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I am trying to recreate what I had been thinking about for a while. I heard the morale was low in the WWE locker room was low so i made up this.

Are You ready?

TNA is in turmoil, WWE wrestlers have taken over the X Division and are trying to spread. What will Dixie do? She cant release them because they are 75% or their fan-base. Now they are on Spike and Fox and FX. They are flourishing on camera, but behind the scenes is a whole nother story.

"Jeff Jarret, The NWA Heavyweight Champion will address the WWE X division wrestlers tonight, also ultimate X, AJ vs Rey Mysterio jr. Jeff Hardy and Ron Killings will defend their tag team titles aginst a surprise tag team. and to headline this event, NWA Championship match, JJ vs. Sting, who 12 months ago at this very event last year scared Jeff out of his whits. I'll send it to mike Tenay and D.W. Don West."

DW: Now set for the first matchup Abyss vs. C.U. Later , a youngster from the Orlando suburbs.

Abyss comes out with his maneger, James Mitchell. C.U. Later already in the ring. Abyss charges at C.U (Curtis Underwood) but he slides out, Abyss going into the turnbuckle. CU Later Dropsault in the corner on Abyss, going stright into the ropes and Abyss flapjacks him. stomp stomp stomp picks him up and whips him into the turnbuckle sets him up for the Black Hole Slam but CU Later spins around into a hurricanrana.

Tenay: " one of the new things in TNA is we Listened to our fans and signed some new talent.

DW:"And we do mean talent. I dont think anyone had countered a Black hole slame like that."

C U Later walks out of the ring. up the ramp and Abyss is after him, He attempts a clothesline but CU ducks. walks down a little with Abyss behind him. The count is 8. C.U jumps and backward kicks Abyss in the croch. The ref's perspective CU Later fell. CU Jumps back into the ring and it is 10.

winner by countout: C.U. Later

Tenay: Now Jeff Jarret will adress the WWE X division.

"My World" plays as Jeff Jarret walks down the ramp and comes into the ring. lifts his guitar and comes in.

"Im gonna get right down to the point here. WWE wrestlers..have been comin' to our house over the past couple weeks. I, and a lot of other superstars in the back are pretty hot about this invasion of sorts."

walks across ring.

"Even my opponet tonight, Sting**crowd pop** My opponet, shares with me the hate for the WWE. so I would like to-"

Lights go out.


But then the bells ring.


The lights go back on and Jarret is on the floor and Undertaker is standing above him.


DW: I can not belive that. But We will go on to the Tag Team title match between Jeff Hardy Ron Killings and a mystery team.

Jeff Hardy and Ron Killings both come out with their belts..

Tenay: Why are their soo many magazine reporters here? We are popular but geesh.

An unknown theme plays.


MNM comes out and**static** ssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhsssssssssssshhhhhhhsssssssssshhhhhh

WWE symbolshow on screen.

JR Welcome to monday night RAW. (then contenues into a raw show)

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It shouldnt be closed.

Sure it makes no sense and all but its his BTB and I kinda see that hes taking it from a non reality based show, which is fine.

My first show that I ever did was MUCH worse.

Edit: I just completely read through this and uh...yeah...please explain whats going on alittle bit more in detail and in a way that human beings can understand it.
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