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Okay, so there was a time when TNA tried recreating wrestler's character by placing them with an established superstar. I'm here to discuss the hits(Not saying that's all this topic has to be about, just where I'm going to start it).

My second in place miss that comes to mind is Daniels stint with Sting.

No, the two characters persona's didn't necessarily mix or where quite similar but the chemistry was there. I felt TNA failed to capitalize on the mix of Daniels and Sting. When the two where feuding I remember getting a renewed interest in Daniels. Never really a natural face was he but haven been following TNA for awhile I didn't think they could make him a fresh heel again when they did. The whole saga went over pretty well with generally entertaining matches coming from it. But why was this a miss?

TNA totally lost Daniels in the shuffle. First off the whole gimmick shuffling bit was outstandingly annoying. Totally uncaused for. The gimmick he had at the time, in my mind, could have produced money. The Fallen Angel gimmick had so much to offer in terms of character, money, and etc. that it was a waste to be treated in the manner it was.

TNA's biggest miss. Petey Williams and Scott Steiner

Maple Leaf Muscle aka Little Petey Pump

Talk about a success that just worked. Nothing from this duo ever seemed forced. Everything with these two just felt natural. When they first started the gimmick with Petey I knew exactly where it was going to go and I loved every bit of it. The two put on entertaining matches and as a duo complemented each other's look and persona. I felt it was a gimmick which either could have stayed with Pete or at least he would have been able to change over time to turn it into something of it's own.

The real problem I see with these two loses is that even though TNA didn't do anything with them, they are also not with the company anymore which brings me to another point. TNA's inaptness to loyalty. I'm just saying, Daniels is the name after Styles you think of when you think TNA. Petey, also has been in TNA for sometime and to see how they where let go with no explanation is a little disheartening. TNA had a chance to create a few superstars which over time I think would have been able to draw (may it be ppvs or merchandise sells or even people coming to shows). TNA just didn't stick with these guys.
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