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TNA needs to switch back to 9:00, 8 is not working and it never will

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Q1: 0.84 rating - No Surrender fall-out with Austin Aries, Jeff Hardy, and Bully Ray, plus one commercial.
Q2: 0.86 rating - X Division Title match, backstage segments
Q3: 0.89 rating - Bobby Roode/James Storm promo/fight, first half of A.J. Styles vs. Kazarian
Q4: 0.86 rating - Second half of Styles vs. Kaz, Hogans backstage segment, Bully Ray and Hardy backstage
Q5: 1.07 rating - Hogan addresses the Aces & Eights
Q6: 1.06 rating - Daniels vs. Chavo Guerrero, backstage segments/video packages
Q7: 1.14 rating - Tara turns heel on Miss Tessmacher, Dixie Carter's backstage office meeting
Q8: 1.00 rating - Jeff Hardy vs. Bully Ray

its been 4 months, and people have not adjusted. Its time to give up on it
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The 8:00 start time is a big reason why I watch :)
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