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The following was posted on Dixie Carter's Twitter, Facebook and the TNA website on Septemer 2nd, 2013, at 11.03 am.

"Okay.....Here I go....Hello everyone. I love you all. I really do. The past eleven years have been the greatest of my life. I've met some incredible people and created a company I really do love more than life. But it is time for me to stand up and realise what needs to be done. I am about to say something I never thought I would. I let you all down. I said it. It breaks my heart. I said it. I let you all down. TNA Impact Wrestling hasn't been the same for many years now, because I let myself forget what made us who we were, I let us go further and further down a path the majority of fans were not happy with, simply because I was chasing the "golden ring", or the next big wrestling boom. I apologise to you all for letting people influence me. I apologise to you all for my ill informed decisions, because although influenced, I claim full responsibility for the state of this company. This company, Oh God this hurts so much, speaking to the world like this....this company is a mess. This company has been failing for so damn long I had become tired of fighting, so I just let the ship sail on, hoping something would change. I have been a foolish person, and the fans deserve better. We have driven you away over the years and I fully understand, after a long discussion with several TNA wrestlers, I fully understand why we have been the laughing stock of the business for the past five or so years.

I didn't realise what we had was all we needed to get to the next level. I suppose I went a bit crazy, trying to fill the gaps with every wrestler or person I could. I don't wish ill health or bad feelings on anyone, but perhaps the wrong people were running this company.... and maybe I was one of them. I recently watched a great deal of TNA from 2005-2006. It is like a different world to what we have now. And for what? For nothing. We achieved a 0.8 last week, would Vince Mcmahon do this, bare his soul on the internet to the whole world admitting his company sucks? No. But this is the truth, and I have been dishonest with the fans for too long now, and I love you all too much to go on doing that. I'd like to thank all the wrestlers who have poured thier heart and soul into TNA, I never meant to treat any of you badly, financially or personally, I was just chasing that old golden ring. I apologise to the fans, the critics, who I am finally handing the victory too. But I am not prepared to give up on this vision. But I had to admit this, I just had to. Yes I screwed up fans, but I am asking for your patience, humility and respect to give me another chance. Give us another chance. Eleven years ago a company was created which is not the company that exists today. I wanna go back there, I wanna get my hands dirty. I want the real TNA to be a sucess. Forgive me, and come with me.

TNA Wrestling will return. In 4 weeks time, we will return to the impact zone. Our financial situation demands this, and it is our home. We are starting from scratch. I mean that literally. This is TNA 2.0. This is not the bullshit we have pulled in the past, asking you to care again and again. This is TNA reborn. Some faces will be back, some might not be. The right faces will be there, the wrong faces won't be. I have hired a new creative team, one involving former wrestlers and people who share the vision of the real TNA, not what we have become. To the people who were invested in our show, because, hell, there were still a million of you lovely fans tuning in every Thursday night. Come with us. If you liked that product, you'll love this one. All current storylines will be dropped, the passion is coming back, the wrestlers are coming back, TNA is coming back.

I love you all more than I can say. This is not me saying I am ashamed of everything we have achieved, because we have achieved a lot. But for a long time we just haven't. We are thankful for every fan that we get, but we're not satisfied to keep on failing and limping on. We have done a lot of good things, and goodness, again it chokes me.... More bad things. We've jerked our audience around so much noone trusts us anymore. Please give us your trust. Give us this last chance. This is it now. We are at the door. Do or die. In 4 weeks time on Spike TV, The TNA you once knew returns. I am not going to give away much more than that, but we will have a new set, the six sided ring will be back (yay), and the wrestlers are going to be hungrier than ever.

To everyone I have worked with over the last eleven years, thank you so much, A lot of you will be coming on this new journey. I do not hate or point the finger at anyone for our lack of progress, I am ultimately responsible. You are all great people. I just need to do what is right for this company for the first time in what feels like forever. Thank you AJ Styles for being the best friend I could ask for in these recent soul searching few weeks, Thank you to my amazing husband Serge and my children for being so supportive, and thank you to everyone I have discussed this with who has been supportive also. This company needs to do this. We couldn't carry on as we are. We can't. We won't be around next year if we do. Again, to reitorate, I am not saying everything we have been doing is bad, but the majority is if we are true to ourselves, and the only way to get that edge back we used to have, is to close shop for at least a while and undergo a resurrection. It is the only way.

I love you fans, please join TNA on this new journey. Please give us this last chance. This may have been sappy, shocking, controversial, just find it in your heart to believe my sincerity. We are coming back to deliver the best wrestling product possible, and head into the future with our heads held high. Since being President of this company, this is the most terrifying and bold move I have made. No sucess comes without great risk. We need to do this. We will do this. Keep checking back to my twitter and the TNA website for further information, but join us October 3rd, 2013 on Spike TV At 9PM. And guess what, On October 20th 2013 a little pay per view will still be going down....BOUND FOR GLORY! Contact your local cable provider for information on how to order this monumental event! Join us there everyone and let's do this together. I love you all so much. God Bless you and thank you for being TNA fans. I'm terrified.....It feels good."
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