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TNA Wrestling | Knocked Out '14



TNA Wrestling Press Release
May 1st, 2014

TNA Wrestling will once again make wrestling history this month. Due to the continuing success of the TNA Knockout Division since it's inception back in 2007 we have decided to reward the Knockouts and the division fans in a big way! Since 2007 the TNA Knockouts have continuously provided IMPACT Wrestling with high ratings and great matches, making TNA the place to be if you want to see great female wrestling. So with that being said on May 14th, 2014 just three days after the LIVE TNA Knockouts Knockdown pay per view event TNA will be debuting an all new TV show on Spike TV called "TNA Knocked Out".

"TNA Knocked Out" will be a two hour weekly show airing every Wednesday Night on Spike TV highlighting the history making TNA Knockouts Division. TNA are proud to be behind the ONLY prime time female wrestling show in history! The TNA Knockouts have revolutionized main stream female wrestling over the last few years showing that you don't have to rely on just looks to be successful. The TNA Knockouts are among the most diverse and most talented roster of female wrestlers in the world.

The sky is the limit for what these Knockouts can accomplish and we hope that all the loyal TNA fans continue to support the Knockouts on TNA Knocked Out.



Owner: Panda Energy
President: Dixie Carter



Angelina Love
Brooke Tessmacher
Gail Kim
Madison Rayne
Taryn Terrel - maternity leave
Velvet Sky



The Beautiful People - Angelina Love & Velvet Sky



Christy Hemme - Ring Announcer
Matt Striker - Color Commentator
Mike Tenay - Lead Commentator
SoCal Val - Backstage Interviewer



TNA Knockouts Championship

Champion: Angelina Love
Defeated: Madison Rayne
Date Captured: April 27th, 2014
Event: TNA Sacrifice 2014
Defenses: 1

TNA Knockouts Tag Team Championship

Champions: Vacant
Defeated: Vacant
Date Captured: Vacant
Event: Vacant
Defenses: 0



Show: TNA Knocked Out
Day: Wednesday
Time: 9:00 ET

Starts May 14th, 2014



Event: TNA Knockouts Knockdown
Date: Sunday, May 11th, 2014
Location: Orlando, Florida


136 Posts
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- TNA has recently resigned two former TNA Knockouts back to the company. Those two Knockouts are Tara (real name Lisa Marie Varon) and Alissa Flash (a.k.a Cheerleader Melissa). While many reports have come out that Lisa Marie Varon would never come back to the company it's being reported that Dixie Carter herself flew to Chicago to meet with her about coming back to the company. The two drew up a contract that day and she will be making her return to the company this Sunday night at the TNA all knockouts Pay Per View Knockouts Knockdown. We're being told that TNA has reached out to several former stars of the Knockouts Division hoping to bring them back on board for TNA Knocked Out.

- Dixie Carter is reportedly in negotiations with the AAA and Wrestle-1 promotions in Mexico and Japan. It's being said that Dixie wants to mend TNA's broken relationships with other companies and hopefully bring in some stars to IMPACT Wrestling and some female stars for Knocked Out. TNA has sent over Angelina Love, Velvet Sky, and Mickie James (when she was under contract) to AAA and now she's hoping that they will send some female talent to the states for TNA. Regarding Wrestle-1 while they don't have a female division they scout the Joshi girls and Carter is reportedly very interested in bringing some to the states.


"A Beautiful Reign..."
Velvet Sky: "Since the Beautiful People have gotten back together we have dominated this TNA Knockout Division and because of US the Knockouts now have their own show. So every girl in this division should be thanking us because without US none of this would be happening. The Knockouts wouldn't be getting a show all to themselves, they wouldn't be getting this Knockouts Knockdown pay per view if it wasn't for Angelina Love and I. We have ushered in a new era in female wrestling. The Beautiful People are THE Knockout Division and I personally will prove that at Knockouts Knockdown this Sunday Night."

Angelina Love: "That's right Velvet! Since I've returned to TNA I've reclaimed my throne at the top of the division. I mean really just look at what has happened since I've returned. Ratings have gone up, the knockouts have gotten media attention and now the division is getting it's own show. I think it's real cute how Dixie Carter made this Knockouts Knockdown pay per view to find a number one contender to MY title because let's be real... no girl in TNA right now deserves to even step inside the ring with me. I just can't wait to sit back Sunday night and watch all these girls fight to get a shot at me. It doesn't matter though because whoever wins at Knockouts Knockdown will suffer the same fate as everyone before her... defeat."

"A TNT explosion..."
Tara: "It's been about a year since I've been inside the ring. A year since I laced up a pair of wrestling boots. It's been way too long. I've sat back for long enough watching what has happened in the Knockouts Division. I thought my desire to wrestle stopped but in the last few months It's been reignited due to the Knockout Division and it's amazing matches. However, I can contribute most of my desire to return to the ring to Brooke Tessmacher. I helped train Brooke. I traveled with her. I became best friends with her and over the last few months I've watched her turn into a different person here in TNA. Being lead around like a dog on a chain? Becoming Bully Ray's slut? That isn't the girl that I became best friends with. This Sunday I return to TNA at Knockouts Knockdown and my opponent will be Brooke Tessmacher. Maybe this Sunday I can knock some sense into you."

"Not a welcome mat..."
Alissa Flash: "Listen up. I know I was the laughing stock of the Knockouts Division a few years ago. Hell, I couldn't get a win to save my life. But you see, that's the old me. The old Alissa Flash and she's dead and gone. I am a future legend. I have battled around the world with the top female talent and won. I've toppled giants in Japan, I've taken on top guys in wrestling and won. I'm coming back to TNA to make a statement. I'm going to erase what I did when I was first in TNA. I'm no longer going to be the "welcome mat". I'm going to cement my legacy as a Knockout Legend starting at Knockouts Knockdown. And my first victim? Well it's none other than that blonde bimbo Velvet Sly. The Beautiful People think they are something special? Ha! I'll show them. You better hold on tight to that title Angelina Love because pretty soon it'll be around my waist!"


"Every female that wins a match against a TNA Knockout at #KnockoutsKnockdown will be awarded a TNA contract."

"Lacing up the boots for the first time this Sunday! I wonder who my opponent will be?"

"I don't have an opponent for #KnockoutsKnockdown so how about I issue an open challenge to ANY female wrestler who wants the opportunity?"

"NOTHING will stop me from winning the gauntlet this Sunday. I'm coming for that title @ActualALove."

"@GailKimITSME YAWN. How many times have I heard that before?"

"Pleased to announce that @Kay_Lee_Ray, @NikkiStorm1, @Shanna_WP, and @Saraya Knight will be joining us at #KnockoutsKnockdown!"



Sunday, May 11th, 2014
IMPACT Zone in Orlando, Florida

Open Challenge
Madison Rayne vs. ??????

Fatal Four Way
Kay Lee Ray vs. Nikki Storm vs. Saraya Knight vs. Shanna

Singles Match
Alissa Flash vs. Velvet Sky

Singles Match
Brooke Tessmacher vs. Tara

Wanted to make this Be The Booker fun so I'm trying some things out instead of just shows and stuff. Saw this kinda stuff in another diary and just thought it was the coolest. They'll probably be one more update like this before I post the pay per view. Anyways, hope y'all enjoy!
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