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*Bumping Old Topics*

Please do not bump topics that are older than 7 days. Warnings could be handed out for that. If there is new information pertaining to the topic after the thread has been dead for 7 days, PM a TNA mod and the TNA mod will decide the best course of action.

*Posting News*

If you are going to post news, please make sure to give a source to the story and give your own thoughts. If the news posted does not have a source or is not credited, the thread will be closed.

*Posting Spoilers*

When posting Impact Spoilers please label the thread "Impact Spoilers for whatever the date is" or something close to that.

When posting spoilers of any other nature, please include SPOILER in the title but don't include the actual spoiler in the title. For example, if the spoiler is that Matt Hardy will win the TNA World Title at Slammiversary, title the thread "SPOILER: TNA World Title" or something close to that as opposed to "SPOILER: Hardy to win TNA World Title"

*No "Rate Impact" threads*

If you want to critique the show, post it in the official discussion thread if it's that important to you. There is no need to have a ratings thread discussing the show when you have an official one.

*Official Discussion Threads*

Unless you're a mod or were given permission from a mod, please don't create a Discussion thread of Impact or a PPV.

*Duplicate Threads/Over-Done Topics*

Please look before posting. If a certain news item has been posted, please don't post it again.

If a certain topic has been discussed to death and that topic pops up again, chances are that it will be closed. We normally see this problem with threads like "Best Finisher", "Favorite Wrestler", "Who Should Be Signed", ect.... After awhile those threads just get old and chances are that opinions don't change much.

Also, if you see that you can post your opinion about something in an active topic, please don't create a new thread about that same topic.

*TNA vs. WWE*

There is no TNA vs. WWE war, please don't try to create. Any thread that tries to compare the companies or the shows will be closed because 9/10 times it leads to nothing but a flame war and that's something that we want to avoid.

Banned Sources

-Daily Wrestling News
-Bleacher Report
-Wrestling News World
-Wrestling Cafe
-TNA Asylum

We do not find these sources credible. Any threads with these sources will be closed.

Aside from these rules, please make sure to follow the WF rules.

If you have any questions or comments about the rules, please feel free to PM the TNA mod.
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Not open for further replies.