA should probably go with a Fatal Four Way with Ken Anderson, Sting, Rob Van Dam and Matt Morgan for the World title with Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff at ringside. I would have Sting go over simply because he should lose the World title one on one so that whoever beats him for it will get a good rub which would happen at the next PPV, i forget PPV names in TNA now outside of the big three in Lockdown, Slammiversary and Bound For Glory.

In the match Sting could pin Rob Van Dam as it doesn't hurt him taking the loss in the match, Hulk Hogan would then come in the ring with a chair to hit Sting but Ken Anderson would then take the chair from Hulk Hogan and tease hitting him before hitting Sting. We could see Rob Van Dam attempt to stop Ken Anderson but then he would get attacked by Matt Morgan and that would see the show close with Ken Anderson and Matt Morgan having their hands held high by Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff thus meaning a new and much better Immortal than the current one.

Also at Lockdown hopefully we would see an end to Angle/Jarrett as well so at the next set of tapings TNA could go about starting all over again with different feuds and simple booking as the best feuds of the last five years in Cena/Edge, Michaels/Jericho, Undertaker/Edge, HHH/Orton, Hardy/Punk and Michaels/Undertaker have all been simple so sometimes less is more. I would go with Sting/Anderson for the World title, RVD/Morgan, Angle/Abyss if he was ready to return, Styles/Jarrett to continue AJ Styles build as the top face, Beer Money/Gunner and Murphy in keeping some what with Fortune/Immortal, Kazarian/Williams for the X title, MCMG/Ink Inc, Love/Winter, Mickie/Sarita and the one i would keep would Samoa Joe and The Pope because they haven't even had one PPV match yet.

All of that could just be booked very simply with no surprises or swerves involved and no overcomplicated storylines that make an episode of Impact similar to 24 or Lost where you miss one episode and your completely clueless to what is going on. What it comes down to though is are TNA actually able to book or write a simple feud with no crazy formula or crazy storyline behind it because i don't think they can, Eric Bischoff and Vince Russo have always relied on short term shock value rather than long term solid storylines other than Sting/Hogan back in 1997 so i don't see it getting any better in TNA anytime soon.

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I've been thinking this for weeks. If they take the slapstick, campy humor approach, TNA is pretty tolerable right now.
Maybe they should. Be much more campy and weird. Hey it might work for them.
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