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TNA on Challange tonight?

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Just had a look at the listings for tonight. No sign of TNA, checked til 5am this morning.

Thought it started tonight with the backfil episodes from Jan?

Any news?
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I only found out about this while surfing through TV channels on Friday night, past midnight; I've no idea when the episode I saw was originally broadcast (it featured Kurt Angle challenging Jeff Jarrett to a match at Genesis). I've been out of the loop for a while.

Strange place to put the show (Challenge essentially shows re-runs of old game shows), but I suppose there were few other options for Sky, who are contracted to show TNA but also cannot show it on a Sky-branded channel due to a pre-existing arrangement with WWE. Good to have it back on the box, though, particularly as the episode I saw was less of a confusing clusterfuck than most TNA episodes are...
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