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TNA & PPV Setup in the IMPACT Zone

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This has been bugging me for a while, i'm sure im not the only Impact fan that has noticed this but why oh why don't TNA ever modify the Impact zone for PPV's? How can they create that special "PPV feel" if its setup near enough identical to how it is for impact.

I know they have recently started using the old TNA ring with the red ropes for PPV but it still looks like shit. Would it really be that difficult to do basic things like change the apron for PPV's & change the ropes dependant on PPV colour scheme.

I also noticed they did this last year for some other TNA project in the impact zone.

Would it really cost that much to put a unique set down in the Impact zone for PPV's, They could literally lay a different set down on top of the current set just like AWW did in the picture above. (the AWW set is just an example, that stage obviously looks like shit, TNA could maybe be abit nore creative)

Little things like that would make such a difference for the smaller PPV's that will always be held in the IZ (AAO,Genesis,Turning point,final resolution)
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