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After a bitter and twisted war with the wwe in 2006, TNA finally does the unthinkable and manages to defeat Vince Mcmahon and the WWE. Vince is told by his doctors to quit, so he decides to sell up and retire. With Paul heyman and Eric Bischoff in charge at TNA, they have secured a primetime tv deal, are selling out arenas around the world, and have some of the best wrestling talent in the world. But can TNA survive now the focus is on them?


Paul Heyman (Co-General Manager)
Eric Bischoff (Co-General Manager)


Jeff Jarrett (NWA World Heavyweight champ)
Rob Van Dam (X Division Champion)
Monty Brown/Rhino (Tag Team Champions)

AJ Styles
Christian Cage
Samoa Joe
Jeff Hardy
Matt Hardy
Petey Williams
Christopher Daniels
Shelton Benjamin
Steve Corino
Bobby Roode
Eric Young
David Young
Elix skipper
Simon Diamond
Lance Hoyt
Austin Aries
Roderick Strong
Jerry Lynn
Justin Credible(PJ Polaco)
Chris K
BG James
Kip James
Ron Killings
Chris Sabin
CW Anderson
Danny Doring
Chris Harris
James storm
Brother Ray
Brother Devon
Alex Shelley
Amazing Red
Jimmy Rave
Cassidy Riley
Andy Douglas
Chase Stevens
Sonny Siaki
Sonjay Dutt
CM Punk
Jerrelle Clarke
Johnny Devine
Matt bentley
Shark Boy
Super Crazy
Brock Lesnar
Jimmy Yang
Kaz Hayashi
Shannon Moore
Sugar Shane helms
Charlie Haas

Tag Teams/Stables:

Monty brown/Rhino
Team 3D(Brother ray and Devon)
AMW(Chris harris/James Storm)
Jung Dragons(Jimmy yang/Kaz hayashi)
Sonny Siaki/Apolo
The Hardyz(Jeff and Matt hardy)
Danny Doring/Roadkill
Team Canada(Bobby Roode/Petey Williams/A1/Eric Young)
The Flock(Raven/Cassidy Riley/Shannon Moore)
Triple Threat(Steve Corino/CW Anderson/Burchill)
Luchadores(Juventud/Super Crazy/Psicosis/Konnan)
Diamonds In The Rough(Simon diamond/Elix skipper/David Young)
Apolo/Sonny Siaki
The Chosen Ones(Austin Aries/Jimmy Rave/Roderick Strong)
New Age Outlaws(Kip and BG James)


James Mitchell (Abyss)
Gail kim (Jeff Jarrett)
Bill Alfonso (RVD)
Jackie Gayda (Charlie Haas)

Turning Point (17/12/06)​

The Chosen Ones def The Luchadores via pinfall in a 6 man elimination tag match

Shelton Benjamin def Charlie Haas Via pinfall

The Jung Dragons def New Age outlaws, The Hardyz and AMW via pinfall in a Fatal 4 way Tag match to become the No 1 contenders to the tag titles.

Abyss def Goldberg and Brock Lesnar via escape in a triple threat cage match

Steve Corino def AJ Styles via pinfall to become the No 1 contender to the X Division title.

Sting def Alex Shelley via DQ.

RVD def Christopher Daniels via pinfall to retain his X Division title.

Monty Brown and Rhino def Team 3D via pinfall to retain the tag titles.

Jeff Jarrett def Christian Cage via pinfall to retain his NWA World title.

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What will happen this Saturday???

Who will be the next in line to challenge for Jarrett's crown?

Has Sting finally ended his feud with Alex Shelley?

Can RVD survive the upcoming mind games of Steve Corino's triple threat?

Will the Jung Dragons carry on their undefeated streak and take the tag team gold from the seemingly unstoppable Brown/Rhino combination?

Tune in to find out!

Matches for IMPACT!:

Steve Corino/CW Anderson Vs RVD/???

NWA Tag Team Championship:
The Jung Dragons Vs Monty Brown/Rhino

PLUS many more this week on IMPACT!

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Just thought Id add some notes before I start doing IMPACT!

IMPACT! is now shown live on mondays and Xplosion is now similar to Smackdown and is on thursdays. Both shows are 2 hours long and their is NO brand split.

To rko and anyone else wondering the show is set in 2006(it starts After turning point 2k6)thats why feuds like Jarrett/cage are different than they are now.

Any criticisms will be taken under advisements and much appreciated.


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IMPACT! (18th December, 2006)​

We open IMPACT! with footage of last nights PPV. We see footage of Jarrett nailing Christian Cage with a guitar to retain his title.

IMPACT! opening video and pyro. Commentators Mike Tenay and Don West are standing by.

MT: Hello everybody! Welcome to the IMPACT! zone, we have a great show lined up for you tonight! We have RVD, Rob Van Dam joining with a mystery partner to take on the so-called, "King of old school", Steve Corino and his fellow triple threat member, "The Enforcer" CW Anderson. We have a tag team championship bout as the Jung Dragons, fresh off their PPV win, take on the seemingly unstoppable force of Monty Brown and Rhino. The same team that destroyed Team 3D last night.

DW:Destroyed, Mike? Well I suppose your right, Team 3d didnt get much offense and were beaten by the gore/pounce combination. But the Jung Dragons are a well balanced tag team Mike, I think they have a shot tonight.

MT:Well we shall see Don, but dont forget what else happened last night.

DW:Your talking about Jarrett right?

MT:He screwed Christian Cage out of the damn title! He cost Christian Cage his second title in as many matches. Hes a no good, son of a.......

"MY WORLD! MY WORLD!!!..... Tenay is cut off by the arrival of our NWA World champion, the "King of the mountain" Jeff Jarrett. He walks down the rampway, cursing to the fans and showing off his title belt and then gets in the ring and grabs a microphone...

JJ:Last night, I proved without a shadow of a doubt, that not one man in this company can beat me. I proved that im the King of the mountain once more, and showed that runt, Christian Cage who the daddy is, and who the BITCH IS! I think its about time all of you fans realised that once your reach my level, you cant go back down to where everyone else is. You see, not only am I the best wrestler, the best champion, and the best looking, but im smarter than all of you fans and every guy in that locker room.

Paul Heyman's music hits, and the co-gm makes his way to the ring.

PH:Jeff...Jeff....Jeff...what are we going to do with you? Youve beaten most of the guys ive put in front of you! You beat Christian Cage, Monty Brown, Sting, Sabu and AJ Styles! I tell you what Jeff, Eric is backstage and loving every minute of this promo of yours, he's sat there with his cup of coffee and a big grin on his face. But its not because youve beaten everybody, its not because your the NWA World champion, oh no. Its because we just came up with an idea to make things, a little bit more interesting for the next few weeks. You see, we want to see a challenger for your title earn his place, we want to see everyone in that locker room get a shot at your title. Then Eric said to me, what if they could? We are going to have a tournament for a shot at your gold Jeff and it starts tonight. Every single competitor we have felt worthy of a shot is in this tournament and at Final resolution, the winner will get a shot at your gold.If you'd like to look at the screen, you can see the layout of it.

We go to the big screen where the tournament table is shown:









JJ: Thats a bunch of crap heyman! You and bischoff can kiss my ass, not one them is worthy of my title!

PH: we'll see Jeff......We'll see..

Heyman leaves the ring with Jarrett mouthing obscenities to him. We go to commercial...

MT: Welcome back everyone! We are about to kick off our first match, and its a Title tournament match! Its Alex Shelley Vs Justin Credible.

Snap your fingers..Snap your neck! Justins music hits and he makes his way to the ring with a singapore cane.

Announcer:"This match is scheduled for one fall and is a tournament match. Introducing first, from Ozone, New York, weighing in at 225lbs, JUSTIN CREDIBLE!!!

MT: This is gonna be interesting folks. Justin Credible is undefeated here in TNA.

DW: yeah hes 7 for nothing at the moment, which is impressive!

Shelllllssssshocccccckeedd!!! Alex Shelley makes his way to the ring as the clear face.

Announcer:And his opponent, from Detroit, Michigan, weighing 199lbs, ALEX SHELLEY!!!

Match 1: Alex Shelley vs "Mr Undefeated" Justin Credible

We kick off with a grappling contest between the two. Justin is cocky and gets the upper hand, but Shelley nips out of a hammerlock with a few flips and puts the same move on Justin. Justin reverses this and clotheslines Shelley. He nails a snap suplex and then a neckbreaker to take firm control of the match. He climbs to the second rope and nails an elbow drop. A cover! 1....2, shelley easily kicks out. He gets shelley to his feet and then irish whips him into the corner, runs at him but shelley counters into a sunset flip! 1....2. but a kick out by Justin. Shelley nails a step-up enziguiri and then applies a bridging straight jacket hold. Credible is in pain but reaches for the ropes...he gets to them! The ref makes Shelley break the hold and as he does he drops a leg across the back of Justins head. He nails a backdrop suplex and then a piledriver in succession and goes for a pin. 1....2.....Justin manages to get his shoulder up! Shelley runs at Justin for a clothesline but hits the ref! The ref is down and Justin takes advantage with a low blow. He rolls out of the ring and grabs his singapore cane. He rolls back in and stalks Shelley. He cracks it over shelley's head and knocks him down. He realises the ref is still down, so he rolls out and grabs a steel chair, rolls in and puts it on the canvas. Shelley is busted open, but gets to his feet groggily. Justin sets him up for That's Incredible, but Shelley counters into the It came from japan. He covers Justin and the ref slowly counts....1..............2.............NO! Justin manages to get his shoulder up! Shelley is disorientated from the cane shot but manages to get Justin to his knees, Justin nails a low blow which the groggy ref misses and then nails That's Incredible on the chair and covers for the inevitable....1.....2.....3! Justin Credible advances to the next round and continues his unbeaten streak!

MT: That was low, even for him! Alex Shelley just got screwed out of a shot at Jarrett by that lowlife Justin Credible!

DW:But Mike, doesnt that win mean hes now at 8 for nothing?

MT:Your right Don, but he's cheated to win, especially in this tournament, its just not right.

DW: But he got the win, nonetheless and will advance to face the winner of our next match.

We go backstage to The Co-Gm's office where Eric Bischoff is sat with his feet on his desk. Paul heyman walks into the room...

PH: Did ya like it, huh Eric? Did ya see his face?

EB: You've got to take it easy out there heyman, you cant just go and insult the champion willy-nilly, hes got to get some respect from us.

PH: Respect? He cheated to win his title, I dont respect that about anyone, but I do respect what he as done for this business. Don't worry Eric, We will see a worthy contender win this tournament and beat him for his precious title.

RVD walks into the room with Bill Alfonso.

RVD: Mr Bischoff, i thought id better make sure that tonights match is still on?

EB: If you mean your tag match against Corino and Anderson, then yeah its still on, but who is your partner?

RVD: Well fonsie thinks he should be my partner(fonsie blows his whistle loudly and runs around the room)but I think ive found the perfect partner, youll just have to wait and seen who it is.

EB: Well Id make sure your partners a good one, because Corino means business. he wants your title and will do anything to stop your 6 month reign as champ.

RVD: Dude, seriously! Im Rob van Dam, Im not called MR-Monday night for nothing! The only winner of tonights match will be...ROB.......VAN........DAM!

We go to the ring where our next match is about to start.

THE CHOOOSSEEEN ONES!!!! Austin Aries of the Chosen Ones, makes his way to the ring with Roderick Strong.

Announcer: Introducing first, from Milwaukee, Wisconscin, weighing 202lbs and being accompanied by Roderick Strong, AUSTIN ARIES!!!!!

DW: The leader of the chosen ones Mike, he was very impressive last night!

MT: I agree, he won the match for his team, nailing his trademark 450 splash to beat the Luchadores.

AINT NO STOPPIN ME...NOW!!!! Shelton Benjamin makes his way to the ring with the crowd cheering loudly.

Announcer: And the opponent, from Orangeburg, South Carolina, weighing 245lbs...SHELTON BENJAMIN!!!!

Match 2: Austin Aries Vs Shelton Benjamin

Roderick Strong distracts Benjamin to start off with and Aries takes advantage with a reign of blows to the back of Benjamin. He whips him into the corner and nails the pendulum elbow. As Benjamin stumbles out of the corner Aries nails a dropkick and goes for the pin...1.....2..an easy kickout by Benjamin. We go to a commercial break....

As we come back Aries has Benjamin in a sleeper hold. The ref checks Benjamins arm.....drop!....he lifts again...drop!!! The ref signals that its nearly over and lifts his arm.....It stays up!!! Benjamin fights his way up and nails a few elbows to the ribs before breaking free and bouncing off the ropes. he goes for a clothesline but Aries ducks, he tries another but Aries jumps it and then he stops goes for a kick but Aries grabs his foot and laughs. But Benjamin nails the dragon whip! He goes for the pin!! 1....2.. no a close call though! Benjamin picks up Aries and nails a northern lights suplex with a bridge!! 1....2... and again Aries gets his shoulder up. Benjamin stalks aries for a superkick but Roderick Strong grabs his foot! Benjamin kicks him in the face and turns straight into a pendulum elbow by aries! He picks up benjamin and nails a brainbuster, then signals for the 450! He climbs to the top and goes for it....But benjamin rolls out of the way!!! He nails the t-bone suplex and the pin....1....2....3!!!! Shelton Benjamin will face Justin Credible in the next round!!!!

The Chosen ones are attacking Benjamin! They set him up and nail a brainbuster bomb combination move they call the "Call of Destiny!"

MT: That was a vicious assault by the Chosen Ones Don, im wondering if these young up and comers are trying to incite a war against the rest of TNA!

DW: I agree Mike, they seem to hate everybody who isnt with them. Theyre like a cult or something.

MT: Well that is it for tonight for the Title tournament ladies and gentleman. Tune in Thursday night on Xplosion to see the next two matches.

DW: That's Raven vs Monty brown and Sting Vs Jerry Lynn!!! WOW!

MT: Yes Don, it will be a magnificent night this coming Thursday!

We go backstage where we see the Chosen Ones talking to someone off camera.

Aries: We cannot apologise enough for the loss, we should be punished.
But first please let us prove ourselves to you tonight. You shall not be disappointed.

We go back to the announce team.

MT:What the hell was that? Who was Aries talking to? What are they gonna do tonight?

DW: I dont know Mike but it surely wont be something good.

MT: Well lets go to our next match.

THHHHECHOOSSENONNESS!!! the Chosen Ones music hits and Jimmy Rave makes his way to the ring.

MT: What the hell, Jimmy Rave isnt scheduled! What is he doing in the ring?

Rave grabs a microphone.

JR: The Chosen ones are in TNA to make an impact, and what better way than to challenge the person we hate the most. AJ Styles, get your ass out here! I beat you in Ring of Honor and im gonna beat your ass tonight in front of all your fans! Come on you son of a B****!

AJ's music hits and he sprints to the ring and begins brawling, the referee rings the bell for the start of the match.

Match 3: Jimmy Rave Vs AJ Styles

Rave attacksstyles as he gets in the ring and begins laying stomps onto his back. Styles gets to his feet and begins fighting back. Rave nails a knee to the stomach and goes for a suplex but Styles flips and lands on his feet, he goes for a spin kick but Rave dodges and goes for a clothesline but Styles dodges and nails a springboard reverse ddt off the ropes! The crowd applaud this spot and are shouting "Let's go AJ!". Styles whips Rave into the corner and nails a running backflip kick and then a spinning clothesline which spins rave over completely! Styles goes for the pin! 1....2...Rave gets his shoulder up! Rave groggily gets to his feet, as he does this, Styles sets him up for a suplex, he lifts up Rave and nails a suplex into a neckbreaker! 1.....2.....Rave again kicks out.

We go to commercial.

As we return Styles is still in firm control. He goes for a running clothesline but Rave dodges and Styles flies to the outside! Rave climbs to the top and nails a flying crossbody to Styles. He rolls in Styles and goes for the pin...1....2.a shoulder up by styles! Rave applies a fujiwara armbar and tries to make Styles tap. Styles tries to reach for the ropes but he cant reach them! He manages to inch himself towards the ropes but Rave pulls him back to the middle of the ring. The Crowd are chanting "Let's go AJ!" to try to rally him and it looks to be working! Styles manages to get to the ropes! Rave breaks the hold and stomps a mudhole in Styles. He picks him up and hits a cross armbreaker on Styles' already weakened arm. He picks up Styles again and nails an sto backbreaker and goes for the cover....1......2......Styles just gets his shoulder up! Rave is getting annoyed and goes for the greetings from ghana but Styles flips Rave over his head. Rave gets up and runs at Styles who dodges and then as Rave comes off the ropes he nails the pele kick!!! The pin!!!! 1.....2......But Rave somehow kicks out! Styles sets up Rave for the styles clash but Rave counters with a hurracanrana but Styles hangs on and rolls Rave through and nails a styles clash! WHAT A MOVE! 1.....2......3!!!!! Styles wins it!

The chosen ones run in and assault styles. Strong and Aries stomp a mudhole in him as Rave grabs a chair. He plants Styles with it and busts him wide open. They then nail the call of destiny on the chair. They are about to inflict more damage when Shelton Benjamin runs in and they quickly disperse. Styles has been left a bloodied and battered mess in the middle of the ring!

MT:That was sickening Don, The Chosen Ones just brutalised AJ Styles for no reason!

DW: I agree Mike, that was uncalled for.

MT: Uncalled for? That was totally unacceptable! They should pay for what they just did to AJ!

DW: Well they said they would make an imact tonight and they have. Although Jimmy Rave didnt get the win, he got the last laugh.

MT: Well im not happy with this at all, AJ's just been stretchered out of here by our EMT's when he should be walking to the back with his head held high after winning a great match. Anyway let's go backstage to "The Franchise" Shane Douglas, who's with the Triple Threat.

SD: Thank you Mike, and ladies and gentleman, i'm here with the number one contender to the X division title, its Steve Corino. Steve, how are the Triple threat going to de-rail Rob Van Dam's title run? He's been the champion for 6 months now and has beat everyone in his path.

SC: Well Shane, when you ran this group, you basically had control of ECW. Well I have two of the best competitors this industry has known. You have CW Anderson who is the hardest son of a b***h ive ever known. Then you have the 6ft 4 monster, Birchill who needs no more explanation. Finally you have me, the King of Old school, Steve Corino who is going to take RVD and beat him to a bloody pulp and take his precious X Division title away from him!

Corino and Anderson walk away leaving Douglas looking shocked.

SD: Well I think the triple threat are pretty confident tonight Mike, back to you!

MT: Thank you Shane and that match is next! Who will Van Dam's partner be?

DW: I dont know Mike but here we go we're about to find out!

TRRRIPLLLE THREATTTT!!! The music of the Triple Threat and Steve Corino and CW Anderson make their way to the ring.

Announcer: This match is scheduled for one fall, introducing first, from Minneapolis, Minnesota, weighing 245lbs.."The Enforcer" CW ANDERSON!! And his tag team partner and fellow member of the Triple Threat, from Sea Isle City, New Jersey, weighing 242lbs....he is the "King Of Old School" STEVE CORINO!!!

BREATHE!!!SPIT!!!!WALK!!!! RVD makes his way to the ring with Bill Alfonso but no partner!!

Announcer: And their opponents, first of all being accompanied by the manager of champions, Bill Alfonso, from Battle Creek, Michigan, weighing 237lbs, he is the current reigning X Division champion....ROB VAN DAM!!!!

The crowd are all singing along to RVDS music and shouting "RVD!RVD!RVD!"

The crowd go quiet in anticipation of RVD's partner. The arena goes black and the crowd cheer!!!! The lights come on and Sabu is stood next to RVD pointing to the ceiling!!!! Both teams start brawling and the match gets underway!

Match 4: Steve Corino/CW Anderson Vs Rob Van Dam w/Bill Alfonso and Sabu

The match starts with both teams brawling, RVD and Sabu get the upper hand and clear the ring. RVD does his trademark and then leapfrogs off of sabu's back to the outside and onto Corino! He suplexes corino onto the guardrail and then climbs to the apron and nail his trademark spinning leg drop to the back of corino. Meanwhile, in the ring Anderson clobbers a distracted sabu from behind and the ref signals that they are the legal starting men. Anderson nails a clothesline and then a scoop slam and then a running elbow drop.He goes for a cover...1..sabu quickly gets his shoulder up. Anderson tags in Corino, who has recovered, and Corino kicks sabu in the gut and then drops a knee to his face. He locks in an armbar and screams at sabu to tap. Sabu reaches for the ropes but Corino drags him to the middle of the ring and nails a legdrop to his arm. 1....2..no sabu gets a shoulder up. Corino walks up to RVD and spits in his face which brings him into the ring,thus distracting the ref, and thus giving Anderson and Corino to double team Sabu with a double suplex. Anderson claps his hands to mimic a tag to corino and goes to work on sabu. He nails a belly to belly suplex and then a headlock takedown and then locks in a sleeper hold. Sabu is fading fast, the ref lifts his arm, but it drops once, twice but on the third Sabu manages to keep it up! He gets to his feet and nails a few elbows to the ribs of Anderson. He breaks free and runs at the rope only to run straight into a ferris wheel by Anderson!!!! 1....2.....NO! that was nearly it for RVD and Sabu!!! Anderson signals the spinebuster and throws Sabu at the ropes but Sabu jumps onto the ropes and nails a spinning kick onto Anderson!!! Sabu has to make the tag!! He does!!! Sabu tags in RVD and Anderson tags in Corino. RVD nails a roundhouse to corino and a roundhouse to anderson. He hits the rolling thunder on corino and then a cartwheel flip moonsault onto anderson. He jumps to the top rope and hits the 5 star frog splash onto corino!!!! Its over...1.....2...No anderson drags him off of corino! Sabu runs and clotheslines Anderson over the top rope. Corino and RVD get to their feet and exchange punches. Corino dodges one and goes for the old school expulsion but RVD spins out, grabs corinos foot and nails a spin kick. The ref is on the outside dealing with Anderson and Sabu, so he doesnt see Birchill run in!!! Birchill nails RVD with the C4 and pulls Corino onto him!!! The ref runs in and counts....1.......2.......3!!!! Corino just pinned the X Division champion!!!!

We go to commercial.

As we come back we are backstage at the Co-Gm's office where the tag team champions, Monty Brown and Rhino are exiting with smiles on their faces.

MT: What are they smiling about??? The tag team titles are up for grabs next in the main event here on IMPACT!

The Jung Dragons music hits and they make their way to the ring to a big applause.

Announcer: This match is scheduled for one fall and is for the NWA World tag team championship. This match is also now a No-disqualification match!
MT: My GOD! Thats what they were so happy about! Brown and Rhino are going to brutalise these youngsters!!

Announcer: Introducing first, from Japan, at a combined weight of 375lbs, kaz Hayashi and Jimmy Yang...THE JUNG DRAGONS!!!!!!

MT:These two superstars from the orient managed to go through three other teams last night and get this opportunity at the tag team gold.

DW: yes, Mike I think they have a good chance or had a good chance, now this a No-DQ match im not sure anymore.

PPPPPPPPOUNCE!!!!! Monty browns music hits and he and Rhino make their way to the ring.

Announcer: And their opponents, they are the NWA World Tag team champions, at a combined weight of 525lbs first, from the serengetti, "The Alpha Male" MONTY BROWN! And his tag team partner, from Detroit Michigan, RHINO!

Match 5: The Jung Dragons Vs Monty Brown/Rhino(c)

We start the match with an all out brawl. The champs over power the dragons and begin destroying them with scoop slams. The ref manages to get some order and forces Brown out of the ring and leaves it to Rhino and Hayahshi. Rhino suplexes Hayashi and then nails a succesion of elbows to his head and goes for a pin...1....no Hayashi quickly gets his shoulder off the mat. Rhino drags him to the corner and tags in Brown. Brown shoulder barges Hayashi and then gorilla presses him over his head. Brown walks around the ring showing off but Hayashi slips off and nails a thunderous stiff kick to the face of Brown. He tags in Yang who helps him irish whip Brown against the ropes but this is a mistake as he nails them both with a thunderous double clothesline! Brown tags in Rhino who picks up Yang and throws him into the corner. He climbs above him and starts a series of punches.1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10! Yang is out on his feet and Rhino hits a russian leg sweep and goes for a pin...1.....2....Hayashi manages to stop the pin. Rhino tags in Brown again who charges Yang into the corner and then clotheslines him to the back of the head. Brown then applies a facelock and slows the match down.

We go to our final commercial break.

As we come back, Yang is trying to fight out of the face lock. He does so and bounces off the rope and nails a forearm to Brown. Brown staggers back and Yang nails a spinning heel kick which floors him. Yang makes the hot tag to Hayashi!!! Hayashi begins nailing kicks to Brown and Rhino and then nails an amazing moonsault to a standing Brown! Meanwhile Rhino is brawling on the outside with Yang. He sets up a table and whips yang into the ring post. Yang is dazed, so Rhino grabs him and puts him onto the apron and signals the Rhino driver!!!! He picks up Yang and piledrives him through the table!!!!MY GOD!!! Meanwhile Hayashi goes to irish whip Brown who counters and nails the POOOOOOOUNNNNNNCEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! 1....2.......3!!!! Brown and Rhino retain the titles!!!!!

MT: What a match!!! This team are just unstoppable!!!

DW: I agree Mike, I dont think anyone can stop these two powerhouses!!!

MT:Thats it for this week ladies and gentleman!!! Tune in this thursday to Xplosion to see the next two matches of the Title tournament!!! Also, the Co-Gm's will make an announcement that will change TNA for ever!!!! its been great folks, see ya!!!

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The next two matches in this thrilling tournament to see who will be crowned number 1 contender to Jarrett's title. Raven faces the Alpha Male Monty Brown and Sting faces Jerry Lynn. Justin Credible and Shelton Benjamin have already advanced.


Rob Van dam lost this past Monday on IMPACT! Can he overcome this as he takes on CW Anderson in a non-title match? Steve Corino says his mind games have only just begun, but will he be able to end RVD's 6 month reign as X Division champ at Final resolution?

The Chosen Ones made quite an impact this past monday, they destroyed AJ Styles and attacked Shelton Benjamin after his match. What will these young up and comers do next?


Just after IMPACT! went off the air, Tnawrestling.com got an exclusive interview with Paul Heyman who said that he and his CO-GM would be making an announcement that would change TNA forever!! What can this be?

Tune in this Thursday for TNA XPLOSION!


Jeff Jarrett(c) Vs ???(Winner of Title Tournament)​

Rob Van Dam w/Bill Alfonso(c) Vs Steve Corino​

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Nice show.

I like how you are using the Chosen Ones and if used right, they can make a huge impact in this thread.

The main event wasn't that good. Wasn't bad but wasn't good either. RVD and Sabu vs. Cornio and Anderson, although, was pure greatness. THAT should have been your PPV event.

Nice to see Shelton on TNA. I have read TNA PPVs and when they have SHelton, he's either used slightly right or misused.

Nice Impact! and I give it a 7/10.

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We open Xplosion! with pyro and then The Co-Gm's (Eric Bischoff and Paul Heyman) music hitting and them walking to the ring.

EB: Ladies and gentleman, I'm sure your all aware that we have a big announcement to make. We feel that during the past few months, since the WWE closed its doors, we have had to deal with a lot of new talent and that there just isnt enough room for them all to be fighting over our three titles.

PH: What Eric is trying to say is that this company needs another title. A singles title that has importance but a title that can be gained by anyone with enough talent.

EB: So without delay, let me introduce to you, the new NWA Television championship!

Joey Styles: My GOD! Another title! How can they decide the guy that deserves this belt?

Joel Gertner: I dont know Joey but I guess we'll find out!

PH: Tonight on Xplosion, NWA history will be made! We will crown the first ever NWA Television champion! There will be two over the top rope 6 man battle royals, the winners of these two matches will then face each other one on one to crown the new tv champion!

EB: The competitors have all been given notice and will be ready to make history!

JS: WOW Joey! We are going to see history tonight as 12 men fight to the death over our new television championship.

JG: That's not all Joey! We have the next two matches in our world title tournament, as Raven meets Monty Brown and Sting faces the returning Jerry Lynn!

JS: That's right Joel, we also have a match that has been changed, it was originally going to be CW Anderson Vs Rob Van Dam, but that match has been postponed as RVD has been called away because of a family emergency so their match is now next Monday on IMPACT! We have a replacement match thought, it's going to be AJ Styles and Shelton Benjamin taking on Roderick Strong and Jimmy Rave as they try to get some payback for the sneak attacks that The Chosen One did this past Monday on IMPACT!

JG: They deserve everything they get Joey, and then some!

OH CANADA! Team Canada's music hits and Bobby Roode and Petey Williams make their way to the ring accompanied by Coach Scott D'Amore.

Announcer: This match, is an over the top rope battle royal, in which an opponent can only be eliminated if he is thrown over the top rope and both his feet touch the floor. Introducing first, being accompanied by Coach Scott D'amore, Petey Williams and Bobby Roode, TEAM CANADA!!!!

3,2,1 HOYT! Lance Hoyt's music hits and the big man makes his way to the ring with the crowd chanting, "HOYT, HOYT!"

Announcer: From Dallas, Texas, weighing 290lbs....LANCE HOYT!!

Charlie Haas, The Amazing Red and CM Punk make their way to the ring and the match gets under way.

NWA Television Championship Battle Royal No1​
Match 1: Bobby Roode Vs Petey Williams Vs Lance Hoyt Vs Charlie Haas Vs Amazing Red Vs CM Punk.

A mass brawl erupts with Team Canada assaulting Lance Hoyt and Charlie Haas and CM Punk beating the hell out of each other. Amazing Red tries to help out Hoyt but gets clotheslined. Hoyt fights back and starts nailing rights to Roode. He goes for a boot to the face but Roode dodges and Hoyt catches his leg on the top rope. Roode and Williams lift him up and over the ropes and eliminate him! Meanwhile, Haas is stomping a mudhole into Punk in the corner. He turns around and gets nailed by a running leg lariat by Red! Red then nails a spinning headscissor takedown on Roode and a hurracanrana on Williams!! Red is on fire! He picks up Haas, but Haas nails a lowblow and then belly to belly suplexes him. Punk is up and goes after Team Canada, he nails a dropkick to Roode and then has Williams on the ropes. Williams has his back to Punk and manages to lift his foot and low blow Punk. Punk staggers back, just as Roode is going at him for a northern lariat, but Punk dodges and Roode nails Williams in the back of the head and eliminates him!!! Roode is shocked, and coach D'Amore is furious! Punk nails Roode with the welcome to chicago motherf***er and then gets blindsided by Haas. Haas hits a german suplex on Punk and then a rolling belly to belly on Red. Williams is freaking out on the outside and shouting at D'Amore. Roode dodges a clothesline and superkicks Haas. He runs at Punk and clotheslines him over the rope! We are down to three men!! Wait a minute! Williams slides back into the ring and stalks Roode!!! Roode turns straight into a canadian destroyer!!!! what the hell? He just attacked his own friend! Williams throws a groggy Roode over the ropes and eliminates him! Haas and Red begin slugging it out for the shot at the gold. Red dodges a right hook and nails a springboard ddt! He tries to get Haas over the ropes but Haas is hanging on! He pokes Red in the eyes and manages to get back on his feet. He goes for his newly acquired finisher, the Haastalavista(Reverse ddt into a stunner) but Red counters and whips him into the corner, he runs at Haas but Haas moves, so Red springs to the top and nails the code red! That has to be it! Red picks up Haas and throws him over the top!!!! He's done it!!! Red advances to tonights main event!!!

JS: What a match that was Joel! Amazing Red managed to defeat the odds and become the number one contender to the television championship!

JG: But what about team canada??? Petey Williams was eliminated by Bobby Roode so he had a tantrum, threw his dummy out the pram and returned the favour!

JS: Well it looks like they havn't stopped fighting Joel! Let's go backstage!

We go backstage where A1 is holding back Petey Williams and Eric Young is holding back Bobby Roode and Scott D'Amore is trying to make peace.

PW: You want a piece of me you son of a bitch, come on!

BR: It was an accident you idiot and now you just cost me a shot at the damn tv title!

SD: : Listen to me you no-brained idiots! Team Canada does not fight amongst themselves! Now you will either shake hands like men, team up and show the world that Team Canada can do anything or you will be kicked out of Team Canada so fast it'll make your heads spin!

JS: WOW! Harsh word from Coach D'Amore there Joel!

JG: Well maybe it will knock some sense into them, anyway its time for our second match of the evening Joey, and the third match in the NWA World Title tournament as Raven takes on The Alpha Male Monty Brown.

JS: So far, Justin Credible and Shelton Benjamin have advanced in the tournament, the question now remains, can Raven survive the Serengetti and advance?

JG: We'll find out after this break!

Commercial Break.

We return from the commercial break.

PPPPPOUNCCEEEE!!! Monty Browns music hits and he makes his way to the ring accompanied by Rhino.

Announcer: This match is scheduled for one fall and is a Title tournament match. Introducing first, weighing 275lbs, From the Serengetti, he is the "Alpha Male" MONTY BROWN!!!!

Ravens music hits and he makes his way to the ring accompanied by the flock ("Sign Guy" Shannon Moore and Cassidy Riley)(Shannon Moore's sign says, " THE POUNCE IS FOR WIMPS!")

Announcer: And the opponent, Now residing in Atlanta, Georgia, weighing 244lbs, RAVEN!!!!!!!!!

Match 2: Raven Vs Monty Brown

Raven goes face to face with Brown and Brown starts talking trash to Raven who just stares at him. Brown loses it when Raven doesnt react and goes to clothesline him but Raven dodges and nails a series of right hands followed by a discus clothesline. He bounces off the ropes and nails another clothesline and then suplexes Brown and goes for a cover....1...Brown throws Raven off of him with intensity. As Raven is recovering Brown nails a diving shoulder block and then applies a sleeper hold which slows the match down. Meanwhile on the outside, the flock are assaulting Rhino! Riley tries to irish whip Rhino into the ring post but Rhino manages to do an about turn and nails a thunderous GORE! In the ring though, Moore has a chair and swings it at Brown but he dodges and clotheslines him out of the ring. He turns round as Raven runs at him with a chair but he hits the ref! Chaos ensues as Brown and Raven slug it out. Rhino has set up a table on the outside and has Moore on the apron, he's gonna piledrive him through the table! Riley manages to stop him though by nailing a clothesline on him. Moore and Riley nail a double suplex on rhino through the table!!!! Meanwhile in the ring, Raven has the advantage and has setup a chair for his patented scissor sweep on the chair. He goes for the irish whip but Brown counters and hits the POOOOOOOOOUNNNCCCEEE!!!! He covers Raven but the ref is still down! Brown tries to revive the ref but as he does so, Bobby Roode slides in with a hockey stick!!! He breaks it over Browns head and knocks him out!!! Raven crawls over and puts one arm across the unconscious Brown, the ref manages to start a slow count.....1..................2..........NO! Brown gets his shoulder up!! Raven staggers to his feet and drags Brown to his feet also. He places a chair at his feet and hits the raven effect on the chair!!!! 1........2.......3!!!! Thanks to Bobby Roode, Raven advances in the tournament!!

JS: My god! Did I just see that? Bobby Roode just cost Monty Brown the match!

JG: Joey, I think that talk by the Coach did a lot of good for them. I think we have new number one contenders for the tag team titles!

Commercial Break.

We go backstage where the tag team champs are with Shane Douglas.

SD: Guys, Team Canada just sent a clear message to you that they want your titles.

MB: Shane! Nobody gets away with what those canadian punks just did! They want a title shot? They got it! Team Canada.....prepare to feel......the.....POOOOOOOOOUNNNNNNNNCCCCEEEEEE! Period!

SD: Wow! Back to you Joey!

JS: Thank you Shane, well up next Joel is the second battle royal in which the winner advances to tonights main event to become the new and first NWA television champion!

JG: Yes, the winner of this battle royal will face the Amazing Red later tonight!

THROW YOUR HANDS IN THE AIR!!! The Diamonds in the Rough's music hits and Simon Diamond and David Young make their way to the ring.

Announcer: This match is an over the top rope battle royal, where the winner will advance to tonights main event match for a shot at the television championship. Introducing first, From Richmond, Virginia, weighing 230lbs...SIMON DIAMOND!!!!! Also, from Atalanta, Georgia, weighing 238lbs...DAVID YOUNG!!!!

THECHOSSSENNONNESS!! The Chosen ones music hits and Austin Aries makes his way to the ring.

Announcer: The next opponent, weighing 202lbs, from Milwaukee, Wisconscin....AUSTIN ARIES!!!!!!!

Chris Sabin, Danny Doring and Christopher Daniels make their way to the ring also.

NWA Television Championship Battle Royal No2​
Match 3: Simon Diamond Vs David Young Vs Austin Aries Vs Chris Sabin Vs Danny Doring Vs Christopher Daniels.

Similar to the first Battle Royal, an all out brawl begins. Diamond and Young begin to double team Daniels, Aries brawls with Sabin and Doring just sits on the top rope and watches. Daniels gets whipped against the ropes by Young and Diamond but dodges the attempted double-clothesline and nails a dropkick which takes out both men. Aries meanwhile, has lowblowed Sabin and is trying to get him over the top rope. Doring takes offence to this and attacks Aries from behind. He goes for the bareback but Aries counters and nails a lowblow on Doring. Daniels spins Aries around and nails the angels wings! Daniels celebrates, but as he does so Sabin spins him round and hits the cradle shock! He turns straight into a spinebuster from Young who then gets hit by the wham,bam thank you ma'am from Doring! Diamond then nails the simonizer on Doring who then gets hit by a brainbuster from Aries! Aries is the only man left standing at the moment! Aries chooses Doring as the first man to eliminate but Doring grabs the bottom rope and holds on for dear life. Young picks up Sabin and starts to push him over the ropes, but Sabin tries to hang on so Diamond helps out Young. But as they are concentrating on Sabin, Daniels clotheslines both men eliminating all three!!!!!! Its down to Doring, Daniels and Aries!!! Daniels hits an STO on Aries and then hits the BME! Doring catches him from behind and hits the G-spot sweep! Aries has recovered though and grabs Doring's feet and eliminates him! Its down to two men! Aries slugs it out with Daniels, Aries goes for the fish hook, but Daniels counters and hits the last rites! Thats gotta be it! Hold On, Jimmy Rave and Roderick Strong run in and hit the call of destiny on Daniels! Aries chucks Daniels over the ropes and wins the battle royal!!!

JS: The Chosen Ones have done it again! Christopher Daniels should have won this damn match and you know it Joel!

JG: Maybe so, but they outsmarted him, they outsmarted us all!

JS: Well regardless, it's going to be The Amazing Red Vs Austin Aries for the NWA Television Championship in tonight's main event.

AJ Styles And Shelton Benjamin appear from nowhere and start brawling with Strong And Rave. The referee rings the bell and the match starts.

Match 4: AJ Styles/Shelton Benjamin Vs Roderick Strong/Jimmy Rave

The referee tries to get some order as the match starts as all 4 men are brawling. Styles clotheslines Rave out the ring and Benjamin leaves as Styles and Strong start the match. Styles takes quick control with a series of clotheslines and a dropkick. He tags in Benjamin, who hits a suplex and then spinning heel kick on Strong. He tags Styles back in who irish whips strong and then nails a dropkick. The crowd are shouting, "Let's go AJ!!" Styles goes for another irish whip but Strong dodges and then levels Styles with a vicious clothesline. He tags in Rave who nails an arm drag on Styles and then hits a follow up leg drop to the same arm. Rave carries on working on his arm by climbing to the apron and nailing a superb slingshot legdrop onto the same arm of Styles. He tags in Strong who picks up Styles and hits a thunderous backbreaker and goes for the cover....1.....2. Styles gets his now injured shoulder up. Strong locks in an armbar and applies pressure as we go to a commercial break.

Commercial break.

And we are back as the crowd are willing Styles to get out of Strong's armbar. Styles is trying to get to his feet as the crowd cheer him on, he gets to one knee much to Strong's horror. "Let's Go AJ!!" can be heard throughout the IMPACT zone. Strong is getting angry and is shouting at the fans to shut up but it's just helping Styles more. Styles gets to his feet and nails a forearm to Strong's head and another. Strong lets go long enough for Styles to get free and bounce off the ropes. Strong goes for a clothesline but Styles ducks and springs off the ropes and hits a reverse ddt! But it looks like he's re-injured his arm and Styles is down too. Both partners reach into the ring and shout at their respective partners for the tag. Both men get to their feet and start to trade blows, Strong gets the better of Styles and goes for a backbreaker but Styles counters into a headscissor takedown. Both men are down, but Styles manages to crawl and get the hot tag to Benjamin!!! Benjamin runs in and nails Strong with a clothesline and then Rave as he comes in. He hits a belly to belly suplex on Strong and then clotheslinesRrave out of the ring. Benjamin is on fire! Benjamin runs and hits a stinger splash onto Strong in the corner and then goes for the t-bone but Strong blocks it and drops Benjamin's head into the turnbuckle. Strong nails a yakuza kick and goes for the cover...1.....2.. Styles breaks up the pin! Styles slugs it out with Strong once more but Rave appears from outside the ring and nails him from behind. They setup styles for the call of destiny but he flips out of it and hits the pele kick on Rave! Strong turns straight into a t-bone suplex from Benjamin!!!!! That's gotta be it! The lights have gone out!!!!! What the hell???? They come back on to reveal the UNDERTAKER!!!!!! HERE IN TNA!!! Benjamin looks horrified as the Undertaker grabs him by the throat and chokeslams him to hell!!! Styles starts raining forearms to the dead man but they have no effect! Taker dodges and scoops up Styles and Tombstone piledrives him! The referee is ringing the bell for the DQ.


JG: I don't know Joey, but it's the most shocking thing ive ever seen in my life!

The Undertaker's music hits and Strong and Rave bow to him.

JS: The question is Joel, will he have an impact in tonight's main event???

JG: How can he not? The only thing on the Amazing Red's mind damn the whole of TNA's mind will be that the Undertaker has come to TNA!!!!!!

JS: Anyway, let's go backstage where Shane Douglas is with our NWA World Champion, Jeff Jarrett!

SD: Jeff, how does the appearance of the Undertaker make you feel?

JJ: How does it make me feel Shane? You idiot, you act as if im supposed to be scared of the Undertaker, well im not! You see, here on Planet Jarrett, I rule over all, living or dead and the Undertaker better not cross my path or he will be tasting something wooden and it wont be a coffin! Now get out of my way jackass!

SD: Well it doesnt seem like the appearance of the dead man has bothered the champ too much, back to you Joel.

JS: Up next is match number four in the NWA worlds title tournament as Sting faces the returning Jerry Lynn!!

JG: Ive been waiting for this, the new f'n show is back in TNA and he's gonna show Sting what ECW was all about!

JS: Yes ladies and gentlemen, Jerry Lynn was the ECW World Champion and has held titles in several other companies. He was one of the pioneers of the X division and is still in the prime of his career if you ask me Joel.

JG: That maybe true Joey, but Sting is one of the all time greats and I still get goosebumps everytime I hear his music, he held nearly every WCW title and flat out refused to jump on Vince McMahon's band wagon before joining us last year.

JS: Well let's get to the action folks!

SEEK AND DESTROY!!!! Sting's music hits and he makes his way to the ring.

Announcer: This match is a tournament match and is scheduled for one fall, introducing first, from Venice Beach, California, weighing 252lbs....STING!!!!

Jerry Lynn's music hits to a massive cheer and he makes his way to the ring.

Announcer: And his opponent, from Minneapolis, Minnesota, weighing 212lbs.....JERRY LYNN!!!!!!

Match 5: Sting Vs Jerry Lynn

Both men shake hands at the start as a show of sportsmanship. The crowd are chanting for both men as we get underway with a lockup. Sting wins by applying a hammerlock but Lynn counters with one of his own. Sting twists out of it but Lynn flips out and bounces off the ropes and goes for a clothesline but Sting dodges and goes for a dropkick which Lynn rolls under and attempts a dropkick but Sting dodges this and both men stand at guard. The crowd applaud both men for this. They lockup again but Lynn surprises everyone by tripping sting and applying a headlock. Sting manages to get to his feet but Lynn hits a headlock takeover and then a dropkick to the back of Stings head! Lynn is in no mood for playfighting! He picks up Sting and hits a snap suplex and goes for the cover...1.....2..Sting manages to raise a shoulder. Lynn looks annoyed and goes to work on Stings shoulder by applying a standing cross armbar. Sting reaches for the ropes but he's in the center of the ring! The crowd are chanting for Sting to get to the ropes and he manages again to get to his feet but as he breaks free, Lynn grabs his hair and smashes him to the floor on the back of his head! Lynn goes for a cover...1....2..No! We are seeing a new, meaner Jerry Lynn ladies and gentlemen! Lynn climbs to the turnbuckle and hits a missile dropkick to Sting, he goes for a cover...1.......2....another kickout from Sting! Lynn is getting frustrated with the ref and shows this by sticking his finger up at him. He picks up Sting and hits a vicious brainbuster and goes for another pin.....1......2..But still Sting won't give up! Lynn signals for the cradle piledriver but Sting blocks it and lifts Lynn over his head. He hits a dropkick to Lynn and then whips him to the corner and signals a stinger splash! He runs at Lynn but Lynn pulls the ref in the way and he takes the full force of the splash! Lynn scoops up sting and hits the TKO. He rolls out of the ring and grabs a chair! He stalks Sting with it and then nails a vicious chairshot to the head of Sting! It's gotta be over! Lynn covers but the ref is still out! Lynn picks up Sting and hits the cradle piledriver! That is it folks! He shakes the ref awake and covers Sting..........1...............2.........NO! Sting somehow kicks out! Lynn completely loses it and stomps a mudhole in the ref. Sting is on his feet and Lynn goes for a clothesline but Sting counters with the scorpion deathdrop on the chair!!!! He covers Lynn!! There's no ref!!! Sting signals for the Scorpion deathlock but as he goes for it, Lynn low blows him. Lynn stalks Sting who staggers to his feet, he kicks him in the stomach and goes for the cradle piledriver on the chair! Sting manages to block it though, and trips up Lynn and applies....The Scorpion Deathlock!!!! He's gotta tap!! The ref is up and Lynn taps!!!!! Sting wins!!!

JG: Another great match Joey! So far it's gonna be Justin Credible Vs Shelton Benjamin and Raven Vs Sting!!! What a lineup!

JS: Yes, Sting fought through all of Jerry Lynn's tomfoolery and won despite a vicious chairshot.

JG: Well we are nearly done for tonight Joey, just one more match, we will crown the brand new NWA Television Champion!

JS: Yes and it's going to be either the Amazing Red or Austin Aries, now who is your pick Joel?

JG: Aries, without a doubt. The kids got talent beyond anything ive seen in a long while, and he's got the Undertaker behind him, what more do ya need?

JS: I agree Joel, but don't count out Amazing Red, he's beaten odds before and he could do it again tonight.

CODERED! Amazing Red's music hits and he makes his way to the ring.

Announcer: This match is scheduled for one fall and is for the NWA Television Championship. Introducing first, from Brooklyn, New York, weighing 147lbs.....AMAZING RED!!!!!

THECHOSENONES!!!! Austin Aries makes his way to the ring.

Announcer: And, his opponent, weighing 202lbs, from Milwaukee, Wisconscin....AUSTIN ARIES!!!!!!!

NWA World Television Championship:

Match 6: Amazing Red Vs Austin Aries

The ref holds up the new title, just as Aries blindsides Red with a vicious clothesline. He makes Red back into the corner and then proceeds to stomp a mudhole in Red. Red manages to pull himself up but Aries nails the pendulum elbow and then a tornado forearm. Aries is swaggering with confidence which is a big mistake because as he drags Red to his feet, Red hits a hurracanrana out of nowhere and rolls him up! 1....2.....no that was close! Aries goes for a clothesline but Red dodges and hits a spinning elbow. He goes to the apron and hits a springboard senton onto Aries and goes for a pin...1.......2..No! Aries gets a shoulder up. Red climbs to the top rope and goes for the code red but Aries dodges and hits the macho neck snap as Red recovers!!! 1....2....somehow Red gets a shoulder up! Aries picks up Red and hits a brainbuster and then another! He covers Red...1.........2.....Red kicks out! Aries wont give up though, he hits a german suplex with a bridge...1.......2....Red kicks out again. Aries is still cool as a cucumber though as he climbs to the top and hits a corkscrew body splash! He taunts Red and then signals to the crowd for the end and applies the rings of saturn!!!! Red is exhausted but he still wont give up! He reaches for the ropes and manages to start a slow crawl towards them. Aries is screaming NO! at the top of his voice but Red grabs the bottom rope! Aries wont let go though and the ref starts a count..1........2.......3.......4. Aries lets go before he can get disqualified, but the damage is done to Red. Aries picks him up and whips him at the ropes but Red dodges the clothesline and hits the 718!!!! He springs to the top rope and hits the code red!!!! Thats gotta be it!!!! 1...........2........No! By some kind of miracle, Aries gets a shoulder up! Red is visibly stunned but he drags Aries to the corner and climbs to the top, he goes for the red star press but Aries dodges and hits a ddt on Red. He climbs to the top but Red runs up and nails a hurracanrana off the top!!! He crawls over and makes the cover...1..........2......Aries kicks out again! He goes for the infrared but Aries holds onto Red and plants him face first near the corner. He climbs to the top and nails the 450 splash!!!! It's over! 1........2......3!!!! Austin Aries wins and becomes the first ever NWA Television Champion!!!!

JS: Austin Aries is the new Television Champion people and it wasn't easy for him!

JG: I told you Joey, Austin Aries is a gifted athlete and he deservedly won that match!

JS: Well that's it for this week ladies and gentlemen, tune into IMPACT! this Monday to see the next two matches in the World Title tournament as Christian Cage makes his first appearance since losing his rematch at Turning Point by taking on Sabu!

JG: Also don't forget Joey that Matt Hardy takes on the Monster Abyss!

JS: That will be interesting Joel, but we also will see the match that should have took place tonight as RVD takes on CW Anderson in a non-title match.

JG: Plus so much more Joey! See ya next week folks!

Austin Aries is celebrating with his new title as the show finishes.

Match Roundups:

Amazing Red def Bobby Roode, Petey Williams, CM Punk, Lance Hoyt and Charlie Haas via elimination in a 6 man battle royal. (Order of elimination: Hoyt, Williams, Punk, Roode, Haas)

Raven def Monty Brown via pinfall to advance in the title tournament.

Austin Aries def Simon Diamond, David Young, Christopher Daniels, Danny Doring and Chris Sabin via elimination in a 6 man battle royal. (Order of elimination: Young, Diamond, Sabin, Doring, Daniels)

AJ Styles/ Shelton Benjamin def Jimmy Rave/Roderick Strong via DQ after inteference from the Undertaker.

Sting def Jerry Lynn via submission to advance in the title tournament.

Austin Aries def Amazing Red via pinfall to become the new NWA Television champion.

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Title Tournament:​

The next two matches in the hunt for Jarrett's title are Christian Cage Vs Sabu and Matt Hardy Vs the Monster Abyss. Who will join Justin Credible, Shelton Benjamin, Raven and Sting in the next round?

New Television Champion:​

Austin Aries shocked the world by surviving a 6 man battle royal and then defeating the Amazing Red in the main event on Xplosion to become the first ever NWA Television Champion. Who will his first defence be against?

Team Canada back on track?:​

Team Canada have been at each other's throats for weeks and it finally erupted on Xplosion this past week with Bobby Roode and Petey Williams brawling. But after a pep talk by Coach D'Amore, they assaulted Monty Brown thus costing him a shot at the world title. Are Team Canada next in line for a shot at the tag team gold?

The dead man is here:​

The Undertaker shocked everyone by appearing and destroying AJ Styles and Shelton Benjamin. The Chosen Ones clearly showed that he was their leader but what is the true motive for Taker's return to professional wrestling?

RVD Vs CW Anderson:​

This re-scheduled match will now be a falls-count anywhere match as RVD takes on the Enforcer CW Anderson in a non title match.

Confirmed Matches:

NWA World Heavyweight Championship:​

Jeff Jarrett(c) Vs ???(Winner of Tournament)​

NWA X Division Championship:​

RVD w/Bill Alfonso(c) Vs Steve Corino​

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IMPACT! (Monday 27th December, 2005)

We kick off IMPACT! with pyro.

MYWORLD!MYWORLD! Jeff Jarrett's music hits and the World champion makes his way to the ring and grabs a microphone.

JJ: Last week, an old has-been decided to step into my world. That's right taker, im talking to you you piece of trash! You think you can come into my company and cause havoc? Get your dead ass out here now and i'll show you how we do things on planet Jarrett!

CHCHCHOSENONES!!! Austin Aries, Roderick Strong and Jimmy Rave make their way to the ring dressed in ceremonial gowns.

AA: Do you really think that our lord was going to come out here at your beck and call? He is the phenom! He is the lord of darkness! He needs to get some damn respect off of you!

JJ: Woah, junior! Who in the hell do you think you are talking to? This isn't 60 minutes! Show some damn respect for your world champion jackass!

AA: I only show respect, for one man and that's the Undertaker. He has ordered us to inform you that at Final Resolution, he will be your opponent for the world title.

JJ: Get a clue you piece of crap, he's not in the tournament! Eric Bischoff and Paul heyman as much as I hate them made this thing iron clad! The winner of the tournament will face me at Final Resolution and not your precious dead man!

AA: It remains a fact. Your days are numbered Jeff, at Final Resolution, you will Rest.....In......Peace!

The Chosen Ones leave the ring leaving Jarrett spechless for the first time in his career.

We go to the announce booth with Mike Tenay and Don West.

MT: Hello and welcome to another incredible edition of IMPACT! here on Spike TV. Don, what can we make of what Austin Aries just said?

DW: Well Mike, it looks like the Undertaker who made his incredible debut here in TNA last week, has got his black heart set on the NWA World title!

MT: But as Jarrett said, he's not in the tournament! He is not legible for a shot at him!

DW: Well that doesnt seem to phase him or the chosen ones! Anyway Mike, we still have an incredible night planned!

MT: That's right Don! We have the next two matches in the title tournament as Christian Cage takes on Sabu and The Monster Abyss takes on Matt Hardy!

DW: Right Mike, we also have RVD facing The Enforcer CW Anderson in a falls-count-anywhere match! Also we hope to see Austin Aries in action in his first TV Title defence.

MT: Yes Austin Aries won the title last week on Xplosion, pinning the Amazing Red in the main event. I wonder who he will face tonight.

GUILTY!!! AMW's music hits and they make their way to the ring. Chris Harris grabs a microphone.

CH: Last week, we watched as Team Canada attacked the tag team champions Monty Brown and Rhino. Well we don't think that they should just walk right into a title shot, so we have asked for and got a fatal four way, elimination tag team match. It will be Team Canada, Team 3D, Danny Doring and Roadkill and us and the winner will get a shot at the titles at Final Resolution.

JS: Sorry bout your damn luck!

BOOM! Team 3D's music hits and they make their way to the ring.

Announcer: On their way to the ring, at a combined weight of 516lbs, Brother Ray and Brother Devon, TEAM 3D!!!!

OHCANADA!!! Team Canada's music hits and they make their way to the ring.

Announcer: And their opponents, at a combined weight of 409lbs, TEAM CANADA!!!!

Danny Doring and Roadkill's music hits and they make their way to the ring.

Announcer: And the final opponents, weighing 514lbs, DASTARDLY DANNY DORING AND THE ANGRY AMISH WARRIOR, ROADKILL!!!!!

Match 1: America's Most Wanted Vs Team 3D Vs Team Canada Vs Danny Doring/Roadkill.

Its going to be Doring and Devon to start this match. Basic rules are, both men on each team have to be eliminated for the team to be eliminated. Devon puts Doring in a headlock and then changes to a hammerlock. Doring spins round and applies the hold to Devon who then counters with an irish whip and a diving spinning elbow. He tags in Ray who hits three snap jabs and then after taunting Doring, hits a Dusty Rhodes style elbow to the head. Ray hits two successive elbow drops and then goes for a cover....1......2..Doring gets his shoulder up. Ray tags in Devon who sits Doring on the top rope and then hits a top rope running neckbreaker! He goes for the pin....1.......2...Roadkill makes the save! Devon irish whips Doring and attempts a clothesline but he dodges and then blocks a clothesline and hits the G-Spot sweep! Both men are down as Doring tries to make the tag. Doring tags in Roadkill who levels Devon with a clothesline and then another! Ray comes storming in only to get hit with the dirt road slam! Devon jumps on Roadkills back but he throws him on his shoulders and hits the barnburner!!! Doring comes soaring off the top rope with the Danaconda Leg Drop and Roadkill makes the cover...1......2.....3!!! Devon is eliminated!!! James Storm is in and he hits a beautiful superkick to Roadkill!!!! That's it for him!!! 1.....2.....3!!!! Roadkill is eliminated! Danny Doring blindsides Storm and goes for the bareback but he blocks it and then hits the eye of the Storm! But he's not done! He picks him up and AMW hit the Death Sentence! 1.....2.....3!!! That's it for Doring and Roadkill!! Roode blindsides Storm with a Northern Lariat from nowhere and pins him!!!1.....2...No, Harris makes the save! Williams runs in and takes himself and Harris over the top rope, leaving Roode to attempt a piledriver on Storm. He hits it but Team 3D slide in and hit the 3D!!!! Ray covers Roode 1.......2......No! Williams runs in and nails Ray with a hockey stick! He hits a groggy Ray with the Canadian destroyer and covers him!! 1...2....3!!! Ray is eliminated! Storm nails a superkick on Williams out of nowhere and covers him...1......2.....3!!! Williams is eliminated! Roode runs in and nails Storm with the northern lariat!!! But Harris is behind him!! He hits the spear on Roode but Ray comes out of nowhere with a full nelson bomb and the cover ...1....2.....3!!! Harris is eliminated! Storm goes for a third superkick on Ray but he dodges and hits another full nelson bomb!!! 1......2.....3!!! AMW are now eliminated!!! Ray stalks Roode and attempts a full nelson bomb but he swings his foot back and low blows Ray. He goes for the northern lariat but he counters with a full nelson bomb!!!! Ray crawls towards Roode but Williams breaks the hockey stick over his head! Roode manages to drape an arm over the unconscious Ray! 1.......2.....3!!! Team Canada are the new number one contenders to the tag team titles!!

As they are celebrating, Monty Brown and Rhino run in. Rhino destroys Roode with a GORE! Brown irish whips Williams and hits the POOOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUNNCEEEEEE!!!! The champs stand over the number one contenders and hold the belts high as we go to commercial break.

Commercial Break.

We return from the break and go backstage to Shane Douglas who is with Captain Charisma himself, Christian Cage.

SD: Christian, what are your thoughts on how your match finished at Turning Point?

CC: My thoughts? I'll tell you my thoughts Shane, im thinking that Jeff Jerkoff is on borrowed time. Im thinking of taking his pretty little guitar and sticking it where the sun dont shine! But dont think that im not focused Shane, oh no. You see, Captain Charisma is going to beat Sabu tonight and then beat every other Christian Cage wannabe in this tournament and at Final Resolution, im gonna take whats mine, the NWA World title because that's how I roll!!!

SD: Looks like he's focused! Back to you Mike.

MT: Thanks Shane, next up tonight is the next match in the title tournament as Christian Cage takes on the homicidal, genecidal, suicidal Sabu!

DW: It's gonna be a barnburner Mike!

Christian Cage's music hits and he makes his way to the ring.

Announcer: This match is scheduled for one fall and is a tournament match. Introducing first, From Toronto, Canada, weighing 227lbs...CHRISTIAN CAGE!!!!!!

The lights go out and Sabu's music hits.

Announcer: Making his way to the ring, from Bombay, India, weighing 220lbs....SABU!!!

Match 2: Christian Cage Vs Sabu

Cage goes right to work on Sabu, hitting a flurry of right hands to Sabu, forcing him into the corner. Sabu comes fighting back with a poke to the eyes
and then a clothesline. Sabu hits a legdrop and then climbs to the top rope but Cage knocks him off balance. Cage hits a superplex and goes for the cover....1.....2...Sabu with the shoulder up! Cage hits a neckbreaker and then applies an armlock. Sabu reaches for the ropes but Cage lets go and hits an elbow to his leg. He stalks Sabu as he gets to his feet and then hits a vicious chopblock to the knee of Sabu. Cage applies a figure four leglock and goes for the submission! Sabu is in pain and cant get to the ropes! He reaches in vain for them, but realises he must try and turn Cage over. He starts to turn over the legs of Cage who is screaming at him to stop but Sabu is victorious in his attempts and reverses the holds so that the pressure is on Cage! Cage gets to the ropes and Sabu breaks the hold but the momentum has shifted! Sabu climbs nails a flurry of right hands and then whips Cage at the ropes and hits a dropkick. He hits a lionsault onto Cage and goes for the cover...1.......2....Cage kicks out! Cage rolls out of the ring to escape Sabu but Sabu leaps onto the ropes and hits a front somersault plancha onto Cage! Sabu recovers first, grabs a chair and sets it up in front of a groggy Cage. He takes a run up and hits a flying springboard leg lariat onto Cage! The crowd are chanting, "ECW, ECW, ECW!!!" Sabu rolls Cage into the ring and goes for the pin....1......2...No again Cage gets his shoulder off the mat. Sabu goes to the top rope and goes for the arabian facebuster but Cage moves out of the way! Cage nails a reverse ddt and goes for the pin....1.......2...Sabu soemhow kicks out! Cage climbs to the top and hits a beautiful frog splash! Thats gotta be it! 1........2.........NO! Sabu somehow kicks out again! Cage goes for the unprettier but Sabu pushes Cage straight into the ref!!! Sabu nails a ddt and then rolls out of the ring. He grabs a steel chair and chucks it into the ring. He then grabs a second chair and rolls back in the ring. He sets it up in front of the ropes and goes for the triple jump leg lariat but Cage brains him with the second chair!!!! He hits the unprettier on the chair and makes the cover as the ref revives....1................2..........3!!! Christian Cage beats Sabu and progresses!!!!!!

MT: Wow Don, another thrilling match in which Christian Cage advances to the next round.

DW: Yes but another important update is that we just got confirmation, at Final Resolution, Team Canada get a shot at the tag team titles as they take on Monty Brown and Rhino.

MT: Yes Don that will be interesting, can Team Canada hold it together and overcome the champs?

DW: We shall see Mike, anyway next up we've just got word that Austin Aries is going to defend his TV Title for the first time against a guy making his IMPACT! debut, Sugar Shane Helms!

MT: Yes, the man formerly known as the Hurricane in the WWE, makes his return to wrestling tonight after a 6 month abscence.

SUGAR BABY! Sugar Shane Helms makes his way out to the ring accompanied by his Valet, Sweetness.

Announcer: This match is scheduled for one fall and is for the NWA Television championship. Introducing first, the challenger, accompanied by Sweetness, From Smithfield, North Carolina, weighing 191lbs....SUGAR SHANE HELMS!!!!

THECHOSENONES!!! Austin Aries music hits and he makes his way to the ring.

Announcer: And his opponent, From Milwaukee Wisconscin, weighing 202lbs, he is the NWA Television champion.....AUSTIN ARIES!!!!

NWA Television Championship​

Match 3: Austin Aries Vs Sugar Shane Helms w/Sweetness

We start the match with the two men going strength for strength. Helms takes control and hits an arm drag, then a second which angers Aries who runs at Helms for a clothesline but Helms ducks and hits a dropkick. Helms hits a snap suplex on Aries and then a scoop slam and a cover...1....2...Aries easily kicks out. Helms climbs to the top rope and hits a flying clothesline on Aries. Sweetness claps this as Helms taunts Aries and hits an elbow drop and makes the cover.....1......2..Aries kicks out again. Helms starts to climb to the top again but Aries stops him with a clothesline and then hits a top rope armdrag. Aries hits a lionsault and then hits the pendulum elbow and goes for a cover...1......2...Helms kicks out. Aries locks in an armbar as we go to commercial break...

Commercial break.

We come back, as Helms is fighting out of the armbar. He gets to his feet but Aries hits an armbar takedown and then a leg drop. He irish whips Helms into the corner but Helms jumps to the top rope and goes for a leg lariat but Aries catches him and hits a spinning back drop. Aries signals for the 450 but as he gets to the top rope, Sweetness grabs his legs. Aries kicks her off the apron but Helms runs up and hits a top rope hurracanrana!!! He goes for the cover.....1......2....NO! Aries somehow kicks out! Helms picks him up and goes for the Vertabreaker but Aries drops down and goes for the brainbuster but Helms drops behind and hits the nightmare on Helms street!!! He drapes an arm over Aries!1........2.....NO! Aries somehow gets a shoulder up! Helms goes for a shining wizard but Aries ducks and then rolls up Helms...1.....2...NO! Aries picks up Helms but as he does so, Helms hits him with a choekslam! He climbs to the top and signals for a crossbody, but Aries moves out of the way. Aries goes for a brainbuster but Helms drops down and goes for another Vertabreaker but Aries manages to counter and hits a brainbuster!!! He climbs to the top and nails a beautiful 450!!!!! 1.......2.....3...!!!! Aries retains the title!!!!

MT: I dont believe it Don, Aries just proved himself!

DW: He did indeed, he just beat the returning Shane Helms and made his first title defence proving that last week was no fluke!

MT: Also Don, there was no inteference from the Chosen Ones which pretty much surprised me. Anyway, next up folks is the second tournament match as Matt Hardy takes on the monster Abyss!!

DW: I cant see how Hardy is going to get past this mon.... wait a minute Mike....I just got word that something has happened backstage! Lets go there now where Shane Douglas is on the scene!

We go backstage where we see Matt Hardy lying unconscious, covered in blood. Jeff Hardy is trying to wake him up and is screaming for the EMT's.

SD: If you can see this Mike, Matt Hardy has been attacked backstage and is currently unconscious. No-one saw who attacked him but my best guess would be the chosen ones. There is no way he is going to be in this tournament tonight.

MT: Thanks Shane, does this mean Abyss gets a bye to the next round?

DW: Thats just not right Mike, they need to find a replacement for him, and fast.

Abyss' music hits and he makes his way to the ring accompanied by James Mitchell.

Announcer: This match is scheduled for one fall and is a tournament match. Introducing first, From parts unknown, weighing 350lbs and being accompanied by Father James Mitchell....he is the Monster...ABYSS!!!

James Mitchell grabs a microphone.

JM: After Matt Hardy suffered a catastrophe backstage and decided not to be conscious to make this match, I think its only right that Abyss should be announced the winner, which is what the outcome would have been anyway so you should just make it official please.

The lights go out and the crowd go wild as the Undertaker's music hits. He makes his way to the ring dressed in full druid cloak. He raises the lights which totally freaks out Abyss.

Match 4: Abyss w/Father James Mitchell Vs The Undertaker(replacing Matt Hardy)

Abyss is totally shocked as the ref rings the bell and cant seem to get over the Undertaker's appearance.
Abyss takes a swing at Taker but he ducks it and nails a flurry of rights and left to the body and face of Abyss. Abyss is out on his feet and Taker bounces off the ropes and hits a flying clothesline which knocks Abyss down. He hits a legdrop to Abyss and goes for a pin..1.....2...NO! Abyss kicks out. He goes to pick up Abyss but Abyss hits him in the stomach and then irish whips Taker against the ropes and hits a big boot which knocks down the deadman. Abyss hits a body splash and goes for a cover...1.....2...Taker kicks out. The crowd are fully behind the deadman as Abyss locks in a sleeper and tries to make him tap. Taker manages to hit Abyss with an elbow to the stomach and get himself free, but as he bounces off the ropes, Abyss counters with a devastating chokeslam! He covers..1......2....NO! Abyss starts freaking out and looks to James Mitchell who then chucks him a cloth bag. Abyss pours them over the floor to reveal thousands of thumbtacks! Abyss picks up Taker and grabs him by the throat ready to chokeslam him on the tacks but Taker hits him with a vicious right hook and then manages to throw him with his body weight and take them both over the top rope and to the outside. Taker begins pummeling Abyss against the railings, so much so that Abyss cowers behind his own arms. James Mitchell appears and hits Taker with his cane but Taker is not affected and spins round and grabs Mitchell by the throat but Abyss is recovered and he blindsides him with a brutal clothesline to the back of the head. The ref has cleared most of the thumbtacks now so he rolls Taker back in the ring and applies a second sleeper. This time Taker is more fatigued and has trouble keeping consciousness. The ref lifts his arm once......drop......twice.......drop...thrid time......YES! Taker begins to recover, he gets to his feet and nails a series of elbows to Abyss. He swings Abyss round and applies a dragon sleeper!!!! Abyss cant get out of it!!!! Wait a minute! Jeff Hardy runs down to the ring, he dives at Taker but nails Abyss! Taker stalks him and nails a chokeslam onto the remaining tacks!! Abyss is up and groggy, Taker scoops him up and hits a tombstone piledriver!!!! 1......2......3!!!! The Undertaker just beat Abyss!!!!

MT: MY GOD! The Undertaker just took Matt Hardy's place in this match and defeated the monster Abyss!!! Does that mean he's now in line for a shot at Jarrett?

DW: I don't know Mike but we'll have to wait and see! What a match, look at Jeff Hardy!! He's managed to get out of there but he's covered in thumbtacks!!

MT: Yes he is indeed, let's look at the tournament table so far Don.









MT: Just two matches left now Don!!!

DW: Yes Mike, Samoa Joe will take on Jeff Hardy and Goldberg takes on Brock Lesnar!!!!

MT: The final two matches will be this thursday on Xplosion. Coming up next ladies and gentleman is our main event as the X division champion, Rob Van Dam who lost for the first time on IMPACT! last week, takes on the "Enforcer" CW Anderson in a Falls count anywhere match.

DW: Will the triple threat outwit our X Division champion again?

We go backstage where Shane Douglas is with our co-general manager, Paul Heyman.

SD: Mr Heyman, you said that you have something to tell our fans?

PH: Not just the fans Shane, this also involves the guys back here too. Me and Eric have been discussing possible matches for the upcoming pay-per-view Final Resolution and have come up with the following matches. Austin Aries will defend his NWA Television championship against Tajiri, Shane Helms and Charlie Haas in a fatal four way elimination match. The chosen ones, Jimmy Rave and Roderick Strong will take on AJ Styles and a partner of his choosing and finally, there will be an over the top rope battle royal with the winner getting a shot at any title they wish.

SD: Wow! thank you Mr heyman! Back to you guys!

TRIPLETHREATTT!!! Triple threat's music hits and CW Anderson makes his way to the ring.

Announcer: This match is scheduled for one fall and is a falls-count anywhere match. Introducing first, from Minneapolis, Minnesota, weighing 245lbs.....CW ANDERSON!!!!!

BREATHE!!!SPIT!!!WALK!!! RVD makes his way tot he ring with Bill Alfonso.

Announcer: And his opponent, being accompanied by the manager of champions, Bill Alfonso, from Battle Creek, Michigan, weighing 237lbs, he is the current reigning X Division champion....ROB VAN DAM!!!!

Match 5: Rob Van Dam w/Bill Alfonso Vs CW Anderson

RVD goes right to work nailing Anderson with kicks and punches. He clotheslines him out the ring and then jumps to the top rope and hits a flying crossbody to the outside. RVD suplexes Anderson stomach first onto the guard rail and then climbs onto the apron and hits a spinning leg drop to the back of Anderson's head! He looks at the crowd and does his thumb pointing taunt and the crowd chant, "RVD!RVD!RVD!" He tries to irish whip Anderson into the steel steps but Anderson counters and RVD flies into them at a thunderous speed, knocking him flying. Anderson hoists RVD onto his shoulder and rams him back first into the ring post and then does it to another. He covers RVD....1.......2..NO! RVD gets his shoulder up! Anderson pulls a table out from under the ring and sets it up against the guard rail. He gets ready to irish whip RVD into it but Alfonso suddenly puts a chair in front of his face distracting him and RVD hits the Van Daminator! RVD manages to get to his feet and looks to the crowd as if for permission before hitting a rolling thunder on the outside! He covers Anderson....1......2....NO! Anderson kicks out! RVD drags Anderson to his feet and leads him up the ramp. He hits a spinning kick to Anderson and then knocks him through the entrance way to the back area. We go backstage where RVD is nailing Anderson with right hands. He lays Anderson on a food table and then goes into a room looking for something. He comes back with a ladder!!! He sets the ladder up and after pummeling Anderson some more he climbs the ladder with his back to Anderson. Anderson gets up before RVD gets to the top and back drops him through the table off the ladder!!!!! Both men are out! Anderson stirs first and drapes an arm over RVD...1.........2.......RVD gets his shoulder up!!! Anderson crawls away from the wreckage and grabs a steel chair, but Alfonso tries to grab it off him. Anderson jabs it into Alfonso's stomach and then blasts him in the face with the chair knocling him out cold! Anderson turns round as RVD goes for a second van daminator but Anderson dodges and smashes RVD in the face witht he chair!! He covers him......1........2......NO! Somehow RVD kicks out! Anderson is furious, he picks up RVD and goes for a spinebuster but RVD counters and ddt's him on the concrete! He slowly climbs the ladder and hits a five star frogsplash!!! As he rolls off though, Steve Corino appears from nowhere and hits RVD in the face with some brass knuckles. He pummels RVD in the head until he's busted open! He stand RVD up and Anderson hits a vicious spinebuster on the concrete!!....1.......2......3!!! Anderson beats RVD!!!

We close the show with the image of an unconscious and bloody Rob Van Dam lying backstage and the triple threat stood laughing.

Match Results:

Team Canada def AMW, Team 3D and Doring/Roadkill via pinfall to become the number one contender to the tag team titles.

Christian Cage def Sabu via pinfall.

Austin Aries def Shane Helms w/Sweetness via pinfall to retain the TV title.

The Undertaker(replacing Matt Hardy) def Abyss via pinfall

CW Anderson def RVD w/Bill Alfonso via pinfall in a falls-count anywhere match.
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