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TNA IMPACT March 3rd, 2011

Opening Video: October 27th, 2009, the biggest name in professional wrestling signed with the best professional wrestling company TNA. Hulk Hogan, a living legend and icon was brought in to TNA by TNA president Dixie Carter, who hoped Hogan could get TNA to the next level. However on 10.10.10 the biggest name in professional wrestling dropped some bombshell news at the biggest ppv in TNA history Bound For Glory. Hulk Hogan along with Eric Bischoff Scammed TNA president Dixie Carter out of her own company. The Hogan/Bischoff regime have since run rampid. Will Dixie Carter get back her company? What will the verdict be? Tonight live in Fayettville North Carolina TNA Will change once again. The time is upon us.

TNA Intro plays (Change me by Phather, Sun and the Holy Ghost)
Pyro goes off and the crowd is going crazy chanting TNA. The Camera shows the jam packed Crown Coliseum.

Mike Tenay: Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to TNA Impact live in the Crown Coliseum right here in Fayettville North Carolina.

Taz: Look at this place Tenay it is jam packed in here

Mike Tenay: Certainly is Taz. Tonight is huge for TNA as we find out who gets control of the company. Will Immortal remain in control of TNA? or will TNA president Dixie Carter get back her company?

Taz: This certainly is gonna be a huge night Mike. We've got a huge card on hand. All the TNA titles will be defended tonight.

Mike Tenay: Yes indeed Taz. Tonight TNA X-division Champion, Fourtunes own Kazarian takes on Immortals Matt Hardy, TNA Tag Team champs Beer Money defend their titles against Gunner & Murphy, the TNA Knockouts are in action and TNA World Heavyweight Champion Jeff Hardy takes on Mr. Anderson for the TNA world title.

Taz: Huge card and huge night and Mike dont forget the renewing of vows between Jeff and Karen Jarett in whick Kurt has to walk Karen down that isle. I cant wait for that.

Fourtune Theme song plays and crowd gets to its feet as TNA X-Division champion Kazarian makes his way down to the ring. Kazarian salutes the fans with the Fourtune sign and they salute back.

Matt hardys theme plays to a mixed reaction as he is from North Carolina. He makes his way down to the ring badmouthing the fans who start to boo him.

Jeremy Borash: Ladies and Gentlemen this match is our opening contest and it is for the TNA X-Division Championship. In the corner to my left he is the challenger representing Immortal from Cameron North Carolina weighing in at 235 pounds, Matt Hardy (crowd boos chanting Hardy sucks. And in the corner to my right representing Fourtune from Anaheim, California weighing in at 215 pounds, he is the reigning and defending X-division champion Kazarian (Crowd Cheers and chants fourtune).

Bell Rings: Matt Hardy and Kazarian lock up and Hardy overpowers Kazarian pushing him into the corner turnbuckle. Hardy is reinging blows on Kazarian as Kazarian falls to the mat. Hardy poses for the crowd who boo him and Kazarian charges Hardy with a spear and starts reigning blows to Hardy. Kazarian is over with the crowd and controls most of the match. Kazarian puts Hardy on the top rope and goes a flux capacitor, but Hardy knocks Kazarian off the top rope to the mat and hardy goes for a leg drop, but misses and both man are down. The ref starts to count as both men make their way to their feet and Hardy goes for a twist of fate, but kazarian reverses and connects with a backwards tombstone pile driver for the pin 1 2 3. crowd cheers for the winner.

Borash: Your winner and still X-divison Champion Kazarian.

Taz: Great match between Hardy and Kazarian. Score 1 for fourtune.

Tenay: You are right Taz and we've got more to come. Lets go to the back where Eric Bischoff has something to say.

Eric Bischoff: Tonight marks the biggest night in TNA history. Tonight Immortal gets full control on TNA, and tonight is the last time Dixie Carter steps in a TNA ring. I mean really is that so bad though, its been 9 years since TNA started and lets face they have accomplished nothing, that is until Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan came in. We got TNA their biggest ratings, we made huge amounts of money in the short time we've been here and we signed the biggest names in sports entertainment. TNA was nothing without us, no name talent and every thursday in the same place the Impact Zone. Tonight we take full control and we will make this the best sports entertainment company.

Commercial Break:

BEER MONEY Plays and Crowd erupts, but nobody comes out. we go to the back where Beer Money is beating down Gunner and Murphy. James Storm hits Gunner with a beer bottle and the beat down continues. Security breaks it up.

Robert Roode: I guess we dont have a match for tonight. Are you serious Bischoff? Putting our Titles on the line against some security guards. I think not. Sorry boys but u aint earned a damn thing in this company and definatley not a shot at us.

James Storm: However you did earn an ass whoopin courtesy of BEER MONEY (crowd says it along) Sorry about your damn luck.

Commercial Break:

Bell rings: Jeremy Borash: Ladies and Gentlemen your next match is for the TNA Knockouts championship.

Amazing Hits as Madison Rayne comes out to some boos. She gets into the ring showing off her knockouts title.

Hardcore Country hits to a nice reaction for Mickie James. she runs down to the ring waisting no time and spears Madison to the ground beating on her until the ref pulls her off. Madison goes after Mickie and they start brawling again and the ref starts to pull them off again but it isn't working. (somebody's voice is heard saying stop)

(Eric Biscoff walks out)

Eric Bischoff: Hey stop. Security take them to the back, get them out of here. The match is canceled for the night (crowd boos). So tonight nothings going exactly right, Matt Hardy didn't win the X-division Championship from Kazarian and Beer Money wanna attack their opponents from behind. I will deal with each and everyone in Immortal and I will deal with the rest of the TNA talent soon enough. Tonight however Immortals world champion will retain his title just like we will retain control of TNA. (Jeremy Borash has recieved word of the Verdict and walks into ring with bischoff)

Bischoff: What the hell do you want Borash?

Borash: Mr. Bischoff i have recieved a verdict involving the ownership of TNA Between Immortals, Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan and Former TNA president Dixie Carter.

Bischoff: Oh really, Well I've been waiting for this all day, but lets do it right. Will all of Immortal come to the ring.

(Immortal music hits as Matt Hardy,Jeff Hardy, Gunner and Murphy, Rob Terry, Jeff Jarrett and Karen come out led by Hogan and Flair to a chorus of boos and cheers)
Hogan, Flair, Jarrett and Karen Get into the ring as the rest of Immortal surrounds the ring.

Eric Bischoff: Hey Hulk its time, but wait we cant do this without the former TNA president on hand. So Dixie please come out and join us for this splendid Occassion.

(Impact Intro Hits to a decent pop for Dixie Carter)

Dixie walks out and is waving at the crowd. Thank you Dixie Chant starts.

Hogan: Hey Dixie, thats right you wave to these people, wave goodbye because tonight is your last night in TNA.

(Dixie has a disgusted look on her face)

Dixie: Jeremy can you read the verdict please.
Eric: Yea Jeremy read how Immortal has gained full control of TNA. (crowd boos.

Borash: Ladies and Gentlemen in the case of Ownership of TNA Wrestling, The Verdict is that Dixie Carter has lost all Ownership to the TNA product. (crowd boos and Immortal is happy and clapping)

Bischoff: YES. We told you Dixie, We told you.

Hogan: So Dixie now you can wave goodbye to these people and to TNA forever.

Borash: Excuse me Mr. Hogan, but i wasn't finished. Dixie Carter has lost all ownership to TNA. Immortals own Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan will have full ownership of TNA wrestling. (crowd boos heavily for that statement and Immortal is gloating)

(a voice is heard on a mic)( Its Spike television executive Kevin Kay and bischoff and Hogan look confused)

Kevin Kay: Excuse me Mr. Bischoff and Mr. Hogan.

Eric Bischoff: Hey Ladies and Gentlemen its Kevin Kay, the Executive at Spike TV. What a surprise, did you come to celebrate with Immortal.

Kevin Kay:No I did not Mr.Bischoff. Im here to make announcement regarding TNA wrestling and Spike TV regarding your future with it. (crowd pop)

Eric Bischoff: Excuse me?

Kevin Kay: Mr.Hogan and Mr. Bischoff Im here to tell you that Spike TV, the Network is not happy. You see on october 29th, 2010 we had a press conference announcing to the world of Hulk Hogan signing with TNA and Spike TV. With that signing there was promises made. Spike Television gave you live television, We helped sign some of the biggest names in professional wrestling and all we asked for was TNA to be the alternative (crowd cheers). We asked for TNA to be the alternative to the other wrestling promotions and show us ratings. As of lately TNA has lacked in ratings and has lacked in Wrestling. I see Eric bischoffs face on Impact more then i see Total Nonstop Action. (crowd chant we want wrestling)If you remember in the contract to TNA and spike TV If promises weren't kept on your part then Spike had the rights to release you of contract with. (crowd pops huge) However Mr. Bischoff, and Mr. Hogan I am not going to release you of your contract with Spike, but I am here to make a change nonetheless. You see Spike TV and TNA have had a strong relationship over the years and we help TNA sign talents from time to time. And where im getting at with this is the network can sign talent to TNA Wrestling (crowd pop) and you see we didnt sign a wrestler per say but we signed someone who can give us what we want from TNA. Basically this person works for Spike TV and he will oversee TNA Wrestling and Oversee you and Mr. Hogan (crowd is chanting who is it)

Eric Bischoff: Wait you can't do that.

Kevin Kay: Mr. Bischoff my decision will stand.

Hogan: Well Who is gonna give you ratings other then me and Eric. Who is going to oversee as you say me and Eric

Kevin Kay: Im glad you asked that Mr. Hogan. The person i have signed to Spike TV and to TNA is a man who shared his image of TNA wrestling and Spike TV for the future, someone who has a plan that i am quite fond of. He is a veteran in the wrestling buisness and he has a way of creating a buzz in the wrestling media community. I believe this man can deliver an alternative, he can deliver ratings and he can deliver Total Nonstop Action. Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome the newest TNA/Spike TV Head Rep

EXTREME Hits to a huge pop and none other then Paul Heyman walks out and the crown coliseum goes insane.

He walks out smiling at Immortal as they look shocked and angry. Heyman walks to the ring. (crowd chanting TNA)

Heyman walks around the ring listening to the crowd chant his name and he grabs a mic.

Paul Heyman: WELL WELL WELL (crowd are going INSANE. What do we have here. Eric Bischoff, Hulk Hogan, and Paul Heyman. (crowd chant Heyman).
You guys look shocked, I mean really, who did you think Kevin was talking about. I am a veteran in this buisness, I am one to deliver nonstop action and i am very good with the media and making it buzz.

Bischoff: You? your the new Spike/TNA Rep.

Heyman: Yes indeed Eric. You see I've been watching TNA for a while and well it made me sick to my stomach at the the recent activity that has on. I mean really this company has the potential to do so much more and yet opportunities are wasted. TNA stands for Total Nonstop Action (crowd chant TNA) This company was defined by a division of wrestlers who shed their blood sweat and tears, a division created by three wrestlers by the names of AJ Styles , Christopher Daniels and Samoa Joe. (crowd pop huge for all 3 competitors) This company was the alternative and then the alternative became the imitation. Dont get me wrong Mr. Bischoff and dont get me wrong Mr. Hogan these men around the ring are phenomononal superstars but this is Wrestling and there are wrestlers in the back who are hungry to become great. So if you wanna be a superstar go back up north, but if you wanna wrestle and become great if you want one day to be called a legend then this ring is where you do it at.

Heyman: So with that said I've signed with spike TV to make things happen with TNA and I will do that. It starts Tonight (crowd cheer). Tonight there was suppose to be a wedding, but this is Wrestling not a soap opera so the wedding is canceled. (crowd Pop huge and Jarett and Karen look pissed) and Tonight we have a main event between the TNA world champion and Ken Anderson for the title right? Im going to spice it up a bit, you see i believe there are other competitors who didnt get a fair shot at the title recently so with that said tonights main event will be The Anti Christ of prefessional wrestling Jeff Hardy vs The Asshole himself Ken Anderson vs The Blueprint Matt Morgan vs... The Whole FN Show RVD. ( Crowd Pop Huge and chant TNA)

(Immortal looks angry and mad at to what just happend)

Bell Rings
Jeremy Borash: Ladies and Gentlemen this match is for one fall, It is a fatal four way match for the TNA World Heavyweight Champioship. (crowd pop huge)

Another (theme Music) hits as TNA World Heavyweight Champion Jeff Hardy comes out to a mixed reaction. He walks out slowly to the ring badmouthing the TNA fans. Hardy gets to the ring and walks to the apron doing his taunts to the crowd.

Blueprint (theme Music)hits to a decent reaction as Matt Morgan walks out looking ready to compete. He gets into ring and is ready to go.

Whole FN Show (theme music) hits to a huge pop as RVD makes his way out to the ring. (Crowd chanting RVD RVD RVD) RVD is also ready to go.

Miiiiisssssssssttttteeeerrr Anderson (theme music) hits to a big reception as Ken anderson comes out and is serious for competition.

Bell Rings.
Jeremy Borash: Ladies and Gentlemen this your main event of the evening and it is for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. (crowd cheers)

Standing in one corner standing 7ft, weighing in at 310 pounds, from Fairfield Conneticut, He is the Blueprint Matt Morgan (crowd cheer)

In another corner standing 6'0" ft weighing in 237 pounds from Battlecreek Michigan he is the Whole FN Show RVD Rob Van Dam (Huge pop with RVD chants)

Ken Anderson: And Standing right here is the soon to be announced New TNA World Heavyweight Champion, weighing in at an astonishing 242 pounds, I hail from Greenbay Wisconsin Miiiiiiiiiiiiiiisssssssssssttttteeer ANDERSON (crowd cheer)........... ANDERSON.

Jeremy Borash: And lastly he is standing in at 6'2", weighing in at 215 pounds from Cameron North Carolina he is the Anti Christ of professional wrestling, Ladies and Gentlemen the TNA World Heavyweight Champion Jeff Hardy. (crowd gives mixed reaction)

Bell Ring:
And all three men jump on Hardy and start beating him down. RVD throws Hardy threw the ropes to the floor and goes to the floor and continues beating on him as Anderson and Morgan go at it. Morgan Clotheslines Anderson and then starts stomping on him. RVD is at the top rope and he connects with top rope kick to the head and Morgan is down. Anderson clothes lines RVD to the mat. Hardy comes in and hits anderson with a sitout inverted suplex. Morgan grabs hardy by the throat and chokeslams him to the mat. Chokeslam to RVD and Morgan goes towards Anderson but Anderson elbows Morgan to the face, Mic Check to Morgan and anderson goes for a pin 1, 2... Hardy breaks it up and hits Anderson with a twist of hate. he goes for a pin 1, 2, and RVD breaks it up. RVD goes out of the ring and grabs a chair and Hardy baseball slides RVD as he tries to get into the ring. Hardy hits another twist of Hate on Morgan this time, but doesnt go for the pin. He instead goes to the top signaling for a swanton bomb but Anderson punches Hardy and knocks him to the second rope and Anderson hits the Mic check off the second rope. All three men are down as RVD comes into the ring, he climbs to the top rope and hits a 5 star frog splash to Jeff Hardy 1,2.. Anderson pulls RVD off and hits a Mic check for the 1,2, and Morgan pulls Anderson off RVD. Morgan goes for a hellavator but Anderson reverses it, both men go for a clothes line and both men get knocked down. All men are down and Hardy is trying to make it back to his feet as he is grabbing towards the corner turnbuckle and slowly climbing. Hardy gets to the top and connects with a swanton bomb on both Anderson and Morgan. Hardy grabs RVD and connects with a twist of hate. He goes for the pin 1,2,3 and hardy wins.

Jeremy borash: Ladies and gentlemen the winner of the match and still your TNA World Heavyweight Champion Jeff Hardy.

(Hardy Celebrates and is extremely weak and tired)
(the lights go out and its pitch black in the arena.

Lights come back on and The Icon Sting is standing face to face with Jeff Hardy and their is a massive ovation for the icons return as the scene fades to black
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TNAwrestlingnews.com: As you saw on Thurday nights Impact Paul Heyman made his debut in TNA. He was introduced as TNA/Spike TV Rep. Apparently Heyman has a deal with Spike TV for Programming producing and writing and TNA is apart of it.

Theres supposed to be major changes coming and Spike TV is the reason why. They want bigger ratings and more wrestling from TNA. Eric Bischoff will still be a major part in production for TNA and Hogan is expected to be used as wrestler from time to time.

The Impact rating is in and they scored a impressive 1.4 Rating which is their highest in a long time. TNA officials are very very pleased with this number and are really talking about taking Impact on the road permanently. More to come

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Preview:Next Thursday night on Impact we see what happens next, now that TNA has a new authority on hand. Paul Heyman has made his debut in TNA. He was hired by Spike TV as a TNA/Spike TV rep. What changes will come to TNA? Also the Anti Christ of professional wrestling Jeff Hardy retained his World Heavyweight Championship, but after his match came face to face with the returning Icon Sting. What will happen between the two. This and More on Thursdays Impact.
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