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Hey I'm not new to Fan Fic, or BTB, as you here call it, but I am new to TNA feds, but I'm going to attempt one...

The Roster is The same as it is in real life, and my Impact show will be 2 hours instead of just 1.


January 15th: Final Resolution
February 20th: Against All Odds
March 13th: Destination X
April 10th: Lockdown
May 15th: Hard Justice
June 19th: Slammiversary
July 24th: No Surrender
August 14th: Sacrifice
September 18th: Unbreakable
October 23rd: Bound For Glory
November 20th: Genesis
December 18th: Turning Point


TNA World Heavyweight Championship- Jeff Jarrett
TNA X-Division Championship- Samoa Joe
TNA World Tag Team Championships- AMW (James Storm and Chris Harris)
TNA MVP Championship- Vacant

I added a New belt, this will be like the IC Title in WWE

As you can Tell ^^^ I dropped the NWA Name in the titles...

My first show will probably be up Saturday Afternoon