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in six years what are the best tv matches they've ever had

my nominations

the very first episode wasn't half bad and The Whole F'N Show is critically the best ep in the shows history

Chris Harris vs James Storm, Slammiversary qualifier from 2007

Kim/Kong, from the Impact after Final Resolution(Jan) 2008

GenMe and Tara vs Ink Inc and Mickie James

The MCMG/BMI series


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Christian Cage vs. Booker T vs. AJ Styles three way at Bound for Glory IV has always been my most favorite.

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That's nice, but the thread is about Impact matches.
Oh, i apologize, lol, i didn't read the title clearly. Probably that night when Christian Cage and AJ Styles team-up against MCMG, just a fantastic tag team match.

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- AMW/Naturals from FSN in April of 05
- Aries/Dutt/AJ vs. Daniels/Joe/Shelley October 05
- AJ/Sabin/Dutt vs. Shelley/Aries/Strong January 06
- Daniels/Joe April 06
- Abyss/Angle November 06
- Chris Harris/James Storm June 07
- Joe/LAX/Rikishi vs. AJ/Christian/Low Ki/Daniels October 07
- Sabin/AJ/Joe November 07
- AJ/Angle October 09
- AJ/Angle January 4th
- AJ/Jarrett March 2010
- Joe/RVD July 2010
the whole mcmg/beer money series July - august 2010

The bolded are my favorites

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Recalling specific episodes is kind of hard. With a new episode every week and being on the air for over 5 years, all the shows start to run together after a while. Its even harder with Raw & Smackdown which have been on the air for much longer.

However, as far as matches go, I can recall my fair share of great ones in Impact's history

- Jeff Jarrett (c) Vs. Monty Brown: NWA World Championship (Dec 2004)
- Christopher Daniels Vs. Chris Sabin: Ultimate X Qualifying Match (Jan 2005)
- America's Most Wanted Vs. Team 3D (Oct 2005)
- America's Most Wanted (c) Vs. AJ Styles & Christopher Daniels: NWA Tag Team Championship (New Year's Impact Special)
- Christopher Daniels (c) Vs. Samoa Joe: X Division Championship (Apr 2006)
- Jeff Jarrett (c) Vs. Jay Lethal: NWA World Championship (Jul 2006)
- Christian Cage Vs. Rhino: Six Sides of Steel Barbwire Cage Match (Nov 2006)
- Kurt Angle Vs. Abyss (Nov 2006)
- James Storm Vs. Chris Harris: King of the Mountain Qualifying Match (Jun 2007)
- Kurt Angle (c) Vs. Rhino Vs. Christian Cage: TNA World Championship (Jun 2007)
- Sting Vs. AJ Styles Vs. Samoa Joe Vs. Christian Cage: Four Way to Determine TNA Tag Title Co-Holder with Kurt Angle (Aug 2007)
- Samoa Joe, Junior Fatu, & LAX Vs. Christian Cage, AJ Styles, & Triple X (Oct 2007)
- Kurt Angle (c) Vs. Kazarian: TNA World Championship (Nov 2007)
- Gail Kim (c) Vs. Awesome Kong: TNA Knockout Championship (Jan 2008)
- Motor City Machine Guns Vs. Speed Muscle (Jun 2008)
- Kazarian Vs. Curry Man Vs. Johnny Devine Vs. Chris Sabin Vs. Jimmy Rave; X Division King of the Mountain Match (Jun 2008)
- Samoa Joe (c) Vs. Kazarian: TNA World Championship (Jun 2008)
- Awesome Kong (c) Vs. Taylor Wilde: TNA Knockout Championship + 25,000 Open Challenge (Jul 2008)
- Beer Money Inc (c) Vs. LAX: TNA Tag Team Championship (New Year's Impact)
- Jeff Jarrett & Mick Foley Vs. Sting & Kurt Angle (Mar 2009)
- Christopher Daniels Vs. Kurt Angle: Battle for Man Advantage (Apr 2009)
- AJ Styles Vs. Christopher Daniels: King of the Mountain Qualifier (Jun 2009)
- AJ Styles Vs. Kurt Angle (Super Impact)
- AJ Styles (c) Vs. Kurt Angle: TNA World Championship (Jan 2010)
- Rob Van Dam & Jeff Hardy Vs. Beer Money Inc (Mar 2010)
- Kurt Angle Vs. Mr. Anderson: Ladder Match (Apr 2010)
- Motor City Machine Guns (c) Vs. Beer Money Inc: TNA Tag Team Championship Best of Five Series (Jul-Aug 2010)
- Rob Van Dam (c) Vs. Abyss: TNA World Championship Stairway to Janice Match (The Whole F'n Show)
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