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TNA: Impact
Director of Authority- Dusty Rhodes
DOA's Bodyguard- Trytan
Commentary: Mike Tenay
Colour Commentary- Don West
Interviewer- Shane Douglas
AJ Styles
"The Alpha Male" Monty Brown
Andy Douglas
Bobby Roode
BG James
Buck Quartermain
Cassidy Riley
Chase Stevens
Chris Candido
Chris Harris
Chris Sabin
David Young
D-Ray 3000
Dustin Rhodes
Dusty Rhodes
Eric Young
Erik Watts
"Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels
James Storm
Jeff Hardy
Jeff Jarrett
Jerrelle Clark
Jonny Fairplay
Johnny B. Badd
Johnny Devine
Kevin Nash
Lance Hoyt
Lex Lovett
Matt Hardy
Michael Shane
Mikey Batts
Petey Williams
Ron Killings
Sean Waltman
Shark Boy
Scott D'Amore
Sonjay Dutt
Sonny Siaki
The Outlaw

Team Extreme: AJ Styles, Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy
Hardcore Rivals: Rhyno, Abyss, Trytan
Angel Effect: Raven, Fallen Angel


NWA World Heavyweight Champion - Raven
NWA X Division Champion - Primetime
NWA Tag Team Champion - Jeff Hardy and AJ Styles

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TNA: Final Justice

NWA World Heavyweight Championship
(c)Abyss vs Monty Brown vs AJ Styles

NWA X Division Championship
Table Elimination Match
(c)Primetime vs Ron Killings vs Chris Sabin vs Shark Boy vs Christopher Daniels vs Shocker vs Jeff Hardy vs Michael Shane

Kevin Nash + Scott Hall vs The Outlaw + Jeff Jarrett

Erik Watts vs Lance Hoyt

Raven's Choice of Match
DDP vs Raven

Matt Hardy + Trytan + Dustin Rhodes vs Bobby Roode + Eric Young + Petey Williams

Sean Waltman vs Rhyno

NWA Tag Team Championship No. 1 Contendership
America's Most Wanted vs Sonny Siaki + Apolo vs The Naturals vs BG James + Konnan

Note/Feel free to post any predictions on this board.

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TNA: Final Justice

NWA World Heavyweight Championship
(c)Abyss vs Monty Brown vs AJ Styles vs Jeff Jarrett vs Raven vs Diamond Dallas Page

NWA X Division Championship
Table Elimination Match
(c)Primetime vs Ron Killings vs Chris Sabin vs Shark Boy vs Christopher Daniels vs Shocker vs Jeff Hardy vs Michael Shane vs Petey Williams vs Matt Hardy

Dustin Rhodes vs Kid Kash

Sean Waltman vs Rhyno

NWA Tag Team Championship No. 1 Contendership
America's Most Wanted vs Sonny Siaki + Apolo vs The Naturals vs BG James + Konnan

The crowd goes crazy as the Pay Per View begins. The camera is shown infront of Mike Tenay and Don West, after a video package.

Tenay: We are going to start TNA off with "Final Justice"! Our first PPV! Tonight we will just not debut TNA! But we will have a series of matches! Just tune into "Final Justice"! Tonight will be unbelivable!

West: I know that tonight will be great! But what about the eight man elimination table match! It is for the X Division Championship!

Tenay: Yeah, I know tonight will be huge! Let's go to action in the Impact Zone!
NWA Tag Team Championship No. 1 Contendership- ELIMINATION
America's Most Wanted vs Sonny Siaki + Apolo vs The Naturals vs BG James + Konnan
They all make their entrances. Storm and Douglas start off. Douglas takes Storm into the corner with a forearm smash and then gives him a fireman's carry. Storm gets up and then clotheslines Douglas to the mat. Douglas is not in the greatest mood at the moment. Douglas gets right up and then dropkicks Storm. BG James wants a tag in. Storm tags in BG. BG gets in and runs at Douglas for a clothesline. James nails it. James gets up Douglas and then nails him with a suplex. James tags in Apolo. Apolo and James hit a double DDT on Douglas. Chase Stevens runs in for Andy Douglas's save. The Naturals are in with a huge Natural Disaster on James. The Naturals (Douglas and Stevens) and AMW (Harris and Storm) collide in the ring. They fight to the outside. Apolo and Douglas are in the ring after a moment. The match is continued. Apolo shoves Douglas back against the ropes. Douglas nails a 3/4 neckbreaker on Apolo! Apolo gets right up. Apolo hits Douglas with a stiff clothesline, following with a arm drag. Apolo kicks Douglas and then gives him a powerbomb. Siaki wants the tag. Harris gets the tag! Siaki gets the tag. Siaki takes down Harris with a hurracarrana. Siaki jumps onto the top rope and hits a missle dropkick on Harris. Siaki clotheslines Harris and then gives him a fallaway slam. Siaki hits a viscous pumphandle drop on Harris. James snaps and then gets into the ring. Apolo turns around James and hits him with a clothesline. Apolo gets up James. Harris taps James shoulder for James to get the tag in. Konnan runs at Siaki. Siaki tosses Konnan over the top rope, down on the concrete. Siaki rests James head on his shoulder. Apolo puts James's legs inbetween his chest. They drop down causing James to smash his face harshly on the mat. Siaki covers James. 1...2...3! 3 LIVE KRU HAS BEEN ELIMINATED! They called that finisher the Face Smasher. Apolo gets the tag in. Andy Douglas gets in. Douglas runs at Apolo and then gives him an hurracarrana. Stevens gets in and then they give him the Natural Disaster! 1...2...3! APOLO + SONNY SIAKI HAVE BEEN ELIMINATED! It is up to AMW or The Naturals. This will be a great final moment. Harris and Douglas grapple. Harris gets a side headlock into Douglas. Douglas shoves Harris forward. Harris holds onto the ropes. Douglas runs at Harris. Harris moves away and pulls down the ropes. Douglas flies over the ropes, but Stevens catches him. Douglas rolls into the ring. Harris hits Douglas with a toe kick. Harris sends Douglas at the ropes. Harris bends down for a back body drop. Douglas stops running and then kicks Harris's face. Douglas hits a modified swinging neckbreaker on Harris! 1...Harris kicks out. Douglas gets Harris into a surfboard stretch! The crowd is booing loudly. Harris gets up, still being held into the surfboard stretch. Harris spins around and then gets removed from the move. Harris clotheslines Douglas and then taunts. Harris gets up Douglas and then rolls him up. 1...2...Douglas escapes and gets to his feet. Douglas runs at Harris. Small Package! 1...2...3! WINNERS: America's Most Wanted
The camera cuts backstage. Shane Douglas stands with a superstar that is in tonight's main event! That's right....AJ Styles.

Douglas: AJ...you are only a short 2 hours until you will be in possibly...TNA's match of the year. This match will be a Six Sides of Steel match! You have beaten Abyss before...but what about Monty Brown?

Styles: I don't know. Douglas...Brown is not a man who I have been keeping track of. In NWA he was on fire. Now in TNA he may be even more. I think that the Alpha Male will step in the ring with Abyss and I without fear. But when we get into the match...he will taste fear. I have bled in these matches....terribly...so bad that you wouldn't wanna be me. I try to take my mind to a different place. But when they get you into a Pounce...Alpha Bomb...Torture Rack...or or the Pounce...you can't imagine anything. It is just....it is just...it is just destiny. Okay? That's right. So...Jeff Jarrett, Abyss and Monty Brown. When I become the NWA World Heavyweight Champion, and Team Extreme holds every belt in the TNA.... then you can say...that we are...the..real..deal!

Douglas: Wow!

Styles walks off.

Tenay: Strong words from AJ Styles!

West: I just cannot wait for that match! That will be tonight's main event ladies and gentlemen!

Tenay: It will be a hell of a fight to!

West: I bet it will.

Tenay: Well up next it will be Sean Waltman colliding with Rhyno!

Rhyno and Waltman are in the ring after they make their entrances.
Sean Waltman vs Rhyno
Waltman and Rhyno lock up. Rhyno shoves Waltman back and then clotheslines him. Rhyno hits a stiff forearm smash on Waltman. That hit made Waltman's nose break. Waltman is pouring out blood from his nose. Waltman gets up slowly. Rhyno takes down Waltman with a punch to the nose and then a kick to the chest region. Waltman is only up to Rhyno's shoulder. Rhyno gives Waltman a DDT. Rhyno gets up Waltman for a powerbomb. Waltman slides out of Rhyno's hands and runs the ropes. Rhyno gives Waltman a facebuster! Waltman is covered in blood from his nose. Rhyno hits a quick gore on Waltman! 1...2...3! WINNER: RHYNO

Tenay: Very, very, very quick match!

West: Geeeez.

Tenay: Wait!

Here comes Abyss from the back with a bag of tacs. Abyss pours the tacs on the mat! The crowd is chanting "Abyss, Abyss, Abyss!". Abyss sends Waltman at the ropes. BLACK HOLE SLAM into the tacs. Wait! Here comes AJ Styles! Styles springboards over the rope and dropkicks Rhyno out of the ring. Styles gets up and then beats down on Abyss. Styles kicks Abyss and then hits him with the Style's Clash on the tacs! Monty Brown comes out from the back and then calls for the Pounce on Styles. Monty goes for it, Styles dives away. Monty hits it on the referee! Monty turns around. Styles hurracarrana's Monty onto the tacs! The lights go out! Trytan is in the ring when they shoot on. Styles is knocked out on the mat!

West: What the....................

Tenay: Oh my god!

Matt Hardy rushes out and then works on Trytan! They are tag team partners tonight! Dusty Rhodes comes out!

Dusty: Their is a change of plans! Next week there will be a match! It will be Matt Hardy and Dustin Rhodes versus Trytan and Rhyno! And it will be not only a normal match...it will be in that steel cage! Right now it will be Dustin Rhodes vs Kid Kash! If Kid Kash looses...then he is no longer going to be a TNA wrestler!


Kid Kash vs. Dustin Rhodes
The match starts with Dustin Rhodes giving Kid Kash a big clothesline. Rhodes clotheslines Kash to the outside of the ring. Kash runs around the ring, gets back in, Rhodes follows and Kash takes him out with some punches and kicks. Rhodes gives Kash an elbow to the head, countering a monkey flip attempt. Rhodes catapults Kash into the ropes, Kash bounces off as Rhodes holds on and Kash hits Rhodes' knees with impact. Rhodes goes up to the top, but Kash trips him up. Kash attempts a superplex, Rhodes throws him off and then hits a few punches. Kash starts to favor his left knee as the referee checks up on him. When the referee turns his back, Kash gives Rhodes a low blow. Kash then dropkicks Rhodes in the knee, taking him off his feet. Kash then works on Rhodes' knee that he took out with the dropkick. Kash continues to work on Rhodes' knee, twisting it around on the mat. Rhodes grabs Kash by the air, fighting back with some punches. Rhodes gives Kash a backslide for a two count. Kash gets in the referee's face as he continues to work on Rhodes' knee. Rhodes counters into a small package for a two count. Kash clips him from behind. Kash puts Rhodes in the corner, putting his knee up on the ropes to work on it more. Kash tries to irish whip Rhodes into the other corner, but Rhodes can't stay on his feet. Kash hits a big frog splash off the top, coming down on Rhodes' knee with great impact. Kash applies the Figure Four and Rhodes gets off his shoulders breaking two pinfalls. Rhodes starts to fight back, turning over the Figure Four to apply it on Kash. Rhodes gets on his feet with help from the ropes and Kash works on his knee with a few kicks. Rhodes fights back applying a sleeper hold on Kash. Kash counters out, comes off the ropes and applies a sleeper hold on Rhodes. The referee lifts Rhodes' arm in the air and Rhodes mounts a comeback. The crowd is really into the match at this point - louder than anything the Nashville crowd has ever done. Rhodes attempted an atomic drop on Kash, but couldn't execute it due to his knee. Kash goes up to the top, hits a cross-body, both roll around and Rhodes covers to get a very close two count. Kash counters a reverse neckbreaker with a spinning heel kick for a close two count. Kash pushes the referee and the referee pushes him back down. Rhodes hits a big bulldog off the ropes, covers and gets the pinfall. WINNER: Dustin Rhodes

Tenay: It all ends for Kid Kash!?!?!?

West: What?!?!

Tenay: Oh my god!

West: Th...th...this just isn't right!

IF YOU SMELL WHAT THE ROCK IS COOKING? hits the PA System! The crowd go nuts with the loudest cheers in NWA history. The Rock comes out from the back!

Tenay: Th...The Rock is here! At TNA!

West: What!?!?!

The crowd bow to the Rock! Rock rolls into the ring and then grabs a microphone. But before he can speak, Dustin Rhodes gives Rock a Bulldog! The crowd boo's! Rock gets right up. Dustin taunts for boo's. He turns around and then gets the Rock Bottom! The People's Elbow? He nails it! The Rock then faints! What?

Tenay: He landed harshly on his neck, when Rhodes gave him the Bulldog!

DVD Commerical
NWA X Division Championship
Table Elimination Match
(c)Primetime vs Ron Killings vs Chris Sabin vs Shark Boy vs Christopher Daniels vs Shocker vs Jeff Hardy vs Michael Shane vs Petey Williams vs Matt Hardy
Everyone makes their entrances. Their entrances take around three minutes to finish. The bell goes off. Everyone collides. It is wild. Williams and Matt go at it and set up two tables. Petey beats down Matt. Sabin and Daniels go at it. Daniels turns around Sabin. Jeff hits a Twist of Fate on Sabin! Primetime sends Shark Boy at the ropes and back body drops him over the ropes, almost through a table. Shark Boy lands on a table, but it did not break. Primetime dives over the ropes. Shark Boy rolls off it. Primetime goes head first through the table! Primetime is not eliminated, because a man did not eliminate him from a move. Primetime is cut open from his forehead! Petey and Killings go at it in the ring. Killings goes for a hurracarrana on Petey. Petey shoves Killings foreward. Killings flies over the top rope! Killings lands on a table! Petey rolls out of the ring. Petey puts Killings head inbetween his legs and goes for the Canadian Destroyer on Killings through the table. Sabin suicide dives over the ropes and lands on Petey and Killings. Sabin gets up. Petey kicks Killings and nails him with a Canadian Destroyer through the table! The crowd is going crazy! RON KILLINGS HAS BEEN ELIMINATED! Shark Boy dives at Daniels for a crossbody. Daniels catches Shark Boy and hits him with Angel Wings! Daniels, Shocker, Matt, Jeff and Shane collide. 5 men go at it. Jeff and Matt get on the top rope. They hit a over the castle on Shane and Shocker. Shocker is out cold. Jeff hits the Twist of Fate on Matt! The crowd cheers. Jeff spits at Primetime. Primetime is back in. Primetime hits a huge clothesline on Jeff. Petey gives Shark Boy a Canadian Destroyer through a table! SHARK BOY HAS BEEN ELIMINATED! The crowd is in awe. Petey taunts to the crowd. The crowd cheers. Jeff Hardy is out infront of Petey. Petey and Jeff collide. Petey hits Jeff with a forearm. Michael Shane dives at Petey. Petey moves away. Shane lands on the concrete floor. Jeff hits Petey a few times in the kisser. Jeff nails Petey with a clothesline. Primetime runs at Daniels. Everyone is down except Daniels and Primetime. Daniels hits a clothesline on Primetime. Primetime is down. Primetime gets up and goes for a Death Valley Driver on Daniels. Primetime sets Daniels on the top rope. Primetime goes for a superplex. Jeff, Matt, Shocker, Shane, Petey and Sabin all get in there. There is three men down below. Two in the middle. Two at top. Primetime and Daniels get superplexed down from a 18 foot pig pen. Daniels flies outside of the ring and lands on the concrete floor. As well as Sabin and Shane. Petey, Primetime, Matt and Jeff all go at it. Jeff grins and then shoves Matt. Matt kicks Jeff and gives him a Extreme Twist of Fate! The crowd chants "Matt, Matt, Matt!". Matt runs at Primetime. Primetime tosses Matt over his shoulder. Matt flies in the air. A table that is set in the middle of the ring is what Matt goes through. MATT HARDY HAS BEEN ELIMINATED!The men that are left are Primetime, Chris Sabin, Christopher Daniels, Shocker, Jeff Hardy, Michael Shane and Petey Williams. Primetime sets up two tables in the ring on the mat. Primetime sets two more tables up ontop of the other two. There is four tables. Two rows. Primetime sets Petey on the top rope. Petey is worn out. Primetime hurracarrana's Petey ontop of the two stacks of tables. Petey just lays there, not moving a muscle. Primetime and Jeff get on the top rope, across from eachother. They both crossbody off the top rope torwards Petey. Before they land, Primetime shoves Jeff down, causing him to fall through the four tables! JEFF HARDY HAS BEEN ELIMINATED! Petey gets up. Primetime sees one table down on the mat that Sabin has set down. Sabin hits the Cradle Shot on Petey on the mat! It is only Shocker, Primetime, Petey, Sabin and Daniels. Shane was tooken out of the building on a stretcher. He broke his left leg. Shocker takes down Sabin with a punch. Sabin grins and then gives Shocker a Cradle Shot by surprise! Primetime and Daniels set up two tables in the ring. Sabin sends Shocker at Daniels. Sabin crossbodys off the top rope at Primetime. Primetime and Daniels both flapjack the two men towards the tables. Sabin goes over, Shocker goes through a table. SHOCKER HAS BEEN ELIMINATED! Sabin runs at Daniels and hits him with a clothesline. Primetime goes for a hurracarrana on Sabin. Sabin moves back and holds the ropes, causing Primetime to smash the mat. Primetime gets cheered right now. Sabin and Daniels are getting no chants. Primetime takes down Sabin with a dropkick. Primetime sends Daniels at the ropes. Primetime springboards off the ropes, and gives Daniels a springboard dropkick. Daniels goes through the ropes and flies to the outside. Sabin has a chair in hand. Primetime turns around. Sabin nails Primetime with the steel chair! The crowd boo's! Primetime is busted wide open. Blood is all over Primetime. Paramedics set Primetime on a stretcher. They begin to carry him off. Sabin runs at the ropes and then suicide dives on the stretcher! Primetime's buckles on the stretcher fall off. He falls off the stretcher. Primetime gets up. Sabin clotheslines Primetime. Daniels comes up. Raven runs out. DDP follows. Raven and DDP go at it! DDP gives Raven a Diamond Cutter on the walkway! Primetime is up and ready. Primetime clotheslines Sabin and Daniels. Primetime back body drops Daniels on the concrete floor. Primetime slowly gets to his feet. Primetime gets a table and sets it up. Primetime hurracarrana's Daniels towards the table! Daniels goes through! CHRISTOPHER DANIELS HAS BEEN ELIMINATED! Petey is back in the fight! Petey goes at it with Sabin. Petey back body drops Sabin through a table! CHRIS SABIN HAS BEEN ELIMINATED! The crowd loves this. It is Petey and Primetime. It is all up to these two men! Who will win? They are both one time X Division Champions. Petey held it for four months. Primetime has been defending it for a week. Can Primetime do it? Or will Petey beat him? Primetime and Petey lock up in the center of the ring. Primetime gives Petey a suplex. Primetime gets up Petey and then hits him with Angel Wings! The crowd cheers. Angel Wings is Christopher Daniels move! Primetime gets up Petey and then sends him at the ropes. Primetime crossbodys Petey and himself out of the ring. Primetime gets up and then sets up a table. Primetime is getting all the chants. He has been getting them the whole match! Primetime sends Petey at the apron and then at the security wall! Primetime back body drops Petey in the air, through the table! PETEY WILLIAMS HAS BEEN ELIMINATED
The rules for the main event are told by Mike Tenay.

-Every 3 minutes a new man will enter.

-We will start off with two men.

-Every man drew a random number.

NWA World Heavyweight Championship
(c)Abyss vs Monty Brown vs AJ Styles vs Jeff Jarrett vs Raven vs Diamond Dallas Page vs The Outlaw vs Kevin Nash
Raven's music hits. Raven drew #1. Raven walks out from the back. The crowd goes crazy. The cage comes down to the surface of the ring. Raven has a trash can with certain weapons in it. The Outlaw's music hits. The Outlaw walks out from the back with a barbed wired bat. Raven waits for The Outlaw to enter. The Outlaw enters. Outlaw takes it to Raven with a few hits to the jaw. Raven sends Outlaw at the ropes. Raven back body drops Outlaw. Outlaw backs into the trash can and looks afraid. He didn't see that Raven brought a trash can full of weapons out. Raven beats away on Outlaw with hits to the forehead. Raven takes out a chain from the trash can. Raven wraps the chain around his left fist and beats on Outlaw's head with it. Outlaw has blood pouring out from his forehead. Raven goes out the open cage door and then goes under the apron. Raven pulls out a chair and two tables from under the apron and tosses it into the ring. DDP's music hits. DDP runs out with a ladder. DDP gets in the ring and sets the ladder up in the center of the ring. Raven gets the Outlaw down on the mat with a chair shot. DDP turns around Raven and goes for the Diamond Cutter. Raven shoves DDP at the ropes and then hits him with a back suplex. Raven gives the Outlaw the Raven Effect! Raven covers Outlaw. 1...2...3! THE OUTLAW HAS BEEN ELIMINATED! Raven takes down DDP with a DDT and then a leg drop. The crowd cheers. DDP shoots up in agony. Raven goes for the Raven Effect. DDP reverses into the Diamond Cutter. Abyss's music hits. Abyss comes out with his chain. Abyss whips DDP with the chain. Abyss helps up Raven. Abyss then gives Raven a DDT! Abyss sets up a table and taunts. Abyss grins and then gets DDP to his feet. Abyss sends DDP at the ropes and then hits him with the Black Hole Slam through the table. Abyss covers DDP. Raven gets up and then hits Abyss with a Raven Effect DDT! The crowd cheers. Raven taunts and then calls for the end. Raven gets up a bloody DDP and then hits hm with a nice clothesline at the cage. DDP is still standing. Raven goes for the Raven Effect DDT on DDP. DDP reverses by twisting Raven's arm and then hits the Diamond Cutter on Raven. DDP covers Raven. 1...2...Raven kicks out. Kevin Nash's music hits. Kevin Nash walks out with Scott Hall at his side. Kevin Nash grins and then gets in the cage. Kevin Nash asks the crowd who he should take out. The crowd's overall results is DDP. Kevin Nash gets up DDP and sends him at the ropes. Kevin Nash big boots DDP and then gets him to his feet. Kevin Nash calls for the Jacknife Powerbomb and nails it on DDP. Kevin Nash covers DDP! 1...2...3! DIAMOND DALLAS PAGE HAS BEEN ELIMINATED! AJ Styles comes rushing out from the back. Monty Brown and Jeff Jarrett are chasing him. AJ Styles and Kevin Nash take out Jeff Jarrett and Monty Brown with some nice shots. All men are in and legal. DDP gives Abyss a Diamond Cutter! DDP leaves. Kevin Nash gives Raven a DDT and then big boots Monty Brown. Jeff Jarrett calls for the end and then hits the Stroke on Raven! Jeff Jarrett covers Raven! 1...2...Kevin Nash accidentally side slams AJ Styles on Jeff Jarrett, making him roll off of Raven. Jeff Jarrett gets up and then clotheslines Kevin Nash. Jeff Jarrett taunts. Abyss is back up. Abyss goes in Raven's trash can, that is still in the corner, and empties it out on the mat. There is a bag of something, a barbed wired bat, a rope and a lead pipe in there. Abyss grabs onto the bag. Jeff Jarrett looks at Abyss, with a expression of fear on his face. Abyss opens the bag and pours it in the middle of the ring. AJ Styles gets on the top of the cage. Monty Brown climbs up there and tries to balance. AJ Styles, who knows how to keep his balance on a cage, paces at Monty Brown and hurracarranas him from the top to the mat! 15 feet down! Tacs are all over the mat from the bag that Abyss poured out. Monty Brown lands on the tacs. AJ Styles covers Monty Brown. 1...2...3! MONTY BROWN HAS BEEN ELIMINATED! Raven and Kevin Nash run at AJ Styles and Jeff Jarrett. AJ Styles and Jeff Jarrett roll them up! 1...2...3! Raven kicks out. Kevin Nash doesn't. KEVIN NASH HAS BEEN ELIMINATED! Raven, AJ Styles, Jeff Jarrett and Abyss stand in the four corners. They all stare at eachother. AJ Styles and Abyss lock it up in the center of the ring. Abyss takes down AJ Styles with a forearm smash and then a DDT. Raven runs at Abyss and hits him with a Raven Effect DDT! Raven covers Abyss. Jeff Jarrett pushes Abyss's shoulder's down to the mat. 1...2...3! The World Heavyweight Champion has been eliminated? So we will have a new champion in a number of minutes. Jeff Jarrett and Raven grin and then lock up. Raven puts Jeff Jarrett into a hammerlock. Jeff Jarrett reverses into a neckbreaker. The crowd is amazed that Abyss was eliminated. AJ Styles walks towards Raven. Jeff Jarrett sneaks up behind AJ Styles and hits him with the Stroke! 1...2...3! AJ STYLES HAS BEEN ELIMINATED! Raven and Jeff Jarrett are left! Jeff Jarrett stomps on Raven and then hits him with a few trash can shots. Raven kicks Jeff Jarrett and then hits him with a quick Raven Effect! 1...2...3! WINNER AND THE NEW NWA WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION: Raven

Tenay: Ladies and gentlemen we are seeing history!

West: He has done it!

Tenay: What a phonominal night!

West: See you this Friday on Impact!

The show goes off the air when Raven is shown celebrating.
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