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TNA: The Last Resort is set after the TNA Victory Road Pay Per View in 2011. After over a year of failures by Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan along with their millionaire sidekicks TNA fans demanded action to fire these money hungry powerbrokers who failed to deliver any of their promises. TNA fans came in unison and offered an ultimatum to Dixie Carter... hire Paul Heyman or fold.

Carter was reluctant to meet the demands of Heyman but eventually they settled on a one-year contract rumoured to be worth over $5 million dollars. The contract is said to be full of conditions including Heymans 100% control over creative and running the show.

The first of Heymans demands was that Impact would go live every week and on the road, in addition to a drastic cutting of the number of PPV's. TNA has finally listened and will farewell the Impact Zone on a special edition of TNA Impact before the following week premiering in the Orlando Amway Arena with TNA: Making an Impact. TNA will also enter the wrestling history books with their annual extravaganza Bound For Glory to emanate from the Holy Grail Madison Square Garden .

Heyman insists on fan feedback so if there is anything you would like to see, anyone you would like to see or stuff you hate to say don’t feel afraid to make your voices heard.

TNA Victory Road

Mr Anderson, Kurt Angle and AJ Styles defeated The Hardy Boyz and RVD in a Losers Get Fired Match
• Anderson pinned Matt Hardy @ 28.15
• The Hardy Boyz and RVD had an emotional farewell

Douglas Williams defeated Amazing Red to retain the X-Division Championship
• Williams defeated Red via submission @ 14.00

Jeff Jarrett defeated Bobby Lashely in a ‘MMA Match’
• Jarrett won via technical knockout @ 3.50 when Lashely could no longer defend himself
• Jarrett appeared to low-blow Lashely shortly before winning the match

Chris Sabin and Alex Shelly defeated Beer Money to win the TNA Tag Team Championship
• Sabin pinned Roode @ 20.15
• Chris Harris made his return and James Storm went to have a celebratory beer in the middle of the match, this proved the distraction needed as Sabin quickly rolled up Roode

Madison Rayne defeated Angelina Love to retain the Knockouts Championship
• Rayne pinned Love @ 4.15

Abyss fought Matt Morgan to a double DQ in a Television Championship bout
• This match never began as Morgan came out and immediately brawled with Abyss

Bully Ray defeated Christopher Daniels
• Ray pinned Daniels @ 8.00
• Ray won after hitting Daniels over the head with a chair when the referee was down

Samoa Joe defeated Kazarian
• Joe defeated Kazarian via Submission @ 6.50

The Bucks defeated Eric Young and Jesse Neal
• Max Buck pinned Neal @10.15



AJ Styles

Alex Shelley

Amazing Red

Brian Kendrick

Brutus Magnus

Bully Ray

Christopher Daniels

Chris Harris

Chris Sabin

D’Angelo Dinero

Desmond Wolfe

Douglas Williams

Eric Young


James Storm

Jay Lethal

Jeff Jarrett

Jeremy Buck

Jesse Neal



Kurt Angle

Little Red

Matt Morgan

Max Buck

Mr Anderson


Orlando Jordan

Robbie E

Robert Roode

Samoa Joe

Scott Steiner

Shark Boy



Angelina Love

Awesome Kong



Madison Rayne



Velvet Sky


Brother Devon

Mick Foley

Upcoming PPV Schedule​

Against All Odds 21/8

Bound for Glory 16/10

Final Resoultion 4/12

Lockdown 15/1

Sacrifice 4/3

Turning Point 22/4

Slammiversary 3/6

Victory Road 15/7


TNA World Heavyweight Championship

Current Champion: Mr Anderson

TNA X-Division Championship

Current Champion: Douglas Williams

TNA Television Championship

Current Champion Abyss

TNA Tag Team Championships

Current Champion: Motor City Machine Guns

TNA Knockouts Championship

Current Champion: Madison Rayne

Television Shows

TNA Impact: The Flagship Show of TNA comes to Spike every Thursday Night and offers the best professional wrestling show in the world. From your favourite hard hitting grapplers to the sexiest women on television this is a must see show for any sports fan

TNA Xplosion: Get ready for some serious Action. Xplosion is the show dedicated to the X-Division the most athletic dangerous wrestlers in the world invade your television sets every Friday Night on Spike!

TNA Epics: Doing nothing on a Saturday Night? Tune in to Spike to get your fix of TNA. As some of your favourite superstars compete out of the spotlight you can be sure to see some very intense action. From veterans to rookies everyone will be trying to leave their impact.

Notes, Rumours, Goss​
• Paul Heyman took control of creative last night and as expected got rid of liabilities such as The Hardys
• Heyman has complete control over booking and has worked very hard with some of his contacts to contact some major players, new signings expected soon.
• Heyman wants to bring back an old-school TNA mentality and has come up with numerous suggestions to bring back some of the original TNA workers
• The morale backstage at Victory Road was very high and talent are excited to be working under Heyman
• Chris Harris has been in fact signed to a new deal after making his debut at Victory Road

Note about BTB

I plan on keeping this simple and easy to read. I personally prefer reading summary shows that enhance storylines without having to read through alot of unnecessary stuff. My focus with this BTB will be storylines and making superstars rather than writing long matches. Matches are my weakness hence if I stay away from them I should be able to provide an entertaining product. Feel free to leave absolutely any feedback and I sincerely hope that you enjoy reading my BTB TNA: The Last Resort

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21st May 2011, Impact Zone Orlando

Paul Heyman welcomes us to the final episode of Impact to be filmed at the Impact Zone. He tells us many people have come before him and have failed to make this company succeed. He says the problem is simple no matter who you sign, the company cannot grow without bigger shows and advertisements. He states that TNA will grow under his leadership, his first act was firing many over payed workers that will enable him to create stars. He has also signed a handful of major players and has restructured the TNA product with 8 PPV’s a year and Impact filmed in arenas starting from next week. Heyman says he has some huge signings that will change the face of this war, and they will be unveiled later on tonight.

(In Ring)

TNA World Heavyweight Champion Mr Anderson makes his way out to a pretty big Impact Zone reaction. Last night his team ended the TNA careers of Matt and Jeff Hardy as well as Rob Van Dam. Anderson invites Angle and Styles down to the ring, where they all celebrate with a hug. Anderson says he thanks both of them for not turning their backs on him, and thanks them for helping win back TNA from the virus of the North. Styles says he looks forward to once again being the Phenomenal One and to one day be the TNA Champion. Angle says that’s unlikely because he wants the first chance at the belt, Angle says he would do anything to become Champion again. Styles rebuts by saying so would he.

Anderson calls them both assholes and says they can settle it out later because for the first night in a long time he just wants to relax and have some fun. Angle and Styles both agree, but both can’t keep their eye off the belt. They are interrupted by a security escort as a fan makes his way into the front row.... its CARLITO COLON.

Anderson makes fun of his one-time associate by calling himself the Coolest member of TNA. Styles is confused who it actually is and asks since when did Sideshow Bob require special attention. Angle also throws a crack at Colon, as they three men joke in the ring Carlito looks visibly frustrated.


A Samoa Joe vignette is played showing some of his biggest moments in TNA, also some focus on how he dismantled Christopher Daniels at Victory Road. The promo concludes with the ominous words ‘Joe is going to Kill you...’


Roode and Storm are arguing backstage as Roode can’t fathom how they lost the TNA Tag Team Championships last night. Storm tried to defend himself by saying it was just an innocent beer with an old friend. Roode says it was half way through a match, and asks what are Harris’ motives. Storm says not to worry they are going to get a win here tonight and will win back their title next week on Impact.

Douglas Williams vs Consequence Creed​

This non-title match involves a very dominant champion and a returning Consequences Creed. Creed came to the ring and told everyone that he is back in TNA to capture the X-Division Championship, and he would begin that tonight by beating Williams. Creed has improved dramatically in the ring and hits many big manoeuvres. Creed tried to hit a leg drop that missed its mark and Williams continued to put pressure on the injured leg. Creed was able to make numerous comebacks but each time he lost balance due to his leg. Williams was eventually able to capitalise by countering a suplex into a Boston Crab and Creed had no choice but to submit.

Winner @ 8.15 via submission Douglas Williams

(Parking Lot)

We see a limousine pull up on the outside; the announcers speculate who this could be and what big signings Paul Heyman will unveil later on tonight.

Beer Money vs Eric Young and Jesse Neal

Both teams coming of loses last night are in desperate need of a win. Beer Money have a Championship re-match next week against the Guns regardless of the outcome of this match. Storm and Roode shake hands and are trying to forget that horrible mix-up last night that led them to losing their belts. Young still struggling to know what planet he is on, he tries to tags the referee into the match. Beer Money are in no mood for games as they punish Young, with swift double teams isolating Young from his partner. Roode nails Young with a spinebuster as Neal is trying to rally up the crowd to make some noise for Young.

Storm continues take his frustrations out on Young with vicious lariats causing Young grief. Beer Money taunt Young with their ‘Beer’ ‘Money’ chant, as Roode gets a number of near falls. Chris Harris makes his way out down the ramp with a microphone in hand, he asks Storm how would he feel about reforming TNA’s most feared tag team... Americas Most Wanted? Roode is livid but with the distraction Neal has made the tag! Neal clotheslines Storm of the apron and ambushes Roode with a running knee to the temple. Roode is unable to kickout as Young and Neal pick up a huge win.

Roode is still groggy from the knee but he is absolutely livid, he runs at Harris but Storm intervenes. Storm shakes Harris’ hand and then helps Roode to the back.

Winner via pinfall @ 10.20 Eric Young and Jesse Neal

(Parking Lot)

Another limousine has pulled up backstage! The camera zooms out to reveal there are 3 limousines back there.

(On Entrance Ramp)

Paul Heyman comes out and says he will introduce some of the talent that he has signed. Firstly he says the X-Division will receive a much needed boost with the signings of... Alex Kozlov..... Consequences Creed and PAUL LONDON! London is shown walking backstage and smirks as he passes Kendrick. He makes his way to the ring and says he is finally here in TNA. The crowd chant Please Don’t Die. London says he cannot die!

Paul Heyman says it is also time to revitalise the tag team division. Hence he will reverse an old decision and allow Team Canada to once again re-form! Additionally he says he has signed the Greatest Tag Team in the World... he welcomes Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas. They leave one of the limousines and walk through the impact zone. They receive a standing ovation. Haas asks who they are, Benjamin says they are The Worlds Greatest Tag Team. Haas says they have no title, Benjamin says not for long.

Paul Heyman says the man that they saw before Carlito Colon has also been signed. He says next week one man will make his re-debut into TNA.... CHRISTIAN CAGE. The crowd eats this up with ‘Christian’ Chants.

Heyman says next week will be a huge Impact... TNA Impact: ‘Making an Impact’ will emanate from the sold out Amway Arena and will be the biggest event in TNA history. Heyman says scheduled for next week includes Angle vs Styles in a number one contenders match, The debut of Christian Cage, MCMG vs Beer Money in a 2/3 falls match and Morgan vs Abyss in a Street Fight. Heyman says many surprises will occur next week, and it is a must watch show.

Heyman talks PPV’s... the next PPV will be Against All Odds which will have the inaugural Against All Odds Royale, with the winner earning a Championship Match at Bound For Glory.

CARLITO walks out from the ramp and says isn’t Heyman forgetting about him. Carlito says he is here for one reason... to be TNA Champion. Heyman tells him he will have to earn a Championship Match, Carlito doesn’t look too impressed about this.


Backstage Mr Anderson has been found bloodied and messed up, apparently he was ambushed during the commercial break. Paramedics continue to work on the TNA Champion.


Madison Rayne is walking backstage when she is confronted by Angelina Love. Rayne tells her that she is sorry about last Sunday but once again proved who the most dominant Knockout really is. Love says she is going to knock that smirk off her face, as Rayne walks backwards she walks into Velvet Sky. The Beautiful People proceed to attack Rayne and leave her in crumpled heap.


Styles barges into Angles lockeroom and asks why he would attack Anderson like that. Angle says he resents that implication and that he knows what is going on here. He say Styles is accusing everyone because Styles is the perpetrator. Styles gets in Angles face and says he doesn’t need to have an unfair advantage because he can beat Anderson just like he is going to beat Angle next week!

Abyss vs Amazing Red

Abyss comes to the ring and tells everyone that next week is going to be a very special night for him. He says he is going to destroy Matt Morgan and celebrate with a huge reply. This non-title match features Amazing Red who had an exceptional performance last Sunday in his loss to X-Division Champion Douglas Williams.

Abyss dominants Amazing Red and is clearly enjoying the experience. Amazing Red tries to recover on the outside and Abyss accidentally knocks out the referee when he aims a big boot at Red. Abyss hits the Black Hole Slam on Red, but the referee is down. MATT MORGAN comes from the crowd wielding a baseball bat in hand, he hits Abyss in the head! Followed by a huge Carbon footprint, Morgan drags Red over Abyss as the referee slowly recovers to count the pinfall.

Winner @ 5.10 via pinfall Amazing Red

Jeff Jarrett vs Bobby Lashely​

Jeff Jarrett comes out and says at Victory Road he proved why he was the greatest MMA Fighter in the world. But he says he has compassion and he is sick and tired of beating up on a defenceless Bobby Lashely. He says he refuses to wrestle Lashely again unless it’s on one condition. If Jarrett wins Lashely must leave TNA.

Lashely comes out and asks what the Impact Zone thought of the proposal. Lashely agrees with the crowd that there is no way he will be losing tonight so he accepts the stipulation. Lashely says last night was the lowest point of his career by being low blowed but tonight will be the lowest point of Jarretts career.

Lashely dominants the early stage of the match showing off his aggression and power by repeatedly taking Jarrett down. Lashely begins to go on a suplex rampage hitting an array of vertical and Germans. Jarrett is able to gain the advantage by rolling out of the ring and ambushing Lashely. Jarrett hits The Stroke on the outside and it busts Lashely up. Jarrett rolls Lashely into the ring and is only able to get a near-fall. Jarrett mocks Lashely by loosely applying some submissions. Lashely is able to power out, and hit the Dominator! Kazarian puts Jarretts foot on the rope! Lashely figures out what just happened and yells out Kazarian, but Jarrett from behind tries to attack Lashely who throws him out of the ring. Jarrett hits the floor hard and the referee checks on Jarrett, Kazarian runs into the ring and low blows Lashely. Jarrett rolls back into the ring and hits the Stroke for the win.

Lashelys career is over as he sits in the middle of the ring and begins to comprehend what has just transpired. Jarrett celebrates with Kazarian on the entrance ramp. The crowd chant for Lashely, as Jarrett and Kazarian sing Goodbye to Lashely.

Winner @ 10.09 via pinfall Jeff Jarrett​

Mick Foley
comes out and introduces himself as the Commissioner of TNA. He says he has complete authority in the Heyman regime and says he unfortunately has to control order. He says Lashely agreed to something and must now suffer the consequences. He tells Lashely that his services are no longer required or alternatively that he is fired.

Foley says next week Making an Impact is going to be huge, live from the Amway Arena. He says Mr Anderson will be there and has decided to put up his TNA Championship against Kurt Angle and AJ Styles. Additionally Douglas Williams will defend his X-Division title and Beer Money will enact their re-match clause against the MCMG in a 2 out of 3 falls match. Also Christian Cage will make his re-debut, and Abyss will face Matt Morgan in a Street Fight. He also promises many surprises .

Foley tells Jarrett that he should be ashamed of how he just ended a man’s career and Kazarian should be even more so ashamed. He farewells us not before plugging next week’s huge Impact.

22nd May 2011, Impact Zone Orlando

Douglas Williams makes his way out to the ring and introduces us to the X-Division exclusive Xplosion. Williams says he is by far the greatest X-Division of all time, and in the last week has proven it twice with victories over Amazing Red and Consequences Creed. Williams says that he is a true champion and hence won’t have a problem defending his X-Division Championship in a one on one match. He says however the incompetent Mick Foley has set him an improbable task of defending it in an Ultimate X Match on next week’s huge Making an Impact. He says when it’s all said and done he will still be X-Division Champion.

MCMG vs Jay Lethal and Shark Boy​

This non-title match pitches the new champions MCMG against long-time friends Jay Lethal and Shark Boy. MCMG come out and say they are sorry that Chris Harris got involved at Victory Road, but its no excuses since they would have won the titles anyway. Shelly tells Storm that he better sort out his troubles because next week on Impact there will be no time for distractions in their 2 out of 3 falls match. Sabin also says that this will be Beer Moneys last opportunity at regaining the TNA Tag Team Championships.

All four men are crowd favourites and absolutely steal the show with some unbelievable action that is only found in the X-Division. Shark Boys suicidal leap of the top rope onto MCMG fails when the Guns move out of the way. This leads to a two on one scenario. Lethal tries in vain but the Guns are relentless and quickly tag in and out showing why they are the world’s best tag team. Lethal is desperate for a tag but Shark Boy is in deep peril. The Guns are able to capitalise on their advantage when Sabin pinned Lethal after a Slice Bread.

Winner @ 20.15 via pinfall Motor City Machine Guns​

The Guns celebrate in the ring holding up their championships, when BEER MONEY runs down into the ring and blind sides the champions. Roode hits a massive spinebuster on Sabin, while Storm hits Shelly over the head with one of the belts. They then hit the BMI on Sabin, these guys look like they are on the same page ahead of the huge tag team title match next week on Impact!


Mick Foley is backstage and says Douglas Williams will defend his X-Division Championship in an Ultimate X Match next week on Making an Impact. He says two men have been given special entry and they will be revealed next week on Impact. He says one man will qualify tonight in a Gauntlet Match, it will be a battle royal until there are two men left where whoever wins the fall will join the Ultimate X Match.

X-Division Gauntlet Match​

Amazing Red
and Max Buck begin the match, with Red coming off that huge victory over Abyss last week on Impact. Max begins with an early cheap shot and continues to beat down on Red. After 90 seconds the next competitor comes out and its Jeremy Buck. The Bucks quickly double team the crap out of Red, who refuses to give up. Max tries to throw him over but Red counter and throws Max over the top rope luckily he grabs the rope and avoids landing on the outside. Jeremy blindsides Red and the Bucks continue to double team a grounded Red. Shark Boy comes out heavily bandaged from the previous match, the Bucks double team him and throw him out for the first elimination. They continue to attack Red but they find it difficult to throw him out. Christopher Daniels is out next, and counters a double team hitting Angel Wings on Max and hitting a roundhouse kick on Jeremy. Daniels throws out Max, while Red throws out Jeremy. Red collapses after the elimination.

Daniels and Red shake hands and quickly attack each other, as Okada makes his way down. Okada hits a few stiff kicks and flying lariats. Okada hits a moonsault on Daniels and he is in complete control. Kiyoshi is the next competitor he and his countrymen have a test of strength before laughing and shaking hands. They begin to double team Daniels hitting some brutal karate kick on Daniel. Red is also the victim of some of these vicious kicks. Jay Lethal is the next entrant and he is also feeling the effects of the earlier match. The Japanese duo take advantage of this by kicking the crap out of him before throwing him out. Okada tries to throw Daniels out, but Daniels counters into Angel Wings! Kiyoshi quickly blindsides Daniels and grounds him. Robbie E is out next and Cookie is with him. She manages to distract Kiyoshi as Robbie E tries to throw Okada out. The Japanese duo start to fatigue as Robbie E begins to build momentum taking down the Japanese Duo, Daniels and Red. Robbie E hits his neckbreaker on Okada and Daniels. Robbie E celebrates in the ring.

Consequences Creed runs down to the ring and hits a huge forearm on Robbie E. He counters a Red attack into a Lariat before eliminating Okada. Red is able hit a Superkick that sends Kiyoshi over the top rope. Brian Kendrick is the last entrant and takes his time getting into the ring. Robbie E beings to yell at the distraction on the outside, Cookie low blows Kendrick and throws him into the ring. Robbie E throws Kendrick out as he taunts Kendrick, Creed eliminates Robbie E! We are down to the final three including the first competitor Amazing Red. Daniels is very beat down as Creed has all the momentum. Creed tries to go for his dropkick on Daniels, but Red hits a dropkick from nowhere. Daniels hits the Angel Wings on Creed, and both Daniels and Reds throw Creed out.

It is now decided by a pinfall or submission. Daniels immediately hits the Angel Wings on Red. As he tries to cover Red, Red latches on some sort of triangle choke. The referee counts 1...2....Daniels Taps/3! Crowd was right into this match and cheer for both men. The referee doesn’t know what to do. Both men celebrate but both are too tired to comprehend what had happened.

Mick Foley comes onto the ramp and congratulates both men and says that both have qualified for the Ultimate X Match on Impact. Foley says it is going to be part of a huge Making an Impact broadcast, he says Xplosion is the home of the X-Division and come back next week for another huge episode

Winner @ 24.07 Christopher Daniels and Amazing Red​

Daniels and Red hug in the ring and celebrate with the crowd. They both will challenge Douglas Williams in the now five-way Ultimate X Match on TNA Impact next week.

23rd May 2011, Impact Zone Orlando​

Little Red vs Orlando Jordan​

Little Red hands out an open challenge for any superstar to come down and try to end his ‘Red Hot Streak’. The inaugural challenger will be Orlando Jordan who is making his return after a month in the wilderness. Red overpowers Jordan to the delight of the crowd, but Jordan is able to gain the advantage due an in adverted headbutt. Jordan piles on the pressure with some high power moves including a stunning fisherman suplex. Jordan is only able to get near falls despite his domination. Eventually Jordan gets frustrated by his inability to win, and goes on the outside to get a chair. The referee pulls the chair away from Jordan and Red is able to hit a big spear for the victory.

Winner @ 8.40 via pinfall Little Red


Bully Ray is backstage talking himself up when Eric Young walks past. Bully Ray calls him useless and throws him against the wall. Brother Devon breaks up the scuffle and tells Ray that he still doesn’t get it. He tells Ray that he thinks his something that his not, and that there will be consequences. He tells Ray that Young will meet him in the ring right now!

After Ray leaves Young says thank you to Devon but that he can’t face Ray. Devon says not too worry because he will have his back. Young says that Devon is his favourite member of Team 3D.

Bully Ray vs Eric Young w/Brother Devon​

Bully Ray is coming off a huge victory at Victory Road when he was able to defeat Christopher Daniels. Young himself has momentum after he and his partner Jesse Neal were able to upset former TNA Tag Team Champions Beer Money last week on Impact. Ray has fun in the opening minutes of the match completely decimating Young including hitting his Bubba Bomb but refusing to go for the pinfall. Ray continues to Taunt Devon on the outside. Ray hits 3 successive clotheslines that each lay out the defenceless Young. Ray complains to the referee that Devon is interfering when the referee goes to approach Devon, Ray throws Young into the referee who gets knocked down!

Ray rolls out of the ring and grabs a steel chair just like he did at Victory Road. Devon intercepts him in the ring and throws the chair away but Ray is able to begin pummelling Devon. Young picks up the chair and smashes Ray over the head with it. Young then DDT’s Ray into the chair, and checks on Devon. Young gets the referee back up but the referee is too groggy. Another referee runs down and counts the pinfall.

Young and the referee help Devon backstage, as Young celebrates his victory by holding his and Devons arms up.

Winner @ 9.50 via pinfall Eric Young​

D’Angelo Dinero vs Jesse Neal​

The Pope comes out and says he is grateful that the Heyman regime has begun. He says that The Pope is continually overlooked for matches, case and point being left off the card at Victory Road. He says he was disappointed that he was left off Impact last Thursday, but he knows that Heyman is ‘still learning’. He says tonight he will send a message that no-one will forget and he will be making his impact next Thursday.

Jesse Neal comes into the match with a momentum after upsetting Beer Money last week on Impact. Neal has struggled to step it up in the singles division, hence this is one his biggest singles matches in TNA maineventing Saturday Night.

Dinero and Neal start with a traditionally test of strength, that Neal easily wins. Dinero decides that chain wrestling would be his best method, but on each occasion Neal is able to get the better of him. Dinero gets frustrated and rolls out of the ring. Neal follows him, but Dinero was just playing possum quickly rolling back into the ring and stomping on Neal. Dinero keeps Neal on the ground and works on his back with some brutal knees into the back of Neal. Dinero continues the attack on Neals back with a couple of vertical suplexes, Dinero hits his running knees into Neals head for a near fall. Neal counters a punch and gets in some offence. Neal tries to hit his brainbuster but his back is giving him some trouble. Neal is able to hit a big boot which enables him to attempt the brainbuster but once again he unable to deliver the move. Dinero gets out of the predicament and hits Neal with a painful backstabber! Neal has no answers and Dinero gets the win in the main event.

Dinero celebrates in the ring and yells out that his time is now and he will making his impact next Thursday on Impact.

Winner @ 12.10 via pinfall D’Angelo Dinero​

This concludes the first week of TNA: The Last Resort. Next week will commence with previews/advertisement etc etc. Thanks for reading!

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(Preview for Impact)

A small step for TNA… a giant leap for pro-wrestling.

TNA invades its biggest arena with a sold out Amway Arena in Orlando ready to witness history in the making with TNA: Making an Impact. TNA under new management is ready to succeed where previously it has failed and finally make its presence known in pro-wrestling.
The star studded card will undoubtedly prove to be of a much high caliber then most PPV’s from any company in the world. So the question is… ready to be swept away by the new phenomenon known as TNA Wrestling.

TNA Championship Match

Mr Anderson © vs Kurt Angle vs ‘The Phenomenal’ AJ Styles

Just twelve days after combining together to be victorious at Victory Road three of the premier superstars of TNA will battle it out for the richest prize in professional wrestling.

The Champion has been on a fairy tale run through the year successfully defending his title over some big names however this may be his toughest test yet. Kurt Angle universally recognised as the biggest name in professional wrestling has been on a title drought and is desperate to regain what he feels is rightfully his. There is also AJ Styles the centerpiece of TNA since its inception, the most accomplished wrestler in TNA and thought by some to be the world’s greatest wrestler.

Alone this would be a great match, however if you add in the personal animosity between Angle and Styles, in addition to the ambush on Anderson last week this could potentially turn into one of the most heated TNA Championship Matches of all time. Who will win this huge match and make their own impact on the world stage?

TNA Tag Team Championship Match- 2/3 Falls Match

The Motor City Machine Guns © vs Beer Money​

The greatest tag team division in the world will once again be showed off by the two top teams in the world. Anyone who has watched these two teams compete will know what a sensational and sizzling match this will be.

Beer Money will be desperate to regain their championships in this re-match from Victory Road. More importantly James Storm will be desperately try to prove to his long term partner Robert Roode that Beer Money is well and truly alive, after the return of Storms former partner Chris Harris cost Beer Money their Championship at Victory Road.

Or will it be the most charismatic and athletic team in the world the MCMG who will retain their championship?

TNA X-Division Championship Match- Ultimate X Match

Douglas Williams © vs Amazing Red vs Christopher Daniels vs ??? vs ???

The most ultimate gravity-defying must see match in the history of professional wrestling will be sure to captivate audiences around the world. Described as a ‘ladder match on steroids’ words do not describe this type of match instead it is a ‘must see’.

The all-conquering X-Division Champion Douglas Williams will be taken out of his comfort zone against four exceptional opponents 20 foot above the ring. Christopher Daniels and Amazing Red qualified through an exceptional tied match. They will be joined by two surprises, who will the surprised be and who will risk it all to ensure they leave the Amway Arena has X-Division Champion?

Street Fight (non-title match)

‘The Blueprint’ Matt Morgan vs ‘The Monster’ Abyss ©​

Two of the biggest and baddest men in TNA will clash in a fiery Street Fight. After fighting to a no contest at Victory Road, these men are eager to once again their hands on each other exemplified by Morgan destroying Abyss through a table last week in Impact. When it is all said and done who inflict the most pain and suffering to be the victor?


• Christian Cage will make his long awaited return to TNA. ‘The Instant Classic’ has been in the wilderness for over two and a half years what will be on the agenda for Captain Charisma?
• Jeff Jarrett has promised to celebrate in ‘a party of the century’ after retiring Bobby Lashely last week.
• Samoa Joe and D’Angelo Dinero have both requested time in the middle of the ring
• TNA Knockouts will undoubtedly continue their heated feuds
• Mick Foley has promised ‘a night of surprises like never before’ he has promised hall of famers, legends and returns of some TNA’s founding fathers, so who exactly will show up at the Amway Arena?

This is a night not to be missed...
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