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IGN editor Levi Buchanan, got his hands on the first preview copies of the TNA video game for the Iphone. He gives a short take on the early builds of the game, strongly encouraging fans to use a tablet such as an Ipad or android tablet for the game due to how much screen real estate the virtual action buttons take up. Buchanan also notes that the game has a create a wrestler mode. IGN also has up six screenshots of the game and has revealed some new roster members for the game. Some names will surprise you. Putting together snippets of this preview and that of the early build here is the roster so far.

AJ Styles
Jeff Hardy
Shannon Moore
Tommy Dreamer
Kevin Nash
Kurt Angle
Robert Roode
James Storm
Rob terry
doug williams
Mr anderson
The Pope
Ric Flair
Jeff Jarrett

You can check out the preview and images at the following link IGN Mobile- Grappling With TNA Wrestling

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when is the ps3 and 360 versions coming out?

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Looks good, considering it's for the iPhone and all. I might have to get it, depending on what the final version looks like.

Though, I hope they come out with a new TNA game for the PS3.
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