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TNA needs to switch back to 9:00, 8 is not working and it never will

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Q1: 0.84 rating - No Surrender fall-out with Austin Aries, Jeff Hardy, and Bully Ray, plus one commercial.
Q2: 0.86 rating - X Division Title match, backstage segments
Q3: 0.89 rating - Bobby Roode/James Storm promo/fight, first half of A.J. Styles vs. Kazarian
Q4: 0.86 rating - Second half of Styles vs. Kaz, Hogans backstage segment, Bully Ray and Hardy backstage
Q5: 1.07 rating - Hogan addresses the Aces & Eights
Q6: 1.06 rating - Daniels vs. Chavo Guerrero, backstage segments/video packages
Q7: 1.14 rating - Tara turns heel on Miss Tessmacher, Dixie Carter's backstage office meeting
Q8: 1.00 rating - Jeff Hardy vs. Bully Ray

its been 4 months, and people have not adjusted. Its time to give up on it
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They have adjusted, they just dont want to watch. NFL and Xfactor are also now on Thursdays which will make it even worse.

Saying they 'havent adjusted' is just an excuse, after 4 months they know when its on they just choose not to watch.
Yeah because they decide "Hey, lets switch back to tna at 9 while we are in the middle of the football game!"
No, they choose to tune into the last hour of the show which is always the part most worth watching.
Ummm no they tuned because they thought it was at 9. Tna never got this low of numbers for the first even back at april when the productwas very similiar to now. It dropped and neverpicked up after they changed time slots. Thats not a coincidence. Even raw has extreme troubles with their new first hour and they are a power house. I dont know why its so hard to believe for you
So what about the other week when TNA got 1.7 million viewers?

Clearly people must have remembered for that one week what time the show started....

Stop making excuses, everybody who knows about TNA knows what time it starts, they are just choosing to watch other things for the first hour.
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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