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TNA: Immortal

January 4th 2010 marked a new era in Total Nonstop Action wrestling. For the first time since 2001, two wrestling shows were on simultaneously on a Monday night. TNA had slight success in their venture, but what happened that night started a revolution.

Hulk Hogan arrived in TNA and promised to change the landscape of professional wrestling forever. In doing so, he promised to take TNA to the top. Many new but familiar faces appeared in TNA, while others were teased.

This didn't sit well with "The Icon" Sting. Sting, who is notorious for standing up in what he believes in, soon began talking about "deception". He began to question Hulk Hogan, Eric Bischoff and the new authority in TNA. After a few months, Sting found an ally in a former enemy: Kevin Nash.

Both Nash and Sting talked about how TNA was being conned to president Dixie Carter. Carter, oblivious to what they meant, never got the message.

Meanwhile, "The Monster" Abyss had begun to wreck havoc on TNA. Abyss had originally been picked by Hulk Hogan to lead TNA and bring them to the next level. This was before Abyss turned his back on Hogan and sent Hogan down and out. Abyss began a streak of havoc that reached disturbing levels. After taking Rob Van Dam out of action indefinitely, it seemed like there was no stopping Abyss. Jeff Hardy, the close friend of RVD, tried to stand up to Abyss but never quite got the upper hand. Abyss revealed that "they" would be revealed on 10/10/10. Bound For Glory.

At Bound For Glory 2010, the landscape of TNA changed forever. What started out as an exciting night soon turned cryptic. The smell of deception loomed in the air. Jeff Jarrett betrayed Samoa Joe, but Joe refused to back down from The Pope, Nash and Sting. Sting told Joe "I told you so".

Soon after, RVD defeated Abyss is a grueling Monster's Ball match. After the match, Abyss proclaimed "They" were about to arrive.

In the main event, "They" came. As Hulk Hogan came down to the ring on crutches to stop Eric Bischoff, Jeff Hardy came between the two and snatched a crutch from Hogan, appearing to fight for Hogan. This led to the ultimate deception as Hardy blasted Kurt Angle and Mr. Anderson with crutches before hitting the Twist of Fate to become the new TNA champion.

"They" had arrived. Abyss and Jeff Jarrett joined Jeff Hardy, Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff in celebrating.

Immortal was born. What does the future of TNA hold with a shift in power?

Abyss, AJ Styles, Alex Shelly, The Amazing Red, Angelina Love, Brian Kendrick, Chelsea, Chris Sabin, Christopher Daniels, Christy Hemme, Cookie, D'Angelo Dinero, Daffney, Desmond Wolfe, Don West, Douglas Williams, Eric Bischoff, Eric Young, Generation Me, Hamada, Hector Guerrero, Hernandez, Hulk Hogan, James Storm, Jay Lethal, Jeff Hardy, Jeff Jarrett, Jeremy Borash, Jesse Neal, Jimmy Hart, Hernandez, Homicide Kazarian, Kevin Nash, Kiyoshi, Kurt Angle, Lacey Von Erich, Madison Rayne, Magnus, Matt Morgan, Mick Foley, Mickie James, Mike Tenay, Mr. Anderson, Orlando Jordan, Ric Flair, Rob Terry, Rob Van Dam, Robbie E, Robert Roode, Samoa Joe, Sarita, Shannon Moore, SoCal Val, Sting, Tara, Taylor Wilde, Taz, Team 3D, Tommy Dreamer, Velvet Sky

Fortune: Ric Flair, AJ Styles, Matt Morgan, Beer Money Inc.[Robert Roode and James Storm], Kazarian and Douglas Williams
Immortal: Hulk Hogan, Eric Bischoff, Abyss, Jeff Hardy and Jeff Jarrett

Tag Teams:
Beer Money Inc.[Robert Roode and James Storm]
Generation Me[Max Buck and Jeremy Buck]
Motor City Machine Guns[Chris Sabin and Alex Shelly]
Latin American X-Change[Homicide and Hernandez]
Fun and Flames[Orlando Jordan and Eric Young]

TNA Heavyweight Champion: Jeff Hardy[10/10/10-Present]
TNA Television Champion: AJ Styles[11/11/10-Present]
TNA World Tag Team Champions: MCMG[7/11/10-Present]
TNA X-Division Champion: Shannon Moore[11/7/10-Present]
TNA Knockouts Championship: Madison Rayne[10/14/10-Present]
TNA Knockouts Tag Team Champions: Taylor Wilde and Hamada[8/5/10-Present

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The fallout from Bound For Glory can be described as shocking, vicious and downright revolutionary. Last night on Impact, the wrestling world changed forever.

-Ric Flair's Fortune aligned with Hogan/Bischoff's Immortal, thus becoming the most elite group of wrestlers in wrestling today.

-Jeff Hardy explained his actions on why he's appalled by the fans.

-It was revealed that Dixie Carter had signed over her company to Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan. Carter was escorted out of the building by security. For his efforts, Sarge(Dixie's husband) got a punch to the jaw while trying to help her.

- The #1 Contenders match between Mr. Anderson and Rob Van Dam was inconclusive.

Not much had been explained by the end of Reaction, except for that it appears that Kurt Angle, Sting and Kevin Nash are all gone from TNA. Stay tuned to TNAWrestling.com for more updates...


Note: I'll be posting storyline news on TNAWrestling.com, along with previews for shows(when I have time).

If anyone wants to leave any feedback, good, bad indifferent, even one word is appreciated.

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this looks good.. can't wait to see the full show that should be in the works. anyway looks good so far and i will be reading

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TNA Impact 10/21/10
Universal Studios- Orlando, Florida
“Luck Runs Out”

A wide shot of the Impact Zone is covered as Mike Tenay and Taz welcome us to The Impact Zone for another edition of Impact. Before Tenay or Taz can continue their thoughts, the cameras cut to a Reaction style video from the back.

Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan are in their office discussing last weeks events. Without knocking, Rob Van Dam busts into the office and demands to know what happened last week. Bischoff smirks and tells RVD that he knows exactly what happened last week but that it’s just not what RVD wanted. RVD tells Bischoff to make things right by giving RVD the title shot he deserves.

Bischoff looks at Hulk and smirks. He tells RVD that thanks to his good heart that he won’t fire RVD for intruding so rudely. Instead, Bischoff informs RVD that not only won’t he be challenging Jeff for the world title but that RVD now has to find himself a partner because he’ll be in a 3-on-2 handicap match tonight against Immortal. Just as RVD is walking out, though, Bischoff tells RVD not to trust anyone…including EV 2.

The cameras cut back to ringside where Mike Tenay and Taz wonder who a possible mole could be.

-----Commercial Break-----

Tag Team Match:
Ink Inc. [Jesse Neal and Shannon Moore] Vs. Fun and Flames[Eric Young and Orlando Jordan]
Neal and Jordan start off the match in the ring as Young tries to rile the Orlando crowd up. Jordan goes at Neal with a kick but Neal completely avoids it and goes for a quick roll up on Jordan, which Jordan quickly powers out of at 1 ½. The crowd chants for Eric Young, who quickly gets a tag into the ring as he takes out Neal with a dropkick and knocks Moore off the apron with a big elbow.

The TNA World Heavyweight Champion Jeff Hardy’s music hit’s the P.A in the middle of the match as Jeff walks out onto the entrance ramp by himself and stands, watching the action.

Eric Young, distracted, turns around into a huge spear by Jesse Neal, which only gets him a 2 count before OJ breaks it up. Young begins to go at Neal hard in the corner and OJ and Young work on him for several minutes. Finally, Neal avoids a pile driver attempt by back dropping Young. Neal goes for the tag to Moore, but Moore drops off the apron! Neal is shocked as Young quickly takes Jesse Neal from behind and hits the piledriver for the win!
Winners: Fun and Flames[4:18]

Following the match, Moore looks up the ramp at Jeff, who nods in approval. Moore takes one of his chains, enters the ring and begins pounding away at Neal! Shot after shot raw to his head as blood begins pouring down his face. Following what can only be described as a massacre of Jesse Neal, Moore rubs his hand against the bloody canvas and wipes the blood across his chest. He leaves Neal lying in the ring as Jeff and Shannon leave together.

----Commercial Break-----

Back from break, Jeremy Borash is backstage with Shannon Moore and Jeff Hardy. Hardy rolls his eyes, his white, orange and black face paint making him look psychotic. Hardy lets out a sarcastic laugh as Moore tells JB that Neal is a never was. Hardy says that Moore works for him, now.

The camera cuts to Mr. Anderson and Christy Hemme. Anderson apologizes to his A**ho**s for not winning the title at BFG, but then reiterates that there is a fun time to be an ******* and there is a serious time to be an *******. Anderson says that now he's going to be a ruthless ******* who takes no mercy on anyone including Immortal. Anderson calls Immortal "Drugs R Us" before Eric Bischoff steps in. Anderson gets nose to nose with Bischoff before Bischoff tells Anderson that he's sorry about last week, but to let bygones be bygones and come join Immortal. Anderson says no but he wants his title match. Bischoff laughs, tells Anderson he sealed his own fate and puts him in a match against Kazarian. If Anderson wins then he'll face Hardy at Turning Point. If not, Anderson joins Immortal.

The camera cuts to RVD entering the EV 2 locker room...

-----Commercial Break-----

#1 Contenders Match for the TNA Knockout Championship:
Mickie James Vs. Tara w/ Madison Rayne
James starts the match off fiercely, going after Tara with a huge kick. Tara ends up in the corner by Rayne, who yells at Tara to get up. Tara goes after James with a lariat, but Mickie ducks back and rolls up Tara for the quick win.
Winner: Mickie James[1:18]

Following the match, Rayne and James go face-to-face. Rayne calls Mickie a ***** and spits in her face. James holds her cheek, laughs before promptly hitting the Mick Kick. Tara looks at James and smiles as James poses with the KO championship.

RVD is in the locker room with EV2 and goes in screaming, wanting to know who the rat is. Foley tells RVD to calm down because he knows what's happening and it's just Bischoff being Bischoff and that there is no mole. Dreamer comes over to RVD and tells him that they've all been buddies a long time and there isn't a rat involved. Raven, Rhino, Sabu and Stevie Richards all nod along with him. RVD says he needs a partner, and he wants to pick someone who knows Beer Money already. RVD looks at Sabu and asks if he'd be up for a reunion. Sabu shakes his head as RVD clearly has a look of unrest on his face...

----Commercial Break-----

3-on-2 Handicap Match:
RVD and Sabu Vs. Beer Money Inc. and Matt Morgan
Roode and Sabu start off the match as Roode quickly gains the upper hand on Sabu with a variety of stiff chops and kicks into the corner. Roode, Storm and Morgan isolate Sabu for a long duration of time, with Morgan kicking Sabu to the outside of the ring as Sabu was hoisted to the top rope. Sabu finally fights back against Storm, hitting a big leg lariat! Finally, he makes the tag to RVD who comes in hot and cleans house, hitting a huge spinning leg kick to Roode before connecting with Rolling Thunder to Storm! Just as RVD heads to the top rope for the Frog Splash, though, Morgan pushes RVD off the top and into the guardrail!

Morgan goes to the outside to fetch RVD, but Sabu comes from no where and connects with a flip dive onto Morgan! RVD slowly gets back into the ring as he charges at Storm, but Storm quickly avoids the kick and crotches RVD on the top rope! Storm and Roode hit the DWI for the victory

Winners: Beer Money Inc. and Matt Morgan(7:02)

Following the match, Ric Flair, AJ Styles, Douglas Williams and Abyss all come down to ringside. Abyss grabs a microphone and says that RVD is nothing, never was anything and will fail to remain following Turning Point. AJ Styles is handed the microphone and says that he himself is immortal and would love to see nothing more than RVD and Sabu taken out of TNA permanently. Sabu comes into the ring to try to save RVD but is quickly taken out with the Carbon Footprint from Morgan! The group begins to stomp away at RVD, before The Pope comes out from the back with a steel pipe! Immortal flees the ring as Pope tends to RVD and Sabu.

----Commercial Break----

Back from break, The Pope D'Angelo Dinero is seen laying unconscious with a broken crutch over his back. The camera pans to Hogan chuckling with Bischoff as Hogan says "At least some people listen..."

Jeff Jarrett's music hits over the P.A in the Impact Zone as Jarrett comes down to the ring with a guitar in hand. In the ring, Jarrett says that he needed to tell everyone something very important...that since Kurt Angle is now retired, that he's the greatest pure wrestler on the roster and now backed with Immortal, there is no one greater than him. Jarrett says that he now is living with what Kurt couldn't handle and wasn't good enough for. He calls Angle a fraud and his Olympic victory a fluke. Jarrett says his victory was almost as much of a joke as Samoa Joe's title reign. Jarrett says that Angle has not only been retired but has been banned from TNA for life.

Jarrett proceeds to mock an obese man in the crowd, asking if he saw Samoa Joe at the concession stand. This cues Joe's music, who starts charging the ring. Jarrett yells into the microphone for security, at which point 20 security guards intercept Joe and cuff him. Jarrett gets at Joe and begins pounding away at Joe, breaking the guitar over his back! Jarrett tells security to get out of his way as he takes Joe to the top of the stage before chucking him off through 2 tables! Jarrett laughs and poses at the top of the ramp as the camera shows Joe unconscious on the arena concrete...

A graphic is shown advertising Mr. Anderson Vs. Kazarian.

----Commercial Break----

We cut to the back immediately as RVD and Sabu enter the EV2 locker room. Raven, Rhino, Stevie Richards and Dreamer are all out cold on the floor. Foley is visibly shaken in the corner. RVD asks what happened in here and all Foley can say is "Hardy". RVD calls for help.

We are taken to a dark room with nothing but crates, yellow hazard tape and paint splattered on the walls. The camera is shaking before it's turned around as Jeff Hardy holds it close to his face. He says that for years his body has suffered and has been held to restraints set upon him by the fans. Hardy says he's not a martyr but a revolutionary idol who doesn't want to be worshiped because he has done nothing to deserve it. He says that society is failing and that Immortal cares about change and that they're destined to make it happen. Hardy says it doesn't matter who he faces at Turning Point because he's the chosen one.

Tenay and Taz say that the main event is next.

----Commercial Break----

Main Event:
Mr. Anderson Vs. Kazarian w/ Ric Flair, AJ Styles and Douglas Williams
If Mr. Anderson wins, he faces Jeff Hardy for the TNA Heavyweight Championship at Turning Point. If Kazarian wins, Anderson must join Immortal
Anderson has a different demeanor about him tonight as he goes right at Kazarian, pummeling him with punches before Kazarian quickly slides out of the ring. Anderson chases Kazarian around the ring before Kazarian turns around and hits a HUGE clothesline to Anderson, knocking him to the floor! Kazarian lifts Anderson back into the ring and immediately goes for a cover, but only gets 2.

Kaz begins to work on Anderson's head, driving his knee into Anderson's skull with authority. Kaz sets up Anderson in the middle of the ring before hitting a huge springboard leg drop! Kaz doesn't cover, though, and quickly locks in a headlock. Anderson fights out of the headlock after a minute of struggle and begins to build momentum, almost immediately trying for the Flatline but Flair gets on the apron. Anderson knocks Flair off the apron but Kaz capitalizes and hits a huge DDT, flipping Anderson over! Kaz tries for the cover but only gets 2.

After several minutes of struggle, Anderson finally gets back to his feet and mounts a comeback. Anderson manages to hit a standing Green Bay Plunge before trying to hit the flat line. AJ hops on the apron this time, causing Anderson to throw Kaz back. Anderson goes over to AJ and starts arguing as Kaz starts at Anderson, but Anderson moves out of the way as Kaz hits AJ! Anderson takes Kaz and drills him with the Flat line for the huge win!
Winner: Mr. Anderson(16:10)

Just as Anderson wins the match, the lights dim. Strobe lights begin to play as Jeff Hardy appears on stage. Anderson stares down at Hardy, but the lights go out completely.

A moment later, they're back on and Anderson is surrounded in the ring by Immortal! Hogan, Flair, Bischoff, Hardy, Moore, AJ Styles, Jeff Jarrett, Abyss, Williams, Beer Money and Morgan! Anderson looks at all of them before spitting in Hardy's face and calling him a *****. Immortal jumps Anderson, with Jarrett hitting the stroke before Hardy hits a huge Twist of Fate on Anderson! Anderson lay lifeless in the ring as Immortal have taken out practically everyone over the course of the night. Hardy poses with the belt as Impact goes off the air...

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I really liked the show, especially the ending that showed Immortal as a true dominant stable. Only improvements I cn think of is dialogue from the wrestler's promos rather than commentary and colour coding depending on whats the segment e.g Matches, Promos, announcers.

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They say that plagiarism isn't nice. Well, I take it as a form of flattery. I just didn't think someone would be stupid enough to plagiarize work that I've actually posted on this site almost a year ago.

Here's the link:

And if anyone would like, I'll link you to the forum I originally posted it on, including my word documents planning and analyzing the show in the future. I can tell you that I made this to one show prior to the second PPV event and that is when he would probably stop. Also, I have the original PSD files of graphics I used on my computer.

Thanks for the flattery, but I'd appreciate if a mod would close this.
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