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Note – This BTB may be a little unrealistic at times. It will just kind of revolve around ideas for story lines I have for the company. I plan to really make this BTB easy to start reading right away, and will give you the roster, current pushes, alignments, feuds, PPV's, Tv-Shows, Titles, etc.
Back Story -​
Dixie Carter had just taken a week off to Hawaii, and left Jeff Jarrett in charge. She decided not to tune into Tna iMPACT! on Spike that week, as all she was focused on was relaxing. When she returned, Jeff Jarret told her exactly what he had found. “Dixie, I've been listenin' to the fans, to the community, I've been seeing what they wanted. An' this week, I tried to see just what would make this company more prominent. In case you didn’t know, Hulk and Eric allowed me to feature the one time return of the six-sided ring this week on iMPACT, and let me tell you, it was a good idea”. For the first time ever, TNA got a higher rating than 2/3 of WWE programming, getting a higher viewership than Superstars and Smackdown combined. Then Jarret introudced Bob then second, or “Bob2”. Bob was interested in buying the company, but not kayfabe wise. Bob bought the company, and Dixie kept her role as Kayfabe President. This is the start of TNA's finest competitors battling for reputation. This, is the Battle of the Titans.

1 – Info
2- Pic
3- Backstory
4 – Roster
5- Notes
6- PPV
7 – Feuds
8 – Champions
9 - Shows​

Main Eventers

AJ Styles
Chavo Guerrero
Jeff Jarret
Kurt Angle
Matt Morgan
Mick Foley
Rob Van Dam
Samoa Joe
Scott Steiner

Upper Midcarders​

Brother Ray
Christopher Dainels
D-Angelo "Pope" Dinero
Desmond Wolfe
Doug Williams
Jeff Hardy
Orlando Jordan
Robert Roode
Tommy Dreamer


Amazing Red
Eric Young
James Storm
Jay Lethal
Rob E Shore
Stevie Richards


Reid Flair
Shannon Moore​
Cook E Shore
Jimmy Hart
Velvet Sky​
Tag Teams​
Motor City Machine Guns - Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin
Brutus Magnus and Rob Terry
Generation Buck - Max and Jeremy Buck
ECW Originals - Raven, Sabu and Brian Kendrick
Jesse Neal and Doanne Dykstra
LAX - Homicide and Hernandez
The Band - Kevin Nash and Syxx Pac​
On Air Personalities​
Jeff Jarret - Founder
Taz - Co GM
Jim Cornette - Co GM
Jeremy Borash - Interviewer
Mike Tenay - Commentator
Don West - Color
Hulk Hogan - Appears on occasion, Works Backstage
Eric Bischoff - Appears on occasion, Works Backstage​


- As you can see, the Immortal thing has blown over, the storyline being that Ric Flair is 'fired' from TNA. Ric really works as the head of talent relations.

- Matt Morgans face turn was a complete success, and he is looked up on as the face of the company

- In an emotional story, RVD turned his back on the fans

- As you can see, many people have been re-hired

- As I said, some things in this BTB would be unrealistc. The knockouts are gone.

- As part of story, Brother Ray beat D-Von in a 'Your Fired' match

-As soon as Chavo was endavoured by WWE, TNA picked him up

January - Genesis
February - Against All Odds
March - X Factor
April - Lockdown
May - Sacrifice
June - Slammiversary
July - Victory Road
August - Hardcore Present
September - No Surrender
October - Bound for Glory
November - Turning Point
December - Final Resolution

All events to be held at the iMPACT Zone, with the exclusion of Hardcore Present, which will be at the ECW Arena in Pittsburg.​

None as of now.​

Current Champions -

Matt Morgan, TNA Champion.
(defeated Jeff Hardy, Chavo Guerrero and RVD in a four way to win)

Orlando Jordan, TNA Legends Champion
(defeated AJ Styles to win)

Suicide, TNA X- Division Champion
(defeated Rob E Shore and Chris Sabin in a three way to win)

Generation Buck, TNA Tag Champs
(beat 3 other teams in a tag battle royal to win)

TV Shows​
iMPACT - iMPACT is the core T.V show for TNA, and the most imporant. 2 hrs.

Xplosion - A typical 'B' show. 1 hr.

TNA Studio - An exclusive recap event that takes place in an empty studio set up for in ring action. Generally features 20 minutes of recap, and 10 minutes of competition. Kind of a 'C' show. 30 mins, online special.

Phantom Thief
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TNA iMPACT, January 1 2011 Preview​

Fans are in for a very special New Years iMPACT.

Rob Van Dam may have found himself in a tough spot, as he goes up against The Pope D'Angleo Dinero in a 6-Man Tag match. While Pope has been paired with the Motor City Machine Guns, Van Dam is joining forces with TNA Security, and is apparently upset about the matchmaking.

Orlando Jordan will be defending his title against Stevie Richards in what is to be a huge, Ultimate X match to celebrated the New Years in this special episode. Richards defeated Shannon Moore in a submission match last week in a No. 1 contenders match, and is expected to be fired up.

Christopher Dainels will be adressing the TNA Universe, and issuing a "New Years Open Challenge". Anyone from the TNA roster can step up to the plate and face Dainels in a match that they can customize any way they want. There are a lot of people on the TNA roster that Dainels has not faced yet, and we will have to hope that the challenger will be one of them

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