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In September 2006, Vince Russo was hired back as a member of TNA writing staff. Gone was the quality wrestling and old school booking that had helped gained TNA recognition as one of the best wrestling promotion in the world. It was replaced by odd booking, older WWE and WCW stars, and horrible TVs and PPVs. During his tenure, "Fuck TNA" chants were becoming common place in other wrestling promotions where TNA stars worked. The promotion had become a joke to the wrestling community. But what if Russo, didn't come in, what would TNA have looked like. What would have happened to Samoa Joe, to AJ Styles, to the X-Division?
Our Russo free TNA world will begin moments after TNA No Surrender 2006. The Naturals have just become #1 contenders to the NWA-TNA Tag Team Championships, AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels had won the NWA-TNA Tag Team Championships from LAX in an Ultimate X Match, Samoa Joe defeated Jeff Jarrett in a Fan's Revenge Strap Match and stole Jarrett's NWA Championship, TNA announced Impact would move to primetime TV on November 16 at 9:00pm ET, and a certain big star was announced to have signed with the company....


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TNA Roll Call

AJ Styles
Alex Shelley
Andy Douglas
Austin Starr
BG James
Bobby Roode
Brother Devon
Brother Ray
Brother Runt
Cassidy Riley
Chase Stevens
Chris Harris
Chris Sabin
Christopher Daniels
Cristy Hemme
David Young
Elix Skipper
Eric Young
Gail Kim
Jackie Gayda
James Mitchell
James Storm
Jay Lethal
Jeff Jarrett
Jerry Lynn
Jim Cornette
Johnny Devine
Kevin Nash
Kip James
Kurt Angle
Lance Hoyt
Matt Bentley
Norman Smiley
Petey Williams
Ron Killings
Samoa Joe
Scott Steiner
Shane Douglas
Shark Boy
Simon Diamond
Sonjay Dutt

Tag Teams​
America's Most Wanted (Chris Harris and James Storm)
AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels
Diamonds in the Rough (David Young and Elix Skipper)
James Gang (BG James and Kip James)
Latin American Xchange (Homicide and Hernandez)
Matt Bentley and Kazarian
Ron Killings and Lance Hoyt
Shark Boy and Norman Smiley
Team 3D (Brother Ray and Brother Devon)
The Naturals (Chase Stevens and Andy Douglas)
The Paparazzis (Alex Shelley and Johnny Devine)

Managers and Personnel​
TNA Management Director- Jim Cornette
Manager of Jeff Jarrett and AMW- Gail Kim
Manager of The Diamonds in the Rough- Simon Diamond
Manager of Abyss- James Mitchell
Manager of The Naturals- Shane Douglas
Manager of Robert Roode- Traci
Manager of LAX- Konnan
Manager of Paparazzis- Kevin Nash

Mike Tenay
Don West

Ring Announcer:
David Penzer

Jeremy Borash
Christy Hemme

Earl Hebner
Rudy Charles
Andrew Thomas
Mark "Slick" Johnson


Jeff Jarrett


AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels​

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Interested to see where you go with this as this was my favorite time period in TNA and I've actually thought about doing this same project. With only 1 month away from Bound for Glory Im excited to see what you book for the show. I remember really not liking the way they announced the big matches via a really cheesy looking press conference and pumped to see what direction you take it.

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TNA Impact Preview
September 28, 2006 from the Impact Zone- Orlando,FL

Kurt Angle is Coming!!!!​
This past Sunday, TNA Wrestling's Major Announcements didn't disappoint!!! Not only will TNA Impact move to primetime on November 16, but also Kurt Angle signed with TNA!!!! See the reaction of the TNA superstars this Thursday and hear who will be the first to challenge Angle when he arrives!!!

Tag Titles on the Line!!!!​
This Thursday on Impact, the NWA Tag Team Championships will be on the line!!! AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels, fresh off regaining the championships in an amazing Ultimate X match against the LAX, will face the challenge of the Naturals, coming off a win in the gauntlet match this past Sunday. With Shane Douglas in their corner and momentum on their side, will the Naturals cut the reign of Styles and Daniels short? Also, will the LAX rear their ugly heads?

Samoa Joe takes the belt hostage!!!​
After winning the Fan's Revenge match this past Sunday over the NWA Champion Jeff Jarrett, Samoa Joe walked out of the arena with the championship in hand. However, the match was a non-title bout, and Jarrett is set to defend the championship against Sting at Bound For Glory. What will Jarrett's reaction be to Joe stealing the belt and what will Samoa Joe do now that he is in possession of the most prestigious belt in professional wrestling?

All this and so much more this Thursday night, only on TNA Impact!!!!

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September 26, 2006​
Impact Zone- Orlando, FL​

Opening Video: http://youtu.be/lqIB4CWDkiM

Impact Intro: http://youtu.be/FX5FRCumLRM

Mike Tenay: Welcome everyone, to Total Nonstop Wrestling's Impact!!!! Last Sunday Night, the wrestling world was shocked by the announcement that Kurt Angle has signed with TNA Wrestling!!! Tonight we are going to get reaction from the TNA superstars about Kurt Angle's upcoming arrival plus we've learned that someone has already made a challenge to Angle!!!

Don West: That's not all. This past Sunday, Samoa Joe, after wining the fan's revenge match against the NWA World Heavyweight Champion Jeff Jarrett, stole the belt and now has possession of it.

Mike Tenay: Jeff Jarrett has yet to arrive to the building but you know that when he arrives, the first person he'll be looking for is Samoa Joe.

"Hail Sabin" plays as Chris Sabin makes his way out to ringside with a microphone in hand.​

Mike Tenay: Here comes Chris Sabin making his way out to ring, this past Sunday he lost his X-Division title shot against Senshi, getting caught up in the Jackass craze that has consumed him, Jay Lethal, and Sonjay Dutt over the past few weeks.

Chris Sabin: "Last Sunday, I lost my X-Division championship oppertunity. For the last two years, I've been chasing that belt. So when I finally get my chance to win back the title, what do I do? I screw up. I tried to encorporate things I saw in a movie to try to win a match, and I got my ass kicked. My immiturity and stupidity cost me the X-Division championship. After having a few days to think it over, I'm now motivated and focused. Bound for Glory is in Detriot, MI, it's in MY backyard. What better place to regain the X-Division championship than the place I call home. Senshi, I'm out here for one reason, and that for you to give me another chance. You didn't get the real Chris Sabin at No Surrender, but I promise you will get the real Chris Sabin at Bound for Glory."

"Up Yours" plays as Alex Shelley makes his way onto the stage.​

Alex Shelley: "Chris, you had your chance last Sunday, and you choke. You're not the only one that has a dream to go home to the Motor City and win the X-Division championship. Unlike you, I'm not a failure, unlike you, I won't go to Detroit and dissapoint my friends and family. I'm going to face Senshi for the X-Division championship at Bound for Glory and I'm going to be Detroit's greatest hero while you're doing your stupid stunts with your little buddies."

Jim Cornette appears on the giant screen.​

Jim Cornette: "Alex Shelley, I know where you're coming from and you are in line for an X-Division championship match, but I also known that we didn't get to see the real Chris Sabin this past Sunday. I also know the real Chris Sabin and Senshi would be one hell of a match for Bound for Glory. So tonight, in our main event, it will be Chris Sabin against Alex Shelley, with the winner facing Senshi at Bound for Glory."

Chris Sabin has a giant smile on his face on his face as Shelley throws a tantrum on the stage.​

Mike Tenay: Our Management Director Cornette laid down the law, what a main event!!! Sabin v. Shelley with the winner getting an X-Division title match at Bound for Glory!!! Coming up next, the NWA Tag Team Championships are on the line as AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels defend against the Naturals. Stay tuned to Impact!!!

Commerical Break​

“Natural” plays as The Naturals come out accompanied by their manager, Shane Douglas.​

Mike Tenay: Last Sunday, the Naturals won a gauntlet match to earn a tag title shot tonight. They’ve been on the losing end of matches in recent months, but could tonight be the night where all of Shane Douglas’ hard work pays off and the Naturals regain the championships.

“I Am” plays as AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels make their way to the ring.​

Don West: Styles and Daniels won an incredible Ultimate X match this past Sunday over the former champions the LAX, you have to wonder if the champions are 100% for this match-up.

NWA Tag Team Championships- AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels © v. The Naturals w/ Shane Douglas​
Styles and Andy Douglas kick it off. Chain wrestling and reversals start off the contest and Douglas mounds Styles’ back and paintbrushes him a few times before reaching a standing. More chain wrestling and Douglas goes off the ropes where Styles meets him with a beautiful dropkick!!!! Douglas bails to the floor to regroup with his teammate. Daniels and Chase Stevens come in and Daniels goes to the headlock. Styles and Daniels spend some time working over the arm of Chase Stevens but Stevens regains the momentum by poking Styles in the eye. He tags Douglas in who eats forearms from Styles. Styles is reversed off the ropes, lands on his feet of a backdrop attempt and hits an enziguri!!! Cover by Styles gets 1….2…kick out by Douglas. Tag to Daniels and he sends Douglas to the corner. Daniels charges but gets backdropped all the way to the floor!!! Shane Douglas clothesline Daniels as the referee is distracted as we go to a commercial break!!!!

Commerical Break​

Back from break and the Naturals hit a double suplex on Daniels for 1…2….Daniels kicks out!!! Stevens goes into a rear chinlock, trying to wear down the Fallen Angel. The crowd starts clapping, trying to encourage Daniels to get to his feet. Daniels makes his way up but Stevens cuts him off with a knee to the gut and an elbow to the back of the head. Tag to Douglas and they send him off the ropes and duck down for a double backdrop attempt. Daniels catches both of them with a DDT instead!!!! Daniels starts crawling toward Styles in the corner…he’s almost there…..the Naturals cut him off!!! Douglas has the leg of Daniels but Daniels gets to his feet and hits an enziguri to Douglas!!! Daniels rolls under a Stevens clothesline and tags in Styles!!! Springboard forearm into the ring by Styles to Stevens and he cleans house with clotheslines and spinkicks. Springboard reverse DDT by Styles to the Naturals!!!! Cover on Douglas gets 1….2….Douglas kicks out. Styles goes for the Styles Clash but Stevens breaks it up. He goes for a back suplex but Styles escapes and hits the Pele kick!!!! Shane Douglas is on the apron so Styles goes after him. Andy Douglas catches him from behind with the O’Connor roll for 1…2…kick out and the force of the kick out sends Andy flying into Shane Douglas, knocking them both to the floor!!! Daniels with a suicide dive to the floor taking out Andy and Shane Douglas!!! Stevens goes for a superkick on Styles but Styles ducks and kicks him in the gut. Styles hits the Styles Clash on Stevens for 1…2…..3!!!!! AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels retain the tag titles even though Stevens wasn’t the legal man!!!

Winners in 12 minutes and 14 seconds and STILL NWA World Tag Team Champions- AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels​

Mike Tenay: Great victory for the champions here on Impact…wait what’s going on?

LAX hit the ring and attack Styles and Daniels. Hernandez tosses Styles across the ring and Homicide hits an ace crusher on Daniels. Now the Naturals join in the beat, it’s a four on two assault on the champions. Team 3D come out to even the odds; sending the Naturals and LAX packing. Team 3D help AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels to their feet.

Mike Tenay: Thank goodness Team 3D came out to help Styles and Daniels, who knows what could’ve happened had the beating continued from the LAX. And what’s going on with the Naturals?

Don West: I don’t know Mike, but you have to think Jim Cornette is going to get to the bottom of all this.

Mike Tenay
: Coming up next, we are going to get reaction from the TNA superstars about the impending arrival of Kurt Angle. Stick with us.

Commerical Break​

Mike Tenay: Welcome back to Impact, here is video recording of the TNA superstar’s reactions to the signing of Kurt Angle to TNA.

Lance Hoyt
: “I’m really excited about Kurt Angle coming to TNA. I think he brings a lot of prestige and credibility to the company. It’s an exciting time for TNA.”

AJ Styles: “The thing that popped into my head when I heard Kurt Angle was coming to TNA was a match with him. AJ Styles v. Kurt Angle, a match for the ages.”

: “Kurt Angle better just stay the hell away from me if he knows what’s good for him.”

Samoa Joe: “Kurt, I’ll be waiting when you arrive.”

Cut backstage to Abyss and James Mitchell.​

James Mitchell: “So all the talk in TNA lately has been about Kurt Angle coming to TNA. People are asking the big question, who is going to be the man Kurt Angle faces when he enters the company. Who’s the man that’s going to provide the first dream match for Kurt Angle. Well, I’m here to answer that question. Angle’s first match in TNA, his ONLY match in TNA will be against my monster, Abyss. Kurt, anybody who comes to TNA has to deal with Abyss, my weapon of mass destruction, the most dominant force TNA has ever seen. Kurt Angle, you want to prove your worth, you want to prove that you can hang with the best in TNA, start by doing the impossible. Make my monster Abyss tap out. The challenge has been laid out Kurt, Abyss vs. Kurt Angle at Bound For Glory. You have two weeks to respond to our challenge. But Kurt, fair warning. If you accept, your TNA career, hell your wrestling career will come to a permanent end.

Commerical Break

Back from commercial, cut to video of Christian Cage.​

Christian Cage: “Last Sunday, I put Rhino out with a concussion, gave him the most vicious conchairto I’ve ever dished out. I am sending Rhino a message. We’re no longer friends, and I’m a different man. I care about one thing, the NWA World Championship. Rhino, I’m telling you this for your own good. Stay out of my business, or the next time we meet, it will be the end of you.”

“No More Fears” play as Robert Roode along with Ms. Brooks come out for the next match. His opponent, Cassidy Riley, is already in the ring.​

Mike Tenay: Last Sunday, on the No Surrender preshow, Robert Roode made his long awaited return to the ring picking up a victory but almost as important, he announced his new manager Ms. Brooks.

Don West: Robert Roode feels Ms. Brooks will take him to the top along with take him to more money.

Robert Roode w/ Ms. Brooks vs. Cassidy Riley​
Robert Roode tosses Riley around like he’s a toy to start, taking time to pose in between his power moves. Press slam by Roode and he hits a Northern Lariat nearly killing poor Riley. Fisherman’s Suplex by Roode gets 1…2….3!!!
Winner in 1 minute 6 seconds- Robert Roode​

Mike Tenay: Quick victory for Robert Roode, he made it look easy.
Don West: This could be the start of big things for Roode and Ms. Brooks.

Cut backstage to Jeff Jarrett arriving to the Impact Zone.

Mike Tenay: It’s looks like the King of the Mountain made his way to the Impact Zone and you know who he’s looking for. The man who stole his NWA World Heavyweight Championship, Samoa Joe.

Commerical Break

“Up Yours” plays as Alex Shelley makes his way to the ring.​

Mike Tenay: It’s time for our Impact main event, a number one contenders match for the X-Division championship and after the insults Shelley dished out earlier tonight, this one has become personal.

“Hail Sabin” plays as Chris Sabin makes his way to the ring.​

Don West: Chris Sabin knows what’s at stake. He needs to prove to himself and the world that the real Chris Sabin can go into his hometown of Detroit and win the X-Division championship.

Number 1 Contender Match- Alex Shelley vs. Chris Sabin​
Sabin goes right after Shelley with forearms to start, throwing them with fire and anger. Whip to the corner and Sabin hits a charging forearm smash. Snapmare and a dropkick to the back by Sabin gets 1…2…kick out!!! He goes for the Cradle Shock but Shelley escapes and bails to the floor as we go to break.

Commerical Break​

Back from break and Sabin backdrops Shelley to the floor. Sabin goes for a suicide dive but Shelley kicks him in the head as he starts to jump through the ropes!!! Shelley hits a hanging DDT onto the floor and Sabin is OUT. Shelley heads into the ring as the ref starts to count Sabin out. 1…2…3….4….5…6. Sabin is stirring and starts to get to his feet as the crowd gets behind him. 7….8…9…Sabin makes it in!!!! Shelley stomps away on Sabin and he hits a snap suplex for 1…2…Sabin kicks out. Shelley grabs a Camel Clutch as the fans chant Sabin’s name. Sabin fights out so Shelley pulls him down by the hair. Shelley goes for a superkick but Sabin ducks it and hits an enziguri, knocking both men down. They get to their feet and Sabin hits some forearms. Sabin with a springboard tornado DDT for 1…2….kick out!!! Sabin goes to the apron and tries a springboard dropkick but Shelley moves out of the way, sending Sabin crashing to the mat!!! Basement superkick by Shelley gets 1….2…Sabin kicks out!!! Shelley can’t believe it. He goes to the floor and grabs a chair but the ref prevents him from using it. As the ref is distracted, Johnny Devine makes his way out with a chair of his own. Before he makes it in the ring, Sonjay Dutt and Jay Lethal stop him and attack him on the floor!!!! In the ring, Shelley goes for Sliced Bread #2 but Sabin catches him mid move with the Cradle Shock!!! Sabin covers and gets 1….2…..3!!!! Sabin gets the title shot at Bound for Glory!!!! Jay Lethal and Sonjay Dutt enter the ring to celebrate with Sabin.
Winner in 9 minutes 41 seconds and #1 Contender for the X-Division Championship- Chris Sabin​

Mike Tenay: What a win for Chris Sabin, he gets to go home in Detroit and challenge Senshi for the X-Division championship.

Don West
: If this is what the real Chris Sabin looks like, Senshi is in for a war at Bound for Glory.

“My World” plays as Jeff Jarrett makes his way to the ring.​

Mike Tenay: Wait a minute, he comes Jeff Jarrett to break up the celebration and he looks PISSED.

Commercial Break​

Back from commercial, Jeff Jarrett is in the ring​

Jeff Jarrett: “ Samoa Joe, get your fat ass out here and give me back MY NWA World Heavyweight Championship.”

“Crush You Up” plays as Samoa Joe makes his way into the ring.​

Samoa Joe: “ Jeff Jarrett, as far as I’m concerned, this title isn’t yours. I pinned you clean in the center of the ring this past Sunday, I pinned the champion. So this belt is unofficially mine.”

Jeff Jarrett
: “Joe, you moron, it was a non-title match. I’m the damn champion, that belt is MINE.”

Samoa Joe: “I’ll make this simple for you Jeff.”

Samoa Joe lays the belt on the ground.​

Samoa Joe
: “You want your belt back, go get it.”

Jeff Jarrett bends down to grab his belt but Joe steps on his hand just as it touches the belt.​

Samoa Joe: “But you’ll have to fight me for it.”

Samoa Joe hits some right hands to Jeff Jarrett. He stomps away in the corner and face washes Jeff with his boot. Olay kick by Joe and Jarrett falls to the floor. Samoa Joe picks up the belt and picks up the microphone.

Samoa Joe: “Jeff, I’ll make a deal with you. Next week on Impact, I want a one on one match with you. You beat me, not only will you end my streak, you get the NWA World Heavyweight Championship back and I will personally strap it around your waist, declaring you the rightful champion. However, if you win, I get inserted into the match between you and Sting at Bound for Glory. At the biggest show of the year in TNA, I want to be crowned the official NWA World Heavyweight Champion. What do you say Jeff?”

Jeff Jarrett grabs a microphone while holding his head in pain.​

Jeff Jarrett: “You’re on.”

Mike Tenay: I can’t believe it, Jeff Jarrett has accepted the challenge of Samoa Joe for a match next week on Impact.

Don West: Mike, it’s going to be the biggest match in Impact history, Streak vs. Title Shot, Joe’s putting it all on the line next week.

Mike Tenay: Fans, you have to tune in to next week’s Impact. The road to Bound for Glory just got a whole lot bumpier.

End Show.

Bound for Glory Line-Up
NWA Championship
Jeff Jarrett © vs. Sting

NWA X-Division Championship
Senshi © vs. Chris Sabin​

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First of all, love the name of this!
Second, sort of like Baldwin's ECW thread, I have to admit that I did not watch TNA during the time you are writing this in so please forgive me if my reviews aren't the best.

Looking over your show I couldn't find anything that really stood out. Everything looked pretty good. Abyss being Angle's first challenger should be interesting. I also like the angle with Samoa Joe and the belt. I have to assume Joe wins the title at Bound for Glory but we'll see.

Good luck with the rest of this!

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TNA Impact Preview
October 5, 2006 from the Impact Zone-Orlando, FL​

Streak vs. Title Shot!!!!​
Last week on Impact, Samoa Joe presented Jeff Jarrett with an oppertunitiy to get his NWA World Heavyweight Championship. Joe would put his streak and the belt on the line in a one on one match with Jarrett. However, the catch was that if Joe won the match, he'd be entered into the Jarrett/Sting match at Bound for Glory. Jarrett, strangly enough, was quick to accept. Will Joe's streak come to an end at the hands of the King of the Mountain, or will Joe begin his road to Bound for Glory and the NWA World Heavyweight Championship. Don't miss the biggest match in Impact history this Thursday!!!!

Cornette Address the Tag Teams!!!!
After the controversal ending to the NWA Tag Team Championship match last week and the chaos that ensued after the bout, Jim Cornette has made a decision regarding the Tag Team Championship bout at Bound for Glory. Will the Naturals, LAX, or Team 3D be the ones to face AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels at TNA's biggest stage? How will the champions respond?

Abyss in Action!!!!
This week on Impact,Abyss will compete in one on one action. James Mitchell says this Thursday will be a preview of what's in store for Kurt Angle should he accepts Abyss' challenge for Bound for Glory. What does Abyss and Mitchell have planned for their opponent Thursday and will this be the week that Kurt Angle responds?

All this and much more this Thursday night only on TNA Impact!!!!!
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