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Jarret interview was short and sweet, like how Shamrock is back and a match between the both should be good.

Okay match between Shark Boy and Outlaw. Having 3 Live Kru entering the ring to attack both stars was okay. A little repetative but still okay.

DDP losing against Trytan wasn't the best descision for me. I guess it's trying the build up the feud between Raven up even more and push Trytan in the process.

Kazarian winning was'nt surprising, it had to be done. Loved the announcement about AMW vs Kazarian and Shane

Monty Brown match was pretty cool. Keeping him strong to the fans and giving him air time is something. Abyss vs Brown should be okay, lookign forward to how you'll write the match.

Loved the main event. Shame Primetime won, with Dutt making it to the last two I was hoping he would go all the way. Also not likeing the fact that Williams was eliminated first. Well these are just personal opinions so you can forgett them.

In conclussion good show. Love the card for Finall Resolution, you've built up the PPV well. Good Job.
1 - 2 of 34 Posts
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