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TNA To Focus More On Younger Talent?

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Amongst TNA Wrestling officials, there has been talk of changing the focus from “big name” veteran stars of yesteryear to the younger performers in the organization.

One source stated that the members of Fortune—AJ Styles, James Storm, Robert Roode and Kazarian—would be among the top babyfaces in the company and that “it would be interesting to see” what happens when the contracts of Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair come due. However, the source added that while creative is behind the proposition, plans could easily change.

The source feels that Impact’s ratings in the coming weeks will be the deciding factor in whether the company begins focusing on younger talents.

“The key is the ratings,” the source stated. “[Dixie Carter] panics when the ratings dip. If it moves two points, she’ll panic.”

The source explained that if Impact’s ratings fall one point as they did last week (from a 1.3 to a 1.2), the company’s creative direction stays course. However, the feeling is that Carter tends to overreact when the ratings slide down two points.

Credit to PWTorch
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So, they MIGHT go back to exactly where they were in November of 09.

And YOUNGER TALENT is a very accurate term. TNA has failed to push for so long that their 'young talent' is between 30 and 35 years old.
This is somewhat true.

AJ Styles has been branded as the future of TNA for the last 7 years. It begs the question when is he going to cease being the "future" and start being the "present".
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