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NWA World Heavyweight Champion- Raven

NWA Tag Team Champions- AMW

NWA X Division Champion- “Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels

Unbreakable will be reposted tomorrow.

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arrrrgghh...make up your mind!:(

J/K! I was sad to see this thread go to begin with. Good luck with it again. You put an awful lot of effort into WWE though. Anyhow, good luck here, and I am looking forward to having Unbreakable kick us off!

I forgot to update my user title again & will do s
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Yeah i just read what happened in your WWE thread, sorry to hear, but good luck with this thread, looking forward to unbreakable, thanks

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sad about your WWE thread but its great to see this back. This was one of the threads I liked to check out every time a new show was up. Unbreakable was awesome.

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TNA Unbreakable
September 11, 2005

We see scenes of little kids playing in park then the childrens voices are heard.

Children: Ring around the rosy, pocket full of posy, ashes…ashes…we all…fall……down…

We then to shots of TNA wrestlers in the ring, with pics of Rhino goring Raven and Daniels hitting the BME, as we see more shots we hear superstar begin to speak.

Raven: The time has come

Rhino: The time has come......

Raven: Its time to show why I am Unbreakable

Rhino: I'm gonna show I'm Unbreakable!

Jeff Jarret: I am Unbreakable!

Jeff Hardy: The Enigma is truly, Unbreakable

AJ Styles: Simply Phenomenal

Christopher Daniels: The Fallen Angel, the X Division Champion....

Raven: Quothe the Raven, Nevermore......

Monty Brown: Feel the PooouunnnccceeeeeH!

AJ Styles: Tonight, I truly am Unbreakable........

We then hear the voice again

Voice: There are those who fight to the bitter end, some triumph, some fail, but the winner or loser matters not, it is those who step up to fight again, another day that always triumph in one way or another. For those that make it, get up from their defeats and fight again another day are those that are the true winners, those are the ones that are truly........Unbreakable.

Narrator: And Now TNA Wrestling presents, Unbreakable live from Universal Studios Florida!

We cut to Soundstage 21 where the fans are on their feet, holding signs up for their favorite wrestlers and such. Chants of "TNA, TNA" can be heard a always.

Mike Tenay: Welcome everyone to Unbreakable! I'm Mike Tenay, alongside
Don West, and tonight what a lineup we have in store.

Don West: Oh man! X Division Championship on the line, Christopher Daniels takes on Samoa Joe, but my question is will AJ Styles play a part in that match?

Mike Tenay: Well we'll have to wait and see, but another match tonight; Kip James and The Outlaw are along with a Mystery Partner, going to take on The 3 Live Krew.

Don West: Oh I can't wait for that, who's it gonna be???? I mean it could be anybody really, anyone in the wrestling world could be there partner!

Mike Tenay: Well yeah, I mean anybody could truly walk down that aisle for that match, but we'll have to wait and see......

Don West: But what about Jeff Hardy vs. Jeff Jarret?! These two guys have never liked each other, and tonight they're hates gonna be taken to a whole new level, both of these guys want an NWA title shot and a win for them here, may do just that!

Mike Tenay: Yes, the stakes for Jarret and Hardy are higher then ever, but let's not forget about our main event, this feud that's been two months in the making is gonna culminate tonight, as Raven puts his NWA Championship on the line against Rhino!

Don West: I cannot wait for this match, no disqualifications, Rhino vs. Raven for the title and I gotta believe it's gonna get hardcore quick.

Mike Tenay: Well you could be right, but right now, let's take you down to where the action is, as we have our opening contest, Primetime Elix Skipper vs. Chris Sabin.

“Just Say it, Say my name” hits and Primetime Elix Skipper comes out to a lot of heat from the crowd, he coldly stares down everyone on his way to the ring.

“Hail Sabin” and Chris Sabin sprints to the ring, jumps up on the apron and flips over the top rope as the crowd cheers. The bell then rings.

Singles Match
Chris Sabin vs Primetime Elix Skipper

Both circle around each other before locking up in the center of the ring. Sabin gets the quick upper hand with a headlock as Primetime tries to throw him into the rope, however Sabin hands on. Primetime delivers three hard elbows and back Sabin up into the ropes before throwing him. Sabin hits the ropes on the opposite side and comes back with a surprise crossbody but Primetime ducks! Sabin lands on all fours as Primetime comes at him, Sabin swings his lower leg and tripes Primetime, Sabin then gets up andn waits. Primetime gets up and Sabin goes for a clothesline however Primetime ducks and puts Sabin in position for a neckbreaker, Primetime goes to drop him but Sabin holds the ropes to stay up. Primetime quickly gets up and Sabin goes off the ropes, and comes back with a dropkick! Sabin then quickly makes a cover but Primetime kicks out after only a one count. Sabin gets up and picks up Primetime, he whips him into the ropes but Primetime comes back and jumps on Sabins shoulders, Sabin quickly tries to bring him down for a powerbomb but Primetime counters by literally flipping off his shoulders, Sabin looks up as Primetime hits him with a hard chop. Primetime then takes Sabin over to the turnbuckle and rams his head into it several times. Sabin tries to catch his breath but Primetime grabs him and whips him into the opposite turnbuckle. Primetime follows him but but Sabin counters by jumping over Primetime. Primetime catches himself on the turnbuckle and turns around as Sabin delivers an enzuguri! Sabin gets momentum and yells at Primetime to get up, Primetime slowly does and Sabin brings him back down with a clothesline as the crowd cheers. Primetime gets up again as Sabin goes to take him back down again but he ducks, Sabin misses and turns around right into a crossbody takedown! Primetime doesn't stay on for the cover however and instead gets u and begins to take the boots to Sabin. Primetime yells at Sabin and gives him a stiff kick to the head as the crowd boos. Primetime drags Sabin closer to the turnbuckle and starts to climb up for a moonsault. Sabin all of a sudden gets up, seemingly having played a little possum, and jumps up to the middle turnbuckle, he delivers a hard sidearm to the surprised Primetime and turns him around, he then looks to be going for a Superplex but Primetime delivers a thumb to the eye! Sabin painfully lets go of the move as Primetime pushes him off the turnbuckle and he lands hard down on the mat. Primetime then signals to the crowd and goes for a 450 splash! SABIN GETS HIS KNEES UP! Primetime falls hard as Sabin turns around and starts to crawl toward the ropes, seemingly to pick himself up, Primetime holds his back in pain as Sabin pulls himself up to his feet. Sabin slowly walks over to Primetime and goes to pick him up, he does so and gets him in position for a Powerbomb but Primetime backdrops him! Primetime quickly capitalizes on Sabin, grabbing his knee and twisting it as Sabin screams in pain. Primetime yells at him as Sabin tries to reach for the ropes but is too far, Sabin takes his good leg and uses his arms to bring himself up, he then kicks Primetime square in the face making him let go. Sabin gets up very slowly as the crowd cheers and picks up Primetime, he puts him up on his shoulders, looking to end this with the cradle shock but Primetime drops behind him and dropkicks him! Sabin catches himself on the ropes as Primetime gets up and runs at him but Sabin uses his momentum against him and throws him over the top ropes to the floor! Primetime tries to catch himself on his feet but lands wrong and falls over onto all four, Sabin collapses in the ring to catch his breath as Primetime struggles to get up, Sabin looks around at the lights above seemingly completely out of it. Primetime struggles but slowly slides back into the ring.
Primetime sits, leaning on the ropes as Sabin lays on his back. Primetime gets up and walks over to Sabin, who is still looking completely out of it. Primetime then rears back and delivers a hard kick to the knee he had worked on earlier! Sabin grabs his knee quickly in sheer pain as Primetime grabs him by the hair and picks him up, Primetime gets Sabin to his feet and gets behind him to deliver a clothesline to the back of Sabin's neck, he goes for it but Sabin ducks! Primetime turns around and Sabin delivers a Super Kick, bad knee and all! Sabin can't capitalize as he has seemingly aggravated his knee even more now. Primetime is knocked out cold as Sabin gets up, he limps over to Primetime and picks him slowly, he then puts him on his shoulder for the Cradle Shock but HIS KNEE GIVES OUT!!
Primetime surprisingly lands on his feet as Sabin lands and gets down into a sitting position, Primetime looks at Sabin and quickly nails a dropkick to the face! Primetime covers Sabin.......
……...............SABIN KICKS OUT!!
Primetime cant believe it and argues with the referee as he picks up Sabin and calls for the Play of The Day. Primetime him up but Sabin quickly gets behind Primetime and nails a german suplex! Sabin seemingly has a second wind as he gets up and begins climbing to the top rope, Sabin then looks around and nails LEG DROP OFF THE TOP ROPE!! The crowd chants "Sabin, Sabin" as the referee yells for him to pin Primetime but he says no, Sabin picks Primetime up and puts him on his shoulders, he looks around and nails THE CRADLE SHOCK!! Sabin {hen pins Primetime in the center of the ring

Winner: Chris Sabin​

Mike Tenay: Great opening win for Chris Sabin, man what a match that was.

Don West: Great win for Sabin and a great way to kick off Unbreakable!

Mike Tenay: Well fans, lets take you now to Shane Douglas, standing by with The 3 Live Krew, alright Shane, your on…

We cut backstage with Shane Douglas, 3LK stand by him;

Shane Douglas: Thanks Mike, fans I am privileged to be standing by with one of the most cohesive units in TNA history and guys, I have to know, what’s going on in your minds heading into a match where you don’t even know who one of your opponents will be?

Konnan: Shane, it goes like this. Monty Brown, Kip James, whoever the hell your mystery partner is, we don’t care, we haven’t since we accepted the challenge and tonight, we’re finally gonna get you, Kip, out of me, BG and The Truth’s life once and for all, Hola Le!

BG James: You know something, Kip,I said it before and I’ll say it again, me and you, yeah we were tight in the good old days, but now I stick with family, and you Kip, are NOT family, so tonight we’re gonna bring the dizzle dizzle to the dance, and 3 Live Krew is gonna whoop your ass.

Ron Killings: We’re gonna teach you, you do not mess with The Krew, and that, is the Truth!

BG James: And after tonight, we goin’ down town Universal and partying it up like only the Krew can, can you feel me? Now let’s go.

3 Live Krew walk off.

Shane Douglas: Well, Mike and Don, back to you.

Back to ringside;

Mike Tenay: Thanks Shane, 3 Live Krew pumped for later tonight but right now, lets go to the ring as Sean Waltman prepares to take on Jerry Lynn…..

*Sean Waltman’s* music starts and he comes out doing his usual to a mixed reaction, he dances to the ring and slides in, get on the middle rope and sticking his tongue at the crowd.

*Jerry Lynn’s* music starts and he comes out to a huge pop, he takes off and slides in the ring as the referee quickly holds him back, he yells at Waltman as the referee finally gets control and Lynn backs off. The bell rings.

Singles Match
Sean Waltman vs. Jerry Lynn

Both men lock up in the center of the ring, Waltman gets the upper hand and sends Lynn into the ropes quickly. Lynn comes back and Waltman quickly puts him in a sleeper hold as Lynn tries to fight out and get to the ropes quickly, having not had this match start the way he would of liked. Lynn gets to the ropes and Waltman is forced to break the hold, Waltman lets go and hits Lynn in the kidney with a hard forearm. Lynn falls down to one knee as Waltman grabs his head and bends it back, then begins to pound on Lynn's chest. Lynn desperately pushes Waltman away and holds the ropes in pain, Waltman comes back to dish out some more but Lynn nails him with a surprise chop! Waltman backs up as Lynn comes after him with hard chops to the chest, he backs Waltman into the ropes. Lynn sends Waltman off the ropes and comes off meeting him on his way back with a crossbody takedown. Waltman throws Lynn off quickly but he lands on his feet, Waltman gets up and goes for a clothesline but Lynn ducks, Waltman turns around and Lynn takes him down with a drop toe hold. Lynn quickly applies a headlock as Waltman reaches for the ropes but is in the middle of the ring and nowhere near them. Waltman uses his weight to slowly pick himself up as Lynn continues to apply the hold. Waltman gets up to one leg, and starts to elbow Lynn, eventually making him let go. Lynn goes off the ropes however and comes back with a knee to the midsection, he then goes off the ropes again but Waltman catches him and nails a hard but quick Scoop Slam!

Waltman gets up and looks down at Lynn, who is apparently out of it from that move. Waltman looks to the crowd and walks over to the ropes, he gets on them and takes off his bandana, throwing into the crowd. Waltman turns around and goes to Lynn, he goes to pick him up and slowly does but Lynn backdrops him! Waltman lands on his feet however and Lynn turns around as Waltman goes for an enzuguri but Lynn catches his foot and clotheslines him down! Waltman lands face first on the mat and rolls over, holding his ribs in pain. Lynn quickly grabs Waltmans leg and drops an elbow, he then gets up and follows up with another.

Lynn bends Waltman's leg back. Waltman however, though in pain, realizes he is in a position to get out of the hold and uses his good leg to deliver stiff shots to the side of Jerry Lynn's head. Lynn not only breaks the hold but falls over in pain as Waltman slowly gets up, he then picks up Jerry Lynn and kicks him in the midsection before attempting the X Factor! Lynn counters and pushes Waltman down and straight on his ***! The crowd cheers as Jerry Lynn heads to the turnbuckle and begins to climb, he gets to the top and waits for Waltman to get up. Waltman slowly does and turns around as Lynn goes for a Polish Hammer! Waltman however ducks and Clotheslines Lynn in the midsection making him do a 360 and land hard on his back! Waltman falls to all fours and uses the ropes to pull himself up as he waits for Jerry Lynn to get up, Lynn very slowly does as Waltman taunts him and the crowd boos. Lynn slowly gets up using Waltman to pull himself up, Waltman yells at him and then grabs his face and delivers a blatant hard right! Lynn falls back, holding his jaw in pain as it is apparent that Waltman is just toying with him now. Lynn crawls to the ropes as Waltman walks over to him and kneels beside him, he then begins to unload on the back of Lynn's head with rights and lefts, seemingly having lost all intentions to wrestle this match technically. Waltman gets up and yells more profanities before picking Lynn up to his knees and twisting his head sideways, making him yell out in sheer agony.

Waltman then once again takes Lynn by the head nd shoves his face into the mat as the crowd boos him. Waltman picks Lynn up and throws him into the ropes. Lynn desperately catches himself by grabbing the top rope. Waltman sees this and lunges toward him as LYNN BACKDROPS HIM TO THE FLOOR!!!! The crowd goes crazy chanting "Jerry, Jerry" as Lynn catches his breath. Waltman slowly uses the guardrail to get up and turns around as Lynn dives over the top rope onto him! Both men are down and Lynn takes it to Waltman, who is completely defenseless. Lynn slowly gets up and picks up Waltman, he chops him once for good measure and sends him into the steel ring post but Waltman reverses, and Lynn re-reverses sending Waltman head first into the post! Waltman is completely knocked out as Lynn slides in the ring. He looks around as the crowd cheers and heads to the top rope. Lynn looks down at Waltman, who is still on the ground and jumps down, delivering a Flying Elbow onto Sean Watman! Lynn and Waltman are down as the crowd chants "Holy ****, Holy ****" at Lynn's daring antics. Lynn is th first to get up of course and picks up Waltman, he throws him in the ring and gets up on the apron. Lynn then uses the ropes for leverage and moonsault’s onto Waltman! Lynn takes a second but finally covers
Waltman kicks out and the crowd cant believe it! Lynn looks at the referee who confirms it was only two. Lynn slowly gets up and picks up Waltman, he sends Waltman into the ropes and goes for a dropkick but Waltman Ducks!!!! Lynn lands hard as Waltman catches himself on the turnbuckle and stays there, to catch his breath. Lynn slowly gets up and Waltman quickly capitolises with a kick to the midsection and THE X FACTOR!!!! Waltman covers
Waltman is extremely upset and yells at the referee, he slowly gets up and argues with him, the referee confirms that it's three and Sean Waltman nails him with the X FACTOR! Waltman gets up as the crowd boos and picks up the knocked out referee, he then throws the ref(Mark Johnson) out of the ring as he lands hard on the floor! Waltman is seemingly out of control as he picks up Jerry Lynn and levels him with a lowblow. Lynn falls over and begins to pummel Lynn senseless, opening him up eventually. Referee Rudy Charles comes down to the ring and gets in to call what is seemingly, the end of this match. Sean Waltman picks up Jerry Lynn to finish him off with the X Factor but the bloodied superstar isn't done yet. Lynn battles back with hard forearms to Waltman, getting him into the corner. Lynn then whips Waltman into the opposite turnbuckle, Lynn then backs up and runs at Waltman, splashing him hard against the turnbuckle. Waltman stumbles out into the middle of the ring and Lynn nails a bulldog as the crowd cheers! Lynn then climbs to the top rope again and goes for a moonsault! Waltman gets his knees up!!!! Lynn hitshard and the momentum takes him back, he hits thumps off the mat and finally looks to be knocked out. Waltman slowly gets up and picks up Lynn once again, he then nails a final X Factor as the crowd boos, he covers 1....................LYNN KICKS OUT!!!!

Waltman in a fit of rage goes to the outside and gets a chair, he slides back in the ring as the referee argues with him to put it down, he shoves past the referee and yells at Lynn to get up. Lynn slowly stumbles up to one knee, seemingly losing a lot of blood as Waltman yells at him to get up. Lynn slowly tries to, he is completely out of it and has no idea where he is. Waltman then raises the chair above his head and backs up to give his swing momentum as SUNJAY DUTT PULLS THE CHAIR OUT OF HIS HANDS!!!! Yes! Sunjay Dutt and Sharkboy have come out here once again to make sure this match ends with a true winner and not in a dq, more so they are out here once again help Lynn at the cheating hands of Waltman. Dutt drops down and disards the chair as Waltman yells his brains out at him, he blantantly calls Dutt a Son of a ***** and angrily turns around as Jerry Lynn kicks him in the midsection and picks him up, turning upside down for perhaps a powerslam. NO! Lynn hooks him jn position and nails the Cradle Pile Driver as the fans cheer, he then covers Waltman .

Winner: Jerry Lynn​

Don West: Jerry Lynn does it! For the second month in a row Jerry Lynn has defeated Sean Waltman! He overcame him one again in one hell of a match!

Mike Tenay: Well Don, thank god for Sharkboy and Sunjay Dutt, no telling what damage Sean Waltman would’ve done to his former friend if those two hadn’t intervened.

Don West: I cant believe how low Waltman has sunk in recent months, first trying to legitimately hurt AJ Styles, now trying to hurt his former best friend Jerry Lynn once again.

Mike Tenay: Well now lets show you the video package detailing the feud between The Naturals and AMW……..

-Clips of TNA’s first Steel Cage match for the tag team titles, with The Naturals coming out on top.

-Clips of The Naturals and AMW duking out time in and time out.

-The Naturals defeat AMW on Impact to win the tag team titles

-Clips of AMW and The Naturals arguing however uniting against Team Canada.

-Clips of The 8 Man Tag Team Match at Sacrifice, where AMW and The Naturals simply could not get along and eventually lost the match.

-Finally, the stage has been set and AMW have a chance to finally get a heads up in their age long feud by taking the titles off The Naturals once and for all.

“Guilty” hits and AMW come out to a nice ovation, they walk straight to the ring and get in quickly, ready for business.

*Naturals* hits next and The Naturals come out with Jimmy Hart to a great ovation, they get in the ring, however the referee makes Jimmy go to the back before the match even starts surprisingly.

TNA Tag Team Championship Tag Team Match
AMW vs. The Naturals w/ Jimmy Hart

Chase Stevens and "Wildcat" Chris Harris start the match. They lock up and Harris gets the upper hand, he gets Chase in a headlock then quickly gets behind him and locks in an armbar. Chase painfully taps Wildcats shoulder as Wildcat throws into the ropes. Chase comes off the ropes as Wildcat goes for a huge chop but Chase ducks. Wildcat turns around as Chase comes off the ropes and nails a huge dropkick as the fans cheer. Chase gets up as does Wildcat and Chase whips Wildcat into the ropes, Wildcat comes back and Chase levels him with a chop, completely sweeping him off his feet as he lands, back first, on the mat. Wildcat gets up again and Chase goes for a clothesline but Wildcat ducks and hooks Chase' arms before bringing him down in a pinning position but only getting a one count. Both men quickly get up and Chase nails Wildcat with a knee to the midsection before backing him up into the turnbuckle, he backs up and rams his shoulder into Wildcat's midsection twice. Chase then backs up further and splashes Wildcat, making him wobble out of the corner. Wildcat walks out into the center of the ring as Chase trips him. Chase quickly grabs Wildcats leg and brings him over to The Naturals corner, he then tags in Andy Douglas. Andy gets in the ring and takes the boots to Wildcat, Wildcat tries to crawl away as Andy follows him. Wildcat gets up slowly as Andy continues to pound on his back, Wildcat delivers a stiff kick to Douglas' midsection to make him back off for a moment. Andy does and Wildcat turns to try and get to James Storm as Andy quickly runs after him and hits bulldog! Andy gets up as Storm yells at him, Andy goes over to Storm and they begin to argue, ultimately ensuing in a brawl. The referee breaks it up and Andy backs up, he turns around and gets leveled by Chris Harris!! Harris quickly gets up and tags in Storm as the crowd cheers. Harris and Storm walk over and pick up Douglas, they whip him into the ropes and nail a double suplex on the way back. Harris then gives Andy a kick and gets out of the ring as The Cowboy goes to work. Storm quickly picks Andy back up and drill him with a Swinging Neck Breaker but NO! Andy counters by staying on his feet, he pushes Cowboy back and goes for a superkick which he ducks, Andy turns around as Storm level him with a backdrop and follows up with an elbow to Douglas' throat. James Storm gets up and stands over Douglas before slapping him across the face, the crowd gives a little heat for the un-sportsmanship. Storm doesn't seem to care surprisingly as he begins to choke out Andy Douglas with his knee. Storm then picks Douglas up and throws him into the ropes again before nailing a Spinebuster! Douglas is in extreme pain as it shows, he holds his back in agony as Storm picks him up and drills him with a swinging neck breaker that connects and seemingly further aggravates his already injured back. Storm then picks him up again once more and drill him with a dangerous ddt and covers
Andy kicks out and Storm gets up, he retags Wildcat Chris Harris and they pick up Andy Douglas, they whip him into the ropes and go for a double superkick but Andy Douglas ducks and catches himself on the ropes! AMW turn around and Andy takes them both down with a crossbody! The crowd cheers as Harris falls out of the ring and Andy Douglas slowly crawls toward his corner as James Storm slowly gets up. Storm gets up and he grabs Andy's leg, Andy gets up and goes for an enzuguri but Cowboy ducks, Cowboy clotheslines Andy back down and drags him back away from his corner, he drops a knee across his already favored back as Andy cries out in pain. Cowboy picks up Andy and picks him up on his shoulder, he then takes off for a running powerslam as Andy Douglas drops behind him and goes back into the corner TAGGING CHASE STEVENS!!!! The Naturals are both in the ring as Cowboy James Storm turns around, The Naturals take it to him with hard kicks, lefts and rights, backing him into the corner, they then whip him into the opposite turnbuckle and he stumbles out as Chase Stevens picks him up and Andy grabs his head as they nail the NATURAL DISASTER!!!

Chase covers him...as the referee says no to the count, via Chase pinning the illegal man! Chase argues for a second before going to the outside and grabbing Chris Harris, he throws him in the ring and gets in. Chase goes off the ropes and nails a legdrop on the back of Harris head. Chase covers once again but Harris gets a quick shoulder up. Andy Douglas meanwhile stays outside of the ring, holding his back in pain, seemingly legitimately hurt in this match. In the ring, Douglas continues to take it to Harris, getting him up and nailing him with a spinning heel kick. He then jumps on the middle rope and comes off with a nice Moonsault onto Harris, he then gets up and picks up Harris once again before going for a piledriver! BUT HARRIS BACKDROPS HIM!! Chase goes down and Harris call for a big boot, Chase slowly gets up and turns as Harris goes for it and HE DUCKS! Chase ducks the big boot and turns around into a SECOND BIG BOOT WHICH CONNECTS FROM COWBOY JAMES STORM!!!! AMW are in the ring as this match seems out of control! AMW take it to Chase Stevens as Andy Douglas makes the save but gets clotheslined down by Wildcat! Wildcat then puts Douglas into position as Storm climbs to the top rope for the death sentence but Chase Stevens musters the strength and makes the save for his partner knocking Storm off the turnbuckle to the outside! Storm lands on his feet however. In the ring Stevens picks up Harris and Andy tiredly grabs his head as they nail a final Natural Disaster and Andy rolls out of the ring, the referee then counts
......... James Storm pulls Chase Stevens out of the ring!
Andy Douglas meanwhile gets in and argues with the referee over what just happened as out of nowhere, James Storm surprisingly nails Chase with a Chair over the head, knocking him senseless! The referee argues away as Andy yells about what just happened not believing that AMW have taken this feud, this far. Andy then pushes the referee aside and dives over the top rope onto Harris, unloading on him before getting up and kicking senselessly as the referee yells for him to get back into the ring. Andy does and picks up Harris and whips him into the ropes, Harris comes back and goes for a counter clothesline but Andy ducks and he turns around, Andy goes for a quick technical lockup and they get in the corner, as the referee yells to break it up, they do but a accidental elbow hits the referee and knocks him to his knees. Andy Douglas checks on him as Chris Harris turns him around and kicks him in the midsection, he then whips Douglas into the ropes where James Storm SMACKS HIM IN THE FAVORED BACK WITH A CHAIR!!!! Andy Douglas falls completely out as Chris Harris covers and the referee gains composure and counts

Winners and New Tag Team Champions: Americas Most Wanted​

Mike Tenay: Oh my! New Tag Team Champions! AMW have traded in their favoritism among the crowd for tag team gold!

Don West: AMW beats The Naturals, I cnt believe it. But whats even more unbelievable is the tactics they used.

Mike Tenay: Well Don, AMW has surely shocked everyone here tonight, I mean they point blank cheated, bringing a steel chair into the mix to win the match.

Don West: Wow, I’m…..Im shocked.

Mike Tenay: Well fans lets take you backstage to Shane Douglas with The Alpha Male, Monty Brown……

We cut backstage where the camera shows Monty Brown looking around, it slowly zooms out to show Shane Douglas standing by him with a microphone.

Shane Douglas: Monty Brown, the time is now. In just a few moments you will walk to the ring with your partner Kip James and reveal your mystery partner to the world-

Monty Brown: That’s right Shane, That’s right! In just a few moments, 3 Live Krew is gonna learn that you do not anger an already raged Alpha Male. The Alpha Male can take you to the one place you never want to go, and tonight I will take you there! That’s right, tonight you step into the saringety, the one place that no man shall ever wish to go, tonight you step into my domain and there is nothing worse then stepping into the Saringety, uninvited, that’s right because the Alpha Male is sick of wasting my time, with the likes of 3 Live Krew! Tonight, the Alpha Male destroys The 3.…Live….Krew. I am gonna hand out pounces for all, Pounce! What?! Pounce! What?! Poouuuunnncccceeee! Period.

Monty Brown walks away.

Shane Douglas: Um……ok, Mike and Don back to ringside.

*Beware* hits and 3 Live Krew comes out to nice ovation, they dance to the ring and slowly get in as the crowd cheers them on.

*O-W-A-A-A-A* hits and Monty Brown and Kip James come out a mixed reaction, they stop on the middle of the entrance way, Kip James has a microphone.

Kip James: For one month, all I’ve been asked is who our mystery partner is. Well now your gonna find out once and for all. How do you show a former friend that he made a mistake? Answer, you find a big and mean animal of sorts and have him beat the hell out of him(smiles) and that’s just what I did, that’s right, I found the next big sensation, ladies and gentlemen please welcome formerly known as Luther Reigns, Horseshoe!

*Bound to Violence remix* hits as Horseshoe comes out to a mixed reaction, he ignores the fans on his way to the ring as Kip James claps him on. All three men then make their way to the ring.

Six Man Tag Match
31k vs. Kip James, Monty Brown and Horseshoe

BG James and Monty Brown start the match, Monty quickly takes control after some small counters from both sides as BG ducks a clothesline but turns around into a stiff kick to the ribs. Monty quickly picks him up and whips him into the ropes nailing him with a scoop slam on the way back. Monty then gets up and picks him up again, bringing him into the corner and constantly bashing his head into the turnbuckle. Monty then backs up as BG gets out of the corner and tries to catch his breath but Monty runs up and nails him with a knee to the head while he's leaning over. Monty then picks him up and brings him over to his corner, tagging in Horseshoe. Horseshoe gets in and grabs BG with both hands by the throat and lifts him into the air. Horseshoe then shows his massive power by running into the middle of the ring nailing a sit down power bomb type move, he then hooks the leg, but Konnan tries to get in the ring and this distracts him, making him let go of the pin. Horseshoe gets up and drills Konnan off the apron with a huge clothesline!! Killings tries to get in the ring to get a piece of this monster but he is held back by the referee. Horseshoe picks up BG and looks at Killings, smiling. He then picks BG up and puts him over his shoulder for a back breaker but BG drops behind him and tags in Killings!! Killings gets in the ring and waits as Horseshoe turns around, Killings then nails him with a dropkick! Horseshoe gets up by the ropes and Killings backs up and clotheslines Horseshoe over the top rope to the floor as the fans cheer! Monty Brown quickly gets in the ring and Killings uses Monty momentum against as Brown runs at him and Killings nails a backdrop! Monty then gets up and Killings drills him with a cross body takedown. Monty rolls out of the ring to catch his breath and Ron Killings turns to Kip James. Kip looks around, seemingly nervous as Killings taunts him to get in the ring. Kip yells at the referee to keep him away and the referee tries to calm down "The Truth". Kip turns around and laughs at the crowd as they boo, Killings suddenly pushes past the referee and grabs Kip by the hair, throwing him into the ring! The Crowd cheers as Kip slowly gets up and Killings hits him with a high knee! Kip then tiredly tries to crawl to the ropes seemingly to get away but Killings grabs his leg and pulls him back, Killings then locks in a half Boston Crab as Kip screams in pain and the referee is helpless, seeing as Kip is the illegal an in the ring. Kip starts to tap out and the referee can't do anything about it! Konnan finally gets in the ring and starts to kick at Kips head as the referee yells at him to leave, threatening a disqualification. Konnan gets back out on the apron and tells Killings that he wants some of James. Killings finally lets go of the hold and tags in Konnan, who gets in quickly and starts beating down on Kip, turning him over and hitting him with blatant lefts and rights to the face. He then picks up Kip and whips him into the ropes but Horseshoe grabs Kip and pulls him out of the ring!!
Horseshoe, Kip James and Monty Brown all start heading back up the Entrance Ramp, seemingly quitting this match as the referee begins to count them out. 3LK quickly get out of the ring and follow them up the ramp, 3LK attack them and Killings grabs Horseshoe, trying to bring him back to the ring but Horseshoe throws Killings into the ring steps! Horseshoe then gets under the ring and gets a chair, he walks over to Killings, who is seemingly hurt and raises the chair to smack him but Konnan attacks him from behind to make the save!

Konnan quickly throws Horseshow into the ring and gets in, he takes it to Horseshoe, whipping him into the ropes and dropkicking him on the way back. Horseshoe gets up and goes into the corner as Konnan takes off his shoe and throws it at Horseshoe's chest! Horseshoe painfully leans over as Konnan gets out of the ring to get his shoe. Kip James quietly throws Killings into the ring and tells Horseshoe to cover, Horseshoe painfully does as MONTY BROWN POUNCES KONNAN ON THE OUTSIDE!!!!
.........Killings Kicks Out!!!!
Killings kicks out and Horseshoe can't believe it. Horseshoe yells at the referee and tells him it was three as Kip James says to tag him in. He does and Kip gets in the ring cockishly, he looks at BG and yells "You Wanted it this way" before picking up Killings and kicking him in the gut before going off the ropes for The Jumping Legdrop but Killings quickly gets up and Kip misses, Killing then tags in BG James!!!
BG and Kip James look at each other for awhile and then circle around the ring, before locking up as the crowd goes ballistic, BG sends Kip into the ropes and jabs him with a hard right taking him down, Kip gets up holding his jaw as BG sends him into the ropes, on the way back he grabd him and drives him down with a Side Slam! He covers ..........1..........
............Monty Brown puts Kips leg on the bottom rope!
BG yells at Monty and gets up, Monty taunts him and gets on the ring apron as BG hits him with a hard right, knocking him off!! BG turns around as Horseshoe levels him with a big boot and puts Kip on top of him

Winners: Kip James, Monty Brown and Horseshoe​

Mike Tenay: Kip James, Monty Brown and Horseshoe just demolished 3 Live Krew! I mean I cant believe the dominance of that man, Horseshoe completely knocking BG James senseless with a big boot!

Don West: Well we now know who has joined up with Kip James and it’s this mammoth of a man, Horseshoe. This guy is legitimately tough and all around mean.

Mike Tenay: You have that right, now let’s take you backstage as we hear from the World Heavyweight Champion, lets hear from Raven……

We go to a dark room; The world heavyweight champion Raven sits in a corner, gloomier then ever.

Raven: You know in these times, a normal man would look to god. You’d think that after being gored so many times and physically destroyed, crimsoned and dominated; That anyone would look to god for help. Rhino, like it or not, you are a normal man. When we walk out there later, I’m going to inflict punishment not seen ever before, and I will do it for all to see. Rhino I will beat you to death if it means retaining my title, I will kick out of anything you throw my way because Rhino, I simply am not ready to tremble at you or anyone else’ feet. Rhino, I’m going to take you to a special place and hurt you so bad to the point that you look up and wonder, “Where’s my god now?”; And now I ask you Man Beast, Where is your god now? Because he sure as hell isn’t by your side tonight. Quothe the Raven, Nevermore…….

Back to ringside

Mike Tenay: Wow, ladies and Gentlemen we will surely see a blood bath for the heavyweight championship, later tonight. Let’s take you now to the ring, with the X Division title on the line up next as Samoa Joe takes on Christopher Daniels.

*Fallen Angel* hits and Christopher Daniels comes out to a mixed reaction, he does his usual walk to the ring. Daniels gets in the ring, slowly walking up the steps.

*Samoa Joe’s music hits* and Joe comes out to a great reaction, he looks around nodding before heading toward the ring. Joe slides in and Daniels goes to the outside. Daniels slowly gets back in as the referee rings the bell to start the match.

X Division Championship
Singles Match
Samoa Joe vs. Christopher Daniels

Both men look coldly into each other eyes, they stand for a good minute with fans waiting anxiously in anticipation of this match. The Fans Chants “Fallen Angel” and “Lets go Joe” clearly split down the middle. Finally the two men lock up and the crowd cheers. Joe quickly shows his strength advantage, throwing Daniels into the corner. Daniels stares, looking a bit worried but suddenly locks up with Joe again. Daniels gets the advantage, getting Joe in a headlock but Joe throws him into the ropes! Daniels catches himself and Joe comes at him but receives a boot to the face. Joe backs up and Daniels goes for a clothesline but Joe doesn’t budge! Daniels cant believe it and backs up, going for another but Joe once again holds his ground. Daniels finally looks to go for another but doesn’t, instead jumping on the middle rope and going for a crossbody but Joe catches him! Joe then hurls him back with great power and Daniels hit’s the mat hard. Joe gets up as does Daniels, who has seemingly not started this match the way he would of liked. Joe comes at Daniels now and back him up into the ropes, he then sends to the opposite ropes and point blank back hands Daniels on the way back, taking him off his feet. Daniels holds his jaw in pain and gets up in a sitting position as Joe comes up behind him and twists his head awkwardly making him cry out in pain. Joe finally lets go and drives a knee into the back of Daniels.

Daniels falls over and Joe steps on the side of his face, Daniels struggles to get him off as the referee finally makes Joe back off. Joe then waits for Daniels to get up, Daniels does and Joe goes for a clothesline but Daniels ducks and puts him in a rollup! Joe quickly throws Daniels off and the momentum sends him through the middle rope to the outside. Daniels catches himself however, and Joe gets up. Joe lets off a sadistic smile and motions for Daniels to get back in the ring. Joe backs up as Daniels slides back in the ring. The two men circle around each other and lock up again, Joe again gets the upper hand by getting behind Daniels and locking him in a painful armbar. Daniels taps on Joes arm in pain and Joe takes out Daniels knee to get him down, Joe keeps the armbar on him and brings his arm up, looks around and brings it down hard before letting go. Joe knees Daniels in the back again, this time lightly making him fall over. Daniels tries to crawl to the ropes and it is apparent that Joe is just toying with him. Daniels pulls himself up with the ropes and turns around walking right into a ddt but Daniels uses Joes weight to push him down hard on the mat, keeping himself up with a nice counter! Daniels then takes the boots to Joe, trying to wear him out slowly. Joe slowly gets up and Daniels goes off the ropes nailing Joe with an inzuguri! Joe doesn’t get up and Daniels quickly walks over Joes legs, he then slowly lock him in…….A FIGURE FOUR LEG LOCK!!!! Joe’s in pain and starts to fight as Daniels uses one arm to pound on Joes knee and further weaken him!!

Joe slowly begins to turn and Daniels fights it, Joe continues and Joes strength wins out as he puts the pressure on Daniels! Daniels screams in pain and fights as well, he eventually gets to the ropes and grabs them, forcing Joe to break the hold. Both men take a minute to breathe and Daniels starts to get up first. Daniels slowly gets to his feet and runs to Joe whos still on all fours, he quickly drops an elbow across the back of Joes neck and gets up. He then stands over and yells at him, Daniels picks Joe up slowly and then sends him into the ropes but Joe counters on the way back by ducking a clothesline and nailing a neck breaker! Joe sits up as the crowd cheers. Joe starts to get up and does so, he then grabs Daniels by the throat and picks him up, Joe then holds Daniels in the air for a few moments and then throws him into the turnbuckle! Joe then splashes Daniels, sandwiching him! Joe backs up and waits as Daniels staggers out of the corner. Joe then backdrops Daniels who takes a hard fall, clenching his back in pain. Joe then picks Daniels up and elbows him right across the four head, Daniels staggers back but Joe catches him and proceeds to deliver three consecutive Suplexes! Daniels is completely warn as he slowly tries to get up but Joe stands over him and Daniels puts himself in position for a power bomb! Joe lifts him up as the crowd cheers but Daniels counters into a hurricarana!!!! Daniels gets up as Joe slowly does as well, Joe goes for at Daniels again but Daniels gets behind him, Joe turns around and Daniels uses all his strength to lift him into an airplane spin! Daniels spins but collapses under Joes weight! Joe is in a cover but quickly gets off, holding his groin in pain! A replay quickly reveals that while the referee was in a bad position, Daniels nailed Joe while he was making the cover, with a LOW BLOW!! Daniels gets up and smiles as Joe is in pain, Daniels picks Joe up slowly and delivers a hard chop! He then follows up with a few more, backing Joe into the corner. Daniels sends Joe into the opposite turnbuckle but Joe reverses and instead of sending Daniels into the turnbuckle, holds on to him, putting himself behind him and locking in the CHOKE SLEEPER!! Daniels is smart however and puts his waist forward do Joe cant get his legs around him to bring him down for what would surely be the end of this match. Joe struggles to get it fully locked in but Daniels fights back, Joe continues to try to lock it in but Daniels show why he is the champion by bringing himself back up against Joe but before The Samoan Submission Machine can capitalise uses his free hand and locks it around Joe’s neck, bringing him down with a Wipper Snapper(Stunner)! Joe falls back, hitting the mat as Daniels tries to catch his breath after being choked out for quite a few moments. Daniels then gets up and picks up Joe, he gets him in position for the Angels Wings and goes for it, but Joe nails a Back Drop and Daniels goes down hard! The Fans cheer as Joe waits for Daniels to slowly get up, Daniels does and sprints at Joe with all his power but Joe uses his momentum to catch him, bring him up and drill him with a SIT DOWN POWER BOMB!!!! The referee counts
………..Daniels Kicks Out!!!!!!!
Joe cant believe it and neither can the crowd who start a huge “TNA, TNA” Chant. Joe gets up and signals to the crowd that it’s time to end this with the Muscle Buster as he picks up Daniels. Joe brings Daniels up but Daniels drops behind him, Joe quickly turns around and Daniels nail him with a kick to the gut. Daniels then puts him in position for The Angels Wings again and NAILS IT!! Joe looks to be completely out of it as Daniels covers
The Fans are ecstatic as Joe kicks out of The Angels Wings, Joe stays down however of course and Daniels gets up and yells at the referee, who continues to confirm that it was only a Two Count. Daniels yells in a fit of rage at him, he then turns around and picks up Joe to nail him with another Angel Wings, he then kicks him in the gut again, NO!!!, Joe catches Daniels foot and tiredly lets out another smile. Joe then quickly takes down The Fallen Angel with an inzuguri!! Joe gets up really quickly with a second win and picks up Daniels, he whips him into the ropes and catches him on the way back, he quickly brings him up for the MUSCLE BUSTER AND NAILS IT!!!! Joe covers as the referee counts
………….Daniels KICKS OUT OF THE MUSCLE BUSTER!!! This Match is not over!!!!
Joe cant believe it and gives the referee a cold look, he then continues to focus his attention on Daniels, Joe gets up and picks up Daniels, he then hits him with three straight knees to the gut, Joe then sends Daniels, who is completely out of it, into the ropes. Daniels comes back and Joe picks him up into a Pile Driver! Daniels finds it in himself to drop behind Joe! Joe turns around right into a SUPERKICK! Joe goes down and it looks like Daniels is gonna get the cover but he crumples. Both men are down and it seems that Daniels will not be able to capitolize. Daniels finally however starts to pull himself together, he uses the ropes to pull himself up. Daniels get to his knees and looks behind him to see Joe getting up, Daniels is in shock that Joe is getting back to his feet. Daniels gets up slowly and Joe is on his knees, Daniels walks over to Joe and JOE CLOTHESLINES HIS KNEES, KNOCKING HIM DOWN!!!! Joe slowly gets up and picks up Daniels, but Daniels pokes him in the eye and the crowd boos. Joe painfuly lets go of Daniels and Daniels grabs him quickly drilling him with a Final Angel Wings, the crowd cant believe the effort of both men as the referee counts
The match is not over and Daniels cant believe it, he crumples over, catching his breath, Daniels then starts to get up. Daniels gets up and walks over to Joe, he picks him up and puts Joe in position one more time, for the third Angels Wing. Joe all of a sudden counters out of it as Daniels turns and Joe gets behind him, locking in the Choke Sleeper once again, but sadly the referee is a bad position once again and Daniels quickly nails Joe with a low blow! Joe falls over and Daniels quickly capitalizes, he jumps to the middle turnbuckle, then jumps to the top and delivers his signature BME(Best Moonsault Ever) BUT JOE GETS HIS KNEE UP!!!! Daniels hits hard and the momentum throws him over the top rope! Joe slowly gets up and looks at Daniels, who slowly gets up but stays on one knee, Joe then backs up and hit’s the ropes, he then goes toward Daniels and jumps on the middle rope at the last second before consulting down!! DANIELS MOVES!!!! JOE CATCHES HIMSELF!!! Daniels turns around into a hard knee and Joe throws him back into the ring, Joe gets in slowly picks up Daniels, he goes to hit him with an elbow but Daniels moves, Joe almost hit’s the referee but catches himself, however Daniels pushes Joe into the referee!! The referee goes down, but is seemingly ok, just needing to regain his composure, just then Daniels pulls something out of his knee pad, a small bag of sorts. Joe turns him around and Daniels throws powder into his eyes.! Joe stumbles back but before Daniels can capitolise AJ STYLES MAKES HIS RETURN!!! HE RUNS TO THE RING WITH A CHAIR AS THE CROWD GOES CRAZY!!! AJ gets in the ring as Daniels who was focused on Joe, slowly turns around and stares at AJ in shock, AJ then looks around to the crowd and goes to level Daniels with the chair, DANIELS DUCKS AND AJ SMASHES JOE OVER THE HEAD!!!! AJ cant believe it as all of a sudden, Daniels comes from behind and takes out AJ’s bad knee! AJ rolls out of the ring in pain and Daniels covers Joe as the referee slowly gets back up, notices and pin count

Winner and Still X Division Champion: Christopher Daniels​

Mike Tenay: Daniels retains! AJ Styles missed and hit Joe with the chair and now The Fallen Angel remains champion because of that fatal error on the part of The Phenomenal One!

Don West: I cant believe this, I was so sure we’d have a new champion after all the choke holds and Muscles Busters, this a true shock!

Mike Tenay: Surely AJ Styles has made a legit new enemy in Samoa Joe but fans, lets show you now how Sabu and Abyss, last man standing match up next, got heated up……..

-Clips of Last month at Sacrifice where Abyss interferes in the main event and goes at it wih Sabu.

-Clips of Abyss fighting opponents such as Raven and Aj Styles, giving them the blackhole slam.

-Clips of Abyss in hardcore matches in the old TNA Asylum in Nashville, Tennessee

-Clips of Sabu and Abyss going at it with the announcers making light of the Last Man Standing Match at Unbreakable and the carnage that will ensue.

*From the Catacombs* hits and Abyss comes out with Father James Mitchell, they walk to the ring wit Abyss wrapped in chains as usual.

*Arabian music* hits and the lights go out in the arena as the crowd cheers, they come back on and Sabu is in the ring already as Abyss quickly goes after him.

Last Man Standing
Sabu vs. Abyss

Abyss quickly lunges at Sabu but Sabu ducks out of his way and gets behind him, Sabu then quickly dropkicks him out of the ring! Abyss lands on his feet, he turns around and Sabu comes lunging through the middle ropes at him! Both men go down and Sabu starts to take it to Abyss with hard rights, Sabu then gets up as James Mitchell tends to Abyss. Abyss gets up again as Sabu slides in the ring, Abyss gets to his feet and Sabu baseball slides out of the ring, knocking Abyss back down! James Mitchell yells at Sabu, Sabu then gets out of the ring and gets a chair. Sabu waits as Mitchell tries to help Abyss up, Abyss gets up and Sabu comes at him with the chair but Abyss drills him with a big boot! Sabu goes down and Abyss gets in the ring and Mitchell instructs him to climb the turnbuckle. Abyss slowly does and gets to the top, Sabu gets up and Abyss cups his fists together and jumps off the ropes, he then drill Sabu taking him back down. Abyss quickly follows up, getting the chair that Sabu introduced into the fray. Abyss then picks up Sabu and puts his throat to the chair, he then drives it down hard on the ground, forcing Sabu to fall back. Abyss then picks up Sabu and throws him over the guardrail into the fan area!

Abyss follows Sabu over the guardrail, Sabu quickly gets up and tries to get away from Abyss. Abyss grabs him however and turns him around, Abyss kicks him in the gut and picks him up in a fireman’s carry. Abyss then walks forward and drops him back in a samoan drop onto the concrete! The fans chant “Holy ****” numerous times as Abyss slowly gets up, he then picks up Sabu and grabs him, Abyss then throws Sabu into the guardrail so hard that he flies over it into the ring area, hitting his head on the mat. Abyss slowly climbs over as James Mitchell cheers him on, Abyss picks up Sabu but Sabu gets behind him, Abyss turns around and Sabu hits him with several hard rights, he then back up and dropkicks Abyss back first into the ring post. Abyss falls to one knee and Sabu gets a chair from under the ring.

Abyss gets up slowly and Sabu smacks him over the head with the chair! Abyss however doesn’t go down! Sabu then smacks him once more in the side, bringing him back down to one knee. Sabu then sets up the chair and backs up, as Abyss slowly comes back to his feet. Sabu then charges at him and lunges onto the chair before inzuguri’ Abyss! Sabu stays down for a moment catching his breath as James Mitchell tends to Abyss, trying to get him to his feet. The referee counts
Sabu gets up first and James Mitchell begins to taunt him. Mitchell yells at Sabu, who in turn grabs the chair, Sabu chases Mitchell around the ring as Abyss gets to his feet at the 8 count. Sabu catches Mitchell and back him up to the guard rail. Before Sabu can do anything however Abyss attacks him from behind.

Abyss takes it to Sabu, he throws him into the ring and gets in. Abyss climbs the top rope as Sabu wobbles to his feet. Abyss then comes off the top rope with a polish hammer! Sabu goes down, but not out. Abyss quickly picks up Sabu and throws him into the ropes, Sabu catches himself and Mitchell grabs his foot! Sabu grabs Mitchell’s hair but Abyss quickly nails Sabu, helping his manager. Abyss and Sabu continue to brawl in the ring as Mitchell throws a chair into the fray. Sabu hits Abyss with a kick to the gut and whips him into the ropes, Sabu goes for a cross body but Abyss times it and catches him! Abyss then NAILS THE BLACK HOLE SLAM!!!!
The referee counts………

……………… Sabu starts to crawl to the ropes
…….8.……..He slowly pulls himself up
Abyss then goes to levels Sabu with the chair but Sabu ducks out of the way and Abyss hit’s the ropes! Abyss then quickly turns around and goes on a chair swinging rampage, Sabu quickly slides out of the ring however. Abyss challenges Sabu to get back in the ring and he does, not before getting another chair however, Sabu slides in and Abyss goes for a stomp but Sabu rolls quickly to his feet. Abyss
Goes for a chairshot but Sabu catches him with one of his own, smacking each others chairs, Sabu then backs up as does Abyss and they go for another shot, however at the last second, Abyss ducks! Sabu turns aroud and Abyss levels him with a chair to the side of the head! Abyss then does his signature pose before picking Sabu up. He then drills him with THE BLACK HOLE SLAM!!!!
The referee counts
……………….Sabu rolls out of the ring onto his feet!
Abyss gets mad and goes to the outside, Sabu quickly counters him as he comes at him with a kick to the midsection! Sabu then grabs Abyss and smacks his head into the apron several times. Sabu quickly goes under the ring and pulls out a table with barb wire coils on it! Sabu tosses the thing into the ring and throws Abyss into the guardrail for good measure. Sabu then throws Abyss into the ring and gets in. Sabu sets up the table and Abyss slowly gets up, Sabu grabs Abyss and sets him up for a suplex onto the table but Abyss reverses, picking Sabu up for a suple instead! Abyss then front face suplexes Sabu ONTO THE TABLE WITH BARB WIRE COILS!!!! The crowd chants “Holy Sh**” Abyss seems to be out of it, with Sabu completely out cold as the referee counts

Winner: Abyss​

We quickly cut backstage with Christopher Daniels, celebrating with his title as Shane Douglas comes up to him to try and get a word.

Shane Douglas: Hey guys, I’m backstage as you can see The Fallen Angel’s festivities with his over Samoa Joe have already started, Chris, Chris, can I get a word?

Christopher Daniels: Shane, come on join in the party. Of course you can get a word, every night is a goodnight when the Fallen Angel ends an unbeaten streak and that’s exactly what I did tonight with Samoa Joe. Now I don’t have to worry about anything for a long time, because Joe is son upset with AJ Styles that those two are going to be bickering back and fourth for awhile while The Fallen Angel sits back and enjoys the party as Still X Division Champion, and may I add Longest reigning X Division Champion ever?! Haha, now Shane lets enjoy tonight.

Shane Douglas: Ha, well guys back to you…..

Mike Tenay: Thanks Shane, wow the X division champion, Christopher Daniels is one happy fellow tonight Don…

Don West: You got that right, he was victorious over Samoa Joe thanks to that accident with AJ Styles and I have a feeling we’re not going to hear the end of it for awhile.

Mike Tenay: I have a feeling your right, but right now, lets take you back and show you some highlights what transpired leading up to this next match as “The Charismatic Enigma” Jeff Hardy takes on “The King of the Mountain” Jeff Jarret.

-Clips of Hardy and Jarret’s last two matches, one at the Asylum and one at the first ever TNA three hour Pay Per View extravaganza, Victory Road main event in the ladder match.

-We see TNAwrestling.com postings about Jeff Hardys suspension a few months ago.

-We see the huge return last month at Sacrifice where Jeff Hardy ran out and gave Jarret a twist of Fate and the Swanton Bomb.

-Clips of Larry Zbyzco telling Jeff Jarret in the ring that his opponent at Unbreakable is none other then…….JEFF HARDY!

-Jeff Hardy and Jarret go at it in the ring.

-We close out with Hardy being heard “Lets let our actions speak louder then words”

*My World* hits and Jeff Jarret comes out with a guitar and his ring coat. He walks to the ring yelling at the crowd and rip up a fans Jeff Hardy sign! He then gets in the ring.

*Modest* hits and Jeff Hardy comes out to a huge pop, he does his usual dance and then jogs to the ring, slapping hands with the crowd. He then gets in the ring and the bell rings….

Singles Match
Jeff Hardy vs. Jeff Jarret

Hardy and Jarret lock up. Hardy gets Jarret in a headlock to start things off quickly, Jarret then quickly throws Hardy into the ropes. Hardy comesback and levels Jarret with a hard right sending him down to the mat. Jarret gets up quickly and Hardy goes at him with hard lefts and rights. Hard back Jarret into the corner turnbuckle and hits him with a chop. Hard backs up and runs at Jarret. Hardy jumps up in the air and hits Jarret in the face. Jarret stumbles out of the corner and Hardy nails him with a bulldog quickly. Hardy then stomps away at Jarret and eventually picks him up. Jarret elbows Hardy making him back up, Jarret then nails Hardy with a huge clothesline! Jarret quickly picks up Hardy and hits him with a European uppercut. Hardy falls back toward the ropes and Jarret kicks him in the midsection before nailing him with a suplex.

Jarret picks up Hardy and knees him in the mid section, Hardy falls to one knee and Jarret goes off the ropes before nailing a high knee. Hardy hold his face in pain as Jarret goes off the rope and hit’s a leg drop. Jarret makes a cover but only get a one count. Jarret grabs Hardy by the hair and picks him up, Hardy however quickly kicks him making him bend over in pain. Hardy flips over him and gets under his legs, bringing him down into a pin. Jarret kicks out at a two count and rolls over. Hardy slowly gets up and waits for Jarret, who does as well. Jarret runs at Hardy and Hardy counters, by jumping onto his shoulders and nailing a hurricarana! The crowd cheers as Hardy climbs to the middle rope, he then nails a leg drop onto Jarret, vintage Hardy Boys style.

Hardy slowly gets Jarret back up and throws him into the ropes but Jarret catches himself, making Hardy runs at him. Jarret counters Hardy by back dropping him over the top rope! Hardy lands on the apron. Jarret then comes at Hardy and goes to clothesline him off the apron, Hardy ducks and backdrops Jarret out of the ring!

Jarret hit’s the steel guard rail, front first. Jarret catches his breath and turns around as Hardy dives over the top rope and takes him back down. Hardy slowly gets up and kicks Jarret once for good measure. Hardy then limps over to the side of the ring and picks up Jarrets guitar. Jarret looks at Hardy and begs him not to give him some of his own medicine as the referee gets out of the ring and takes the guitar out of Hardy’s hands as he raises it above his head. Hardy turns around and argues with the referee, who argues back. The referee turns around to discard the guitar as Jarret gets up slowly, Hardy turns and Jarret blatantly kicks him below the belt.

The referee turns around, seemingly having not seen the low blow. He turns around as Jarret throws Hardy into the ring. Jarret gets in and gets Hardy up. Jarret goes for the stroke but Hardy uses his momentum and throws Jarret down to the canvas, making him land on all fours. Hardy backs up and waits for Jarret to get up, Jarret does and turns around as Hardy kicks him in the mid section and nails a Twist of Fate! Hardy then quickly follows up by climbing the top rope, he then nails a Swanton Bomb! Hardy goes to cover but all of a sudden, Kip James and Horseshoe come out to the ring. Kip runs down and pulls Hardy out of the ring. Hardy however quickly fights back, nailing Kip with a hard right and clothesline. Horseshoe then goes to attack Hardy but he ducks out of his way. Horseshoe turns around as Hardy kicks him in the midsection and hits him with a twist of fate on the outside! Hardy rolls back into the rings as Monty Brown comes from the crowd! Hardy trash talks Kip James on the outside, who is up now as Monty slides into the ring. Hardy turns around into a POUNCE as the bell rings.

Winner via DQ: Jeff Hardy​

Mike Tenay: Damn Jeff Jarret! Damn him! Jeff Hardy had this match won, this is not right in any way, shape or form. Jeff Jarret’s cronies cost Hardy the match.

Don West: All I can say is thank goodness Jarret didn’t steal a pinfall and win from Hardy, I mean Hardy had him beat clean.

Mike Tenay: Hardy was so close to winning this match but of course “Planet Jarret” had to get himself disqualified so as not to lose this match by pinfall.

Don West: Man, the match was so close to being over, it was completely in Hardy’s favor.

Mike Tenay: Well, ladies and gentlemen, the main event of the evning is upon us. Raven, Rhino, it’s hardcore and it’s next……

-Rhino debuts, goring Raven after his match with Abyss at No Surrender

-Rhino and Jarret face Sabu and Raven at Sacrifice

-Rhino gores Raven through a table and pins him to earn the number one contendership

-Rhino gores Raven consecutive times in the last few weeks

*Animal music* hits and Rhino comes out pounding his chest. He then growls at fans and gets in the ring, he yells at everyone.

*Ravens Rules* hits and Raven comes out, he has a hooded sweatshirt on and has the title over his shoulder, he does his pose and then runs into the ring, he slides in and shows his title to everyone. The bell then rings.

NWA World Heavyweight Championship
Singles Match
Raven vs. Rhino
Raven and Rhino lock up with Raven getting the upper hand to start, getting behind Rhino with an arm bar. Raven then goes for a Russian leg sweep but Rhino drills him the biggest clothesline of the night, by far knocking Raven out of his shoes. Rhino grabs Ravens head and starts bashing it into the mat non stop. The referee pulls at Rhino and Rhino pushes him away. Rhino then gets up and drops an elbow for good measure. Rhino then goes to the outside and gets under the ring, pulling out a table. Rhino then pulls a chair out and throws it in the ring. Rhino picks up the table and slides it into the ring before getting in. Raven is up as Rhino gets in the ring, he delivers two hard rights and Rhino backs up into the ropes. Raven then nails Rhino with a forearm and throws him into the ropes, he follows him and quickly picks Rhino up on the way back, before nailing a samoan drop on to the non set up table.

Rhinos in pain as Raven stomps on him, he then gets the chair and put it on Rhino’s chest, he goes off the ropes and delivers leg drop onto the chair! Raven sits up as the crowd cheers. Raven slowly gets up as Rhino gets on all fours. Rhino has been busted open, he gets up and Raven kicks him in the gut. Raven sends Rhino into the ropes but Rhino reverses, Raven turns around and Rhino drills him with a spine buster! Rhino then picks up Raven by the hair and gets him in a sitting position, he then begins to twist his neck awkwardly as Raven screams in pain. Rhino begins to pound on Ravens chest and then backs up and knees him in the back of the neck.

Ravens falls over in pain as Rhino pounds on his chest. Rhino picks up Raven and throws him over the top rope onto the floor! Raven falls onto all fours and Rhino slides out of the ring. Raven gets up slowly but Rhino grab him, he turns Raven around and picks him up, Rhino then nails a running slam onto the entrance ramp! Raven holds his back in pain as Rhino gets up, he picks up Raven and hits him with a solid hard right. Raven falls back on to one knee and Rhino knees him in the face.

Raven falls over and Rhino yells at the crowd to get them worked up. Rhino picks up Raven and throws him at the side of the ring, Raven turns right before he hitting, making his back take all the impact. Raven holds his back in pain as Rhino runs up to crush him with a clothesline but RAVEN DUCKS! Rhino turns around and Raven delivers a hard kick to the midsection, Raven then grabs Rhino and throws him into the ring. Raven quickly gets in as well as Rhino gets up and goes over to the ropes. Raven quickly runs over, jumps on the second rope and nails a nice kick to the back of Rhino’s head, making him fall back.

Rhino falls over and Raven locks in an ankle lock as the crowd cheers. Rhino yells in pain, reaching for the ropes but there to far. Rhino tries to push Raven off but it doesn’t work, Rhino then finally musters the strength and climbs to the ropes, after several moments, making Raven break the hold. Rhino slowly gets up as Raven walks toward him, Rhino however drill Raven with A GORE!!!! He covers
…….Raven gets a foot on the rope!!!!

Rhino yells at the referee and gets up, he quickly grabs the table and sets it up. Rhino picks up Raven and a slaps him clear across the face, he then puts him in position for a Power Bomb! Rhino picks up Raven, turns around and power bombs him through the table as the crowd chants “Holy Shit”. Rhino does a cutthroat sign yells that he’s not done yet. He gets the chair and puts it in between the turnbuckles. He then picks up Raven, who is now cut up as well, and goes to drive his head into the chair but Raven grabs the turnbuckle and holds back! Rhino gets mad and pushes Raven away. Rhino backs up and signals for a gore to end it, Raven then gets up, using the turnbuckle and looks around at the crowd, seemingly out of it. He turns around and Rhino goes for the GORE! RAVEN GETS OUT OF THE WAY AND RHINO GORES RIGHT THROUGH THE CHAIR!!! Rhino stays between the turnbuckle seemingly knocked out, Raven pulls him out however and throws him down. He covers
…………Rhino puts his hand on the bottom rope!!
Raven gets up and picks up Rhino, who still seems out of it, despite the kick out moments ago. Raven then signals for the end, puts Rhino in position and nails The Raven Effect as the referee counts.

Winner and Still NWA World Heavyweight Champion: Raven​

Raven celebrates as all of a sudden, Jeff Jarret gets in the ring and attacks Raven from behind, Kip James and Monty Brown join him shortly an all beat down Raven. Jarret then has Kip and Monty hold him up, picks up his guitar and smashes it over Ravens head. Jeff Hardy sprints to the ring all of a sudden! The crowd cheers as Hardy cross bodies Monty Brown and Kip James, taking them down. Abyss then makes his way to the ring with Father James Mitchell as Hardy and Jarret begin to go at it. Abyss gets in the ring and attacks Hardy, giving him a choke slam! Jarret applauds Abyss but gets A BLACKHOLE SLAM!

*Lights Dim* and a remix of Metallicas Ride the Lightning hits as STING comes out to a humongous pop. Sting has his baseball bat in hand as Abyss yells at him. Mitchell holds Abyss back as Sting gets in the ring. Abyss suddenly charges at him and Sting ducks out of his way before grabbing him and drilling him with the scorpion death drop! Mitchell tends to Abyss as Monty Brown, Kip James and Jeff Jarret go up the ramp. Sting helps Jeff Hardy and Raven to their feet as they celebrate. On the outside, Rhino starts to get up, holding the back of his neck. Sting yells at the all three members of “Planet Jarret” as Abyss starts to make his way up the ramp as well and three of the biggest stars in TNA celebrate in the ring to end the show.

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How fortunate is this ... I saved my review for this show!!! Feel lucky, because I never save reviews.

TNA Unbreakable:

Opening video set the tone perfectly. Not sure why Styles was in there, as I don’t remember him having a match tonight.

Elix Skipper vs. Chris Sabin:
X-Division action to kick things off cant be better. Skipper and Sabin really turned it up, and despite being quite short, for an opener, at a frenetic pace, was a decent enough length. Hot opener.
Match Rating: **¾ (Out of *****) - Too short to break into the *** range.

Very in character promo from the 3LK. I intensely dislike the guys, but this promo was right on the money. Looking forward to seeing who the mystery partner is.

Sean Waltman vs. Jerry Lynn:
Good length for this one, as it was still low on the card, but it a long running rivalry. Some more spacing in the early going would;ve been nicer, and easier to read, but was still excellently written. A lot of intensity shown, which made sense, given the history. Some really close calls for three counts, with the moonsault, and THE X-FACTOR!! Didn’t expect the kickout from that one tbh, so it was a nice surprise.

Waltman is extremely upset and yells at the referee, he slowly gets up and argues with him, the referee confirms that it's three
That was supposed to say two right?? Anyways, nice to see Waltman snap, not being able to finish off the bloody Lynn. OMG!!! Kickout at 1 from the X-Factor!!!!!!! Didn’t see that coming. Dutt and Sharkboy?? I havent seen the match from Sacrifice between Waltman and Lynn, yet, but I’m guessing that happened there too? Jerry Lynn once again defeats Waltman, in a thrilling match.
Match Rating: **** - Before hand, I wouldn’t have expected to hand out a **** for a three page match, but this one was a real show stealer. Awesome contest, and if the real life match at Sacrifice was half as good as that, I’ll be impressed.

So far, you’re doing a wonderful job of keeping up TNA’s strong matches on PPV.

The Naturals vs. America’s Most Wanted:
This should be good too. Nice start, although once again, use of more paragraphs in the early going would be easier to read. AMW are definitely on the road to heeldom right now, which is probably a much needed fresh change for the duo after years in TNA. Hot tag came at just the right time for Stevens, and the illegal man pin was a really good twist for The Naturals after seemingly won the match.
The four man brawl continuing was done well, and came across really hot, as it would in TNA. Another Natural Disaster should do it, but Storm manages to pull Chase out of the ring, and hitting him with a chair?? This is surreal. Hard to imagine AMW acting so heelishly, which makes this match so good.
And eventually, the cheaters always win, lol. New NWA Tag Team Champions, and The Naturals had a long reign anyway. This one isn’t over yet, but it leaves Team Canada in limbo, as the usually heel team in the equation. AMW turning heel has freshened up the tag division to no end.
Match Rating: *** - Strong contest, and the heel turn made this even better to read. Not quite on the level with the Waltman - Lynn match, but not too far off either.

Great interview with one of my favourite TNA personalities, Monty Brown. I’m hoping to see him challenging for the gold sooner rather than later though.

Luther Reigns / Horshu was the mystery partner?? Was hoping for a really big name, but at least this way, he doesn’t have to be put over loads.

6 Man Tag:
Not one of the better matches on the card. Kept nice and short which is good to see, as there would be better matches to go long on the show. Couple of good back and forth moments, but in the end, it’s the heels than win. In EWR it’s spelt Horshu btw, although EWR could easily be wrong. The big man looks like he could have a pretty big future in TNA, with a dominating win over three of the companies biggest performers.

Another excellent dark Raven promo. Not as good as the one on Impact, but still strong none the less.

Here we go now. This should end up being the MOTN, without a doubt…

Christopher Daniels vs. Samoa Joe:
Tense early going, but Daniels manages to hold his own with the SSM. Quite a bit of technical based wrestling early on, with work on body parts, and some old school submissions. Glad it’s being written as a real contest, and not a domination story.
Chris Daniels also having to resort to some cheating, with the low blow, helps put over Joe’s credentials, as the monster he is. Surprised Joe recovered so quickly from it to lock on the Choke sleeper, which could well end it … but Daniels hasn’t been champion this long without fighting through. Great counters to the sleeper, in what is turning out to be a terrific match.
Great set of back and forth moments, with the sit out power bomb getting two, and Daniels then reversing the Muscle Buster into the Angels Wings, for a two count, and the best sequence of the night.
OMFG!!!! Daniels kicks out of the Muscle Buster!!! No way!!! Terrific false finish. I honestly believed it was over right there. Gut check time now, with both men seemingly out of gas. Fallen Angel needs to poke the eyes … ANOTHER ANGLES WINGS??? Foot on the rope saves the match. Oh man, I’m starting to believe this could go either way. Joe might just suffer a defeat here.
The knees up from the BME could be the turning point of this one imo … more heavy handed cheating for Daniels, using the powder, oh my, he’s desperate to retain that belt right now, lol. Going to every possible measure.
STYLES IS BACK!!! Screws up a chair shot though, and costs Joe the match!!!! Oh my. Wonderful match.
Match Rating: **** - Breath-taking title match, which has to set up an Ultimate X Match between the three at B4G.

Last Man Standing:
Loving this. Best laid out match of the night so far, in terms of easiness to actually read. Spot fest, very ECW-esque, with the brawl into the crowd, and stiff moves onto concrete and such. A bit too one sided, with Abyss dominating, and perhaps too many matches on the show that needs more than one finishing move to end it. Kills the legitimacy of everyone’s finishers needing to hit them numerous times in every match.
Barb Wire Coiled Table!!! OMFG!!! Awesome. No Thumbtacks though which was a surprise. What’s an Abyss hardcore match without tacks?? Great win for Abyss, who controlled the majority of the match. Another title shot soon for the Monster of TNA??
Match Rating: *** - Had a lot of brutal spots, but too one sided, and a little short to be epic.

Christopher Daniels makes history, and he’s surely gonna gloat over it too.

Jeff Hardy vs. Jeff Jarrett
I doubt I’ll enjoy this, as I have little interest in either man. Loved that. Short contest, saving me from having to actually rate it. Run ins from Brown and Kip to save Jarrett is good and bad. Good because it kept the match short, but bad, because I’d rather see Monty on his own, and not a sidekick for JJ.
Match Rating: N/A - Too short to rate.

NWA Heavyweight Championship:
For a main event, it was far too short. I agree with the guy who said that perhaps the last two matches were rushed to get it up on time. I’d rather see it up a day late with more detail, than on time with less.
The match was written to both men’s strengths, and I especially loved the spot where Rhyno Gored into the chair, tremendous. Raven gets the eventual win with the DDT, which keeps him strong as champion. Glad to see Raven hold onto the belt a while longer.
Match Rating: **¾ - Not long enough for a main event PPV match.

Aftermath - ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE!!! Jarrett and his army rush the ring, cracking the guitar over Ravens head. Hardy tries to make the save, but Abyss enters the fray … AND TAKES OUT BOTH HARDY AND JARRETT!!!!!
STING!!! Sting back in TNA!!! Great run off, and an awesome debut for Sting to end the night. Brilliant finish to the show, which sets up some more feuds for B4G. The roster is stacked now though, especially for just a one hour show per week.

Terrific PPV offering, and this thread is starting to take shape. Glad to see you’ve stuck this one out too. The aftermath of Unbreakable, and the build for B4G should be spectacular.

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Just wanted to remind you guys that the first Impact will be a special Two Hour Show.

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That ppv was awesome just awesome, IMO there were more than just one MOTN, Raven vs. Rhino, Sabu vs. Abyss, Jeff Hardy vs. Jeff Jarret, and Waltman vs. Lynn- all of your matches were great. 10/10

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TNA Impact

We see the normal TNA video and hear the Narrator.

Narrator: This is TNA, the new face of Professional Wrestling.

We cut to the New Music Video as “Stand Up” by Trapt plays and we see clips of TNA superstars such as Monty Brown, Jeff Jarret, AJ Styles Jeff Hardy and Sting. We see some X Division high spots like AJ moon saulting over the top rope and Primetimes hurricarana off the cage last year at Turning Point.

We cut to The Impact Zone, where fans are their feet chanting “Spike TV” and “TNA” at the camera. We then zoom to the stage where the new pyrotechnics go off.

Mike Tenay: Welcome everyone to Impact, broadcasting for the first time tonight on Spike TV! I’m Mike Tenay, alongside Don West and what a night we have in store for our fans.

Don West: We are here, TNA has finally arrived on the first network for men and we promise, it will not disappoint!

Mike Tenay: That’s right, tonight we are going to open up the show with a rematch from our Sacrifice Pay Per View last month, a match that many consider the Match of The Year in TNA, I’m talking about The Phenomenal AJ Styles taking on The Samoan Submission Machine, Samoa Joe.

Don West: That’s great, the first encounter was sadly interrupted by our current X Division Champion “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels, he cost AJ the match back then, it’ll be interesting to see what goes down tonight.

Mike Tenay: Well lets focus on one other thing, there is no love loss between AJ Styles and Samoa Joe, especially after last night. AJ made his return, being seen for the first time since Sacrifice, he went to nail Daniels with a chair and accidentally hit Joe, costing him the match and the X Division title.
But Don, what about the main event last night, I’m talking about the world heavyweight championship match between Raven and Rhino?

Don West: Oh man! These guys tore into each other non stop, they went to hell and back and in the end it was Raven, retaining the title in a hell of a match.

Mike Tenay: Well there’s no doubt fans are talking about the matches of TNA Unbreakable but the biggest topic to come out of the night, Sting making his wrestling return, aiding Raven and Jeff Hardy against an onslaught of Jeff Jarret, Kip James, Monty Brown and the The Monster Abyss.

Don West: I was one of the many so excited to see The Stinger make a return to wrestling, and I’m sure he’s going to make an Impact of sorts here on TNA Impact.

Mike Tenay: Well, I can agree with-

*My World* hits and Jeff Jarret comes out to a chorus of boo’s from the fans, Kip James and Horseshoe are with him as he walks to the ring, he gets in and gets a microphone.

Jeff Jarret: Here we are, Spike TV. That’s right, you know TNA Wrestling has come along way since the summer of 2002. You could say that it was because of the fans, you could say it was because of all the boys in the back or you could just be honest and say it was because of me.

Crowd Gives Heat to Jarret.

Jeff Jarret: Dammit, I built this company from the ground up and you know what it got me? Nothing! I work my ass off for this company and management thinks they can fire me?! They can fire the King Of The Mountain, the greatest NWA Champion of all time?! Well no sir.

Crowd chants “Jarret Sucks”.

Jeff Jarret: You know, you people don’t appreciate a damn thing! Havent you all learned anything? Did you watch the Pay Per View on Sunday, Jeff Hardy wanted to make a name off of me and I had to teach that paint wearing freak, that no one enters Planet Jarret’s atmosphere uninvited. Hell, I haven’t seen Jeff Hardy all day, I haven’t seen “The Charismatic Enigma” since Unbreakable, and you know why? Because he learned his lesson. There is no man in the back that can deny that you don’t cross me and you don’t cross my allies, if-

*Ride The Lightning Hits* and Sting comes out to a huge pop from the crowd, he has his trench coat on and Baseball Bat. Sting slowly walks to the ring and gets in as Jarret and co. back up. Sting is then handed a microphone.

Sting: You know, I was listening to you carry on and on and on in the back and you know what I was thinking?

Jeff Jarret: What’s that?!

Sting: Someone needs to shut you up for good!

Crowd cheers

Sting: So I thought to myself, hell I scared you off at Unbreakable, why not shut your mouth for good, TONIGHT! Woooooo!

Crowd starts a “Stinger” chant

Jeff Jarret: Listen up old timer, you made a big mistake showing up at Unbrekable and an even bigger mistake showing up here tonight, so maybe you just don’t get it. Let me lay it out for you, you are in my domain and I want you out. So Sting, cut the talking and get walking.

Jarret points to the entrance way and Sting looks back at him, and then turns to leave. The crowd boo as Jarret smiles but all of a sudden Sting turns around and levels him with a Clothesline! Kip James and Horseshoe quickly attack him, eventually beating him down. Jarret gets up and all three continue the onslaught until….

*Modest* hits and Jeff Hardy comes out to a huge reaction from the crowd, he slides in the ring and immediately tackles Jarret, however Kip James pulls him off and things still look bad.

*Never More* hits and Raven comes out as the crowd goes insane! Raven has a chair with him and all three members of Planet Jarret bail up the “heel” entrance way. Raven yells at them to come back as Sting and Hardy get back up and Raven’s music begins to play again.

Mike Tenay: Wow, all three Jeff Jarret coming out here to verbally assault the live crowd and wrestlers but Sting, Jeff Hardy and The Current NWA World Heavyweight Champion, Raven would have none of it. Ladies and Gentlemen, we’ll be right back.


Mike Tenay: Welcome back to Impact, if you just joined what an opening we had as Jeff Jarret and his goons went at it with Sting, Jeff Hardy and NWA World Heavyweight Champion, Raven, and eventually Jarret and his buddies bailed.

Don West: Man, did that get heated fast or what, I still cant wait to see how Larry byzco and TNA Management are going to solve this.

Mike Tenay: Wait a minute, I’m getting word, later tonight in the main event it’s gonna be Jeff Jarret, Horseshoe and Kip James taking on Sting, Jeff Hardy and Raven, that’s a huge six man tag match later tonight!

Don West: That’s huge! I cant wait.

Mike Tenay: It sure is, but right now lets get to the action as we prepare for our opening bout here at the Impact Zone.

AJ Styles vs. Samoa Joe
The Finish:
A great match that sees both men put Pay Per View effort into it, which see’s AJ get to the ropes after Joe gets him in a Choke Sleeper. In the end after a long and grueling match Joe nails a German Suplex and keeps AJ hooked in the pin, however both men’s shoulder are down and AJ puts a shoulder up before the three count, with Joe keeping his shoulder down!
Winner: AJ Styles

Mike Tenay: Wow, what an opening match here tonight and what a way to kick off Impact on Spike TV.

Don West: That match was amazing, I really thought Joe would get the win, I mean whens the last time someone was hit with a wrestling move and then kicked out while the guy that did the move didn’t? That was amazing!

We cut backstage with Shane Douglas standing by with the current X Division Champion, The Fallen Angel, Christopher Daniels.

Shane Douglas: Here we are, Spike TV debut and who better for me to interview first then the current X Division Champion, “Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels? Chris, how ya’ feeling tonight man?

Christopher Daniels: Here we are, Spike TV debut on Slammin’ Saturday Nights, you know Shane, you could say that TNA is leading a revolution in professional wrestling, but that is not true. For you see Shane, it is I, The Fallen Angel who will lead the revolution, it is I The Fallen Angel, who everyone is looking at. Look at this title, I have held this title longer then anyone before, you think “Fallen Angel” and the first thing that comes to mind, is success. Are people tuning in to see AJ Styles? No. Are people tuning in to see The Charismatic Enigma, Jeff Hardy? No. Are people tuning in to see The NWA World Heavyweight Champion, The Social Outcast, Raven? No. How about Jeff Jarret? NO! AMW, The Naturals, Abyss, Samoa Joe, Team Canada, the list is endless, but are any of them the figure head of TNA? No. You want to see the true Mr. TNA, take a look, take a look at The Fallen Angel. I proved I was the greatest X division champion of all time, defeating such greats as AJ Styles, Chris Sabin and Primetime Elix Skipper, and at Unbreakable, I not only successfully defended my title against The Samoan Submission Machine, Samoa Joe but I ended his storied unbeaten streak here in TNA, and for that alone, Samoa Joe will go down as just another failed attempt at dethroning The Fallen Angel, Christopher Daniels. And now, on this joyous evening, Christopher Daniels leads the revolution.

Christopher Daniels walks off as Shane Douglas is left speechless.


World Tag Team Championship
AMW© vs. Konnan and Ron “The Truth” Killings w/ BG James
The Finish:
A back and fourth match that sees some usual 3LK antics, including Konnan throwing his shoe at Harris. In the end, Kip James comes out and attacks BG, and Ron Killings gets out of the ring to help him, with alone in the ring. AMW eventually take advantage of the two on one situation, hitting The Death Sentence.
Winners and Still Tag Team Champions: AMW

Mike Tenay: AMW retain, thanks to Kip James. When is that man going to let go? When is that man going to realize BG James isn’t gonna turn his back on the 3 Live Krew?

Don West: Well the sooner he does, the better off everyone will be. He had no right to attack BG here tonight, dammit he got a win over the Krew last Sunday, what more does the man want?!

Mike Tenay: Well, lets get our minds off of him, let’s see some highlights of TNA’s celebrated X Division….

X Division Highlight Video
We see Highlights of AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels, Jerry Lynn and others. We see some spots from past Ultimate X matches. The last clip we see is AJ Styles hitting The Styles’ Clash off the top rope.​

Back to Ringside;

Rematch from Unbreakable
Chris Sabin vs. “Primetime” Elix Skipper
The Finish:
Awesome match which sees Sabin once again get the win with a Cradle Shock at the 12 minute mark.
Winner: Chris Sabin


We cut backstage where we see Jerry Lynn talking to a stage hand, all o a sudden Sean Waltman attacks him from behind! Security quickly show up and pulls both men apart with Waltman yelling “I’m still better then you” as security pull him away.

Back to Ringside;

Mike Tenay: Sean Waltman, despite Jerry Lynn getting the better of him twice on Pay Per View, still won’t give up!

Don West: Yeah, I mean I understand Waltman wanting a rematch, that’s fine but he needs to leave Lynn alone now, in my opinion Jerry Lynn already proved he’s the better man.

Mike Tenay: Sean Waltman has become such a bitter person in recent weeks, attacking his former mentor, trying to end AJ Styles’ career and other things of sorts, including giving Jerry Lynn a low blow at Sacrifice after the man beat him clean.

*Waltman’s Music*

Mike Tenay: Speaking of Sean Waltman, it looks like he’s got a match up next.

Singles Match
Sean Waltman vs. Sunjay Dutt
The Finish:
A good match, despite it not being very long. Sunjay misses a cross body and Waltman capitalizing, picking him up while he’s winded and nailing the X Factor for the 1.…….2.……3
Winner: Sean Waltman

After the match Waltman gets out of the ring and gets a chair, he slides back in and looks to nail Sunjay but Jerry Lynn races out and dropkicks Waltman from behind, sending him into the ropes. Waltman turns around, seemingly to fight but quickly gets out of the ring as the fans boo.
Waltman heads up the ramp as Lynn yells at him and check on Sunjay Dutt.


A promo is shown, hyping the return of Kevin Nash at Bound For Glory.

Mike Tenay: Welcome back to Impact ladies and Gentlemen, just an update, our first Bound For Glory match has been announced, Sean Waltman will be taking on Jerry Lynn in a Street Fight to end this once and for all.

Don West: That going to be huge! I cant wait for it, it’s going to be interesting to see if Lynn can make it three for three or will Waltman prevail finally?

Mike Tenay: I don’t Partner but on TNAWrestling.Com a few weeks ago we announced that NWA Championship comity members, Harley Race and Larry Zbyzco will be in the house at Bound For Glory as they name a new member to the comity, following “Rowdy” Roddy Piper’s departure.

Don West: I cant wait, I wonder who they’re going to name?!

Singles Match
“The Alpha Male” Monty Brown vs. Lance Hoyt
The Finish:
A good big man match, in the end Hoyt nails Monty with a sit down power bomb, however Monty kicks out at two. Hoyt picks up Monty, who thumbs Hoyt in the eye and goes off the ropes drilling a huge Pounce and getting the three count.
Winner: Monty Brown

Monty celebrates in the ring and waits for Hoyt to get up, Hoyt does and Monty goes for another pounce however Hoyt gets out of the way and Monty turns into a Big Boot! Hoyt then signals to the crowd before nailing a Sit Down Power Bomb as the crowd cheers. Monty is completely out as Hoyt heads up the ramp, smiling.

We cut backstage and see Sting heading toward the ring, in preparation for the 6 Man Tag Match up next. We then cut to Jeff Hardy stretching backstage and finally Raven, sitting in a dark corner, deep in thought.


6 Man Tag Team Match
Raven, Sting and Jeff Hardy vs. Jeff Jarret, Horseshoe and Kip James
The Finish:
A back and fourth match, in the end Jarret and Sting are the legal men in the ring with Raven on the apron as well as Horseshoe. Sting makes a hot tag as does Jarret and Raven and Horseshoe go at it for awhile. Jarret eventually brings a guitar into the ring and raises it to nail Hardy but Sting pulls it out of his hands, Jarret turns around and yells at him as Sting discards the guitar.
Sting then grabs Jarret and throws him out of the ring, meanwhile inside Raven hit’s the Even Flow on Horseshoe eventually, and gets the three count.
Winners: Raven, Sting and Jeff Hardy

Sting, Hardy and Raven stand tall in the ring as Jarret makes a mistake and gets back in to argue with the referee, as his teammates head up the ramp. Jarret then turns to face Raven, Sting and Hardy and begins to plead with them, even getting on his knees. Jarret gets up and pats Sting on the shoulder as Jeff Hardy comes out of nowhere and nails Jarret with a hard right taking him down! Jarret gets up and Hardy hit’s a Twist Of Fate, before climbing to the top rope as Kip and Horseshoe yell from the ramp. Hardy then nails a Swanton Bomb as the crowd cheers, Raven shows his title to Kip and Horseshoe and Sting and Hardy get up on the ropes.

Mike Tenay: Sting, Jeff Hardy and Raven are victorious tonight, Planet Jarret did not reign supreme and we can only hope that Jeff Jarret and his friends got the message.

Don West: What a main event, Jarret thought he could rely on his guitar, that didn’t work, he thought he could rely on his friends, that didn’t work and for once things re fully stacked against The King of The Mountain!

Mike Tenay: Yes they are, ladies and Gentlemen this has been Mike Tenay, alongside Don West, saying Good Night and see you next week.

End of Show

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Impact Review:

First off read Unbreakable and it was a fantastic PPV, really well written, but now onto Impact.

Good plugging from Mike Tenay and Don West to kick off with, well written, with both commentators in character.

What a way to kick off Impact. Very good written Jeff Jarrett promo, very typical Jeff Jarrett congratulating himself for TNA success. Great interuption by Sting, making his return, nice promo cut by him and the brawl that ensued was very nice indeed.

AJ Styles vs Samoa Joe:
No better way to kick off the show, with an excellent match, and the summary of the finish sure was very good, with AJ Styles picking up the win in a very nice fashion.

Very good Christopher Daniels promo, which was really well written and in-depth, nice how he believes everyone wants to just see the Fallen Angel.

AMW vs 3LK:
Decent tag team match, not sure of the continued storyline between Kip and BG James, maybe culminating in either a match or the two of them re-uniting, but overall a good win for AMW.

Nice X-Divison Segment, really pushing that for TNA which is always great.

Chris Sabin vs Elix Skipper:
I've never actually seen these two collide, but from what i've seen of them in singles action, this match would be really good. Nice win for Chris Sabin with the Cradle Shock, but one question where was Diamond In Rough?

Nice little confrontation between Sean Waltman and Jerry Lynn backstage, good to see the possible continuation of that feud.

Sean Waltman vs Sonjay Dutt:
Decent match, with a good win for Waltman taking advantage of Sonjay Dutt mishap. Good ending when it seemed Sean Waltman was to attack Sonjay Dutt, but having Jerry Lynn make the save.

Nice vignette hyping Kevin Nash return.

Good segment between Tenay and West, i wonder who the new Championship Comittee member will be.

Monty Brown vs Lance Hoyt:
I could only imagine that this would be quite a good "Big Man" Match, good ending to the match, with a nice win for Monty Brown to go over Hoyt. Good end segment with Monty Brown going for a second pounce, possibly a feud being created here.

Sting, Jeff Hardy and Jeff Jarrett vs Jeff Jarrett, Kip James and Horseshoe:
One question where did you come up with the name Horseshoe for the superstar formerly known as Luther Reigns? Good match here, with very high paced finish, with a good win for the faces.

Overall excellent show, i really enjoy your TNA thread, by far the best you've written, keep it up, i look forward to your next show.

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Tenay mentioned in the opening that Unbreakable was last night, just a minor detail though, as I almost missed it.

Would've loved the A.J vs Joe match to open the show, and get the awesome X-Division over right from the start. Dissapointing to see Jarrett right from the get go.

Having said that, excellent promo, with some terrific comments from the King of the mountain himself. Having Hardy, Raven and Sting interrupt him was a good touch too. I'm sensing a Raven - Jarrett match at B4G.

Great match to kick off the action on Impact on Spike TV. Styles picks up the win?? Didnt expect it, but nice going, with a decent finish too.

Excellent, professional interview with Christopher Daniels. Doesnt look like anyone will be taking the belt from him anytime soon, I could be wrong though. Afterall, I did predict he'd lose at Unbreakable :p

AMW retaining the tag titles had to be done. Decent finish though, to further the feud with BG and Kip, with the 3LK involved too obviously.

Not sure what will come of another Sabin victory over Elix Skipper. Neither man appears to have any direction at the moment.

Waltman and Lynn to settle it all in a Streetfight should be a MOTY candidate, if it's anything like their match at Unbreakable. Cant wait for it.

Neccessary win for Waltman too, over Sonjay Dutt. The brawl afterwards, helped to further the hatred between Waltman and Lynn.

NOOOOOOOO!!!! Not Nash!!! NOOOOOO!!!! :(

New member of the TNA Commitee at Bound for Glory?? Awesome. I'm expecting it to be a big name.

Brown vs Hoyt will be great, if you let this rivalry run to B4G. Two of my favourite guys in TNA, without a doubt, and definately two guys you can build around. It's a win - win situation here.

Glad the faces got the win in the first Spike TV show, and Horshu was the right fall guy in this one. Happy to see JJ take a beating afterwards too. Has to be leading to something big at B4G. Possibly a 4 Way for the title??

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to theblueman- In WCW he was called Horshu.

Great opening promo to kick off the show.

That was weird first it said it will be 3-on-4 but now it is 3-on-3.

Joe vs Styles-Well after Joe lost I think Joe will be having a losing streak.

Christopher Daniels promo was great. It was really in character. I wonder who will beat Daniels.

AMW vs 3LK-Good match. I like Kip James attacking BG James even though this makes me not get it if BG James ever teams with him.

Chris Sabin vs Elix Skipper-Good Unbreakable rematch with Sabin picking up the win again.

I like Waltman's attack hopefully theyy put on one more classic.

Sean Waltman vs. Sunjay Dutt-Good way to build up the feud between Lynn and Waltman.

“The Alpha Male” Monty Brown vs. Lance Hoyt-Good match and unexpected reverse from Lance Hoyt after the match after it seemed like Monty Brown was going to destroy him.

Sting, Jeff Hardy and Raven vs Jeff Jarrett, Kip James and Horseshoe-Great main event very good expected win for Sting. Nice aftermath as well.
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