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It starts after Bound for Glory 2010, “They” are after revealed themselves, what happens next…Nobody knows..

Male Roster
AJ Styles
Alex Shelley
Amazing Red
Brian Kendrick
Brother Devon
Brother Rey
Chris Saban
“The Pope” DeAngelo Dinero
Desmond Wolfe
Douglas Williams
Eric Young
James Storm
Jay Lethal
Jeff Hardy
Jeff Jarrett
Jeremy Buck
Jesse Neal
Jimmy Hart
Kevin Nash
Kurt Angle
Matt Morgan
Max Buck
Mick Foley
Mr. Anderson
Orlando Jordan
Ric Flair
Rob Terry
Rob Van Damn
Robbie E
Robert Roode
Samoa Joe
Shannon Moore
Stevie Richards
Tommy Dreamer

Angela Love
Lacey Von Erich
Madison Rayne
Mickie James
SoCal Val
Taylor Wilde
Velvet Sky

Other On-Air Talents
Authority Figures: Eric Bischoff & Hulk Hogan
TNA President: Dixie Carter
Commentary Team: Mike Tenay & Taz
Backstage Interviewer: Christy Hemme
Ring Announcer: Jeremy Borsch

Tag Teams and Stables
They: Eric Bischoff, Hulk Hogan, Abyss, Jeff Hardy, and Jeff Jarrett
EV2 – Tommy Dreamer, Rob Van Damn, Sabu, Rhino, Stevie Richards, Raven, and Team 3D
Fortune – AJ Styles, Kazarian, Beer Money, Matt Morgan, Douglas Williams, and Ric Flair
Motor City Machine Guns – Alex Shelley and Chris Saban
Ink Inc – Jesse Neal and Shannon Moore
Generation Me – Jeremy Buck and Max Buck
London Calling – Desmond Wolfe and Magnus
Orlando Jordan and Eric Young
Beer Money Inc – James Storm and Robert Roode
Team 3D – Brother Ray and Brother Devon

TNA World Heavyweight Championship
Jeff Hardy 10/10/10 – Present
(Defeated Mr. Anderson and Kurt Angle in Triple Threat Match for Vacant Title at Bound for Glory VI)

TNA Television Championship
AJ Styles 7/22/10 – Present
(Defeated Champ Rob Terry on Impact)

TNA Tag Team Championships
Motor City Machine Guns 7/11/10 – Present
(Defeated Beer Money for Vacant Titles at Victory Road)

TNA X Division Title
Jay Lethal 9/25/10 – Present
(Defeated Amazing Red at TNA Live Show)

TNA Knockouts Title
Tara 10/10/10 – Present
(Defeated Champ Madison Rayne, Angelina Love, and Velvet Sky in Four Way Match at Bound for Glory)

TNA Knockouts Tag Team Titles
Taylor Wilde and Hamada – 8/5/10 – Present
(Defeated Champs Velvet Sky and Lacey Von Erich on Impact)

Next Pay-Per-View
Turning Point – November 7th, 2010 – Impact Zone Orlando, Florida​

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Good to see you back, FlyinStyles. Everything looks in order here, and while I think TNA have already kind of stuffed up the "They" angle, maybe you can fix it with this. Small thing I noticed is that you have Rob Terry spelled oddly, but it's nothing major.

Looking forward to seeing where you go with this. Good luck.
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