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TNA... The top competition for the world known World Wrestling Entertainment. They've come close to landing a television deal with a few networks, but they haven't succeeded yet. The question on everyone's mind is 'Will the TNA Ever get past the National level? Will they ever make it to the big leagues to challenege the WWE??' Many say 'no'... But the devout fans... The ones who pay the $9.95 every week to watch... They know better. So what do you think? Will the TNA ever beat the WWE, or will they always be called Second Best?? Only time will tell...
Now, I plan on doing this version of my TNA A little different... I am going to leave more of the decisions in your hands, so you will get what you want to see most of the time. Please note that I am going to take majority decisions when a poll is taken, so do not feel offended or angry when your idea isn't used. Ok... Here is how my superstars stack up.

AJ Stylez
*Alexis Laree
Alter Boy Luke
Amazing Red
B.G. James
Brian Lawler
Brian Lee
Buff Bagwell
*Cassidy O'Reilly
Chase Stevens Chris Harris
Chris Sabin
Christopher Daniels
CM Punk
David Flair
David Young
Devon Storm
D'Lo Brown
Don Callis
Don Harris
Elix Skipper
Erik Watts
Frankie Kazarian
Glenn Gilberti
James Mitchell
James Storm
Jason Cross
Jeff Jarrett
Jerry Lynn
Jimmy Rave
Joel Maximo
Jonny Storm
Jose Maximo
Julio Dinero
Justin Credible
Kid Kash
Kid Romeo
Low Ki
Mad Mikey
Mike Awesome
Mike Sanders
New Jack
Perry Saturn
Rick Steiner
Ron Harris
Ron Killings
Sean Waltman
Shane Douglas
Shark Boy
Simon Diamond
Sonny Siaki
*Tracy Brooks
Vince Russo

TNA's Top Ten

Top 5 Faces
1. Jeff Jarrett
2. Sting
3. Jerry Lynn
4. Sandman
5. Sabu

Top 5 Heels
1. Vince Russo
2. AJ Styles
3. Glenn Gilberti
4. Buff Bagwell
5. Low Ki

This means I am going to get the most heat if I have Jarrett feud with Russo, Sting feud with Styles, and so forth. However, I am not going to assign any feuds just yet, as I have some Ideas to get the TNA in top contention with the WWE.

The Ryland Report
The Ryland report is going to be a weekly update on the current condition of the TNA. It will be published every Thursday until I get a weekly show. When that time comes, The Ryland Report will be moved to a different day of my choosing.

So that's about it... The first weekly PPV is coming soon, and I hope you will enjoy!!

TNA Updates

-Former WWE Trainee Paul London signed to a written contract, $45,000 a month for 12 months. He is scheduled to appear at the first TNA event on Wednesday, September 3, 2003.

-A legend in the wrestling world has recently signed with TNA as an authority figure. He is yet to be named, but the arrival of this wrestling great has the locker room buzzing. The contract is rummored to be fairly inexpensive, considering the wrestler's stature. $65,000 a month for 12 months.

-NWATNA has signed four sponsors to help promote and pay for the shows.

L.T Hopper Plumbing
$710,000 per month for 7 months
Estimated total pay: $4,970,000

Pheonix Ashes
$703,000 per month for 7 months
Estimated total pay: $4,921,000

The Side Effect
$675,000 per month for 12 months
Estimated total pay: $8,100,000

$650,000 per month for 5 months
Estimated total pay: $3,250,000

Total pay from Sponsors: $21,241,000

The first TNA Event is coming soon!!​

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Slight Roster Cut
A handful of superstars has recently been fired to cut the cost. They are several untalented and/or un-over superstars with rather expensive contracts, so they are only hindering the TNA.

*Tracy Brooks
David Flair
Mad Mikey
Jimmy Rave
Ron Harris
Justin Credible
James Mitchell

In response to Ron Harris' release, Don Harris has also left the TNA. His loyalty to his brother caused him to make this decision. The same goes for Swinger. Simon Diamond left along with him.

1. Paul London vs Amazing Red
Paul London, who is making his debut today, hit several quick kicks early on that cought Red off guard. The two men traded several technical maneuvers to keep the match at a quick pace, but Red sealed London's fate when he hit the Red Star Press at 7:43. After the match, the two men shook hands. Paul London is seething with potential, and he will surly be a strong force in the future of the TNA.

Winner = Amazing Red

2. Sonny Siaki vs Alter Boy Luke
Sonny Siaki proved to be too much for Alter Boy Luke. He hit several kicks to the abdomen and face from the get go, along with technical moves that kept Luke reeling. At 5:32, Siaki hit the Siakoplois and put Luke away. He celebrated his victory, happpy to see that he is getting somewhere.

Winner = Sonny Siaki

3. Sandman vs Konnan
Hardcore Match

There were several weapons tossed into the ring for the men's enjoyment, and they used them to the fullest. Konnan got his hands on a fire extinguisher early on, blinding Sandman. He hit him over the head with a trashcan lid several times before sandman finally fell to the ground. As Konnan approached, Sandman swung a beer can and connected with Konnan's temple. Konnan fell to the mat holding the side of his head, and Sandman went on to hit the White Russian Leg Sweep at 9:22, securing himself the win. As Sandman celebrated his win, Konnan grabbed a chair. Sandman turned right into a chair shot, and was soon left lifeless in the middle of the ring.

Winner = Sandman

4. Jerry Lynn sees Glenn Gilberti...
Jerry Lynn was walking backstage where he saw his opponent for the night, Glenn Gilberti. The two men sized eachother up, traded insults, and walked away. Luckily this thing didn't turn out in a backstage brawl, and the match will go on.

5. Jerry Lynn vs Glenn Gilberti
The two men went right at eachother right as the bell sounded, not holding anything back. Just as one man seemed to get the advantage, the other came back with a devastating move and took it back. Jerry Lynn managed to corner Gilberti by the turnbuckle, but that didn't stop anything. They traded blows several times as the ref tried to break it up. He went in the first time, but Jerry Lynn shoved him back. The second, he was shoved back by Glenn. The Ref had enough, and called for the bell. The match ended in a Draw, but the two men went at it until they disapeared behind the curtain.

Winner = Draw

[/b]6. Interview with Jarrett[/b]
Goldylocks was backstage at Jeff Jarrett's locker room, and she managed to get a few words with him before he hit the ring for the main event.

G: Jeff, tonight you are going to face AJ Styles. What are your thoughts going into the match?
J: Well It's simple Goldy... I am going to take Styles seriously... I am going to go all out and try to get that title from him...
G: What are your thoughts on the recent roster cut?
J: I was angry to see the way Ron Harris was fired, and I will be trying my best to get him resigned as soon as possible.
G: Well Thank you for your time, Jeff... And Good luck tonight!!

7. Jeff Jarrett vs AJ Styles
TNA World Title Match

The two men locked up early on, neither man backing down. Jarrett hit several moves that sent AJ to the outside to regroup. Jarrett went for a clothesline, but AJ pulled the ref in the way! When it looked like he had AJ out, none other than Vince Russo ran down to the ring with a chair. The Ref had been hit by a clothesline earlier and was out of it, and this left an opening for Russo. He hit Jarrett right between the eyes and slid out of the ring. AJ rolled over and laid his arm across Jarrett as the ref came to. 1... 2... 3... Russo slid back in the ring and him and AJ continued the assault on Jarrett. Suddenly, Sting ran down the ramp and slid in the ring, causing AJ and Vince to retreat.

Winner = AJ Styles

Show fades

Show Rating = 71
PPV Buy Rate = .21
Earnings = $569,525

Feedback would be great

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I haven't started any feuds yet, as I am going to be bringing in a few more people soon. More signings will change the Top 5's, and when the top 5's are final, I will have a map of the feuds laid out and ready to go.


NWATNA is pleased to announce the signings of a handful of great superstars. In hopes of beating out the WWE someday, the I have decided to bring in people that will surly boost the promotion. Ken Shamrock and Juvi Guerrera have both signed with the TNA recently, and BRET HART has been brought in as general manager!! A superstars has been stolen from the WWE... When his contract there expires, he agreed to come to the TNA. This man has proven to be a top contender in the WWE with his Uncle Eddie... He is... Chavo Guerrero!! The TNA has openly admitted being interested in the other Guerrero, Eddie, as well. Expect to hear more about this in the future.

More signings to be announced!!

NWATNA Weekly coming soon!

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Bring back Mad Mikey and Justin Credible. Then you can have a feud between these two. They could put on one hell of a show! Justin Credible can make fun of Mad Mikey which will get him even more enraged throughout the shows. Then Justin Credible can come out acting like Mad Mikey. Cut a few Mad Mikey promos and then Justine Credible can make his own promos. Then have a tag team match: Justin Credible/Elix Skipper Vs. Mad Mikey/Micheal Shane(Shawn Micheal's cousin). Mad Mikey and Justin Credible can pull off some big move with a table or something setting up Justin Credible and Mad Mikey in a table match. You may disagree with me all you want but I think that Mikey and Justin can pull off a hell of a show.

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Justin Credible isn't worth the ammount on his contract. That is the reason he was released. On top of that, he was stirring up trouble in the back, and the production staff complained about him being difficult to manage. Plus, Shamrock, Juvi Guerrera, Bret Hart, and Chavo Guerrero can more than make up for Justin Credible's release.

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You should bring back Mikey, Harris, Slash and Credible.

Also, has your TNA broken away from NWA? And if it has, a good idea would be to merge with several different NWA promotions, keeping only the good talent as well as getting some of there titles.

You could have a harcore battle royal featuring tna talent along with the newly sighned ones. The Royal would be four a hard 10 title or a texas deathmatch title etc.

Besisdes, with all the talent you have on a roster of wat is it?
30 plus guys on your roster? You would need a midwest title, u.s, tv (or in TNA's case ppv title), a memphis, title and so on.

You would have some outstanding Title Divisions

Womens (eventually)
us (or the equivilent of it)
Hard Core (four a lack of a better term)
Memphisis (That with eventually be retired when TNA goes National)

so with those titles you with have champs all down the card
Low-Card, Low/Mid-Card, Mid, Mid/High-Card, High Card.

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i just downloaded the EWR game & im glad that u are using its basis for a show, i hope this becomes good,u shud post like a show every 2 days otherwise a week gona be tooooooo long to wait

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In an attempt to boost the tag division, I have decided to bring in two former WWE Superstars, La Resistance. They were released by the WWE recently, and TNA was fortunate enough to scoop them up first. Sylvan Granier and Rene Dupree should prove to be a valuable paire in NWATNA.

NWATNA on PPV, Right Now!!


1. Interview with Sting
G: Sting, later tonight you are going after AJ Styles for his title. What are your thoughts?
S: Tonight is my chance to prove myself, Goldy... I am going to show AJ Styles that he isn't the top competitor here anymore... That I am the rightful Champion...
G: Now Last week, you saved Jeff Jarrett from a brutal
attack by Vince Russo and your oppnent AJ Styles. Could you tell us Why??
S: Last week I save Jarrett's ass... This week I have a title shot... Put A and B together...
G: Well Sting, I'm sure you have to warm up for tonight's match, so good luck.

2. Paul London... The Hottest Rookie Today?
A tape is played, hyping Paul London, the new NWATNA Superstar that was released by the WWE. He has the potential to be one of the greats here, and I'm sure we'll be seeing a lot out of him in the future...

3. Paul London vs Juvi Guerrera
Juvi Guerrera scores with a back heel kick on London. London counters a sleeper hold by turning it into a jaw breaker. Juvi walks into a high dropkick from Paul London. The referee bumps after catching a wild right hand and is down. Tornado DDT from Paul London, Juvi got planted. Pinfall attempt, but the ref is conveniently laid out. Paul London misses a big legdrop after stalling too long. Driven DDT by Juvi Guerrera. The ring shook violently, instantly making it better at selling than some of the current roster. London takes a hurrancarana from Juvi Guerrera. There's a two count on the pin. Springboard dropkick from Juvi Guerrera. Nicely done. Pin, but London is out just before the three count. Paul London reverses a hip toss. London crushes Juvi with a running senton. Cover, but there's a last second kick-out. Juvi kicks Paul London in the gut to reverse the momentum. Paul London is in trouble. Juvi Driver!!! That shook the ring. 1....2....3!! Paul London slides to the outside and grabs a chair, then climbs back into the ring. Juvi turns around...and gets planted with a huge chair shot to the head! He is left down and out on the canvas.
**Paul London proves he can put up a great match with some of the high flying greats, scoring a fantastic 97% match quality rating, and an 82% overall.**

4. The first appearance of La Resistancs
The camera changes to the locker room area, where La Resistance are shown sitting in their locker room, French Flag draped over their sofa. They are talking amongst themselves, probably about their debut match coming up.

5. America's Most Wanted vs La Resistance vs SAT vs Perry Saturn and Raven
Tag Team Championship

Jose crushes Wildcat with a running senton. Tag to Sylvan Grenier. Big kick from Grenier. Sylvan Grenier hits a right hand on Chris Harris. Grenier tags out to Rene Dupree. Rene Dupree uses a forearm to the face. Dupree with a spinning neckbreaker on Wildcat. Dupree only gets knees on a splash. Big backdrop on Dupree, executed well. Tag between Chris Harris and James Storm. Death valley driver by James Storm, Rene Dupree got planted. Cover gets three. James Storm pinned Dupree. (La Resistance Eliminated) Big clothesline on Storm. Front legsweep slam by Perry Saturn, hit with precision. Pin, but Storm is out just before the three count. Saturn tags out to Raven. Saturn and Raven hook up Storm, then hit a double suplex. Storm walks into a spike slam. Pin, but Storm is out just before the three count yet again. Raven gets taken down out of nowhere. Tag between James Storm and Joel Maximo. Legsweep on Raven. Raven walks into a face crusher variation. Tag to Jose Maximo. SAT whip Raven into the ropes and hit a double back elbow. Pin, three count, it's over. Jose Maximo pins Raven. (Raven/Saturn Eliminated) Jose Maximo hits a rolling kick on Wildcat. Wildcat takes a hurrancarana from Jose Maximo. Chris Harris powers out of a Jose Maximo headlock. Big clothesline on Jose. Nice piledriver on Jose. Hooks the leg for a two count. Tag to James Storm. Massive backbreaker, Jose got planted. Jose blocks a kick from James Storm. Tag between Jose Maximo and Joel Maximo. DDT from the top rope by Joel Maximo. That looked brutal. Pin : 1 - 2 - 2.9999999. Joel hits a dropkick on James Storm. Storm blocks a kick from Joel Maximo. Joel takes a headbutt from James Storm. Chris Harris moves in for the kill. Here it comes - Catatonic. 1....2...3, it's finished. (Harris/Storm Win)

6. Bret Hart formally debuts
Vince Russo is in the ring, and announces that he has decided to bring in someone to help shake up the show, and that is Bret Hart. He comes out and joins Vince Russo in the ring, shaking hands, neither man looking too happy to be doing it...

7. Bret Hart vs Buff Bagwell

Headbutt on Buff by Hitman. Hitman walks into a trip. Bret Hart takes a right hand to the temple from Buff. Buff Bagwell DDTs Hitman. Hart reverses a hip toss. Flying elbow off the top rope by Bret Hart, decent elevation. Bagwell hits a drop toe hold on Bret.. Buff scores with a standing spinebuster. Bagwell DDTs Hitman. Buff Bagwell gets taken down out of nowhere with a chop block. Bret drops a knee to Buff's knee, and then pulls up on it hard. He turns him over, and drives Buff's knee into the mat. Bret Hart has Buff Bagwell down...and locks in the Sharpshooter for the submission victory!

8. Sting heads to the ring...
Sting is walking backstage, obviously on his way to the ring to compete in the main event, which is coming up!!

9. Sting vs AJ Styles
World Heavyweight Championship

Styles hits a punch, but takes one right back. Sting hits Styles. Sting hits a right hand on AJ Styles. Bodyslam on Styles by Sting. Sting drops an elbow...but misses. Hard back suplex on Sting. Flying cross body off the top rope! There's a two count on the pin. Sting powers out of a AJ Styles headlock. Sting hits a stump piledriver on AJ Styles. Cover for a two count. Sting turns Styles inside-out with a clothesline. Pinfall attempt gets a 2.9999. Sting misses a clothesline. AJ Styles scores with a back heel kick on Sting. Sting elbows AJ Styles in the face to break a hammerlock. Running clothesline from Sting. Vince Russo comes running down the aisle with a chair! Styles goes to irish whip Sting into the ropes. Russo jumps onto the apron with the chair...but Sting reverses! Collision between Russo, Styles, and the chair! AJ Styles staggers back into a roll up! 1...2...3! It's over! Styles and Russo are putting the boots to Sting! Jeff Jarrett comes running down the aisle with a chair of his own! He slides in, sending Styles \ Russo running for cover. Jeff Jarrett bends down to help Sting back up. Wait! AJ Styles slides back in and attacks! Jeff Jarrett fights back...but is then jumped by Russo as well! Both Jarrett and Sting are subjected to a beat down by Styles \ Russo, leaving them down and out on the canvas. Styles picks up a chair, and turns and nails Russo for costing him the belt!!

Show Fades

Show Rating: 71
PPV Buy Rate: .21
Earnings: $569,824

Feedback please!
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