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TNA House Show Report: New Orleans (Video Footage)

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Anybody know what this show drew? I haven't been able to find anything on it.
TNA house show report
February 3, 2011
New Orleans, La.
Report by Jamie "JC CooL" Donlon, PWTorch reader

We got in to the building at 5:30 p.m. with the meet & greet special tickets. They had a few wrestlers signing autographs and taking pictures while Don West gave the hard sell on merchandise.

(1) Tommy Dreamer beat Robbie E (w/Cookie). Pretty good match. Dreamer generated lots of "ECW" chants and was over with the crowd. He pinned Robbie after the Spicolli Driver.

(2) Angelina Love beat Sarita. Good women's match. Better than some of the matches TNA offers on TV.

(3) Brother Devon beat Bully Ray in a Tables match with Mick Foley as special referee. Typical match with lots of selling from Devon and cheating from Ray. Foley gave Ray the Socko treatment and Devon chokeslammed Ray through the table for the finish. Afterward, Foley and Devon celebrated together.

(4) TNA tag champions Beer Money (James Storm & Robert Roode) beat Eric Young & Orlando Jordan to retain the TNA Tag Titles. Comedy match with Young mostly on Beer Money's side. Real funny stuff from EY and Jordan and Beer Money was over big. The finish came when EY took off his pants to reveal a pair of blue Beer Money trunks, then Beer Money and Young threw Jordan out of the ring, Beer Money and EY celebrated, and Beer Money turned on EY to give him the DWI for the pin.

[Intermission. Matt Morgan signed autographs.]

(5) Jeff Jarrett beat Samoa Joe. Pretty good match with both men playing to the crowd a lot. Jarrett won after a low blow and The Stroke. Then, Joe gave the ref a Muscle Buster.

Before the main event TNA World Title match of Anderson vs. Morgan, Borash handed Anderson the mic to do his entrance. Right after he said "Mister," my friend yelled "Kennedy." He stopped there and said "Oh No! That might cause a lawsuit and we don't need a lawsuit... Anderson!"

(6) TNA World Hvt. champion Mr. Anderson beat Matt Morgan to retain the TNA World Title. Great match. There were a couple of "TNA" chants. Anderson won with the Mic Check after a PPV quality match.

After the match, Anderson stayed in the ring and cut a promo about the Saints winning the Super Bowl last year and now it was Green Bay's turn. He was very cool and even threw out a couple "Who Dats?!" referring to the Saints. He stayed in the ring to take pics for $20 and made sure he shook everyone's hand. He made small talk even though the line was huge.

During the post-show, Jeff Jarrett was signing autographs and Don West announced that for $20, they would sell Jeff's t-shirt, the "King of the Mountain" DVD, and an autographed picture. Pretty good deal, but I spent $25 earlier on the same t-shirt for my girl. Another interesting note was that they were still selling Sting merchandise. The "Brown Bag Special" was a great deal as well...

Overall, a good show even though Jeff Hardy, RVD, A.J. Styles, Kurt Angle, and the Motor City Machineguns weren't booked.

[Torch photos (c) PWTorch.com]

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